August 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

(Edited at 4:00 PM PST. Scroll down to read the edit.)

Help! I can’t stop releasing bug-fixing builds! It keeps happening!

Scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration by the amazing Yu Yumihana to see a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build of the game!

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if the player disposed of the corpse of a character involved in a murder-suicide before the police arrived.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Teachers Pets to tilt at bizarre angles after reporting a murder to their teachers and then hiding in their classrooms.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Oka to perform her “spying on the Basu sisters” action even if the Basu sisters were dead AND her club was closed.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause the police to obtain information from witnesses who were killed after seeing whatever they had witnessed.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to tilt at bizarre angles when Yandere-chan spoke to them while standing at a higher or lower elevation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause weapons to be visible penetrating through a mind-broken slave’s body as they walked toward their victim.
  • The player can now leave a note in Kokona’s locker even if they have not eavesdropped on her Monday conversation.
  • A character who has changed out of her school uniform will now no longer try to change shoes at their locker.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Mai Waifu’s left eye to not cycle between colors when she was kidnapped.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some voiced lines to not play audio.
  • Implemented better “check locker for note” animations.
  • Improved the mind-broken slave’s suicide animation.


Oops! Found a couple of serious bugs – had to release another bug-fixing build!

  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to leave a “Domestic Abuse” note in Kokona’s locker the same day they eavesdropped on her rooftop conversation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to leave school before 5:30 PM even if she had accepted a note agreeing to meet someone on the rooftop at 5:30 PM.

204 thoughts on “August 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I have a question.Of all the rivals in the final game,which one of them you will eliminate peacefully. Mine is Oka OBVIOUSLY and possibly the drama club president if its Kokona

  2. Wait. “Fixed bug that would cause Mai Waifu’s left eye to not cycle between colors when she was kidnapped.” That was intentional?!

  3. I finally have an opportunity to talk about the Pain Demon! So I was thinking that of all of the Easter Eggs, being able to summon the Pain Demon (and presumably the Flame Demon and Lust Demon in the full game) were some of the most serious and should stay. I realize that it’s supposed to be a funny little Easter Egg, but I feel like it’s far too powerful. Because it seems like an Easter Egg that will stay, unlike the Easter Egg modes (maybe you could unlock them through achievements in the full game), I feel like you shouldn’t be able to kill so many people so quickly, while also being simultaneously immune to Martial Arts Club members and teachers. I feel like each arm that you summon could either only attack once, and then be sucked back into the black hole-things, or each arm could drag a body part into the black hole-things after you kill someone, and pop back out in a second or two, ready to kill someone else. This would leave an opening for Martial Arts Club members, teachers, people related to the person you just murdered and delinquents an opening to attack.
    Another thing that I would like to address comes from the summoning process itself. More specifically, I think that you should fix it so that you actually need to commune with the demon to summon it (just a minor bug), make sure that the ritual knife has blood on it and is in the skull (speaking of, the police shouldn’t be able to count the ritual knife as evidence if it’s in the skull. THEY’RE LITERALLY CALLED THE OCCULT CLUB AND HAVE A HUMAN SKULL AND 17 COPIES OF THE NECRONOMICON, WERE YOU EXPECTING TO NOT FIND A BLOODY RITUAL KNIFE!??!!?!??!??!?!?), and that you need to put all of the arms in the ring of candles, and then perform the club activity to summon the demon (since I don’t think that the Occult Club members run away after you kill someone that isn’t in the club… I think). That way you don’t just kill the Occult Club members to… summon the occult. Speaking of clubs and death, the doors to that club should be locked once the club disbands.
    As for summoning the other two demons, I think the Flame Demon could be summoned by carrying a corpse from either electrocution or burning (gasoline and matches) into the circle (maybe just the head or the head and arms, since the Flame Demon has a fire head and hands) and performing the club activity. The ability could be flight like the Pain Demon, and every couple of seconds, a pillar of blue flame shoots up near Yandere-Chan, burning anyone that touches it (except for her of course). As for the Lust Demon… I have no idea. Maybe something to do with Matchmaking and having high reputation. The ability I also don’t know about, other than having flight (if you couldn’t tell, I really like the animation! ).

  4. Hi Yandere Dev!! I would like to make a suggestion to add a library or book club or something, because a library would make to school seem more, you know, schooly. Thanks!!!

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