YandereDev at Anime Expo 2016

I’ll be attending Anime Expo 2016! I’ll try my hardest to attend for all 4 days of the convention, but it’s entirely possible that I might get exhausted after the first 2 days, and won’t be able to attend on the third or fourth days.

I want people to be able to recognize me so they can approach and say hi, but I don’t feel ready to post a picture of my face online. Every picture of myself that currently exists online is extremely unflattering, and I can’t seem to take a new photo of myself where I don’t look super goofy. So, instead of showing you what my face looks like, I’ll show you what I’ll be wearing:

If you see a dude wearing a Yandere Simulator t-shirt at Anime Expo, there’s a 99.99% chance that it’s me! You’re welcome to say hi and take a photo with me.

Even though I don’t like seeing my own face appear online, I’ll make an exception in this case. If you take a photo with me at Anime Expo, you’re absolutely welcome to share it on social media.

(Eventually, I’ll post an “official” photo of myself, but first I want to fix the nasty dark circles under my eyes…)

At this point in time, I don’t have plans for an official “Yandere Simulator Meet-Up”, but if I hear about a fan-organized Yandere Sim cosplay meetup happening somewhere, I’ll definitely drop by to say hello.

I hope to see you at Anime Expo!

213 thoughts on “YandereDev at Anime Expo 2016

  1. I wish I could go to Anime expo *grumbles*
    I do have a con I’m going to next week at least.
    I love the last shirt with Yandere-chan! Also, I thought you don’t like showing yourself because you look like emperor palpatine lol. Idk if you remember saying that from when you live streamed Far Cry Primal =w=

  2. Well I’m sure you look lovely, but if you need any skincare/aesthetic aid- I’m your girl! I may be an economist, but I do have qualification for making people pretty

  3. Oh my…dark circles huh…I think you should try not to over work yourself on developing the game because your health is WAYYY more important. No YandereDev, no Yandere Simulator!!

  4. I really wish i could come to the Anime expo to meet you *sobsob*
    I live in Italy,so yeah,long story short, my parents wont let me go to another country just for the anime expo xD

  5. I SAW YOU IN THE EVENING! I believe i saw you somewhere near the arcade area by the escalators , But you looked like you were in a hurry so i didn’t want to bother you. I would’ve taken a picture too… 😦

  6. as the error solucciona the crash report folder named 2016-07-04_141116 next to game executable
    it would be great if you send it to the developer of the game please tell me

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