July 8th Bug-Fixing Build, and Anime Expo recap

I’m back from Anime Expo! It took me a few days, but I’m finally finished going through all of the e-mails that piled up while I was at the expo. I’ve also fixed many of the most-commonly-reported bugs from the June 29th build. (I’m very sorry that I left you with such a buggy build while I was absent!)

I attended Anime Expo for all 4 days of the convention. I announced what I would be wearing the day before the expo, so that people could recognize me and say hi. It worked! I was approached by Yandere Sim fans at least once per hour. It was so much fun to meet so many Yandere Sim fans! I also saw about 20 different Yandere Simulator cosplayers! Here’s a gallery of them:

The highlight of the expo were the meetups on July 1st and July 4th. July 1st was a cosplay meetup, and July 4th was a “Meet the Developer” meetup. We took a lot of fun pictures during the July 1st meetup! The following photographs were provided by Zero Serenity:

A good-natured gentleman recorded a video during the July 1st meetup. As a result, I am able to present you with video footage of the rare and elusive YandereDev, outside of his hermit cave!

It was a wonderful experience to meet Yandere Simulator fans in person. Everyone was so nice and friendly! It felt surreal to have people asking to shake my hand, take selfies with me, or have my autograph. I want to make sure that I never disappoint them, let them down, or lose their respect! I feel more determined than ever before to make Yandere Simulator the best game it can possibly be!

And, on that note, here’s a list of bug-fixes and additions in the most recent build:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to stand in very bizarre locations when reporting a murder to a teacher, if that teacher was grading a paper at the time that the murder was reported.
  • Fixed bug that would cause NPCs to run directly into teachers as if they didn’t realize that the teacher existed, if the teacher was grading a paper at the time.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to pretty much just completely break if they were interrupted in any way while performing their shoe-changing animation.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use the “Confirm” and “Send Photo” buttons during an info-chan text message, which was not meant to be the case.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students’ shoe-changing animation to break if the player aimed a camera at them as they were changing their shoes.
  • Students will no longer react to Yandere-chan aiming a camera at their face if they are busy reacting to a murder or a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to float above corpses and tilt sideways when standing nearby a corpse…I think. I hope.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a teacher to nonchalantly, casually grade homework while being informed about murders and corpses.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause teachers to fall through the floor after hearing about a corpse or a murder.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students’ uniforms to turn white when the player arrived at school one hour late.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters’ textures to be incorrect during the “Befriend/Betray” cutscene.
  • Reduced the chance of students clipping into each other / on top of each other while entering school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sakyu Basu’s ring to become parented to her head after being dismembered.
  • Fixed bug that would cause kidnapped characters to have white hair in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the victim of a murder-suicide to remain alive.
  • Fixed the incorrect texture on the bottles in the chemistry lab.

Additions and Replacements

  • Added a new animation for Kokona when she is answering her Monday morning phone call. (It’s a motion-captured animation! The movements of a real human being were captured for this animation!)
  • Replaced the “stretching exercises” animation with a much smoother version of the animation.
  • Replaced the distracting radio music with a new, original track.
  • Replaced the “Bad Time Mode” music track again.
  • Added new props to the Photography Room.

What’s next?

  • The game’s official website is 99% finished. I hope to roll it out within the next few days!
  • If all goes well, then I’ll be able to release a “rival introduction video” and officially introduce the game’s 10 rival girls sometime this month! If not, then next month for sure!
  • A lot of volunteers have been sending in some  very cool assets lately, so I’ll probably implement the new assets before I begin working the next big elimination method (Matchmaking).

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

262 thoughts on “July 8th Bug-Fixing Build, and Anime Expo recap

      • it’s a bug it’s supposed to put one of those easter eggs in the game ,called bad romance mode and it looks a pink and yandere dev has talked about replacing it. I think the reason why nothing shows up is it’s in development and all that happens is the music for it just plays even if it is still in development 😉

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun there Yandere Dev, I could not go this year but I will be going to next year’s Anime Expo so I hope you will be there! I will be flying in from Canada! It was in Los Angeles right?

  2. I hope you enjoyed Anime Expo (bad I couldn’t be here T_T) Anyway, game looks really really amazing and I can’t wait for new build :3 Just wanted to Thank you ^^

  3. Wuahhhh.. I really wanna go so badly, but i cant. Im not old enough and all, I hope you enjoyed yourself though! Also, YandereDev’s face reveal…Way to epic to pass up. I will end up going someday, I promise >////< I shall see Yandere Sim people and everything. ^^//

  4. Ugh, I really wanted to go 😦 Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to go out of state for a convention. You should come to Norfolk Anime Explosion some time!

  5. I’m so glad I was able to meet you at Anime Expo (I was one of the girls who shook your hand while you were sitting next to the Muriel cosplayer but I’m not sure if that narrows it down in the slightest haha) and I was mentally kicking myself for not at least taking a selfie with you, but I definitely meant it when I said I really love your work and following the development. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Many Girls now be like: ,,Oh my gosh, his voice is so hot, but he looks ugly dah”
    But I still love this guy, also he wears glasses, and glasses r hot! xD

  7. I hope u had an awesome time, love the artwork, costumes, and the whole game itself… I have a feeling the game will become successful one of these days! 🙂

  8. Has anyone seen the post on his twitter
    If i die while developing yandere simulator
    someone needs to hack my twitter account and name me


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