Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

Yandere Simulator’s current inventory system is terribly flawed, and needs to be replaced. I’ve designed a new inventory system, and I’d like to show you what it looks like:

Here’s a webm where you can see what the inventory system looks like in motion.

As you can see, it’s a grid-based inventory system, similar to the inventory system from Resident Evil 4. Before I proceed with this system, however, I want to find out if the community has any problems with the way that the inventory is presented to the player.

…to put it bluntly, I’d like to ask if you think it’s a bad idea for the inventory system to involve a schoolgirl opening up her skirt and exposing her panties right in the middle of the screen.

I can see three possible problems with this concept:

  1. Several YouTubers have stated that their Yandere Simulator gameplay videos were taken down if panties appeared onscreen. If I constantly force the player to see panties in the middle of the screen, it could become impossible to upload gameplay footage of Yandere Sim to YouTube.
  2. Showing a school-aged girl exposing her undergarments could be misconstrued as “sexualizing minors”, which may cause the game to be prohibited from being broadcasted on popular streaming sites, or cause platforms such as Steam to refuse to distribute the game.
  3. Some players might feel embarrassed to be seen playing a game where a schoolgirl’s panties are constantly displayed in the middle of the screen.

I personally don’t find the concept offensive at all, but I understand that it might be a pain in the ass for YouTubers, live-streamers, or anyone who has particularly judgemental friends/family members.

I may have a potential solution:

The panties could be covered up by an “Item Description” box that describes the currently-selected item, or something else along those lines. This might be enough to solve the potential problems of this inventory system. On the other hand, if the act of displaying a school-aged girl open up her skirt is unacceptable, regardless of whether or not the panties are censored, then this doesn’t solve anything.

Honestly, this shouldn’t really be an issue, because I can name numerous games with content comparable to Yandere Simulator that are not banned from YouTube or Twitch. If PewDiePie can upload a video where he plays Senran Kagura – a game about ripping clothing off of school-aged girls – then surely an inventory system that involves a view of a girl’s panties shouldn’t be considered “over the line”. However, Yandere Simulator has not been treated fairly by certain websites in the past, so even if Yandere Simulator contains content that is far less “offensive” than what you can see in numerous other video games, it might still get kicked off of certain platforms for any arbitrary reason whatsoever.

Anyway, before I pour hours into programming this inventory system, I’d like to ask the community what they think of this idea. Here’s a poll for you to vote on:

What should I do about the inventory system?

Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below; I’ll be reading every comment on this blog post for about 24 hours.

915 thoughts on “Community Feedback Wanted: New Inventory System Proposal

  1. I, personally don’t have a problem with the exposure of the panties HOWEVER there could be other ways like Yandere-Chan could carry a backpack around with her that has storage space and also use her locker to store items that she isn’t using (of course there might be weekly locker checks like an actual highschool etc.) As you outlined, there are several problems so maybe find a similar alternative.

  2. I think it leans away from the serious game image you said you wanted Yandere Simulator to be. To me the idea is kinda funny. If you implemented this into the game, I would expect laughter from YouTubers. Skirts don’t normally open up like that. If it opened at the top like that I would expect her panties all the time when she ran. If there were a zipper it wouldn’t, but it would weird to have a zipper on her skirt.

    I don’t really have a problem with the current inventory. It makes it quick to grab a weapon and more realistic because you can not pause the game by going into your inventory (unlike a lot of games).

    I wonder what you don’t like about the current inventory. I remember you talking about it one time, but I don’t remember what you said. Maybe you could give her a backpack or school bag instead.

  3. Honestly? I think it’s more funny than sexy, but yes, I could see how it could get the game banned from streaming sites (and could also attract the kind of negative press that just doesn’t happen if your game is *violent*).

    But the core concept is solid. A backpack or locker would be too boring (but might be handy for additional storage to be unlocked), and admittedly it does fit in with the whole “Japanese high school anime” aesthetic.

    I say keep it (but don’t censor with the item description. That just makes it MORE lewd, since it makes it unclear if she’s even wearing panties at all).

    • EDIT: I mean keep the core, grid-based inventory, not necessarily the panty shots.

      I’ve read through the comments, and there’s some good suggestions. Carrying a bookbag (or duffel bag if she’s in her gym uniform?) could work, or even keep the skirt inventory, but show Yan-chan in silhouette, with an expression showing her current sanity, as Quan Danh said a few pages back.

      There’s ways to tone it down, but the basic idea does work.

  4. I wouldn’t recommend this inventory system. Part of it is that I see it as uncomfortable to have a schoolgirl open her skirt to like that. Perhaps I am more prudish than I think I am, haha.
    In a more practical sense, it toys with my willing suspension of disbelief. Skirts don’t open like that, for one (or at least, no skirt I’ve ever encountered), so it seems kind of silly. Secondly, having all those items in her skirt would affect her mobility. Imagine Yan-chan running with a corpse, and the screwdriver starts poking into her butt. Imagine her taking her seat and sitting on her knife. Another concern that others have mentioned is how Yan-chan would retrieve the items. Would she stick her hand down the side of her skirt every time she retrieved an object? Would she stick her hand up her skirt and risk flashing anyone nearby?
    Some people have suggested a bag for Yan-chan’s inventory. What I like about this idea are as follows: one, it doesn’t play with my suspension of disbelief; and two, she wouldn’t be the only one carrying a bag, as Kokona has a bag and, if I recall correctly, you mentioned plans for most of the students to be carrying bags and backpacks around for at least part of the day.
    That being said, if you do go forward with the skirt inventory, I strongly suggest censoring the panties for the reasons you listed.

    • ooh so maybe if yandere chan uses a locker or book bag she could only access it during certain times or it would have limited space giving her the motive to join the sewing club and sew pockets into the limning of her skirt , then she would have access to items more often and have more space in addition to her other storage methods

  5. If you honestly thought this was a good idea it’s not. You could have easily gone with a blazer, which is the realistic uniform for students; not some girl showing her panties just to pick from the inventory. It’s kinda gross, don’t you think? Personally, I believe the blazer is a great idea, and I’m sure at least SOME people would be able to agree with me. Sewn in pockets, less exposure, less people being suspicious, easy access, and more comfortable for Ayano. If you want to make your game realistic, please try to make the inventory realistic


  7. i like the idea and i think it is extremely creative. It’s just when my family sees this, it could ban me from playing the game. Maybe right when you open the skirt, the first thing you have will pop up immedietly so you can’t see the panties? and it’s a bit strange for a girl to open her skirt randomly. and i personally think the original inventory is great and im more used to it. But over all, i love both inventories equally and i support u with whatever idea you have Yan Dev. The game will be awesome no matter what. I hope I dont take much time out of your day from reading this. ♥

  8. Why bother with risking more controversy/getting banned in more places. If websites don’t like a certain type of material then being more blatant will only get the game in more trouble. I vote for a simple purse/school bag.

  9. Yanderedev, I don’t think it’s quite worth it for all the controversy it’ll cause. The concept is great, but not in this way. Besides, it also hamstrings you to having the girls wear skirts as their uniforms in the final game, and you expressed interest in redesigning the uniforms to be more unique then just stereotypical sailor outfit.
    Although, it does present a big advantage to joining the delinquents! If you join, you’ll get to wear a long skirt, which will give you more storage space!
    But yeah, my answer is still no. Not worth it. Maybe you could use Yan-Chan’s school bookbag as the backdrop of the grid system?

  10. I believe having an inventory screen that causes a school girl to open her skirt is more trouble than it’s worth due to the potential backlash you could receive, and it could possibly cause less people to want to fund the game when you start trying to get it funded.

  11. the inventory system is nice but I don’t think it’s a very good idea. Regardless of whether or not YOU have a problem with it, there WILL be people who see this as sexualizing a high school aged girl. It will once again be seen as a sign that the game isn’t the serious game you want it to be. I think a bag or a blazer is a much better idea. It doesn’t risk the game being seen as something that sexualizes young girls and it makes more sense–cause she could comfortably carry those things with out a problem.

    Look, even if you and some fans may see the panties as not a problem, some people will. That’s a fact. You already got chase off websites for some mild stuff, this would make all that even worse I think. In my opinion, the idea is NOT worth the controversy it will inevitably come with.

  12. I think censoring and not censoring this are equally bad as the implications are still there. Would this effect Yan-chan having items while bathing or wearing a swimsuit or gym uniform? Logically, it would to me. I think it’s worth considering possible alternatives.

  13. I think that you should make it so when you press the inventory button it would show a silhouette of yandere chan and when you click on something (skirt boots bra etc) it will show a grid and you can put items there

    • Hey there harlee I think I like your ideas the best you get to keep the storage factor and stealth without the possible possibly of a ban.

  14. I’m indifferent to the current method. I don’t particularly like or dislike it regardless of the censorship though I can see where it could be a major issue for others, especially on streaming sites since they tend to be picky. An alternative idea to me would be to have a grid system set slightly to one side of the screen and have a model of the uniform being implemented to the other side. As you organize items on the grid, you could highlight/outline where the item would be through the uniform, this way it’s not revealing anything and you still get a similar system. Also you wouldn’t have to limit to just the skirt, depending on the uniforms that have jackets or longer skirts, it can add more space without the animation of “opening up” the clothes all the time.

    I noticed many comments suggested using a bag since they will be implemented at some time in the future and while I agree to a point, I don’t think Yandere-chan should carry a bag on her constantly.
    1.) Could trivialize the whole stealthy part of hiding weapons in a way since logically the player can hold more in a bag than hide it in their clothing.
    2.) Having to think about the fact that the bag, in reality, gets bloody too if you commit murder and to constantly burn a bag would be tedious and an expensive pursuit in the long run.
    3.) I feel that carrying a bag constantly would be difficult on a stealth level because you’d have to have to worry about the bag bumping into things, getting caught on corners (my worse nightmare with bags), a pocket was left open and something falls out. Also if there are more hiding spots implemented later, to fit Yandere-chan is fine but to try and squeeze a bag in there wouldn’t work very well, in my opinion.

    While I don’t hate the idea of a bag all together and it could be a good way to get extra items on the player, I think it should be around during certain times and could either be the ring of items or another grid system.

  15. YandereDev…. For an inventory system, you should add backpacks…. You said in your video that you still have to work on the backpacks that students would have to use in there daily routine… In RE4… if Leon would like to have a bigger inventory, he would have to buy a bigger case,, Info Chan can drop you a bigger backpack and will increase the inventory spaces like RE4.. but the panty shots will be a lot to get..

  16. 1.We should have to be in a bathroom stall or a closed room with no witnesses to be able to open the inventory.
    2. No one around to open inventory
    3. we can put small weapons in the top on yandere-chan’s stalkings (if they are long enough to not be seen)

  17. Okay here’s my take on it. I like the idea of yandere-chan keeping items in her skirt. But the way it’s displayed is just super freaking creepy. I’m not sure why as I have not been bothered by any of the other game play mechanics, but for some reason this gives me creepy vibes from it. I liked it when how yandere-chan hid her weapons and such was sorta ambiguous where it was left up to the player to determine where and how she hid weapons, syringes and other things. As I doubt anybody would keep all their weapons in one place, or in there skirt for that matter.

    I like the idea of a grid based inventory, but this isn’t the way to do it. I wouldn’t go with a bag either. I think having only a certain amount of inventory that you can have on your person, perhaps 5 or 6 spaces and then any other weapons you wanted to hide or items you wanted to keep would go into your locker. Though you shouldn’t be able to hide bloody weapons and clothes in your locker as that would be considered incriminating evidence if the police looked through it.

  18. I like your skirt idea, but you should have Ayano wear two skirts, or a wraparound skirt. I don’t want to look at panties every time I open the inventory. The problem also comes when Ayano is not wearing a skirt.. The solution to this could be to force the player to use a schoolbag as a secondary inventory, and this inventory space should be bigger for all the disadvantages it has. The schoolbag should limit mobility or gameplay in some way, so the player finds a reason to not carry it all the time. That means it should be removable, and you should have to keep track of where it is if you have illicit items in it. What if a student or teacher finds it, and opens it to find out whose bag it is, and sees a bunch of weapons? This presents another layer of challenge: when you murder a student and have to change into a gym uniform or swimsuit, you HAVE to use the bag if you want inventory space. I’m also willing to bet police, considering the circumstances, would be allowed to search a schoolbag, but not Ayano’s skirt. This would be the advantage of using the skirt inventory. You honestly should have the schoolbag as an inventory anyway, it’s just common sense that a cunning yandere girl would use every tool available to her.

    • Another good idea bouncing off of this with uniforms would be to allow yandere-chan to carry a uniform in her bag, but it would take up a lot of space. This way instead of going all the way out to the locker rooms to change, she could change in the school bathroom and it would save time and being noticed with blood on her.

  19. I think that the skirt inventory system is a great idea! The problem is, if it isn’t okay to show her panties in her inventory then it shouldn’t be okay for pantie shots in the game either and you have already expressed that you wouldn’t take that out of the game. If the problem is that the girls are underage, you could fix this by giving every girl an age bar in her description from info-chan that is 18 or 19. Many girls in high school are that age, and even if that’s slightly unrealistic for ages, it would fix the problem of the girls being underage. I think the inventory should show her panties, I think it looks nicer that way.

  20. I think that this system is a wonderful idea. It sort of fits with the entire style that th game currently has going for itself.
    The only problem that I have with it is the fact that YouTubers and streamers would suffer if this were to be implemented. They would have to do some sort of editing to keep the panties censored every time they want to open their inventory, or they would just outright not be able to upload videos of the game because of what the inventory exposes. The publicity this game gets from YouTubers and Streamers is extremely important, I think, so it would be terrible i the inventory system were to stop the game from being played by those people.

  21. I do NOT think it’s a good idea. My biggest question when I first saw this was: IS SHE GOING TO PRETTY MUCH REMOVE HER SKIRT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE? There would be so many problems with that logic, how would that be allowed in a school?! Plus if Senpai saw, that’d be game over, since he wouldn’t want a girl so lewd she willingly exposes herself potentially multiple times a day. It detracts from the seriousness of the game, and you said you wanted it to be more serious than anything else, so it isn’t good in that respect either.

    If someone just happened to see a bunch of items under her skirt (Say when she is crawling or something.) That would be extremely suspicious. It could get taken down from many sites for this reason only. I don’t think she game should revolve around panties, and shove them in your face every five minutes. You’d need to get into the inventory often, and that’d be exposing yourself a lot more, plus you couldn’t just quickly grab a weapon and kill someone, you’d need to do the whole process of opening up the skirt, it’d be impossible to take out anything without drawing tons of attention. If people bullied Kokona for compensated dating (Which can be seen as lewd to some.) why wouldn’t randomly opening up your skirt many times a day not result in reputation damage?

    It may make people not want to play the game, because they wouldn’t want to be caught looking like a pervert, or have their parents or relatives seeing them play it, and get in trouble. Though I personally don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as most games, some others would. I will be recording this game on YouTube, and this would make not getting my videos taken down even more of a pain in the ass. Since my videos would be public where anyone can see, my parents and relatives will likely see it. I don’t think that will be good…. I see why the panty shots need to be a part of the game, as that is the only currency in the game, but there are many other things you can use in terms of inventory.

    If you would add it, maybe it can be an alternative way? Maybe you could set it to do that, or to not? I just don’t think material that could be considered offensive should be a feature that HAS to be used to play the game correctly. I think it’d be a lot of trouble to implement two different systems of inventory though, so I don’t think it’d be worth it.

    I admit, it is pretty creative, but in terms of the image of the game and the negative effects of that feature, just not a good idea in my opinion. It would only be considered appealing to particular audience groups. For example, I’m a straight female. I’m not exactly thrilled about having to see panties in the middle of the screen every time I open up the inventory, I don’t find it disgusting or anything, as I am female, and know what it looks like and it’s not anything new to me. I just don’t roll that way. Straight males and lesbian females may like it, but others may not. There’s nothing wrong with liking girls or anything, I assure you, but say half of the audience likes females, half likes guys. It wouldn’t be appealing to people to constantly see the groin region with only underwear covering it, of the gender they aren’t attracted to. That’d be a feature half of your audience didn’t really like. I’m not against it, I don’t find it gross, but I know many would. It is a stupid reason for people to potentially blow off the game in its entirety, but there are people who will do that, sadly…

    How would the stuff be concealed? You’d be able to see it through the skirt most likely. How would the items even stay in place? They’re just kinda floating on the skirt in the picture. I guess sticking stuff on the skirt or hooking it to it, but it just seems odd to do all that to me. Realistically, it’d highly restrict Yan-Chan’s movement, and in a stealth game, it’s important that that isn’t compromised. There’d be weapons jabbing her anytime she does anything, which would be very painful and most likely break the skin, therefore getting blood on you without even touching anyone if it were realistic.

    Sorry you kinda had to read a novel. I have a habit of writing a lot. I just don’t think this is the way to go, maybe different clothing items like jackets? Bags and purses are a good option too. Whatever you do Yandere Dev, I’m sure you’ll make it work somehow.

  22. I love the idea of a Resident Evil 4 like inventory system, but is is not a good idea involving a schoolgirl opening up her skirt and exposing her panties right in the middle of the screen. Try other ways. A school bag. Locker. Or both even, but this… is a little weird.

  23. While I’m not offended by the panties, I do think this inventory might be a little too… goofy. For something that will be accessed fairly often like this, it might need to be less silly. If the final design of the uniform ends up with a vest like the one shown in the may #13 update, I think it would be a good idea to make that where the inventory is stored instead. I’m liking the RE4 grid inventory layout though.

    Good luck with the development!

  24. I honestly think the concept is great, to actually show the inventory as it would be in whatever it’s held. Controversy aside about an underage girl opening her skirt and flashing her panties, do people/girls really keep things (let alone knives and syringes) in their skirts, let alone if you go with the uniform you want the school to have? Maybe add in a book bag or some kind of backpack Yandere-chan can wear and ‘pull out’ as part of an animation, much like how the skirt would have been. You could have the top flap be the Info screen you have in the ‘censored’ version, and items in the middle pocket rather than split up into two grids. Could even have little eastereggs/flair in the bag that you can see but can’t access as inventory. IE Collectables; the Manga/Books you’ve found that day can be seen in the bag, and be emptied out after the day is over. Or even things for the Shrine you collect. Senpai’s half eaten apple, hair, toothbrush ect.

  25. Honesly I think the inventory system is a great idea! But, really? your worried about “sexualizing minors”? You are making a game about a phycopath in a school and the player can potentualy slaughter everyone in said school (not to mention torture, dismember, poison, suicide, burning, blackmail, and what ever else you have planned). Plus, you made panties a currency.

  26. I think it’s a great idea and the creative application of this inventory system should not be limited by censorship. A possible solution is to just add censored and uncensored version to the game.
    Or even better, youtubers can censor it themselves, it’s not that hard and multiple games get censored by the youtubers themselves so it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
    This current uncensored inventory system goes well with the atmosphere of the game, as well as how unexpected it is for someone to hide weapons under their skirt.
    If you want to argue how “real” it is, the whole game already has unreal characteristics to begin with; it’s a game and as such it should be fun–this is a fun inventory.

  27. Oh Jesus!
    Oh! I know! By the very off chance that the Dev sees this, you could have the the player only be able to hold three weapons at once until they can sew a skirt to have a Velcro’d skirt for this reason!
    This is a little off topic, but this is how people at my graduation were able to hide beach balls.

  28. I think it is a perfect idea, like having a school bag is not too clever, and it is more sneaky and no one would think that you Yandere-chan would have something on her unless if she has it in her school bag, but I believe your idea is very smart and it is your game so it should be just the way you want it to be.

  29. what if her skirt worked like a skort, or it was a skirt that had 2 layers, the top layer with the weapons, and the bottom layer covers up her panties. Basically, it would be like peeling a layer off an onion. also, the skirt should open on the side, it’s more sensible.

  30. Haven’t read the above comments, but definitely include purses or bags. Kokona has one that she brings and leaves in class. Maybe in the full game have all girls carry their bags and like leave them at their classrooms after the first bell. Except Ayano has her bag constantly. That at least hides lesser giant weapons. Maybe she could have different sized bags. But totally keep the grid system! That works wonderfully.

  31. I’m not sure what the problem with just having Yandere-chan use a bag would be. Yes, yes, Resident Evil nod/direct reference, but visually it’s… kind of awful looking. Skirts are probably the worst thing to hide knives. I don’t want any fuckin sharp and pointy and dangerous shit near my hoo-ha, are you nuts?

    Besides, having something that a teacher could ACTUALLY search would force the player to be as inconspicuous as possible. If a teacher’s pet saw you with a knife, for example, they could tell a teacher to search your bag, and it would lead to being expelled. So you’d have to be careful about who you were around.

    I understand the reference, but if the panty thing is a consistent problem, I’m not sure why anyone would want to bother with an inventory system that involves a school student revealing herself at all.

  32. What if she used a short below the skirt? I mean, that’s what I used to do in school to avoid troubles in stairs or running and so, that could make it “not inaproppiate” because that’s just common sense.
    I mean, if I were a yandere serial killer and had to kill people while hiding weapons obviously the skirt would be the best place, I’d just use something below.
    My concern is more between the lines of “how would a student react if they saw a girl opening her skirt to show weapons?”, not that sneaky unless she let the skirt fall off and after all that killing it’d have to be picked up.
    Or maybe I’m just overthinking

  33. I really love the idea but there’s another issue, what if Yandere-chan isn’t wearing her School Skirt? (Like when she’s wearing a Swimsuit.)

    Maybe when Yandere-chan reads an issue of that ditzy girl comic, there could be a comic of the girl losing a bunch of stuff in her hair which could give Yandere-chan the idea to hide a weapon in her ponytail

    But my favourite idea I had is that maybe the game could have a school jacket that could be like the skirt thing? It wouldn’t have to be censored and it could have the inventory system as Resident Evil 4!

  34. a solution can think of is having a toggle somewhere in the options that you can choose the inventory animation stuff.
    option 1 uncensored (as seen in the 1st picture)
    option 2 partly censored (info box in between like shown in the 2nd image)
    option 3 censored completely (aka use a different screen and maybe different animation)

  35. First of all. I just want to say that to anyone who is asking why YandereDev is creating a game that allows a high school girl to murder everyone but is still concerned about sexualizing minors – blame Twitch and YouTube (and potentially but hopefully not other sites). I don’t think this would be a problem otherwise.

    Anyway, I’d like to state something that you may use for an idea. I’m not sure if someone has already said this, but in the anime Danganronpa, there’s a character who’s a serial killer and is also a high school girl. However, unlike Yandere-Chan, she has a long skirt so she can hide where she stores her weapons, which is in a sort of cup attached to the middle of her thigh.

    This is just an idea (most likely to spark other ideas), but I don’t think this is likely to work.

  36. After a few more hours of thought:

    A lot of this depends on what exactly the feel is that Yandare Dev wants to have for the base game.

    As Yandere Dev has pointed out, on some level, Yandere simulator should appear to be similar to a more typical harem show. But a lot depends on whether that ‘typical’ is something like Chobits or Kimagure Orange Road where you only really have one extraordinary thing to accept (at first), or something more extreme and comedic or even parodic from the start, like Tenchi Muyo or Ranma 1/2.

    I am reminded of the anime Puella Magi Magica Madoka. In that anime, the first impression you get is that of a typical cheery magical girl show.

    On one “level”, you have a lightly comedic, more or less realistic world. This is a world where mild comedy happens, but something like a skirt full of weapons would not be hand waved (I will point out here that there are at least two girls in the show who pull off the skirt full of weapons thing, but I am getting to that). I liken this to the base “level” of Yandere Simulator: in this level, a book bag would be more appropriate than a skirt full of weapons. This, I am thinking, would be the ‘default’ level, where you have not labored to unlock any silly or extraordinary things.

    Then you have the next level, where most of the action/adventure happens and superhero level stuff occurs. In Madoka-Chan, this would be when magical girls fight in the real world and such. In Yandere Simulator, I would think this is a level you can purchase or unlock with effort in a typical first play through, sacrificing some time and resources for the purpose. The skirt full of weapons might be something you can make with a combination of the right classes and clubs, and/or purchase from Info-chan for example.

    Finally, you have the extreme level. In Madoka, this would be Witch Worlds and such where anything can happen. In that show, this level of narrative is where you find the skirts full of weapons (I know this isn’t always the literal truth, but you get the idea). In Yandere Simulator, this might be stuff reserved for DLC or a New Game Plus, or certain extreme-effort craftables and the like. This is where you would get things like the Bad Romance Stand and what not. By such means, some even more convenient and powerful inventory method might be unlocked, such as a true “hammerspace”.

    You can apply a similar filter to the level of fanservice you want the game to be known for. I don’t think the intent is that Yan-chan is actually opening her skirt in front of people to retrieve her phone: the skirt is a metaphor. But as the comments show, it’s the impression, not the reality that is going to get talked about. I personally am very comfortable with whatever level you want to go for: certainly various anime have various levels of Ecchi. Just make sure the level you go for is the level you want to reach.

    My thought is again that you can have a relatively minimal ‘default’ level, and just as with the gore, leave it up to the individual player what level of fanservice/comedy they want to dial up to via the effort and resources they devote to it in game.

    …just some overthinking, I hope it was helpful.

  37. She could have a school bag. It’s practical and looks completely ordinary.

    It also would be a lot safer for Yandere-chan, as opposed to having weapons and syringes right near her hoo hah.

  38. Like you, I don’t personally have a problem with it, again I can definitely understand why people would get upset. I thought of an alternative: What if instead of the animation opening the skirt in full view of the player, the animation is simply Yandere-chan poking her hand down the side of her skirt, then a popup/screen overlay comes up showing the skirt with the grid marks? (something similar to a character reaching into their pocket in other games). I feel it’s really up to you to decided how mature this game is, as long as your not “censoring” for someone else’s sake, rather your doing because YOU want to. Honestly you should do what YOU want, it’s YOUR game and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your artistic integrity to compensate for someone else. This community is built around you, even if you may sometimes make “mistakes” like the recent proposal (to be fair you said your self you didn’t really think it through), the arguments against where very rational. Overall I think what you’ve done here is very creative and if you don’t have a problem with it you should do it.

    • I’d also like to say, that a rational argument against what you have done is that Yandere-chan wouldn’t open her skirt up in the middle of hallway in front of other students, that would be too suspicious. Unless you force her to access the inventory in a “safe-spot” (which would be inconvenient depending how often the inventory screen is utilized) with your proposed method. Compared to my suggested method (not saying is the best), It would make more sense to access the inventory screen in any situation.

  39. Having a skirt-kind of bag is really cliche and awkward. Well, I understand the concept of having weapons to be hidden, more space inside the skirt but I think it’s really typical–I mean, for a schoolgirl? Can’t she just afford a bag? Not hating though. You should probably implement a backpack, but with a grid. It’s a backpack with an organized formation and it’s very common for a student to carry it and it would remove the circumstances of having a lewd type of complaint. Then, it’s not really necessary for the item description to be inside the bag, rather it can be outside the grid of the bag. Your choice.

    Anyways, YandereDev, keep up the good work–always remember that we’re here!

  40. I think this is an absolutely hilarious idea that would make a great easter egg, but is too silly to consider as a serious idea. Remember that the player will have to look at this all the time. If they’re in the middle of a very serious and tension-filled sequence where they’re murdering schoolgirls, and then they open up their inventory to switch weapons or grab something and they see this, all the dramatic tension is going to go flying out the window and be replaced by laughter. Then, at some point, it won’t be funny, and it will just be /silly/ – a reminder that this game is intended to cross the line twice, not be taken all that seriously.

    I will also leave you with a comment my friend made when he saw this. Once he stopped alternating from laughing and being stunned speechless, he said “This is an idea that fits in a universe. It’s just incredibly unfortunate that it doesn’t happen to be ours.”

    • Apologies, I mangled a sentence in an edit there. What I meant to say was, at some point, after many inventory openings and fits of laughter, it will stop being so funny, but it will be a constant reminder, constantly making them feel as though the game is intended to be silly.

  41. It’s not a bad idea of an inventory system, but, acctualy I have a better idea !! You can do something like …… Yandere-chan can open her bag and there you can see her inventory ! He can have a bag that looks like Kokona’s bag but another model and a little bit bigger ! And that’s another idea ! Every girl has a different model bag ! Ones can have a backbag, ones a bag, and every one a different model, and every one a different size ! Thank you for reading my comment !

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