Raising the Strength Stat

In February, I gave Yandere-chan the ability to pick up and carry corpses if she put enough points into her “Physical Education” stat. I planned for the February Progress Update video to feature a humorous little skit where Yandere-chan raises her PE stat. The skit took longer than planned to produce, so it didn’t make it into the February update video. Instead, I decided to make the skit more elaborate and release it as a standalone video. And here it is!

The beautiful artwork was illustrated by the super-talented Beedrops: http://beedrops.tumblr.com/

The “80s Training Montage” track was provided by Damprog Music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkwOwOemHnQQyIR9jTUiyjA

Yandere-chan was voiced by Michaela Laws ( http://www.michaelaamandalaws.com | https://www.facebook.com/michaelaamandalaws | @VAMichaelaLaws )

Osana-chan was voiced by Brittany Lauda ( http://brittanylauda.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/BrittanyLaudaVO | @BrittanyLaudaVO )

Senpai-kun was voiced by Austin Hively ( @SC_Turtle )

This is the first of the three “interesting things” that I said I had planned for the second half of April. Two “interesting things” remain!

72 thoughts on “Raising the Strength Stat

  1. it could be funny if there going to be a yandere simulator tv serie like this in the future lol
    i could watch every episode!

    • Someone needs to do this in the future! I would be so addicted! In every episode, someone would be killed. And after the first season when Yandere-chan gets Senpai, they would be still in school and she would have to protect her precious boyfriend from the other girls!
      I would watch every single episode of it.

  2. Guys, ‘this is the first surprise i have for the second half of April’? The next elimination method is gonna be hand to hand combat. And I bet that the spar feature in the Martial Arts club is gonna do.

  3. I love this. YandereDev, you have created a great concept that has spawned so much fan art. This video was put together beautifully. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. Tossing the twintails. It won’t actually be an elimination method in the game but wouldn’t it be hilariously cool if it were?


    • Don’t be an asshat. He is working very hard. He shouldn’t have to put up with people like you who think he’s a robot.

    • Ungrateful little shit, aren’t you? He isn’t a robot that can pump out an update every single day. He uploaded his last update 4 days ago, be patient. He said it would come out around May 1st, or did you completely ignore that?

      • Shut up weeaboo yandev is too busy snorting Crack and realing in his $5000+ a month from taking his sweet ass time

      • @Nyah 12 year olds shouldn’t be playing this game or even getting a sight of it. Instead, go play pokemon or read something and educate yourself, vermin. Maybe you’ll be able to write “Relying” properly next time.

      • @ Retard kid.

        LMAO Nyah meant to say ‘reeling in’ as in raking in the money, mooching off the giant load he gets from Patreon each month while doing drugs and fapping. You’re the dumbshit.

    • well…making a video like that was not an easy task if i recall. And please don’t blame YandereDev…i mean…working 12 hours in a day it’s not something easy…plus he still had a time to creating this video…which must be time consuming.”how did you know that he worked 12 hour a day?”
      i suppose because he’ll never making such a great game if he didn’t take his time by this much.
      sorry if this is rude.

  5. You got to admire how serious Yandere-chan takes her studies, even if it is only to kill people better, but that makes me think, will there be any test/exsams in the game you have to worry about of as side misstions?


  7. “The two interesting things remain?” OH BOY! OH BOY! Is he going to implement the Succubus and the Flamehead? Oh boy! …
    _or am I so oblivious and stupid, and he’s talking about something else?_

  8. I wonder if throwing a girl by the pigtails could be a future elimination method
    Maybe if you have max phys.ed…

  9. Man, imagine if Yandere Dev put the way Yandere-chan killed the rival in the game. I’d probably dispose of every rival in the game like that. “So long, gay Osana!” Mwahahaahahahahahaha.

  10. In relation to being able to carry corpes, if you are carring around a corpse and have no blood on you, people won’t notice it until you get really close, and if they do see it, they treat it as if they don’t know it’s you.

  11. so the secret game in the gaming club is lunar scythe! but i heared yandere dev saying that people play the game wrong! so it this the right way? ‘see video”

  12. Hey YandereDev, I have an idea that probably was already said, but it can solve your email problem! Schedule one or two days every month to check your emails. This way, you have more time to make the game more amazing than it already is!

    • Hi TTR Teen,
      That’s the most overused and shittiest suggestion ever. Not only does the Dev constantly ask not to give him your suggestion for his email problem, but people like you don’t even think your shit through. People aren’t going to wait for YandereDev and send less emails so he can go through them all within two days. If he spends 6-8 hours sometimes on his emails, think about an entire month’s worth. That’s not enough for FIVE people to do in one or two days.
      Also, putting a backhanded compliment at the end of your comment does not amplify Dev’s likeliness of doing this, or even seeing the comment, as he doesn’t go through comments. You clearly just want the game faster, and thought of the first idea that came to your head.

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