May Preview #4

Progress is being made! But the build’s not ready yet…so here’s another preview! And it moves!

This is another “cheat preview”, because this animation won’t appear in the next build; it’ll be the focus of a future build.

Click here to check it out!

Oh my, what could be happening to this poor schoolgirl? I’m not going to tell you! Go ahead and speculate about it!

It takes longer to die from this sort of thing in real life, but in a video game, you gotta speed things up. Gotta keep it movin’.

676 thoughts on “May Preview #4

  1. It looks like they are bugs on her that are poisonous?? It also looks like this movie I saw: a type of plastic liquid droped on a person and they were swatting it out but it grew and killed them.

  2. it’s either venomous spiders or a chemical, just because it looks like her muscles are tightening up and/or her throat is swelling up from the reaction/allergic reaction. That’s just my speculation.

  3. I think it’s bees, chemical attack, or allergy.

    It shows that the character is itching, removing particulates out of her skirt, removing particulates which appear to be flying around her, or simply just removing something out of her system.

    Maybe Yandere-chan may be able to put, for example, bits of corn to Kokona’s sausages. Maybe Kokona is allergic to corn, so Kokona will die.

    Again, dying of allergy is very slow, but we have to speed things faster.

    Maybe Yandere-chan will pour something to her from above, if she has full Chemistry knowledge and makes friends with Info-chan or Hayato Haruki (Science Club) or just simply steal from the Science Lab a formula to be mixed with water, and pours to Kokona during her compensated dating call, she will die of chemical attack.

    Chemical attack may vary its time of implementing death at the victim.

    Maybe Yandere-chan will steal bees from the Gardening Club, then enable them to kill Kokona during a certain time when she’s alone. However, maybe the player will also run away from the scene still, because the bees might also sting her.

    That’s all.

    • a:WHY WOULD YOU PAT IF YOU WERE ALLERGIC TO SOME THING IT would prolly be similer to the to poisend animation if that were the case B:why twould some brush of chemiccals and she woulden’t have time to if that were the case I think she is burning trust me I like kil my sims especially with fire

    • It’s definitely fire. You don’t smack yourself after eating something you’re allergic to, and Kokona would be rolling around on the ground and scratching at her skin if it was acid or any other dangerous chemical. Bees aren’t dangerous unless you mess with them, and even then not only are they unlikely to sting you (as doing so rips out their insides and kills them) but they also take a very long time to become aggravated and swarm. As in, several minutes. Kokona would have time to walk or run away before she was stung. And even if she was allergic, one sting wouldn’t kill her, and she’d probably have an epipen on her or in her locker. In the video Kokona is swatting herself like she’s on fire; like when you drop a cigarette on your carpet and stomp and smack at it. She’s not in pain at first, just surprised- until the fire spreads. If it was acid or any other chemical, the pain would be immediate; eating through her clothing and her skin as soon as it made contact, there would be no swatting, just loud screaming while grabbing at her face and affected areas- and possibly falling to the ground and rolling about until the flesh has melted off of her body and the pain rendering her unconscious. (Acid would likely not kill her in a place where she could get medical help in around 5 minutes, but it would horribly disfigure her, and that’s what makes it a great elimination method; just not the one to go with this animation.)

  4. I think we will eventually be able to set people on fire. The animation seems to be patting its clothes in an attempt to extinguish fire, and burning is normally a slow, painful death.

    • If you look on Yandere Simulator’s BIGGEST Problem video, you will see around 3 minutes in the same type of animation.
      so it should be fire, you get what im saying?

  5. I honestly think its fire. She appears to have fire all around her body, and she looks like she is trying to put the flames out. (I don’t think its bugs, because I don’t think a Japanese high school like that would keep extremely poisonous bugs that would quickly result to death once your bitten). (If its some sort of chemical, she would have just screamed and screamed, and wouldn’t have tried to brush it off.)

  6. Yanderedev, I have an idea involving robot students 1.If killed or dismembered you lose sanity but there eyes become static and completely black, 2. Imunnity to tortue due to being robots, 3. Pouring liquid on them makes them short circuit and explode but, senpai can be caught in the explosion making Ayano’s heart break and killing herself. 4. You will not be supcisous to normal students covered in oil but robots will be.

    • then why would she fall to the ground like THAT as a person who likes to burn sims (can’t blame me for wanting every ghost) I can tell she is burning

  7. I think there are poisonous bugs on her and she trying to wipe them off
    friend – I think its some sort of acid going in her body and maybe doing something to her musles or heart

  8. i feel like she’s either being burned to death or there’s poisonous bugs on her….. or maybe it’s a poison that makes her hallucinate and die?? i feel like she’s being burned to death tho

  9. Hmmm.. it might be that poison that was in Hitman: Absolution that makes them laugh like crazy and then jump off the balcony XDD.

  10. I see a lot of people saying bees and fire, primarily. Personally I think it looks like some sort of hallucinatory drug overdose. She’s brushing something off, and then consumed by agony. Perhaps she sees something that isn’t there and tries to get it off, and then she feels whatever it is all throughout her body as the drug starts to really absorb and destroy her system and she dies.
    I’m probably way off, but that’s what I see. Fire doesn’t make sense because she’s brushing it off, not patting it down. Bees don’t make sense because 1) everyone knows you’re supposed to stay STILL when bees are around, and really you DON’T TOUCH THEM, and 2) if there was a swarm she wouldn’t take that long to notice, she’d try to get away as fast as possible. Logic, people.
    There’s really nothing that actually makes sense as of right now, we’ll just have to see.

    • It’s giving a 404 Not Found response for the videos in this post and May Preview #5. There are a bunch of videos in May Preview #8’s post in the RSS feed as well that are also unavailable.

  11. Maybe in the game they’ll be bee hives you can pick up somehow without getting stung….
    and you can drop it onto Kokona’s head from the rooftop. XD just a thought.

  12. I Know! Shes On Fire, But You Did Say It Takes Longer To Die From This Irl So It Might Not Be,It Could Be Simallar To When You
    Pour Water On Her You Might Pour Acid! But..Why Would Acid Be In A School?

  13. Chemical Attack.
    The newest post says “keys in the faculty for tranquilizer, poison, or acid ”
    Also if she is wiping particulates from her dress, as something is causing irrational scratching, meaning that some reaction is happening within the skin.

  14. Unfortunately I can’t see the video but I think it’s not acid. Acid quickly eats your skin in real life so that’s out of the question. Poison is a slow killing toxin in real life but we already have that animation, but a small fire will take longer to burn you in real life. However, they would have died from smoke inhalation. So maybe an allergic reaction? I don’t know what others see because I can’t see the animation

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