Yandere-chan in Smash Brothers!

I know that this doesn’t actually have anything to do with the development of Yandere Simulator, but I thought it was so cool that I just had to make a video about it. It’s a mod that puts Yandere-chan into the latest Smash Bros game!

This mod was created by an awesome dude named Pikachuk! Thanks, Pikachuk!

If you want to play this mod, you’ll need 3 things:

  1. A WiiU that has been updated to 5.5.1 firmware.
  2. The ability to access the Internet on your WiiU.
  3. An SD card that has been formated to FAT32.

If you have the North American version of Smash Bros, download this zip file. Create a folder on the root of your SD card named 0005000010144F00.

If you have the European version of Smash Bros, download this zip file. Create a folder on the root of your SD card named 0005000010145000.

  1. Unzip the contents of the zip file. You’ll find a folder named “patch”. Put the “patch” folder into the “000500001014____” folder on the root of your SD card.
  2. Use your WiiU’s browser to navigate to this website: http://loadiine.ovh
  3. Select “sdcafiine + kernel” from the drop-down list.
  4. Your WiiU will return to the main menu. Return to http://loadiine.ovh
  5. Your WiiU will load sdcafiine. Just press the “A” button.
  6. Run Smash Bros, and see Yandere-chan!

No hardware modifications are required, no software installation is required.

(If you can’t get it working, please don’t e-mail me and ask for advice. I need to focus on developing Yandere Simulator. I can’t spend my time providing tech support for Smash mods. I’m sure you will find plenty of people in the Smash modding community who would be happy to help you.)

If you strongly disapprove of me using this blog to talk about anything except the development of Yandere Simulator, let me know. If there is a strong negative reaction to this type of content, I won’t spend any time on it in the future.

153 thoughts on “Yandere-chan in Smash Brothers!

  1. It’s okay Yanderedev. I love when you get excited with things your fandom makes. I feel that you really care about us. It’s makes me happy.
    I’ve already played that game and it would be amazing to play with Yandere-chan. Yan-chan is the best!

  2. I’m glad to see YanDev doing stuff like this. I like how he engages his game/concept across mediums. It’s so much fun to see.

  3. It’s awesome that someone went through and made a mod! I’m excited to see it, and I love hearing about these things. I think that if someone does something like this, you should definitely post it, because the majority of your fans seem to like it. That being said, many people, myself included, have been looking forward to the rival video, and we’re very excited to see that you had a new post, only for it to be this. It was a momentary let down, but I’m happy you highlighted this, and it’s merely the hype for a long awaited video getting in the way of the good reception of this mod. I’m excited for the Rival Video, but I understand that high quality things take time, and for every day we wait, it makes the reveal that much sweeter.

    • Erm, how exactly is this a “gimmick”? YanDev gets money through Patreon (and maybe Youtube). Besides, people CHOOSE to give him money on Patreon. Not to mention, he didn’t create the mod, Pikachuk did. All he did was showcase it.

      If you think it’s a gimmick just because he showcased something a fan did, you must be fun.

  4. I approve of updates like these. It’s cool to see what the fan community is coming up with, plus it’s obvious that a lot of time and love went into making this.

  5. This is amazing! I love seeing things fans made of your game, and am sure you do as well! This blog doesn’t HAVE to be just about the development of Yandere Simulator, but it could be about all the cool things Fans did that you would like the share. It could be anything you wanted ^w^. You’re the best YanDev~!

  6. We need more posts from you Yanderedev! Not only about the game, butabout anything that you want! Streams, Yandere Sim merch, nice artwork and videos, works of the volonteers especially where you voiceacting!!! More of all! I can’t imagine people that are complaining about this kind of stuff.

  7. I’d rather see things with updates on Yandere Simulator, I think it’s nice that they made these things, but I got excited once I saw the notification and thought the “Elimination Method” was ready…

    • boohoo maybe help development by donating or something instead of bitching about updates being long in between. clearly you have no idea about costs on a large scale in development and paying people in a way to actually motivate faster progress. especially since this isnt like a large dev team that mainstream developers get to work with.

  8. If all you had to do was write the article about it while the other person made the mod, then that’s fine. If you had to put any effort into the actual mod itself then that isn’t cool with me. It would be contradictory to what you say about your own time constraints.

  9. I like to see content such as this but I was hoping for the Rival intro video so that I can make a mod on it plus as long as this took a small bit of effort to make I’m fine but if you worked your fingers off just for this then it’s a disappointment. It’s the best mod made for all the reasons you pointed and the effort pichuck put into this. Give them our thanks Devpia!

  10. I think its cool, a really good way to get more publicity, but anything taking time away from yandere simulator shouldn’t be here. all the updates are taking a really long time now, unlike a few months ago, and it gets disappointing when theirs a new post and it isn’t about the game.

  11. When he said that’s the only game that dose not relate to yandere simulator i was yelling lies u did another game thats is not yandere simulator in fact it was a different game of u playing it

  12. Yan-Dev you need down time! If you get excited about something (anything) go for it! We as your fan base should support that regardless. Dev work is difficult and stressful (I know from experience there). We look forward to your updates on the game and personally I enjoy these types just as much because we get to learn more about things that interest you, or things that entertain you!

  13. This is an excellent marketing strategy in addition to being awesome Yanderedev. Perhaps after the initial game is released, you could have a team focusing on making yandere-related mods for other games. although this means that you would have to choose between updating and maintaining yandere simulator and extending its reach into other gaming cultures.

    Sincerely, a yandere Kun.

  14. Yandere dev you said you felt the love from this mod or something so if you feel the love you can make a video about it like you just did but if you don’t have any feeling towards the content you are about to upload in the future (content you want to let us know) then instead of a video put in images.

  15. I like this kind of content. It is nice to have it once a month or so to do some kind of spotlight of some fan content you thought was cool.

  16. I think this blog is only suitable for stuff about the game’s progress. While I think it’s fine that the Dev posts about these, these kinds of posts should not be posted here, as some people expect nothing but game updates as far as this blog is concerned.

  17. Well I like it. so PLEASE do stuff like this again Yandere Dev. it’s important to acknowledge fan projects that promote your game. Yandere Chan in Smash is an awesome video. I’d love to see your Progress Videos AND more fan promoting videos like that

  18. Can someone help me? I downloaded the mod and it works but the character is still named lucica and the voice call her lucina. Does it have connection with the “sound” folder in the zip file?

  19. It’s not only fine, but probably necessary for you to keep making videos/involving projects like this with your development of this game 1) you seem excited about it, and that’s gotta relieve some stress 2) it brings in an audience outside of people just interested in the game development, possibly leading to more interest in yandere simulator 3) it keeps excitement and interest alive in Yandere Simulator. This is a game that made its way into the spotlight incredibly early in development, and needs this kind of energy to sustain donations/interest until a full, lucrative build can be released. Not trying to stress you out, but if you look at google trends, yandere simulator has started to trend downwards a little bit over the last few months. (https://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=yandere%20simulator) Spontaneity is what ultimately will drive Yandere Simulator through to completion. Even a great game can’t succeed without its fair share of marketting, and this is cheap, effective, low risk marketting. Keep up the good work yandere dev! -T

  20. This is awesome, thank you for your hard work and for the fan work it’s generated. I truly feel like I’m enjoying awesome things because of your hard work and the work it inspires in others.

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