Matchmaking Preview #1

For every day that the matchmaking update continues to be delayed, I’ll post a preview of what you can expect to see in the next build of the game. Tonight’s preview is…this!

Speaking to a student and asking them to tell you all of their likes / dislikes / interests / opinions doesn’t seem like very fun gameplay, and stalking students can be a slow and tedious process, so I’ve come up with a different way for players to learn more about the students of Akademi High. After you befriend a student, you can ask them to walk around school with you. By walking past certain places (like the Occult Club) or things (like the kitten) you will hear them voice their opinion on whatever you’ve just walked past. This should be a much more fun way of filling out the Topic grid.

If you befriend your rival and then walk past a student, your rival may look directly at that student, blush, and emit hearts. If she does this, it means that there is something about that student that she finds attractive. In the above screenshot, you can see Kokona expressing attraction towards a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Does that mean she’s attracted to blondes? Or, is she attracted to blue eyes? To find out, you should bring her near another boy who has blonde hair, but does not have blue eyes. If she blushes at him, it means she’s attracted to blondes. But if she doesn’t blush, then maybe she’s attracted to blue eyes. However, if she doesn’t blush around blondes and doesn’t blush around blue-eyed boys, either, then she must be attracted to something else about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy she was blushing at!

Hopefully, this “cross-referencing which students she’s attracted to” process will be a fun way to deduce what your rival finds attractive, which is a key part of eliminating her via matchmaking.

I’ll be back with another preview tomorrow night! Thanks for reading!

213 thoughts on “Matchmaking Preview #1

  1. This just gets better and better. Walking around observing reactions and carefully narrowing down the meaning of them sound so stalkery! Realism and fun gameplay meet again!

  2. Ayo Dev, are any of these girls going to be able to be matched with other girls? C’mon it’s your duty to make this game proof that bisexuals exist.
    This update to the matchmaking system looks fun as hell. I wonder if it’ll work with non rivals too?

    • … just why…? The LGBT community doesn’t have to be omnipresent even in games… Yandere dev should not feel obliged to put yaoi/yuri content in the game if he doesn’t want to…
      Also, if you’re so concerned about it, you stil can make senpai a girl in the final game, and so all the rival girls will be bisexual.

      • I agree with you. YandereDev doesn’t have to.

        In this case, Yaoi/Yuri are referred to LGBT relations. We get what Romeo says, but Astha is just nitpicky about how words are. If its understandable then it is. Simple as that.

      • I also agree that Yandev doesn’t have to do anything. I didn’t expect my comment to be taken so seriously. I think Alex has a good opportunity to put a little more representation in the game since it is clear that he is already comfortable making the rivals bisexual, so why not make some of their non-senpai matches women as well? When the this game is put up for crowd funding we’re going to throw money at it and it’s going to be great because there will likely not be company involved that will develop the game and try to tke out the gay or the panty shots or the violence. I will be surprised if the game doesn’t have the representation I seek because Yanderedev has a great opportunity for it. I am not making an actual suggestion at Yandev, I would never. The only email I ever sent him was a donation and some encouraging words! Personally I have mixed feelings about even acknowledging the labels such as boy/girl. male/female, straight/gay, bisexual/transgender and all the rest. If it were a perfect world no one would say “I only like boys or girls or both or whatever”. We would just say “I like you”, “I like that person”. Why do we need to exclude people based on these fake labels? Sorry if I made anyone mad. We all love this game and anime tropes and game development (3 really sweet things) and because of that I consider you all cool people.<3

    • ***Senpai can be a girl in the final game. That gives you EVEN MORE than what you’re asking for – everyone can be bi then.***
      Also, why is it his duty to prove they exist? Why the hell do we even need to prove it? We already know it. Bisexuals aren’t unicorns – we’ve seen them, we know they exist, they aren’t mythical.
      I get that you want your community accepted, but this isn’t the way to do it.

    • If you pick a female Senpai the Senpai an Yan Chan are leisbians and the Rivals or bie and if you pick male Senpai everyone is straight

    • I think this is going to be implemented in the future. But we still need to keep in mind, that this is a Japanese School. I don’t want to say that Japanese Schools are homophobe.. it’s just not really common to see gay people being openly gay, they rather stay in the closet. Not that I have anything against gays, I’m bi myself. (Sorry, my English isn’t the best, I’m from Germany.)

    • To be honest, I would like it too to happen that the rivals can be matchmaking with other girls…but…I think it is exageraded to says it’s a duty. He is not obligated to put gay couple. I would prefere if that happen, but even if it doesn’t happen, I will still love the matchmaking. I think it’s interesting. And I think that even without the option to make it rival fall in love with another girl, (like everyone said) in the future build, you can make senpai a girl.

    • YandereDev has said in Japanese high schools, LGBT students will not come out of the closet until after graduation. The only exception of this will be Yandere-chan and the rivals, since you can choose to make Senpai a girl, making Yandere-chan a lesbian and all rivals bisexual.

    • I just thought of it when I saw that in the example Kokona likes a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, but is it the hair or the eyes she likes? The unchanging factor was that the candidate had to be a guy. I found it strange that the idea of her liking a blonde haired, blue eyed girl too was not even a factor. I’m just saying that if all of the rivals have the option to be bi (or pan etc) already if senpai is a girl then why not have some of the people the rivals can matched with be girls too? It just doesn’t seem realistic that all 9 of the romantic bisexual rivals would have another guy they would like aside from senpai but none of them would have a girl they liked instead. Yanderedev has always come through for me before so I won’t be surprised if he does at least consider it. I’m not really the kind of person who ships girls anyhow I just like representation.

      • i get your point, i honestly do, but what you have to remember is…this is HIS game. He decided what goes in and doesnt.

        As for not being able to relate:

        i;ve played games with 0 female choices
        i;ve had to just play as men, but i never demanded female characters be put in.
        this is HIS vision, what he feels fits,

        And as he stated before.
        This game is based on Japanese stereotypes in anime and Manga.
        being Gay in japan, is not something people admit to in japan. He has stated this before. This is why there are 0 gay rivals because boys wait until after school to open up about sexuality (if they even do)

        trust me, i think an overly gay male rival would be cute. Someone super flamboyant that is good friends with senpai (like you see in anime) but that isnt what he wants.

        the fact the people keep demanding him to do this just because they are, isn;t really fair.
        This is HIS vision… No one elses. If he asked if he should it would be different , but he didn’t.

        i;ve seen people right out calling him homophobic and sexist for not doing what they want because of “their wants”

        We need to respect his view on the game and stop telling him what HE has to do to gain our approval .

        I honestly don’t see his need for a male Yandere-chan. He said it may happen it may not. In my opinion i don’t like it. A massive amount of yandere’s are female (there are males, but let me continue)
        the reason why it is females is because in japan, stalking and being obsessive are a real thing. (i know several japanese people and males who can opt for this) the females become clingy and obsessive easier then men because the japanese men are usually taught not to expose their own feelings.

        to me it should stay a female.

        there are tons of games where you play as a male with 0 female choices, or female with 0 male choices. i feel this is one of those moments. He should focus on just Yandere chan

    • OMG, why does everyone treat homosexuals and bisexuals etc as specisal? If you treat them better than straights, you’re not treating them as humans. gosh, next generation straight is going to be pciked on and said to not be normal.

      • I don’t think including a few non-straight characters makes them special. I think having everyone be straight by default makes straight people special. I don’t think non-straight people will ever be treated better than “straights” by society as a whole, they will always be treated worse, and I definitely don’t think the majority of people are going to pick on “straights”. What you are referring to will never happen in our lifetime. I’m in a heterosexual marriage but yes, I’m not straight. I brought up a desire for a little more representation in a medium the has the capability (since this game will likely be crowd funded) because it would make me happier. I assume most straight people don’t realize how sad it is to see hetero relationship after hetero relationship in everything you love, making you feel like an outsider because you can’t entirely relate.

    • it isnt his “duty’
      to do anything. I would like the option to make gay lesbian or even bi characters as well, but this is HIS game. Just because he doesn;t cater to your wants doesn’t mean he doesn’t support it.but to answer you,
      he did say if you make senpai a female, then all the rivals stay female. he has 0 plans to make the rivals male
      This would make senpai bi.

  3. Something about this felt a bit off… then I realized it: wouldn’t Info-chan already know who their other crush is?
    This seems like a good non-Info-chan method of figuring things out, but given how Info-chan is played up as being able to find out everything about a person, no matter how much they may hide it, it feels weird that she is not an option.
    Although… maybe you can ask Info-chan to ask about potential other crushes with panty shot payment, like with contraband items and such?
    Just a thought. If that isn’t what you were planning or want to put in, totally fine.

    I mean… why would he waste his time writing up a custom (colourless, like Mai Waifu and Kuu Dere) character colour scheme with the hair colour as Sota Yuki and eye colour of Sora Sosuke, just to replace it a short while later?

  5. BIG BUMMER I was hoping we could match Saki and Kokona. They fit so much better than Kokona and some random guy…. I mean Saki cares so much for Kokona and Kokona cares a lot for Saki…. I was really hoping we could match them together…. kinda takes my excitement for the next update

  6. This is actually way different than anything any of us thought would be of matchmaking

    It reminds me of Yandere school with the new foreign student chapter

  7. I thought matchmaking was about shipping the rivals with specific suitors, not some random student with features that attract the rival to them. is matchmaking this complicated? find a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, make the rival blush at them over and over again, reduce their attraction to senpai, then make them follow you, then you make them talk and stuff. that’s too complicated, but what is a game without hard methods to make progress? good work devpai!

  8. I really hope the suitors are randomized each playthrough… I know it might seem a little tedious to have to go and look for each suitor EVERY TIME, but if each rival had only one suitor, the match-ups would all be leaked online, and take a lot of the fun out of the elimination method (the finding the suitor seems really fun, to me…)
    of coarse it’d probably be a bit glitchy, and there’d be the chance of two rivals liking the same guy (actually, that sounds realistic…) but I could call you Sanae, because you have my faith!

  9. Dude, people found pictures of the Rival Introduction video and are leaking them! I don’t think that’s a good thing!

    …yes I took some screenshots from the leaked videos but I swear to you I won’t show hem to anyone other then my mom.

  10. OMG WAT IF THATS SENPAI?! ik it sounds far fetched but maybe its just senpai customized, but idk i guess she wouldve been having the pink aura unless she can idk get closer to him XD Idk its just my opinion

  11. I love this, but Kokonuts pose is really weird and unnatural. It should look something like this:

    or this:

    And maybe the facial expression could be more…passionate. Like this! (Miku’s pose) or maybe like this!

    • It’s probably safe to assume that it’s a placeholder animation. At the moment, it only needs to exist for testing, so how it looks is a low priority,

  12. I think it would be interesting if when it came to choosing Senpai’s gender, choosing a Male senpai would give you all the standard Rivals and then a new Rival, who would only be a Rival for the Male Senpai and could only be matched with another Male, meanwhile for the Female senpai there would be a Rival who only appears for her, who can only be matched with another girl.

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