May Preview #16

The build meant for May 15th has been postponed until June 1st. I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build was delayed. I’ve been doing that for over 2 weeks now! I’m almost done, but I still have today and tomorrow until we hit June 1st, so here’s the second-to-last preview…

This preview involves the school’s faculty room. You see, the faculty room will play a role in several different aspects of the game:

  1. Teachers will pick up dangerous objects and bring them to the faculty room, so if you drop a knife with your fingerprints on it, you’ll have to steal it from the faculty room in order to dispose of the evidence you’re leaving behind.
  2. Teachers’ schedules will partially consist of walking between classrooms and the Faculty Room, so knowing the location of the faculty room will provide you with knowledge of where to expect teachers.
  3. Extremely important items (like keys that will allow you to access tranquilizer, poison, or acid) will be located in the faculty room, guarded by teachers during most of the day.
  4. Any screams heard within earshot of the faculty room will cause the teachers to go investigate, so causing trouble near the faculty room will be especially dangerous.
  5. When class is not in session, students with the “Teacher’s Pets” personality will run directly to the faculty room in order to report something.

Because the faculty room will be such an important location, I prioritized the creation of the props that will populate the room. The volunteer tasked with modelling the room’s props recently completed his task! You can check out 11 screenshots of his work below. Click here to see high resolution renders!

It’s hard to find the right way to say this, but…WOW! I’m extremely happy with how these models turned out!

The amount of detail in each model is astounding! The scribbles on the notepad, the text on the phone’s screen, the little labels on the filing cabinet, the sheer variety of book covers, the fact that each desk has a different arrangement of props…this blows my mind!

This volunteer has done some really outstanding work! He really went the extra mile with every prop he created. Even the smallest prop received loving attention to detail! These models will be shown to other volunteers as examples of the art style that I’m aiming for, and the level of quality that I aspire to with Yandere Simulator. I’m very honored to be able to include these models in the game!

The volunteer has asked to remain anonymous, so for now, all I’m going to say is that this guy got it just right.

236 thoughts on “May Preview #16

  1. *screams internaly* eeeeiieiieieieieiieieieieiieiei! *stabs Mindori GURINNUUUU* eeeeiieiieieieieiieieieieiieiei! *hugs Senpai* eieieieieieieieieieieiiiieieii *slaps Budo Masuta* iieieieieiieieieieieieiieieieiiei!

      • Actually all he’s been doing is bug fixing, I think he said. He said about a week ago he was nearly done with everything, he just needed to finish the cutscene and a few other things. He said he wanted about a week to do some debugging. And if there are a bunch of bug fixing builds, it’ll be easy to get them; just use the new launcher.

      • Something tells me you didn’t read the 13th preview. He said the cutscene, the only thing stopping him from posting the build, was 100% done on the 27th. He said he would post the build on 1st June so that he wouldn’t have to post too many bug fixing build.

      • I know what’s the new launcher about, and that is not going to be as tedious when a new bulid is released and blah blah blah
        What i’m trying to say is that I HAVE THE FEELING that there will be a lot of bug-fixing builds. It happened with the circular saw. Besides, we haven’t played yet, so we can’t really tell if the build is completely polished or not (and if you were wondering, yes, i do trust in all YandereDev’s effort, but i still have that FEELING [is just an SPECULATION])


  3. I’m a guy who knows how difficult programming is so i gotta say. This objects are A+ in texture and detail! They look fantastic! The art style for me is delicious, I dont know why that’s the adjective I used but the way this objects looks are just perfect for the game! I hope a LOT of people know how awesome this is! But some just want some eggs and eliminations which kinda saddens me :/ I LOVE quality and quantity and when both are awesome I’m ASTOUNDED!

    • I agree so much! I aspire to be able to create things as great as this, and when the volunteer’s name is released I will probably idolize them lol. I hope Yandere Dev plans on making this person a full time member of his team when he goes to work on the final game.

      • i know right? Glad someone’s on the same page. The fact that his still anonymous makes him the much more humble and I completely agree with the membership thing.

  4. Maybe the notes that say ‘Talk to Senpai’ and ‘Bake cake for Senpai’ would belong to substitute Teacher rival?
    It would make sense, wouldn’t it?

  5. “Extremely important items (like keys that will allow you to access tranquilizer, poison, or acid)” Sooooo that girl from Preview #4 is dying because of Acid??? O-O

  6. but with such excellent detailed props, wont the others volunteer has to step it up since when you compared the surrounding of the prop there would be a dissonance. to be blunt it looks so good that it makes other things ugly imo. kudos to the anon tho.

  7. How are we gonna steal the cheat answer key?
    Also, what would happend if we came inside the faculty room for no reason?

    • How do these things go unnoticed by the teachers???
      Unless it’s just a metaphor and it’s just some love story lol ._ .

    • Holy crap, even though the update’s been delayed, it feels like YandereDev has done more progress on the game than ever.

      Honestly, if it helps him keep up that pace, I wouldn’t mind updates coming only once a month so he can really focus on new features without having to worry about preparing updates and making videos for it every two weeks. On top of that, it seems that at this point, most of the new features he intends to include will require even more work than before and take time to complete so again, I think investing more time in those would be the best thing for everyone.

  8. It’s like, 11:47 PM, 31st May in India. Before I actually go to sleep early (I slept up till 3 AM last night), I’ll just say that I hope YandereDev gives us something out of the ordinary, with both the preview and build. Some of us are getting the build on June 2nd where we live 😦
    Again, I hope it’s REALLY good.

    • Do you think that the Philippines will have the update in June 1st or June 2nd. Cuz the current time and date in the Phil. is June 1st 3:45am. Or im going to get that update on June 1st 3:00pm? Lol. I’m not really in. To that timezone thing.

  9. If the teachers pet students will run to the faculty room while class is not in session, and teachers pets tend to always attend classes without skipping, doesn’t this mean they will always run to the faculty room if they witness something?

  10. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THE NOT THAT SAID “talk to senpai” on the picture that showed lots of pink and yellow notes!

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