May Preview #5

The next build still isn’t ready yet, so here’s another preview of something you’ll find in the next build:

The counselor has some new animations! Now she actually breathes and types on her computer. You’ll also see her place her hand on her chin in contemplation from time to time. And when you speak to her, she straightens her posture when giving you attention.

The player is only allowed to report a student to the guidance counselor once per day. Previously, there was no way for the player to know this, so I received a lot of bug reports saying “Sometimes the player can’t interact with the counselor!” She will now speak a voiced line when the player is not allowed to speak to her.

Also, she is no longer staring at a blank desktop. Now she’s actually working:

What is that spreadsheet she’s looking at? Maybe if you join the Photography Club to upgrade your camera and zoom way in, you’ll see something interesting on her screen…

The release date of the next build is still “sometime between now and June 1st”. Thank you for your patience!

233 thoughts on “May Preview #5

  1. Probably computer screen shows all the grades of students. I found kokona she is in the end of the first pink. btw it is not sempai it is senpai plz.

    • It may be written “senpai” (or, you know, “せんぱい”), but it’s often PRONOUNCED “sempai”. Which means it’s not incorrect to write it in English as “sempai”. I mean, is Sailor Moon’s daughter “Tibi-Usa”? Or does Dangan Ronpa have a character named “Genocider Syo”?

      • I can asure you sempai is not correctly speled,in case of sempai in japanese it would be せむぱい ( semupai ). I have not seem sempai in any oficial translations and very little on the internet written like that.About Chibiusa I don´t know if it because of English, but in japanese (ちびうさ) and in my mother language it is pronounced as a Chi,so I don´t know where that comes from.
        Sorry if this results ofensive to you.

      • @mazrik
        Im sorry, but I havent said you can not pronunce like that,but to WRITE it is something diferent, no matter how you want to pronunce it.And again, it might be because of languages,but for me no matter how you want me to see it is is pronunced as an N.English is not my mother language, you see, so my pronunciaon is not acurate.
        you have your point and I have mine.Ths can be an endles loop of discusion.

      • @thegreatjackfrosty Sorry, I suppose I should have been more clear with my original point. What I was trying to get across is that spelling Japanese words in English is always going to be somewhat inaccurate. The only ways to correctly “spell” the word would be either せんぱい or 先輩 anything else is just mimicking the sounds used in Japanese with sounds used in English. Sempai is closer to the sounds made in Japanese, which is why I say it is more accurate than senpai, but I can see where having two different spellings for ん can be confusing.

        Sorry if I seem like I’m trying to argue, I just find language interesting.

  2. Could she be looking at grades of students or seeing how many times a student was reported or things that the students didn’t do on time like not going class on time or not coming to school?

  3. To be precise, it’s the “XML” file found in the streaming assets.
    It also took me this long to realize that the Basu sister’s names are Succubus and Incubus with Japanese pronunciation LOL.
    Not to mention their hair colours are also named “Succubus”.

  4. She was only staring blankly at the desktop because she had closed her porn window JUST as you walked in…

  5. you now i’m really thinking that yanderedev must take his time and finish the next build correctly without any difficulty. i mean, we want a great work so we can wait all the time yanderedev need.

  6. Careful YandereDev, that’s possible trademark infringement of Microsoft Office. There really are scumbag lawyers who will sue over in-game screenshots of commercial software. Use a screen of LibreOffice Calc instead.

    • Damn, I don’t want to see the post after the post in which the build is released being, “Yandere Simulator Is Getting Sued by Microsoft”, in which YandereDev talks about how they’re gonna sue him for $1,000,000. Not really THAT much, but you should get it. The Internet will probably attack Microsoft if they do that, though.

  7. Yes, if you join the photography club you can get a good view of her…sheet. I’m sure that’s what we are ALL looking at there…

  8. YandereDev, YandereDev!

    I don’t have a question. I’m just here to say that I’m sitting and waiting for Preview #6. It’s 8:26 AM, 21st May here. No, I’m not impatient, just letting everyone know for no reason… yeah…

  9. The thing she’s looking at on the computer is the xlsm file in the Streaming_Assets folder. I know this for sure because I opened it once and her computer screen looks exactly like it.

  10. urgh… I’m in the same time zone as yanderedev, and it’s 1:23 am! I hate to be impatient, because I know he’s working really hard, but I’m dying to see the next update!

  11. Dude he’s supposed to post around midnight his time and it’s almost 2 AM his time ;3; CMON YANDEREDEV WE BELIEVE IN YOU

    ~Observes screen~ ~Refreshes every 15 seconds~

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