May Preview #14

The build meant for May 15th has been postponed until June 1st. I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build was delayed, so here’s the 14th preview…

Visit this link to watch a 4-second video:

What’s happening here? It looks like a girl is tripping and falling down. If it’s Yandere-chan, why would there be a gameplay mechanic about falling to the ground? If it’s not Yandere-chan, then who is tripping? Is this character carrying something at the first frame of the animation? If so, what are they carrying, and what’s going to happen to that object when they fall down?

I’m not going to tell you just yet! You’ll have to wait until this feature has been added to the game! Have fun speculating about it!

261 thoughts on “May Preview #14

  1. well, i know this next update is betraying a rival – you kidnap her best friend and record a torture message, threatening to kill her friend if she doesn’t give up senpai… now, in order to kidnap someone, you need the tranquilizer… until now, you’ve been able to just grab them, but at some point, it will become necessary to distract the nurse so that you can get it. I think that if someone tripped and skinned their knee, they would need to go to the nurse’s office, and that would distract her.
    but that doesn’t address what she is carrying… ugg i don’t know, if she is carrying something i guess it is trash so this has to be at the end of the day… if the trash has a box cutter or scissors in it, it could fly and injure another girl too… hmmmm… i don’t know.
    or thirdly, this could be to get panty shots…

    • Maybe it could be related to covering someone in blood, her arms look out like when you cover someone in blood, also that is the only point when an NPC in the game runs but isn’t running after you or away from you. so, with that in mind we can assume that’s part of this!
      Step one: Place object in path to girls locker room.
      Step two:Cover them in water.
      Step three:They start running back.
      Step four:They trip and hurt themselves.
      Step five They go to the nurse’s office.
      Step 6: You snatch the tranquilizer.
      Step 7: Mission Done.


  2. I feel as though it would be possible for Yandere-chan to place the item that is tripped over in front of a student in order to send them to the nurse’s office as a distraction, but I do not understand why the student would be carrying something unless it was trash at the end of the day or maybe a plate of cakes.

  3. The nurse’s office stuff is pretty convincing, but another question he asked was where would the item she carried go?
    As far as I can tell, rather than curling naturally, she actually raises her hands and opens them. Whatever she’s carrying should land straight on her head. At the same time, she doesn’t push anything off of herself when she rises, so maybe it lands slightly in front of her?

  4. So, what I’m thinking, if a rival went and picked up the trash and she tripped in front of Senpai-kun, or a teacher and having a severed head roll out of the trashcan that Yandere-chan had put in there for “safe-keeping” then maybe this would result in a game over. Or in order to kidnap somebody, the Nurse would be a reason to not be by the desk, she would need her keys to get out stuff to help the poor student with the scraped knees and elbows. This would allow Yandere-chan to sneak and steal the keys when the Nurse is no longer looking an attending the student. Yandere-chan would have to be extremely stealthy in order to go back to the desk and grab the essentials nesscesary. However, when the student falls down perhaps there would be more the one trash can to clean up and a used needle and empty ranquilizer would be in there by chance on a specific day in order to make it look like that the items were still there. However I could be entirely wrong but this could also be Yandere-chan falling. Perhaps better laws of Phyics would be added making Yandere-chan fall if she’s trying to walk or run with something she can’t carry well, like a body. Or, this could be a delinquents trick for Yandere-chan if she gets on their nerves to much. However, my theories are never correct fully, and most of the times not even close to correct but I guess we will all have to wait until June 1st to find out.

  5. If your on a desktop like me or some other computer you can see that the way she is holding the unknown item is the way you hold something in the game for trash cans so it is possible for it to be more realistic if it is yandere-chan or if he is going to implement the cleaning the school feature like he mentioned for the delinquent vid and it is a way to send someone to the nurse to get the tranq and the other thing or icewhips idea

  6. Maybe you can use this to send your rival to the locker room more easily ? You could have a bucket of water/blood and throw it on her while tripping.

  7. There was a place where you could hide under a table or something… Perhaps you can set up something to trip? That said… the animation needs a little improvement. When tripping, first the person’s legs get blocked, then the body continues on its way for a bit, until support is missing and you fall over. There s nothing in the leg animation suggesting they get blocked, the body falls immediately.

  8. I bet it’s Yandere-chan holding the bin that has body parts, and when they spill, people are like “wtf why do u have a severed head in that bin !!!! teacher help”

  9. Her arms are spread wide, so maybe she is running to a friend? There might be a log or something on the ground she trips over? Yandere-Chan could have “accidentally” put some kind of sharp item on the ground, so that when the student falls, they would get cut? I don’t know. My guesses are never right.

  10. it looks like she’s carrying the blue bucket, so maybe she ‘accidently’ trips and spills water onto someone so they have to go to the locker room.

  11. Perhaps it’s the beginning animation where she meets Senpai? If I remember correctly, in one of the earlier builds she met him by running into him after noticing she was late for school. As for the things she is carrying? It might be her school supplies/bookbag, as it sets up the perfect “Oh, you dropped your papers, let me help you clean them up and stare into your eyes handing them back” romantic moment.

  12. Maybe when Yandere-chan is carrying the cello case, she pretends to trip as to make everything look like an accident. And then, the cello case crushes her rival below 🙂

  13. Maybe it IS Yandere-Chan. I could see a mechanic where she could be tripping while carrying an object containing a hidden corpse or weapon, with it spilling out during the fall, exposing her if there are people around.

  14. i don’t know if people have wrote this already but i think its your rival holding a trash can then she trips over so you can help her then your reputation will boost maybe?

  15. It might be Yan-chan holding a bucket of blood or water, her arms look spread out enough. Maybe she runs to fast and trips over something or there’s something on the ground that causes her to trip and spill the bucket of liquid onto the ground, causing her to become wet or bloody. Then, she’ll need to mop up the blood or water.

  16. Maybe it’s the snap feature,
    like Yandere Chan is carrying a body and a teacher or someone see’s this and pins her down but she snaps.

    Just a theory though.

  17. It looks like someone carrying a lunch tray then tripping. Maybe Yandere-Chan put something there to make her trip. It could be a way to embarrass Rivals infront of Senpai

  18. What if one of the things the character is holding is the Wash bucket? Think about it. You’ve done killed X and dragged it’s body a disclosed location. You grab the bucket and proceed to wash the up the blood. What done is done, most of the blood is cleaned up and the bucket is now mostly blood. Gotta dump it and clean up the rest asap. You run towards the closest sink to get rid of the evidence. On your way there you trip and spill the bloody water. Fuck! Not only do you have to clean the blood from the body but you also spilled most of the blood in a pretty common area, That can provide problems, Before, During, and After school with students and teachers roaming the halls. Making the game much more fun and difficult and putting one more obstacle with getting away with murder.

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