New Build Coming Soon

I always try to update the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in my time zone, PST). This time around, I won’t be able to hit the midnight target, but I do believe that the build will be ready within the next 27 hours. I hope that you are going to enjoy it!

Remember that big breakthrough I had last month? Remember when I mentioned the possibility of giving each one of Yandere-chan’s rivals a custom uniform? Check out this clothing that Druelbozo modeled for Oka Ruto, based on Aea‘s original concept art of the character:

Looks awesome!

Be sure to hit up Druelbozo for a commission if there is a particular hairstyle or article of clothing you want to see in Yandere Simulator (or if you need models for your own game project)!

See you in 27 hours – or hopefully less!

138 thoughts on “New Build Coming Soon

  1. Great design, hoping forward to see this in the game o/

    PS: Just a random request, but can you make possible to hug people in this game (more specifically Kokona, if not anyone)? It can be in some part of the cutscene (or other cutscene, since adding stuff to a cutscene already done maybe are impracticable). I know its hard to make 3d models hugging (and even more to make it looks good), but I’d really appreciate it.
    I don’t know if I can post links here, so I’m not telling the reason of this request, but if you wanna know I’ll tell later.

  2. Im really hoping that all the updates that didnt make it into the last build will be in this build fingers crossed

  3. She looks precious! I hope she keeps the spiderwebs though, I love them. Seriously if there is any character that I intend to definitely spare with the befriend method, it is her.

  4. Yandere dev yandere dev, could you put the Hatsune Miku hairstyle that Druelbozo made in the game? Honestly I don’t know but I’m asking because I think that it doesn’t take a lot of time… Thanks for your time, your work is amazing. ❤

  5. It is really good (well done to druelbozo) but she looks like she’s slightly pregnant to me at the top of her skirt.

  6. Question, I know yandere-dev probably won’t see this, but i’m gonna ask anyway. Will Yandere sim be moddable? Like, say if someone has their own custom details they created that would be a compatible mesh, will it be possible that mods will be do-able in the final version of yandere sim? I’m just curious, I love yandere sim as it is, but i’d be excited to see some kind of mod support in the final game (eg, a mods folder or something to make your life easier when modding, if mods will be possible at all).

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