May Preview #9

The next update still isn’t ready yet, so I’m going to give you a preview of upcoming content today.

This impressive creation was produced by Druelbozo earlier tonight:

Look, it can be re-colored for the Occult Club!

Perhaps this paves the way for a white lab coat for the Science Club, as well!

Here’s a video of the raincoat in motion:

This wouldn’t have been possible without the breakthrough that occured yesterday. So many new options have opened up! Exciting!

194 thoughts on “May Preview #9

  1. I think the main point of the coat is being able to murder people and burn the clothes without having to get a new uniform or cleaning yourself up, which takes time and also, well, uniforms.

    • Well, you get gloves from the drama club too, but yeah, with the rain coat the art club is practically useless but I assume students will think you’re weird if you wear a raincoat while it’s sunny.

  2. Remember that BIG updatewhen the school changed, there were new students and clubs? I called it “The Great update”
    So I guess this is “The Greater update”?

  3. Reading the comments on this blog
    Refreshing the home page of this blog
    Reading Fairy tail
    Checking the youtube channel of yandere dev for videos
    Checking my facebook
    MULTI-TASKING!!!!!!!! 😅😅😅😅😅

  4. it would be more awesome if you can wear a mask while wearing a raincoat , i can’t wait to see the next build
    by the way,great job senpai !

  5. YandereDev should also add rain boots so they won’t leave any bloody footprints which can be traced back to YandereChan. rain boots should be lying around freely in the Gardening club just like the circular saw and can be burned and won’t leave traces of YandereChan’s bloody footprints on campus.

  6. the Occult club version of the coat makes it look like Yandere Chan is part of Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts. lol awesome. I can’t wait to use the raincoat. I love the idea of the weather changing in Yandere Simulator. It makes the game seem more…alive so to speak

  7. The chill of the rain seeps through your skin. Thunder thrums from above. The camera is smashed, littered behind you like the blood trail of a wounded animal. It looks like…your time has run out.

    The hunter is upon you.

    Somehow, your voice wavers not. Pehaps it’s because you have already accepted your fate.
    “Who are you?”


    The other victims may not have know their angel of death. They never saw it coming. But you have. You are. And if you’re life is to end here, it will end with the killer in your eyes.

    The silhouette stirs. You see not the movement of feet. You see not the tucked instruments. You keep your head high, eyes trained on the face.

    And the shadows shift away. You…know her…
    That was your undoing

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