Where is the third surprise?

In a previous blog post and in a previous video, I promised three “interesting things” Before May 1st. The first one was the Raising the Strength Stat video. The second one was the Indestructible Rival video. The third one was going to be a video dedicated to a “just for fun” feature that will be appearing in the next build. In the end, I decided that it was not a good use of my time to make a video about a “just for fun” feature. As a result, I won’t be uploading a third video between now and May 1st.

However, because I promised to show off three “interesting things”, I’ll show you a preview of this “just for fun” feature. I’ll turn off the textures so that you can’t tell exactly what it is…

Don’t worry, it only took me one day to implement this feature, so it’s not like it cannibalized my development time. The last time I implemented something “just for fun” was on January 15th. In other words: over the past 105 days, I’ve only spent 1 day adding “silly” content to the game. Wow, I guess that means I’m doing a really crappy job at making a “memegame”, aren’t I?

Okay, whatever, where is the next update?

The next build is 100% ready! Now I just need to create the YouTube video and upload the video+build. I hope that it will take me less than 9 hours to create the YouTube video, but it might take me slightly longer than that, depending on how elaborate I decide to make the video. In any event, the next build will definitely be available on May 1st.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

96 thoughts on “Where is the third surprise?

  1. And the teacher is just standing in front of the massacre, completely oblivious.

    “Ah man, I hope my boss doesn’t know I came to school on some bad LSD. I’m having a really bad trip ’cause I just saw a black girl chop up all the students…”


    “so it’s not like it cannibalized my development time.”

    “cannibalized my development time.”


  3. Guys, I’m certain this is a reference to Raiden from Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance. Remember that awesome cutting mechanic?

    Dear YandereDev,

    Love ya even more now! :3

    Someone who’s running out ways to say you’re awesome

    JACK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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