May Preview #7

The next update still isn’t ready yet. I’m sorry! On a more positive note, the longer it takes to get this update ready, the more cool things I am adding to the game…

Ah, why stop at just one preview image? Let’s have two this time!

Thank you for your patience! Hopefully the wait won’t be much longer!

380 thoughts on “May Preview #7

  1. Just.. WHY WOULD THIS BE AT A SCHOOL? The furnace makes sense, but this?! If they turned her into mush like they press garbage, sure, but LIQUID? It’s like it’s squeezing her orange juice style.

  2. There should be a way that you can put the body in it and then cover it with leaves or something else so someone else will open it and see that it is full and someone forgot to turn it on when they last used it so they will turn it on and see the blood and maybe scraps of a uniform and freak out! I mean it could turn into a way of framing someone maybe

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