May Preview #4

Progress is being made! But the build’s not ready yet…so here’s another preview! And it moves!

This is another “cheat preview”, because this animation won’t appear in the next build; it’ll be the focus of a future build.

Click here to check it out!

Oh my, what could be happening to this poor schoolgirl? I’m not going to tell you! Go ahead and speculate about it!

It takes longer to die from this sort of thing in real life, but in a video game, you gotta speed things up. Gotta keep it movin’.

676 thoughts on “May Preview #4

  1. It can’t be fire, why would anyone try to swat off fire? It could be that she’s covered in snakes or another type of venomous creature like spiders.

  2. I don’t think it is fire, for obvious reasons.
    I think it’s heart attack. Because heart attack can be felt from tightness in the chest, neck, back OR arms. And she may have felt the pain in her arms, and she was rubbing her arms, she might have panic wondering what the pain is. However, I am not sure how you could inflict heart attack on someone, unless Yandere-Chan put enough stress on her to make her panic and have a heart attack. Not sure, though. According to many sources
    “Also common: anxiety, feeling of impending doom, sensation of an abnormal heartbeat, shortness of breath, or shoulder discomfort” are symptoms of heart attack.

  3. At first I thought fire, but why would she try to brush off fire? So then I thought what I absolutely hate: spiders. I don’t think it’s bugs, though, because where would Yandere-chan get hundreds of spiders and casually dump them on a school girl without her being suspicious? It’s hard to say what it is.

    • She might be able to get bugs from the gardening club or maybe a science classroom. She could trap bugs like bees in the gardening club. And most of the time bugs are part of the science curricular.

  4. I feel like it’s fire. I know it’s said a lot, but hear me out!
    Maybe you pour gasoline onto her, that’s why she’s confused and she tried to wipe it off of her?
    Then when she starts flailing(?) around, she’s being set on fire?

    Fire or some kind of bugs are my thoughts, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  5. I think it’s either fire or a toxic chemical… Fire may be more plausible (YandereDev wants it in the game – there are even fire extinguishers in the school already), but I like the idea of a toxic chemical, too; another reason to get in your study points in class, maybe.

  6. I don’t think it’s a disease or anything unless it’s a mental disease that causes hallucinations, because she was clearly panicked by something she saw on her body. I also don’t think it’s bugs, because they’d be rather hard to direct in the game, and probably harder to program–not to mention unlikely given the game’s setting. Fire seems the most likely to me–on crime shows, and even on the news sometimes, you can find recordings of people on fire: as they begin to panic, they try to smother the flames with their hands as shown in the video. As she drops to the ground, it’s possible she was going to try to roll but was already dead by then (as Yandere Dev said, it would take much longer to die “from this” in real life).

  7. It’s bees. Not acid, not fire, and not ants, and nothing but bees, fire doesn’t poke you (at the end she shakes) and acid would burn her and not make her shake. Ants? Ants don’t poke you too. You can’t just brush off fire, acid. Ants don’t eatcha or killya. So, pretty much all of u are WRONG.

  8. Okay but he said that it takes longer to die from this in real life, so it cannot possibly be fire. Also, you don’t swat off fire. It would make more sense if was bugs or spiders or something that takes longer to die from in real life.

  9. I’m thinking either fire, birds, or swarm of bees. A bee swarm has the capacity to sting a person to death….or possibly birds, attracting them to the gardening club part of the school, and sprinkling bird food on the rival to peck her to death.

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