YandereDev at Anime Expo 2016

I’ll be attending Anime Expo 2016! I’ll try my hardest to attend for all 4 days of the convention, but it’s entirely possible that I might get exhausted after the first 2 days, and won’t be able to attend on the third or fourth days.

I want people to be able to recognize me so they can approach and say hi, but I don’t feel ready to post a picture of my face online. Every picture of myself that currently exists online is extremely unflattering, and I can’t seem to take a new photo of myself where I don’t look super goofy. So, instead of showing you what my face looks like, I’ll show you what I’ll be wearing:

If you see a dude wearing a Yandere Simulator t-shirt at Anime Expo, there’s a 99.99% chance that it’s me! You’re welcome to say hi and take a photo with me.

Even though I don’t like seeing my own face appear online, I’ll make an exception in this case. If you take a photo with me at Anime Expo, you’re absolutely welcome to share it on social media.

(Eventually, I’ll post an “official” photo of myself, but first I want to fix the nasty dark circles under my eyes…)

At this point in time, I don’t have plans for an official “Yandere Simulator Meet-Up”, but if I hear about a fan-organized Yandere Sim cosplay meetup happening somewhere, I’ll definitely drop by to say hello.

I hope to see you at Anime Expo!

213 thoughts on “YandereDev at Anime Expo 2016

  1. Here is a youtube comment by Emily Yanzer (username) That I think you have to see i like some of the ides but its okay if you don’t want to use them: imagine the dirt you could discover about your rivals when in town >_> snaps a picture of rival 1 stealing or maybe Takes pic of new rival flirting with Senpai on the beach who’s that chick?! she doesn’t go to our school! or maybe she’s home schooled? or does online classes? must. eliminate.
    or you could really up the creep factor and make it a point in the game where you actually stalk Senpai on the weekends 0.o find out what restaurants he likes, his favorite places to go when not in school so that you can woo him in a conversation (or maybe play fake wingman for another rival) All of this sounds like immense work though 0.oο»Ώ

  2. A late happy birthday to you, YandereDev! Hey, is that a rainbow-paint-splatter carpet by any chance? I know, it sounds crazy. But it looks a little like the one I have! πŸ™‚ Enjoying burning, expelling, stabbing, pushing, poisoning, electrocuting, drowning, bullying, Kokona-chan, and soon, convincing her to fall in love with another! Love the new update! Keep up the great work!

  3. I am disgusted because I did not go to AnimeExpo but the JapanExpo 😭😭!
    It’s a bit the same as the AnimeExpo (I guess) but except that it’s in France !! 😭 I would REALLY REALLY but too want to meet you !!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Because I love you and Yandere Simulator😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. i want to attend but i live in he Philipines darn i really want to see you and ask you loads of questions (but there not foolish like Miduri Gurin chan) about the game darn but can i ask you now pls. reply and i’ll be telling like maby 3 or 4 questions about the serously not FOOLOSH!!!! cnot shouting ar you just so excite about the new apdate and im not baron im isabel the sister of this account chack my fb

  5. I revisited your video about if you should rename Yandere Simulator. I don’t know if you still want to rename it and I see nothing wrong with the name. But I thought of a title that I really liked and thought it made sense. Yandere’s Year. I named it because a lot of her rivals are in one place (the highschool) for a very long time. Also about your skirt inventory. The backstory was she tried to give it to her last year but refused. Until Senpai it was the best thing that happened to her she felt emotion. And also great use for the skirt. She also got the help of Info-Chan, to frame, expel, and get rid of rivals. She also finds manga to boost skills in the school too. A lot of luck has come to Yandere ever since she saw Senpai and also when the player gains control. I don’t know if you will ever take this into consideration, but I wanted to at least post my comment and share by thoughts. Thanks!

  6. Hi! Yandere Dev! Or whoever reads this really
    I wanted to say to yandere dev love all the updates and the game alot and I bet that when the fulll version is out its gonna be AMAZING! Also I wanted to say I really wanna meet you but im probably going to miss anime expo if I havent already because I dont have a car and im 11-13 soooo ya but your game is awesome! as ive seen youtubers play it and I have to say one more thing um I dont have a computer to play yandere sim. 😦 so is it available on mobile? I hope.

    • ItΒ΄s not cause it would be much too different like without difficult or any cool effects. If heΒ΄d develope a mobile version it wouldnΒ΄t be great fun to play as on computers. He explained it in one of his vids: Check out his Youtube ;3 I hope here werenΒ΄t that much mistakes – I ainΒ΄t a native speaker xD – and you understood what IΒ΄ve written about πŸ˜€

  7. I hope YandereDev doesn’t get too burned out after only the first two days! Regardless, I wish you an enjoyable con! I’ll be attending one toward the end of July, too. I can’t wait!
    Thank you for developing this game. It’s refreshing to see that you, as a game dev, aren’t totally politically correct or mean. I just wanted to say that I really admire you for what you’ve done for the past…what has it been, two years? I love that you look for feedback from the community, but don’t bend to a random person’s will.
    Keep doing a great job, YandereDev! Even Midori appreciates your work…in her own special way…

  8. Review of Yandere Simulator:

    β€˜Yandere Simulator’ is a work-in-progress game based around the idea of the Japanese character trait of Yandere, who is generally a female character who obsessively loves someone, enough to kill. These characters are deranged and mentally unstable. The main character of Yandere Simulator, currently known as Yandere-chan, or Ayano Aishi, is such a character. She is obsessed with the character who is her Senpai, currently called Taro Yamada. The game revolves around the world of Yandere-chan as the player controls her, trying to win Senpai’s affections by keeping away his other potential girlfriends, who are Yandere-chan’s rivals….

    Read the rest of the review here: https://icetail38.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/reflective-task-review-of-independent-media/

    • Some of the most important people can be LGBT if you make Senpai female. Yan-chan will be lesbian for female Senpai and rivals will be bisexual because their secondary crushes (For matchmaking) will always be male. Most Japanese students don’t reveal that they’re LGBT until they graduate high school, so there might be more gay people but we don’t know yet.

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  10. i hope you had some fantastic days at the Anime Expo i saw the video and i was like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHGGGGG I WANT TO MEET HIM!!!” so yeah….. hope it was a blast for you keep living your dream out and never give up bye bye DEVPAI!!!

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