May Preview #6

The next update still isn’t ready yet. On the plus side, I’m getting lots of things done while I’m waiting for the assets that I need.

One of the things that will be implemented in the game soon is the ability to bury corpses in the Gardening Club’s garden:

Beyond this, there are several other corpse disposal methods that I’m planning to add to the game…hopefully they will be added sooner rather than later!

181 thoughts on “May Preview #6

  1. ok I think that this update will be the best update yet ( Even though it’s taking longer to add the build) I think that if you updated the game every 1 month on the 1st than on the 1st and 15th the game would be better. this is only a suggestion though

  2. Looks like everything shaping up! You and the volunteers are doing great so far, Yanderedev!
    Keep up the great work, and don’t push yourself too far~

  3. Shouldn’t the hole be at least six feet deep to prevent it being easily discovered and dug up by authorities and their hounds? Or… is that exactly what Yandere-chan WANTS to happen… (ie. frame for murder)?

    • I was thinking the same thing – not least because it would take months to a year for the body to fully decompose, but even then the police could still discover it and identify the person by their dental records. I was thinking that perhaps Yandere-chan could plant some in the soil in order to better conceal that something was buried there, and that if she disposes of all other evidence of murder, the police might simply treat the matter as a disappearance and won’t think to look for a body – at least not at the school.

      In any case, if Yandere-chan disposes of the evidence linking her to the crime, even if the body is dug up, she won’t be implicated – or, like you said, she could frame someone else for the murder somehow. Maybe by placing the shovel in their house (if that screenshot of the house YandereDev showed us was Kokona-chan’s), or put some other incriminating evidence in their school bag. So then the police will arrest suspect (Kokona-chan or others) on suspicion of murder, and then find the corpse later.

      Gahh I can’t wait till the next build!!

  4. That’s a shallow grave. The gardening club is almost guaranteed to find the body when they do some actual gardening.

    But by then the evidence will be obstructed or have begun to decompose so WHO CARES

  5. We can use her dead body as natural compost and grow flowers and shit. Not vegetables though, you’d never know if they taste like Kokona.

  6. I remember seeing the very first videos when they first came out when YandereDev was still trying to put together the basic functions of killing students, and now we’re at this! I know that he doesn’t think that the game’s improved much, but it really has! I’m so happy to see what’s probably gonna be the best game ever come to life!!

  7. YanDevPai! You are officially the best game developer of all time!! If I have an idea to draw a little comic about Kokona’s deaths and disposals! I thought: What if you ask a girl to follow you to the incinerator and shove her in and burn her alive!? Sadistic, I know. DON’TJUDGEMEI’MVERYTWISTEDINAWFULWAYSPLZDON’TJUDGE!!!!!

    • While YanDev could do that, the whole point is that he wants to create the best and funnest game/update possible for us to play as well as show off his skills as a developer. He doesn’t want to half finish it and then release it, he wants to make it as good as possible before we start “testing it for bugs.” Besides isn’t it so much more fun to have all this hype and the promise of a super build? I know that I haven’t felt this excited for it since dismemberment was added.

  8. Sorry if I’m being a Midoridere (I just made that up xc) about this, but will you be giving the teachers a custom uniform soon? I feel like it would make the game a little better, because the uniform they currently have, is just a simple one from the Unity Store.

    • Midoridere is my new favourite word XD
      Btw, he changed the hairstyles of the girls, because these were from the Unity store, too (if I’m right) and he wanted the hairstyles to be more original (in my opinion…AYO SPAGHETTI LADY) Pewdiepie reference

  9. It would be better to add more features and try to be finished ’till June 1st, because since you always put updates on the 1st and 15th of the month, it would be cool to get a lot of features for the 1st of July build, and not on a random day like 22nd or 28th 🙂

  10. Oh come on, Ayano, that’s just sloppy. She’ll be dug out immediately, if only by a passing cat or bird scratching the ground. Everyone knows a good grave is at least six feet / two metres deep.

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