May Preview #15

The build meant for May 15th has been postponed until June 1st. I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build was delayed, so here’s the 15th preview:

Do you know what a “butsudan” is? It’s a small shrine that some people use in order to worship a deity inside of their homes. I think it makes a lot of sense that Yandere-chan would have a butsudan dedicated to Senpai within her home. The shrine that is currently inside of Yandere-chan’s house looks like a miniature model of a shinto temple, rather than resembling an actual shrine that might be found in a real Japanese house. I’d like to eventually replace the Senpai shrine with a butsudan:

The image featured above is merely a mock-up of what the final game’s butsudan might look like. The final butsudan will look better than what is featured above.

As you can see, the butsudan is populated by 10 items and an empty photo frame. The photo frame is meant to contain a picture of Senpai, but the other 10 items are meant to be stolen from Senpai or looted when he leaves them behind. The game will last 10 weeks, and each week, a new item will become available to steal from Senpai. Each item might grant a small passive buff to Yandere-chan, such as +1 running speed, +1 strength, or something else along those lines.

I hope that you’ll enjoy collecting Senpai’s garbage! (If you don’t, you’re obviously not a true yandere…)

198 thoughts on “May Preview #15

  1. I hope that you’ll enjoy collecting Senpai’s garbage! (If you don’t, you’re obviously not a true yandere…)

    *Yandere Simulator Intensifies*

  2. Makes you wonder just HOW Yandere-chan manages to steal his boxers. Hopefully while he is wearing them.

    Do butsudan shrines really look that way? It looks like a random wardrobe to me. I have something pretty similar in my room, too. What am I worshipping? The god of clothing, maybe?

  3. So, like, Sempai lost/left behind his UNDERWEAR in school? What was he doing that would make him do that?! Is Sempai cheating on Yandere-chan? I call for blood!

  4. You know how yan-chan says she does different things with senpai’s things ie licking the apple he bit or using his toothbrush. I’m scared to think what yan-chan does with senpai’s boxers.

    • I hope she just sniffs them. She probably writes with the pencil, chews his gum, flips his coin and drinks from the can. Who knows what she does with that piece of cloth, though.
      “This is a bandage that Senpai threw away! Some of his delicious blood is still on it!” – Yan-Chan

      • It’s 1:25 AM here now, which means it’s 31st here. For me, the posts come out at about 11:00 AM when it’s the same day when YandereDev plans to post. Today, (31st May, about 11:00 AM) he will post the last preview. The day after that, at about 11:00 AM here, he’ll post the build. Today he posted the new build at about 11:00 AM. Plus, it always came out in the days YandereDev said, but at around 11:00 AM. I should really be sleeping now…

    • No, he’s right; we don’t have the same timezones as YandereDev, it’ll come out June 2 on our time zone while it’s gonna be an exact June 1 for the people on the opposite side of the earth

  5. only ONE picture of senpai on the top shelf…?! no,no,no, i think i need about 30-45 pictures of senpai in picture frames and all across the back wall.

  6. I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT FOR THE NEW UPDATE (I am so FUCKING obsessed with this game and my friends hate me for it because I could go on and on for hours raving about this game omgomgomgomg I FUCKING LOVE THIS G A M E)

    • @tonedeafparrot, i know what you mean! I’m obsessed too – but i didnt tell any of my friends because they would be freaked the heck out… and @the annoying dog, i’m pretty sure its betrayal, not matchmaking- you kidnap the rival’s best friend and record a torture video. you tell your rival that if they don’t give up senpai, you’ll kill her best friend.

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  8. I’m sure that the butsudan would look great, and I understand its inclusion to a certain extant, but I do want to point out that they are mostly used to make offerings to people of the family who have passed away. Their names are placed in the butsudan, as well as their photos (although “officially” they shouldn’t be in a butsudan). In any case, the butsudan’s function is to be a place to remember and honor ancestors, i.e., dead members of the family.

    Kamidana however (such as the one that has been included in the game so far) are the shinto counterpart to butsudan, and they are used to enshrine a deity in the house. What goes inside the kamidana are ofuda (which are purchased at shinto shrines and have the name of the shrine and therefore deity written on paper or wood), which are supposed to “contain”, or rather be an extension of the chosen deity. This is therefore much closer to what Yandere-chan is doing with Senpai’s garbage, than what the butsudan would normally be used for. Kamidana are also supposed to be placed higher than eye level, so it would make complete sense to have a shelf underneath it to place all of said garbage.

    This is obviously very minor in the grand scheme of things, but as I doubt that Yandere-chan would like to treat Senpai like a dead person, it might make more sense in the context of Japanese culture to keep the kamidana rather than replace it with a butsudan.

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