Matchmaking is Coming Soon

Hi! The next big update isn’t ready yet, but I’ve prepared a brief video to assure people that it’s on the way:

Throughout the first half of September, I shifted my attention back and forth between the Rival video and the Matchmaking update, as assets were delivered to me. I quickly realized that I felt very uncomfortable splitting my attention equally between two projects. I know that you guys voted for the Rival video to come first…but, after spending time working on both projects, I simply can’t resist focusing my attention on the Matchmaking update, since I’m super enthusiastic about it, and very eager to complete it. I’m very sorry if this disappoints anyone!

It’s hard to give an exact date for precisely when the Matchmaking update will be ready, but I anticipate three days minimum, seven days maximum. I’m so excited for it!

Please forgive me for taking so long to get it done! Thanks for your patience!

137 thoughts on “Matchmaking is Coming Soon

  1. This is the elimination method I have anticipated the most! So excited that this will be implemented next!

    Cool plot twist for the final game: Senpai has also been killing people to be with Yandere-chan, but he’s better at covering his tracks so no one knows until the end. 😛

  2. Wow reading the comments made me want to strangle about half of the people here.

    Get. Over. It.

    “Unpopular decision”, “disappointed”, “better not happen again”, “sad”. Are you kidding me? He’s choosing to work on the next major feature, FOR YOU GUYS, and you’re going to pull this crap? How hungry are you? I dare you, dare all of you, to go juggle a complex video and make a game.

    To complain about YandereDev and threaten that it better not happen again is ridiculous. You are the reason his mental state is slowly slipping. He needs to be reminded that he is worth something and not just someone who is producing something for little shits to complain about. Instead of bitching in the comments, why not say: “oh, well the rival introduction video was first, but matchmaking is going to be great!!” Or hell maybe: “matchmaking is more important than introducing. Thanks Dev!” Or I don’t know.. Maybe: “I can totally wait! I wanted the rival video but the next feature is super important!”

    Do you really want a video that is just introducing characters that aren’t even in the game yet? Or do you want the next FEATURE to come out so you can have a new rival and the introduction video? Once he finishes the matchmaking, the rival video will be completed right after. It’s not like he’s going to fucking push it off for 2 years.

    So relax. Take a sip of tea, eat a cinnamon roll. He’s trying his hardest. He made a decision to better the game. “Fans” should not get upset with his decisions unless it’s major. If he decides to shut down the game, fine. Be pissed. If he decides to remove Half of the already implemented ideas, fine. Be pissed. But for something as small as “I’m going to finish the matchmaking and then release the rival video.” Is ridiculous. Introducing the rivals and then matchmaking wouldn’t make sense.

    If he puts out matchmaking with rival models, not sure if that’s happening yet you may only get one DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, then introduces.. It makes a whole bunch more sense. Not only do you know who they are, now you can potentially match them with other students. Instead of “oh that’s this girl! And that’s that girl.” ….. “I have nothing to play..”

    You see? You’d be more disappointed watching a.. Say 5 minute video because there’s nothing new to play. So just wait. It won’t be long. It won’t be another week or two. He probably just needs music and a few more voice clips. It might not be done. Give him time.

    Dev doesn’t deserve your whining. Fix it.

    • you look sick! yandere dev have a social life! he isn’t a empty body! all these people look sick! he is a person as us! and i know that he will post the elimination method first! it’s better that way! i really know he will post in max 10 days! so stop to be ridiculous And be Patient cause it is a virtue!

    • Look dude, we all here are the fans of yandere simulator. We already known that matchmaking is far more important than rival video.
      What would you do if one day Dev shut down the game and move to another project because “he couldn’t resist”?
      Today just only rival video. But what if many feature that being promise fail to
      make in final game and add another feature such as fighting mechanic because “he couldn’t resist”?
      Yes, it’s Dev game and he is in charge. But the decision was made in poll. It’s something that both majority of fans and Dev agreed.
      We not hate him just because of this. We’re only disappointed because he didn’t keep his words.
      Sorry for bad English.

      • I completely agree. Game developing may be difficult, but YandereDev should keep his decisions. After all, he did ask for the community’s opinions about this, and the majority wanted the Rival Introduction video.

      • You guys don’t see how important the rival introduction video is to most of us (according to the poll) That video will finally reveal alot of the “secrets” that yanderedev has been so mysterious about, and not wanting to show us until all of the rivals were revealed! We will finally be able to confirm SO many things! The dev said it himself, that the Rival intro will be one of his most complex videos. So i don’t disagree with people being very ungrateful, but i think that the rival vid will be better than matchmaking.

    • “He’s choosing to work on the next major feature, FOR YOU GUYS, and you’re going to pull this crap?”
      wwwwell… He does is being paid $5000 for month on Patreon to make Yandere Simulartor.

      I won’t say anything else, just wanted to voice this.

      • What the hell does that have to do with anything? He’s making the next feature come out first instead of a video and the entire bunch blows up like 4 year olds

    • As I said in my comment, I didn’t want to get upset with him because he has worked very hard for us,but I couldn’t avoid being dissapointed. I’ve been wanting for the rivals to be revealed since this game started to be developed,and I was very,VERY excited for that video. Yeah.maybe it doesn’t apport anything to the gameplay,but I don’t care. I woke up the 15th at 7:00 a.m and just ran to look this blog,and I felt really disappointed when seeing this post. But I understand that YandereDev changes his opinion,even though I feel really bad for it. But well,I can’t do anything to change it ^^

  3. I don’t think there should be a rival introduction video at all. It would be better to learn about the rivals as you’re playing the final game and not know everything two years before it actually comes out. Are there going to be any surprises with the final game?

  4. To be honest if you look at nearly every build of the game an “update coming soon” post is directly before it.
    I am not saying that yandere dev is slow or lazy, I am saying 15-ish days is simply not eanough time to update the game and is just putting unnecessary pressure on yandere dev,
    I think that he should have at least 20 days before we can expect an update.

  5. Hmmm… if the matchmaking elimination is added… If we find the girl with same interests as kokona’s can we make that girls to fall in love one each other… YANDERE SIM WOULD BE SO YURI IF KOKONA AND A GIRL KISSES AND HAS A CUTSCENE WHEN THEY KISS LIKE IN FRANCE…WHERE YOU KISS WITH THE TOUNGES…

  6. Not gunna lie, Im more excited about the bug fixes. I sent a nice descriptive list of bugs and how to activate them to him last week. Hopefully fixed most in not all for the next update.

  7. Keep up the amazing work, Yandev! I’m thrilled for both the matchmaking method and the rival introduction video, so it honestly doesn’t make a difference for what comes first. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! Thank you for continuing to be awesome ❤

  8. His excuse for the RIV is ‘I just couldn’t help myself’. Someone leaked the rivals and YandereDev knew about it, think about how he felt in that moment. One person (or more) of his own community destroyed all the hype for this video. Of course YandereDev was mad and disappointed and didn’t want to work on it anymore at this point in time. Also, Matchmaking is planned to be implemented since June, before the idea of the video even existed. I know so many people are really disappointed but think about how YandereDev feels about it.

    • I know right. He commented on one of the videos with “It is pretty lame to post this here.” so…He did not wqnt to work anymore on that video. One of the volunteers is a bitch or more. 😦 But in fact Matchmaking is way more better then a simple Video about Rivals.

      • YandereDev gave us a preview for the Rival Intro Video in one of his videos, but he censored it, of course. Someone deleted the censoring and uploaded the preview without censored rivals. You can see their names, how they look like and so on. YandereDev saw this and even commented with ‘It’s pretty lame to post this.’ . The one who uploaded the uncensored version is just scum. 😒 (I’m sorry for any mistakes in my grammar)

  9. I can sympathize. I write fiction, and recently I was trying to edit a novel, but I just couldn’t get into it, and I wanted to work on other projects. Perhaps later on I’ll get back to this novel, but right now, there are other projects I want to focus my attention on, and I feel more enthusiastic about them, too. It’s just the way a creator has to go sometimes.

  10. Tbh I think most of the comments are people being overly excited about the release and then getting tsked at by others who believe they are attempting to rush yandere dev. Even though they are just excited for the development. Those people should realize this however they take yandere dev telling the extremists to calm down as an opportunity to yell at those who are just excited. I think we should all just enjoy the game and avoid commenting on others comments if it is in a negative way towards them. otherwise It could lead to some not liking the game because of a simple bad experience with an uncooperative commentor being rude to them on the blog site. I wish everyone a Happy day! ^^ learning about game creating myself I am happy to see it progress and I understand the stress of coding.
    Please stay health Yandere dev!

  11. Since matchmaking can only be done between characters with specific interests in people, does this mean that the delay was because you’re adding in the beloved Osana Najimi? I would like to finally see some work done towards the first official rival. I mean, you’re making a rival introduction video; i’d be surprised if you weren’t planning on adding in Osana…

  12. Sorry guys, but it IS very unprofessional to make a poll asking what he should do next, promise it, and then just saying “Nah, I will do Matchmaking first” even with the leaks and all, It still is very unprofessional.

    I wonder how the Patreon supporters are feeling like…

  13. i saw what u did with those red strings there, Yandere Dev
    i hope u know the interestingly gruesome story behind those “Red Strings of Fate”
    i think u would love a good legend like that.. seeing as how you ARE creating a game like Yandere Simulator

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  15. YandereDev, YandereDev!! I have an annoyed bug on the lastest build! When I pick up a weapon, i keep dropping it! Should I contiue or try a latest build, re download it, umm maybe wait for a bug fix update? What to I do?

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