May Preview #12

I’ve chosen to delay the next build until June 1st. I’m sorry! To make up for it, I’ll give you a preview of something cool that will be available soon.

Every time a new build of Yandere Simulator is available, you have to download the latest version of the game from a file-sharing site like Mediafire, and manually unzip the files…and the only way to find out whether or not a new build is available is by checking this blog! Wow, that’s so inconvenient!

Wouldn’t it be better if there was an application that would automatically update the game for you? Yeah, I think so too! That’s why I asked a skilled programmer to create…this!

It’s a launcher/updater for Yandere Simulator! The bottom of the launcher will tell you if your current game is outdated, and will allow you to download the latest build with one click. The launcher will perform an integrity check to make sure that your download was not corrupted, and then automatically unzip the files for you!

I’m not ready to roll out this launcher just yet; I’d rather release it when the next build comes out. The June 1st build will be available in two ways: through the launcher, or through a download link like before. If the launcher has issues, you’ll be able to download the June 1st build the same way you’ve downloaded all previous builds of the game.

The launcher’s source code will also be made available so that you can confirm there’s no spyware/malware/adware buried inside of it.

I hope that the launcher will work smoothly, and make it more convenient for you to play Yandere Sim!

166 thoughts on “May Preview #12

  1. I knew it wasn’t going to be ready until June 1st, But the good part about that is that he gets more time or add new things to the game THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE GREAT

  2. Well, this is great! To be honest, I prefer to follow the development process by watching update videos on YouTube, cause manually downloading new build every 2 weeks just to check a couple of new additions feels inconvenient to me. Thank you for deciding to add this updater! And really, no need to apologize for every delay, since they only improve the quality of the game.

  3. I feel like the words ‘I’m sorry’ are being said in EVERY post.

    Relax, Alex! Just like I’ve told you.
    The flower that blooms in adversity is the prettiest and the rarest.

    -Arista 🙂

  4. Don’t worry about development taking long! You’ve already told us that most of the features that take only two weeks to implement is already in the game, so the build isn’t really late. Though it’s always good to know where how the development is going 🙂

    And boy, am I exited about all the new previews and sneak peaks you’ve been sharing lately! Seeing all of that totally makes it worth the wait 😀

  5. i hope all this previews help people understand that maybe, just maybe, it would be best to switch to a one build per month and not two. The more time you wait, the more time yanderedev has to add new stuff, work with volunteers to get the best stuff to add to the game and overall we get so much more things in a once in a month built than we’d receive in a 2 week build. Really hoping YandereDev switches to one a month update build, it would be better for him and for us. Anyways i cannot wait for the next build!! there’s so much new stuff to try on! keep up the good work YandereDev!

  6. Man,I’m so excited to see the day where this super build will come out! You’re doing a great job Yandev,and there’s no need to say sorry for delaying this for so long,as I can see it will be very worth the wait.

  7. HEY! Can someone answer me one thing about this preview?
    Well, when you will like “force re-download” it or “Update”, will it like add new features and changes into your game that you have, or add second file and you’ll need to delete first one? :/

  8. I can’t wait for the super build! And don’t worry YD, all of your fans understand. You aren’t really late! As better and more complicated things are being implemented into the game, it only makes sense that it would take a bit longer to come out with new updates. We all believe that it’s worth the wait! So don’t apologize!

  9. Oh, thank’s for the “Long live the queen”! After reading your post, I went to check it, and when I found out that it’s engine is RenPy – I immediately downloaded it. Guess what? I also got obsessed with that game. Got most of the possible epilogues, unique dialogues, and started to do some random roleplaying walkthroughs ( like, “this time I’m gonna be an obedient girl that hates Lumens!”, and so on. ). Thanks for introducing me with this game!

  10. I am just so excited for this update my family is getting a desktop/PC and I am going to download it instantly when I get it. Also this Update is going to be the best ever I also think that he should update it one time a month so he can put more features into one update instead of little things that can happen in 15 days

  11. I can’t wait until the new build comes out! This will definitely be worth the wait. Keep up the amazing work Yandere dev.

  12. It’d be fun if Yandere Sim adds a foreign student from another country :3 Make it another rival xD!! Just kidding :O!

  13. I already thought the new build would be up on June 1st, so no news here to me…but the rest looks very cool 😀
    I’m digging all the new stuff you’re putting in this game, can’t wait to play!
    Thanks for keeping us constantly updated ❤

  14. I been following along for half a week now and been listening in the tapes (which we all know by now it’s for info-chan); while listening in, quite a few theories came to me (you may imply your comments as you please):
    1. since childhood, info-chan have been preparing to restore her/family honor by keeping track of what yandere-chan been doing
    2. info-chan is the real lead (come on really, you GOT to question why the texts it’s in third person when the day ends and all that)
    3. yandere-chan and info-chan are sisters! ( O[]O dun dun dun!!) well at least that’s the impression I got when listening to the basement tapes
    make of what you will, I just want to get it out of my system since last night

    • Soooooo, I know you needed to get that off of your chest, and so do I.
      I assume, for 3, you meant cousins, as Ryoba is NOT married to Mr. Journalist Guy. Assuming that’s what you meant, this is what happened:
      Ryoba was Journalist’s sister but both pretended like they didn’t know each other.
      Ryoba killed girls and, in the process, ruined her brother’s reputation and basically his whole life.
      Ryoba tries to hunt down her brother during the first 10 weeks of her daughter’s second high school year.
      Yan-Chan might send her cousin some panty shots of school girls for cigarettes and stuff.
      Let’s add the fact that pretty much everyone that was born from the family was a Yandere, and that the Journalist would be a black sheep in the family who probably got disowned.


  15. So, does this mean we wont get anymore ‘does the game update itself’ or ‘why do I have to download a new build everytime’? No, of course we will, welcome to the comment section

    • Yay. Party. At least SOME of us know about this launcher, others will see it in the Downloads, some people are so blind they can’t find the download link in the Download page.

    • And this also means no more worrying about failed network errors every so often I download a build!

      I hope nothing goes wrong with the launcher though

  16. I don’t want the Uniform 2 change this early ;( I am almost done sewing my yan-chan cosplay…
    If you change it I will have to do it over again 😢😢

    P.s.: I like design, but nit the colour of the uniform but it is my personal opinion 😉

  17. I think they both look beautiful! But I do think the outer part(the dark blue) should go a little higher, like above the…nipples… Just so it looks a little less awkward.

  18. While downloading new builds hasn’t been a problem for me since the download was moved to Mediafire, I’m still glad a launcher has been made. Plus, it looks pretty cool!

  19. I keep click-bashing volunteer but nothing happens. 😥

    Great launcher, makes it feel the game is really getting there, even if a launcher may at first seem trivial. Good job, hoping to see it in use soon.

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