September 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Looking for information about the most recent build? Click here!

The most recent build wasn’t absolutely riddled with game-breaking bugs, but it did have a handful of particularly bothersome issues that I decided to fix.

Scroll down below this beautiful artwork by Coffe Fox to read about the things that I fixed in this build!

  • Fixed bug that would cause the Student Info page to display the wrong information for a student if the player took a picture of a student, displayed their interests, and then looked at a different student’s profile.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Kokona from breaking out of her “take a bath” animation if she was lit on fire while stepping into a bathtub.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the prompt bar to become stuck onscreen if the player hit the “back” button while cyberbullying girls online.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to speak to students who were removing their shoes, which would cause bizarre glitches.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “censor shadow” to appear on Yandere-chan’s lower body even when she wasn’t wearing a skirt.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s locker to spawn extra uniforms out of thin air under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Yandere-chan’s phone from displaying onscreen while cyberbulling girls online.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the texture of Yandere-chan’s drill hair to look bizarre while in school.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to order a student to “distract” a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the kitten’s neck to rotate in bizarre ways.
  • Fixed a typo in the subtitle that appears when students react to Yandere-chan holding a ritual knife.
  • The “Press Q to censor panties” debug command now affects all of Yandere-chan’s school uniforms, and all female students. So, if you wish, it is now possible to play Yandere Simulator without a single pair of panties ever appearing on your screen…except when you’re at the panty selection screen in your home.

172 thoughts on “September 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

    • As Yandere-Dev stated in his last post, it would take a few days to get all the voice actresses’ lines, and, at most, about two weeks for the composer to get the music done. I know you are excited, just like I am, but we must be patient. It’s not just Yandere-dev now. He has volunteers that are taking time out of their own days to give us a great game.

  1. Look, already a build ! Waiting for anything like the matchmaking… The video or maybe some new little and cute changes.

    By the way, I want to be a programmer… Some advices ? Please.. This is one of my dreams.

    • has some excellent programming tutorials to get you started. I don’t know if they necessarily have game development tutorials, but the skills you learn programming software transfer over to things like games. Also, you could consider studying computer science in university, or even game development! Game development isn’t a super common major from what I’ve seen, but, off the top of my head, UC Santa Cruz in California has an excellent game development program. I hope this helped, best of luck with your dreams C:

      • Actually…it really helped me. Even if my idol, Yandere Dev did not answer (answering idiots like me is not one of his priorities) .. Thank you. One day I hope I will become a good programmer.

    • This ^. Everyone should read about the updates to know when the updates are coming…haha. If you ask when the Rival video is coming, look at the progress report ABOUT the Rival Introduction video Cx.

  2. ok, so I’m annoyingly paranoid, and because this is downloaded as an exe file, I’m scared that it will kill my laptop. I guess I’m asking if any of you guys have gotten viruses? please help. this game looks really fun and i want to download it.

    • Sometimes you do get a virus, but theres only like 10% chance. When you do get a virus, just try to reinstall your PC or use an antivirus, and download the .exe file again. The reason for the 10% chance is that sometimes the MD5 hash checksum gets corrupted and so the .exe file might do some damage to your computer (data loss, internet connection not working). But the game is worth is believe me! I downloaded about 20 of the versions and I got virus only 2x. Hope this helps!

      • That’s…not how MD5s work. MD5s are calculated based on the content of the file, so the MD5s for two identical files will always be identical. The mismatch happens because the download file itself was corrupted in some way, which generally results in the corrupted file being discarded. Otherwise there would be no point in having MD5 hashes, as they exist solely for this purpose. I BELIEVE that YanSim’s loader does this checking/discarding for you, so you don’t even have to worry about it. To the OP: go ahead and use the launcher to download the game. It’s completely safe and it will check the integrity of the file for you. Don’t download it from any unofficial mirrors and you should be fine.

      • Also, to add to what I just said, it’s virtually impossible for a corrupted file to result in a virus. Viruses are code that is intentionally inserted into a program (by a person or a program), so the chances of a virus just randomly occurring in a corrupted file are virtually nonexistent. It’s no more dangerous than downloading any other program on the Internet. Even if the launcher doesn’t check hashes, which is standard protocol for launchers but might not have been implemented here, chances of getting a virus from an official download link are almost 0%. I don’t know how this person got viruses, but chances are that they didn’t come from legitimate downloads.

    • I promise you that there is no virus. So many people play this game, including me and have not gotten one virus. Also don’t try using the launcher because it doesn’t work when Yandere Dev is working on a new build apparently.

    • It’s a fire caused by a chemical, I think? I don’t know if water would help in putting out the fire. If anything, I think it’ d get worse…

      • Well, it’d only get worse if it were an electrical fire. The fire was caused by gasoline, so she’d only get the fire off her if she completely submerged herself in the fountain, where the gasoline would float off of her… I think. Gasoline just makes things more complicated… But hey, at least she could’ve tried. If it only got worse, she would’ve burned to death anyway…

    • Well it actually could happen in the game, but the real purpose of Kokona jumping in the fountain would be to make her die quicker. Yandere-Chan would be like: Quick, jump in the fountain! and then watch her suffer even more

    • Well,I think that if the computer is in the family room,the problem is the game by itself,not the panties πŸ˜‚ I mean,it is a game about murder,suicide,bullying,sabotaging one’s life from the shadows,satanic rituals and that kind of things… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • No. You are definitely NOT the only one. I am SO excited that elimination method will be the next one implemented. I personally adore Oka Ruto and REALLY want to use an elimination method on her that DOESN’T kill her, get her expelled, get her arrested, etc.
      I also am a little weary about the “befriending” method since (at least for now) it won’t completely stop the rival from confessing to Senpai. What I mean is: as of right now, you can become friends with Kokona and free her dad from debt and see the cutscene Wednesday morning, but by lunchtime that same day she will still be all fangirly for Senpai.. So I kind of don’t trust that elimination method right now.. I get that Kokona may be a placeholder character and that YandereDev may not have an “alternate” set of actions and such for Kokona implemented.. but I still just don’t feel right with the Friendship method..
      And I kinda wanna pair Oka up with somebody ^^;
      But anywho~ yeah you’re definitely not the only one anxiously waiting for the next elimination method

    • well i think it goes like this: you discover students with a lot of the same interests, tell a student (for example, Kokona) that another student (idk ill just say Sota Yuki) likes anime, memes, cats, cooking, and whatever else, and Kokona will go over to Sota and they will talk about anime, memes, cats, and cooking and stuff, and then they fall in love kissy kissy

  3. October is next month and I wonder if Yander Dev is going to put a special halloween easter egg or bonus into the game like he did with yanvania: senpai of the night last year. maybe yandere dev will make a calendar based easter egg later in the game’s development for if the player played late night/early morning halloween… I could always keep my SPIRITS up… πŸ˜‰

  4. Guys, any ideas for DLC Rivals? I know that YandereDev is planning to make Midori, a Rookie Policewoman, another Yandere girl, a Succubus, the Ghost and others, but what do you think he should add next? I am thinking on him adding some popular anime characters as DLC Rivals, like Kyouko Kirigiri(Danganronpa), Chiaki Nanami(Danganronpa), Umaro Doma(Himouto!), Tomoko Kuroki(WataMote), Asuna Yuuki(Sword Art online), Yuno Gasai (O^O)(Mirai Nikki) and others. He should probably get permissions from the companies who made them though.

    • I think it will definetly come out next week. He said that the assets he need will take up to 2 weeks – up to the 15th September. Next week is already the 15th, so I think it will be released.

  5. Yeah everybody is switching at Jay from the kubz scout or THAT DUDE but i know YandereDev is the one who plans to give a Mrs.Turtle at Mr.Turtle i think YandereDev like Jay because Jay seemed to be biggest fan of the game and off course YandereDev but you know what i have a feeling that this game will soon to be the most played I love you Jay and YandereDev i will not miss any of your videos and also IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN

  6. Have you thought about releasing the source code to your project? It’s taken you a couple of years now to build this project, and you’re doing it all by yourself? Are you planning to make money from this, and that’s why it’s a closed-source project? I think that you could probably use some coding help from those who have time to spare. I think that you should make your project open source so that others can help, or even pick up where you left off if you end up abandoning the project.

      • He wouldn’t abandon the project at this point. Dev is trying his hardest and would like for the game to remain closed source. He’s spent every hour (-4 ish hours a night to sleep) to this game and wouldn’t even think about it. He’s cutting the fun videos to work harder, shortening the amount of streams he’s doing on twitch and is basically pulling away to finish working. We have to respect his wishes and desires and hope he can keep himself healthy and happy enough to finish the project. Dev is a sweet man and is stressed, he is happier working alone as a single developer. More than him will clash. He’s stated it before.

    • How long have you been keeping up with the project? I downloaded Yandere Simulator for the first time on September 1, and I am a little disappointed at the progress made after two whole years. Two years and there SO MUCH that could be added. Granted, it’s a lot for just one person, but I do want to see this project get to the point of something at least “finished” to the extent where it could be called a real game and not have to wait so many years for it to happen.

      • If you were following waaaaaaaaaayyyyy back, then you would clearly see the progress. Heck, I remember when the fountain was still in the middle,senpai didn’t do jack (literally he didn’t even notice you), and the school was dull gray all over. Those are just a few and if you look further back all the was to the VN intro all the models were exactly the same even (just Yandere-chan but with blue hair).

        You think so little has been done, in fact sooooooooooooo much has been done. However, I can see why you think so for someone who just got into it now but trust me it has gotten better

  7. And, I find it interesting that you closed off comments on the “Volunteer” section. I think that what you have is a great idea, but you’ve been developing for two years and there isn’t that much to your game. Granted, it’s just mostly you doing the development work, but you probably need more than one developer. And, I don’t know you so I could be way off here, but the project itself gives me the vibe that you’re not good with working on a team.

    If you had a development team under you, I imagine that they’d have a hard time working with you, and you probably wouldn’t want to simply handover creative rights to your project to someone else. However, there it is probably a lot of work for just one man to do all on his own.

    Even if you’re talented, many companies would rather have a developer who gels well with the team than a lone wolf who works best on his own.

    I myself am a developer, and I have some experience with Unity and Visual Studios using C# and JavaScript. However, professionally, I’m primarily an enterprise/web developer who codes mostly in Java. And, I probably wouldn’t have time to dedicate to your project on a weekday basis. At best, weekend or holiday if even that. I would like to know why your game freezes with the mods that I make to your students.json file. I tried to give everyone clubs and I tried to make some of them go to those clubs, but the game freezes when class ends. I had to go with the original JSON file – fortunately, I copied and pasted and renamed the zip that the Launcher downloads before it had a chance to delete it, so I have a clean copy of the 2016-09-03 build.

    • Well, he closed off the comments because of all the STUPID emails he recieves, which consumes so much of the time he could’ve spent coding and implementing new features into the game. Also, he is not developing on his own. Just like what he said “Yandere Simulator is extremely dependent on Volunteers” which is why most of the hair models, the different props around the school are there in the first place. He is, in a way, working with a team. If you want more details, here:

  8. Did YanDev spell Coffee Fox wrong at the top on purpose? At the bottom left hand corner o the artwork it says ‘Coffee Fox’; and if you click the ‘Coffe Fox’ link at the top, on the person’s website-page-thing it also says Coffee Fox… *Confused* Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not relevant to the great update, anyways. πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work, YandereDev!

  9. YANDERE-DEV PLS READ THIS can you add this thing pls when you will stab student with katana (with sanity animations) can you add new animation like when they will fall down they will crawl and scream for help

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