How Sanity Affects Murder in Yandere Simulator

The new build is finally ready! Here’s a YouTube video that will tell you all about it:

If you want to see a list of every little addition, fix, or tweak in this build, here’s a list:

Fixes And Changes:

  • The idea with Social Butterflies is that they would run and hide in heavily-populated areas. However, if a murder occurs IN a heavily-populated area, then Social Butterflies “hide” right where they are standing. To combat this problem, Social Butterflies now run to a collective hiding spot and huddle together, rather than “hide” in plain view of the killer.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the pink trail leading to class to fall through the ground. (This has caused the return of the bug that would cause the pink trail to exert physical force on other objects in the world. Finding a solution that prevents both bugs simultaneously is difficult.)
  • Researched and successfully implemented a method for modifying textures while the game is running. (You can currently only see one example of this in the game right now: Midori’s stockings and panties are now green.) This opens up tons of customization potential in the future!
  • Finally fixed that stupid bug that would cause teachers’ eyelids to deform in a bizarre manner during their blinking animation, and also fixed that stupid bug that would cause teachers’ irises to deform during their “eyes shrinking with fear” animation.
  • Previously, if a murder-suicide occurred above stairs, the difference in the heights of the two characters would the animation to become desynchronized. Now, a murder-suicide is no longer allowed to occur above stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would give the player a game over for holding a weapon – instead of a game over for murder – if the player committed murder in front of a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the murder-suicide animation to glitch out if Kokona was splashed with liquid or set on fire before the animation began.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent blood from spawning during a murder-suicide animation if the animation occurred above the ground floor of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to tilt at extreme angles if the player distracted them with a giggle while at a higher or lower elevation.
  • Students who have witnessed Yandere-chan commit murder will now always perform a face-hiding animation if she aims her camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to spin in place if she received a note in her locker telling her to meet a student at 7:00 AM.
  • Replaced Yandere-chan’s old placeholder home environment with a new one (trigger the “Befriending Kokona” cutscene to see it).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to do weird teleporting nonsense if she was splashed with water while changing her shoes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai be permanently frozen if he was startled by Yandere-chan while changing his shoes.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to get stuck on a wall when attempting to exit a bathroom.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause corpses’ limbs to stretch out as they were being dragged.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to pause the game while being attacked by a delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from using the “Go Away” command on Musume Ronshaku.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to clip through walls after winning a struggle.
  • Fixed fire extinguisher signs that were pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed janky camera movement after winning a struggle.
  • Smoothed camera movement after losing a struggle.
  • Added a new hairstyle to the game.
  • Fixed bugs in Bad Time Mode.
  • Added the ability to pray to a turtle.

Murder-Related Additions

  • Added new killing animations that play depending on the protagonist’s current level of sanity. You must speak to the turtle in the Light Music clubroom to activate these animations.
  • Added stealth attacks that only play if the protagonist attacks someone from behind. You must speak to the turtle in the Light Music clubroom to activate these animations.
  • If your Physical stat is above 0, it is now possible to have a struggle against a teacher, and kill that teacher.
  • Now, when a teacher is killed, they will be replaced the next day by a randomly-generated teacher.
  • Adjusted the blood spray particle effect of the murder-suicide animation.
  • Added new struggle animations (for students and teachers).
  • Added new sound effects to the murder-suicide animation.

What’s next?

I’m currently looking at three possibilities…

  • Implement Matchmaking
  • Create the Rival Introduction Video
  • Take care of a bunch of miscellaneous tasks (implement new inventory system, re-write some code so that it’s easier for me to make cosmetic changes to students, make changes to the school environment, etc.)

The way things might work is that I’ll start working on the Rival Introduction video, but I’ll run into some kind of roadblock (need new music, need adjustments to the artwork, need the voice actresses to re-record some lines) and then I’ll put the Rival Introduction video on hold and take care of miscellaneous tasks to pass the time while I’m waiting for the assets I need. Or, I’ll work on the Matchmaking elimination method while waiting for assets, instead.

Help me decide what my next top priority should be! Vote on this poll!

214 thoughts on “How Sanity Affects Murder in Yandere Simulator

  1. This game just keeps getting better and better!

    And as much as I like to see new elimination methods and cosmetic improvement, I’ve been waiting for a long time for the rivals introduction. Mechanics are interesting, but I wanna know more about the actual history and character relationships in the game.

    I have the feeling that if we don’t get at least a proper rival or at least a bit of history in this upcoming months, the game will keep falling into the Meme fan game air Yandere Dev talked about in the previous post. Kokona-chan is fun to kill, but it starts to feel… redundant.

    You know what they say: “Variety is the spice of life”. And that should be in both killing methods and actual rivals.

    • I have the same thoughts, I’ve been waiting for this because it’s a very important implement to the game. To stalk and find the weaknesses of your rival to then find a perfect time to strike her prey.

      • Exactly. The thing is Kokona is the current test dummy for elimination methods, but she is only just that: A dummy.
        You can eliminate her pretty much in any way you want, but despite how satisfying that feels I think she, despite being just a test rival, has to step up the game.

        The rivals are supposed to be attracted to Senpai AND Senpai has some attraction to the respective innuendo they represent, such as the substitute Nurse and Teacher.
        Their rivals routines make them spend time around Senpai A LOT, right? In present time, Kokona’s routine feels almost like that of any other NPC in the game rathen that an actual rival’s. She plays the rival role just for the sake of having an objective in the game, while the mechanics (and easter eggs) keep increasing in number and the objective itself loses value in time.

        I feel that the game still hasn’t get to the point where EVERYTHING IS AGAINST the player, and despite being able to eliminate the rival in 3 secs if you want it to, the fact that it always ends with a “game over” by the end of the week no matter what isn’t encouraging to complete the objective.

        I’m fully aware Yandere Dev needs a lot of material to work on before making a “you won this round” type of cutscenes, but I think you get where I’m going with this.

  2. Does anyone think that on pc it is very hard to defeat a teacher? I know that in the other console it seems to be much easier and you only have to press two buttons, but on the computer there are so many keys to press that I have found it pretty much impossible to overpower a teacher

  3. Oh, here’s an idea for the turtle after the debug is finished ❤ Once a day, you can receive a +1 reputation for feeding the turtle. This way it becomes slightly less dependent on other students, but they're still the primary source.

  4. Hey there. This is my first time commenting on here, but I really wanted to speak up. First of all, I love this game and everything that is happening with it. I’ve followed it for the longest time, and it’s so exciting to see it grow every few weeks. Really, this is amazing. Keep up the good work.

    Now, I just really wanted to voice my support for the combat system that you’ve proposed. I was really disappointed when it was announced that you weren’t doing it due to complications with the theme, and also fan feedback. I thought that it was perfectly in line with the world. A lot of people treat Yandere Sim as a small capsule of anime tropism being turned into a game, but they forget that yanderes as a whole exist within an already trope-filled world of anime. And in those worlds, crazy stuff like random kung fu battles and 4’11” high school girls axe-kicking grown men hard enough to shatter their skulls are pretty par for the course.

    Now, realistically, does that make sense for an obsessive love-sick murder-monster? Well, no, probably not. But this game is still rooted in anime, so I really think that it wouldn’t necessarily betray the theme at all. In fact, I feel it further enforces it. Yanderes, in the majority of media they’re featured in, are sometimes ridiculously, *inhumanly* capable. Their ‘love’ drives them to ludicrous feats of speed, strength, and technique. It isn’t a far stretch to assume that, with the Martial Arts Club, and learning from manga, that Yandere-chan could become the Yakuza-style fighter that she likely dreams to be.

    In closing, look at any modern stealth game. The majority of them, while emphasizing doing things subtly, and even using social stealth in some examples, still use some sort of open combat system. Splinter Cell is probably the strongest example, as the most recent addition to the series even acknowledged and allowed players to specifically gear themselves for a more ‘loud-and-proud’ approach to each level, with the exception of a few specific scenarios.

    Anyhow, sorry for the small novel. Just really had to get that off my chest, since I’d been thinking about it since the last time that issue was raised and really felt strongly about it. I believe that, whatever choice gets made, it’ll be the right choice for the game and for us. You’ve never steered us wrong, Yandev, and I think I speak for a large number of fans in saying that we’re behind this game 100%.

    • I think that maybe a Yakuza style fight mechanic would be a bit much, though still reasonable if Yandere Dev is willing to put in the time, but maybe a Metal Gear Solid style of CQC? It wouldn’t have to be as advanced as MGSV or Peacewalker, even just the basic combo and choke hold would work in the normal game. And it wouldn’t be unrealistic for a teenager, as most of the techniques would be a matter of knowing where and how to hit instead of being strong enough. It would leave the question open in any given fight as to how to get the opportunity to CQC, while also keeping it simple enough that it doesn’t interfere with normal game play for people who don’t want to use it. Of course all of this is assuming Yandere Dev has played the Metal Gear Solid games and knows how the CQC worked, and it’s still ultimately his choice.

  5. Great update! I just entered the and voted for the rival introduction video. I’ve been waiting for it for such a long time! Can’t wait to see it! I’M SO EXCITED ASHJAJSHJASHAJSJ

  6. Not bothering Yandere Dev because I’m not a Midori, but whenever I try to download via the launcher it gets all the way to the end of the download before this message pops up;
    ‘can’t reach download source.’ Maybe it is unavailable now or your antivirus blocks the connection’
    I’ve never had a problem like this before and if anyone could provide advice I’d be grateful.

  7. While I am curious to have ‘official’ introduction to ALL the rivals, I did pick the Matchmaking poll option. (Only real reason I want to know the proper design of the rivals – though they may still change – is to make Fanart easier.)

    I’m guessing the delinquent leader’s name will be… Suki Ban?

  8. The new animations are so amazing, like, I can’t look away. I didn’t think it would make as much of an impact on the tone of the game as it did. It’s so much more intense and real and horror game-y, it adds so much to the way you feel when you play the game.

  9. While I admit that, from a developer’s perspective, one of the other options might be more optimal… I’ve got a Yandere Simulator story concept and a heck of a lot of writer’s block on my other ideas, so I voted for learning the rivals.

  10. I tried to see the new house of yan-chan. I did it … but the cinematic was played by 2 musume ronshaku. after that I wanted to see the new murder suicide animation and kidnapped a basu sister but when I went into my basement … musume ronshaku was on the chair. SHE IS EVERYWERE IN MY HOUSE. EVERYWHERE IN MY NIGHTMARES. PLEASE, YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV, MAKE IT STOP !!!!!!

  11. I love how the changelog says ‘Added the ability to pray to a turtle’ like it’s just some normal everyday thing.

  12. I am the only one who, when Yandere-Dev said the turtle would be normal in the final version of the game, wanted to hear him say “or maybe not?” in a really cryptic voice? We’ve got a horrifying thing in the occult club so why not a god turtle? It’ll be kind of like Stephen King’s “IT” with the thing under Derry vs. the turtle. Occult club and light music club rivalry! (Okay, I know, this isn’t that kind of game, but praying to a turtle to get sins forgiven is kind of too cool).

    • If I were going to bet, knowing Yandere Dev and just generally how games like to handle things while being subtle, that Turtle is going to hold the key to one of the easter eggs of the final version. Maybe the turtle can be used to access the debug mode with all of the old dumb stuff still in?

  13. I chose the Matchmaking to be the most importent right now. I think the rivals should still be hidden at the moment (until all elemination methods are implemented) because It would make the game development a little faster and the design of the rivals is not really nessesary.. But this is just my opinion. 😊

    P.s.: sorry 4 bad spelling/grammar, english is not my first language and I would apreciate if anyone could correct me, so I don’t make these mistakes anymore… 😅

    • Important not importent but its okay, english is also not my first language so I understand you.And about your opinion,its also okay I respect it (I choose the rival one over the matchmaking btw) everyone has their own opinion that needs to be respected ^_^

    • I think Yandere Dev should first add in all of the miscellaneous stuff he mentioned first. I agree with you otherwise though, but mostly cause I love it when things are ordered in the way best for last.

  14. !!!This is not negative just an opinion!!!
    I really like this update! (Praying to a turtle is ABSOLUTELY the main part of the update xP)
    but.. I feel that since you are making a rival introduction video, it takes some of the fun out of the update that the first rival gets implemented in, because rather than letting players go up against the rivals on our own, you will put out a video (which could possibly) include the way the rival will be and/or can be defeated. this (might) take some of the immersion out of the game, because rather than learn from the npcs about this student (which is how I picture you would figure out some info before the rivals show up to school) you will make a video about the rivals essentially (possibly) making a wiki for the rivals. that is all (hope you see this ^.^)
    I made a poll if anyone reads this!

  15. When the teacher/heroic student apprehends you is it still that old animation? I feel like with all the newer, cool, animations for various things, the animation for that is a little, old.

  16. Senpai’s sister really deserves to be one of the strongest,I think. Because if you do anything bad to her (like killing her) senpai will be really affected by that. She may not be the strongest in physical but I think she is the strongest when it comes to the relationship between senpai

  17. Please, Kokona NEEDS to be a official rival on the final game! I mean, we’re just so used to killing her and having her as our rival, you can’t take that away from us. I like the idea of her being the president of the Drama Club like you proposed Yanderedev.

  18. Pingback: New Yandere Simulator Build Adds Sanity-Based Attacks -

  19. Golly, IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT RIVALS GO TO THE YANDERE SIM WIKIA, YandereDev won’t tell everything about them because of spoilers. I think it would be a better idea if YandereDev implements the Matchmaking method!

  20. YandereDev if you’re insistent on having a fighting based system in your game, then might I suggest a simple button timing one? Where you have to push a button in time when it pops up on the screen. Block, punch left, punch right, kick left, kick right.

  21. Please I know a lot of people would like this but don’t reveal too much on the rival video !!

    I’m okey that it could be cool (and after all I’m don’t have to watch it , as simple as that) but then keep in mind some of us don’t want to be spoiled , so if you do a Rival video, then don’t talk about in anymore in the future !

    I’m not saying that in “order” way, I just think that for the sake of the game , so everyone is happy.
    The people that want will have the video , and the people that don’t want will just avoid watching it and feel free to not be spoiled even in the futur if you don’t talk about them anymore

    Please read this and agree with that 😦

  22. I’ve been having download issues and was wondering if anyone could help me/has been experiencing the same problems?

    So, up until this build, my launcher’s worked just fine. But when I tried to do this update it gave me an error message, so I tried again, and it was still having issues. So I decided to try to delete and re-download the launcher etc. I proceeded to open it and it began downloading. When it finished a message popped up along the lines of “download source cannot be reached”. I tried to just download the “latest” thing from the site but it doesn’t seem to be working either. Can anyone help?

  23. I just wanna imagine Sempai walking in on her praying to the turtle.

    “Please, turtle… cleanse me of this blood and my sin… I command you!”

    “Uh… she’s acting weird.”

  24. 1- Rivals 2- General tasks 3- Matchmaking to crown it all.

    If there is a brawling scenario, make it happen only in just a few great moments. The final battle in the rain or something like that.

    Still, make the fight feel dirty and clumsy, street brawls with no rules between people who are not martial artists mystics (no Street Fighter or Final Fight).

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