Matchmaking is Coming Soon

Hi! The next big update isn’t ready yet, but I’ve prepared a brief video to assure people that it’s on the way:

Throughout the first half of September, I shifted my attention back and forth between the Rival video and the Matchmaking update, as assets were delivered to me. I quickly realized that I felt very uncomfortable splitting my attention equally between two projects. I know that you guys voted for the Rival video to come first…but, after spending time working on both projects, I simply can’t resist focusing my attention on the Matchmaking update, since I’m super enthusiastic about it, and very eager to complete it. I’m very sorry if this disappoints anyone!

It’s hard to give an exact date for precisely when the Matchmaking update will be ready, but I anticipate three days minimum, seven days maximum. I’m so excited for it!

Please forgive me for taking so long to get it done! Thanks for your patience!

137 thoughts on “Matchmaking is Coming Soon

    • In past blog posts Yandere Dev said that you had to stalk for info or buy the info from Info-chan and learn your rival’s other crush and match them together, but maybe we might be able to MAKE a match?? pippixryutoforever


  2. Words to everyone: Good things come to those who wait. It is better to release it once it is ready rather than rush it. We’ve waited this long, what’s a few more days.

    Keep up the wonderful work Yanderedev.

  3. Stop apologizing and feeling bad about disappointing. We’re really fine with almost every choice you make, you’re the one developing the game after all c:
    Worry less, it’s okay YanDev ♡♡

  4. (this is a joke. I am saying this because if all the hater who hate yandere sim so don’t take this the wrong way because I do love yandere simulator a lot) Green Green: Yandere Dev! u baka why don’t u just hurry up already sheesh like omg how long dose it take like omg. Yandere dev: I am working as hard as I can to make u happy so the least u can do is give me time. Green Green: u said u will work on this since Jun 1, 2016. yandere dev: Like I said I been working as hard as I can I did not have the materials that I need to work for this build so plz stop asking for it. Green Green: But yandere dev what about the rival video it got link. Yandere dev: I know but they don’t have the voice lines, movement, and the music so its stupid that they did that and yes I am mad about it but at the end they are so stupid for doing it…

  5. unpopular opinion: I’m actually kind of upset that matchmaking is coming first. Not because I think it’s more important or anything like that, but because of the reason “I just couldn’t help myself.” If it had been “While waiting for (some type of content) to come in, I worked on the elimination method and it just so happens that it’s going to be done first” or something like that, it would be different, but it’s not. He’s going against what the fans wanted because “[he] just couldn’t help [him]self” and that’s what upsets me about this.

    • right and its really annoying people telling us to chill out when the thing is if he was going to do matchmaking first ( because he couldn’t resist) then why bother asking us what WE wanted to see I voted for that F-ing video too but now i’ve got to wait another freaking week for that video when it should have been done or at least a few hours late

      • If you’re having trust issues, obviously you aren’t that big of a fan as you think you are. To have trust issues with a developer solely because of him choosing to do the matchmaking first, mind you this is the next MAJOR game update, is ridiculous. You didn’t get to see a video. Aww I’m sorry. Should I wipe your tears with a golden tissue? Dev has his priorities. Remember. It’s one person making the game and rival video. He has assets but HE has to do it all. Consider how hard it must of been bouncing back and forth on the rival video and matchmaking.

        At least be happy he’s posting spoilers. He didn’t have to do that. Maybe he’s waiting for the music still. Consider his actual feelings instead. He apologized, for no reason might I add, and you’re going to claim to have “trust issues” all over a fucking video?

        Think twice.

    • As far as I’m aware, he was doing matchmaking first, then postponed it for the sanity update and the whole kitten thing, the rival video (While i’m sure the ideas been around for awhile) had focus put on it after he was working on the matchmaking feature. He’s probs tired of postponing it.

  6. I know this comment might bring hate but, YandereDev can get annoying sometimes. He says this is going to be his priority but sees something else and moves on from the project to do something else rather than what the fans asked for, just lime the rival introduction video. We voted for it and yanderedev just moves on to do matchmaking. And when he says it will day a minimum amount of days and a maximum amount of days, it usually is the maximum. What is the point of telling us that if your going to extend it to max anyways. His excuse is also pathetic, “I just couldn’t resist”.

  7. Now seriously, I don’t wanna get upset with you because you’ve been working very hard in this game,but I am really upset. When you said you were going to do the rival introduction video first,I got so happy! Every day has been soo long waiting for the update! It is 7:00 am here in Spain and I just woke up and looked for the rival introduction video I’ve been waiting for. I’m so dissapointed now! As I said,I don’t wanna get upset with you, but I really am.

  8. I’m honestly really excited for the matchmaking update! 😀

    People shouldn’t overreact over the rival introduction, you gotta be patient! Also, YandereDev works his ass off on this game so don’t go bitching at him because you didn’t get what you want.

    – Sincerely someone who wanted to see the rival introduction.

  9. Oh? So the legends are true that this thing called Matchmaking exists? Huh! Who knew! Yeah, while I may have wanted the Rival Introduction Video first, I can wait… I mean, I normally stay up ’til midnight before these come out. I can wait a week. However you go about things, just be sure that it doesn’t drive you further into insanity than you already are, Yandere Dev…

  10. Please don’t let this happen again. I’m really disappointed that you completely threw out the poll results. Yes. It is your game. Yes. You are in charge, but we are your fans, and it’s obvious that the majority of us are very disappointed.

  11. This is what I found on the wikia
    In the future, Yandere-chan will have to stalk her current rival and find out who the suitor is. The player will then have to perform a task for the rival and the suitor, becoming their friends. After both become her friend, Yandere-chan will have to ask them to “Go Away” so they will go to the same place at the same time and have a bashful conversation.

    Once the conversation is over, on the task wheel, the option “Matchmake” will appear. If the player presses the “Matchmake” option, the suitor will confess that he has a crush on the rival and wants to do something nice for her.

    The next step is to steal an object from the rival and give it to the suitor via the “Matchmake” option. He will bring it to the rival. Yandere-chan then will have to use the “Matchmake” option with the rival. The rival will confess that she likes two different boys but she doesn’t know who to choose.

    Yandere-chan will then have to take a picture of Senpai speaking to another girl, and then show it to the rival, who will then become discouraged from speaking to Senpai. If the player “Matchmakes” to the suitor, he will then say how he doesn’t know how to make a love confession. If the player’s Psychology or Seduction stats are high enough, Yandere-chan can give him advice of how to make a confession to the rival. After all the steps, the suitor will confess to the rival and she will be peacefully eliminated.[6]

    Matchmaking Two NPCs
    If it is possible to matchmake two NPCs, the process will be much simpler. The player will still have to perform tasks to be their friend. The “Matchmake” option will appear in the task wheel and then she will have to say to both students, “I think you and her/him would make a good pair”. After that, Yandere-chan will have to use the “Go Away” option so that they will interact with each other. Their “Affection” will be at 33% after this.

    To make them interact again, Yandere-chan will have to go on social media and find what the female NPC likes and dislikes. She will then have to tell the male NPC the information and make them interact again. Their “Affection” will be at 66%. She must repeat the same process once more, which will make the “Affection” at 100%. If her Psychology or Seduction stats are high enough, she can give advice to one of the NPCs, which will allow them to perform a love confession.
    The match making is going to be challenging and fun

  12. Look, I understand that people are disappointed but if you really care about the game, you shouldn’t act as if he postponed the rival intro vid until next year or something sheesh. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to be working on two things at once as well. So please guys, don’t give him a hard time. Waiting a few more days wont kill you.

  13. To everyone whose angry about it not being the rival video;

    1. He was working on matchmaking before he brought up the rival video, he kept postponing it.It’s more overdue than the rival video. It was probably a mix of ‘I can’t help myself’ and ‘fuck I’ve postponed this so long I should get it done’.
    2. The rival video will get done, maybe not this week? But within the next month or so, you’ve waited this long, you can wait a little more.

  14. So disappointed the rival video still hasn’t been completed. I suppose the matchmaking will be ok….was just looking foward to the video.

  15. I’ve been looking forward to the matchmaking elimination method since it was first announced. Waiting a little bit longer is no problem as every delay so far has only led to wondrous reveals from our dear YandereDev.

  16. Those of you who are feeling ‘disapointed’ or ‘betrayed’ about yandere dev’s decision, it’s his game and even if he doesn’t say it outright he has his reasons for everything he does. It may be taking a while but that’s because he puts his heart into everything he’s doing because he knows what the fans will bitch about. Such as, even though many of you wanted the rival introduction video after it came out you wouldnbe over it and realize how long it’s been since there was a new actual feature added to the game. Overall please go easier on yandev, he’s using his best judgement for he thinks is the best course to take with the game development, his whole purpose isn’t just to serve us the fans.

  17. No problem, YanDev.
    Both Matchmaking and an official introduction to all of the Rivals are pretty big, and rather important, parts of the game. I can understand that you might focus more on the matchmaking, which is more of a game asset that adds new gameplay, and not the Rival video which is ‘just’ a video of introduction, but perhaps not anything to be put into the game… yet.

    Take your time. I’ll be happy with whatever comes first and still enjoy whatever comes second. And so on.

  18. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Don’t apologize, it’s your game. You should make whatever you want first and whatever YOU want. Of course, you would need to make your fans happy but the ones complaining are being selfish. Either way we’ll get the same results just in different order.

  19. Don’t apologize , it’s YOUR game. Do whatever you want with it! The ones complaining are being selfish. Of course you will have to make your fans happy to a certain point to sell the game when it’s released, but things like this have nothing to do with it!

  20. Of course I am dissapointed. I loge what you do…I voted Matchmaking but you know what the excuse “could not resist” and “I do not feel like working on the Rival Int Video” was very …ugh. I am upset

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