New Build Coming Soon

I always try to upload a new build of the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month, right when the clock strikes midnight (in the PST timezone). The next build won’t be ready at the stroke of midnight, but it should be ready at some point during April 15th!

Although I will be uploading a new build and video tomorrow, the next build will only have minor improvements and bug fixes. The “Biggest Problem” and “Let’s Examine” videos ate up most of the time that I would have otherwise spent on implementing the game’s next elimination method.

I hate to report disappointing news, but it’s likely that the next “big” feature won’t make it into the game until May 1st, because I have a load of work to do in order to get it working properly. Trust me, it would suck if I rushed it out as quickly as possible just to meet a deadline.

On a more positive note, I can think of at least 3 very interesting things that I will be able to share with you all between now and May 1st. April of 2016 is turning out to be one of my most busy months ever!

I’m very sorry for making you wait!

See you again soon!

232 thoughts on “New Build Coming Soon

  1. I love how he gives reasonable explanations for the delays. Before, it used to be comparing himself with a worse other game developer, but now that YandereDev tells us exactly what’s going on, the fans have never felt better. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. dude ive been checking this every half hour hoping for the update, hope it comes around tonight
    Yandere Sim is my every day stress relief, i need a fix < 3

  3. It’s April 15th. Where is it? I can wait, but hey! And the game is getting boring. Only if people would stop sending stupid emails… Sigh. I can wait for now though. I mean there aren’t many more days, right?! RIGHT?!

  4. No worries Yandere Dev, i think your doing Awesome on the game!. i can wait till may 1st, sometimes things are gonna come up while Developing a Game so Don’t stress or worry about it too much, have a nice day and keep up the good work Yandere Dev and Volunteers:)

  5. I really don’t get why the Hitman video was needed. Honestly (and I know you don’t like suggestions or whatever, but buck up) I think you could just do the update videos. That way you have more time and we wouldn’t have this “Oh, I had no time because I made those videos” nonsense. I get why the 2 year video was needed, but the Hitman video was a 16 minute thing that would’ve been better placed after crowd funding. It’s happened before and honestly, love your work love you but, it’s a piss poor excuse. We are all here because of the game. People are donating on patreon and volunteering for the game. This is your way of becoming a respected developer but you won’t be able to with the excuse of “I made a video so I had no time!” Look, I know this is free and all, but I’m hoping if you ever see this, it’s the kick in the pants you need. Worry about 2 update videos a month, that’s all you need. Let’s face it, you’d be done with the feature had you not made that video.

    • You’re not wrong; I think there’s a lot of things Yandere Dev could be handling better, including extras. However, everyone needs a break, especially when you’re trying to produce quality results every 15 days or so. I don’t blame him for getting ‘distracted’ every once in a while by things like that. It isn’t just for him; it’s for the community. It’s a way to explain his thought process and desires for the game (though it’s difficult to make efficient use of that without some sort of feedback…) to the community at large, so they’ll (theoretically) better understand the direction he’s taking at any given moment. He’s also working with a whole bunch of volunteers and sponsors during the day, and pulling things together from those people. While I do agree that he could easily cut out the extra videos to make more efficient use of that time, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to continue making the videos. At the end of the day, those videos may well be more for him, to help keep him focused on what he wants/needs to do.

      But… honestly, that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • He did the video because some people might not know what his inspiration was and if he didn’t make videos like that some things in the final game might not make sense to some people

    • If he rushes updates, it will suck and it will have a lot of bugs. please be patient. Look at him. He works 12hrs on the game everyday. To make a new update, it will take 13 days– 1 day for making a vid and editing it, equivalent to 2 weeks.

    • Hes working one 4 videos. the 2 year anniversary, Lets examine, and he has one on the update, and a second update on his email situation…. I dont think its a piss poor excuse, i think its pretty’s not like this is the 18th time in a row he’s used this excuse, its pretty much the first… And the Let’s Examine video was half so the people who are still thinking its a full game and its supposed to be the way it is, finally understand that its not. Also so he can get a few thoughts on his ideas, and establish and update people on what features he wants to add; Pretty much confirming or disproving previous things he said he would add or suggestions he got. I think it was a bit necessary…

      This comment about it being a “kick in the pants” and “his way of becoming a developer” makes no sense, because he’s done nothing but tear himself down ad work himself to death for a long time on these builds. He said elimination methods would take 4 weeks, an he’s pushed himself to make it 2. He’s added a ton of new menus that establish objectives, added the personalities, added a few new customization things, just a lot of stuff that could’ve took longer to do if he didn’t spend like 14 hours or more a day working on the game and everything….

      Also, I doubt he would take this one comment about you being upset because he made a video he thought would be necessary as a “kick to the pants”…

    • Okay. Let’s see how you handle working hours a day on emails from idiots, then try to work on features for a game for over 2 years and see if you can handle it. You complain he isn’t managing things well, but after ao long he will need a break to reassess certain things, and in order to help improve the game, things like looking at other games with a similar premise and then analysing them and making a video about it helps. Do you want a half baked game? Or do you want to have a great, fleashed out game? It isn’t as easy as you think.

      • I want a full game. I believe that the video was misplaced and (as I said before, should have come in the later of the game’s development. And yanderedev can take a break if he wants to, again, no problem. My issue lies with the idea that he said the video was the reason it was late, a video I believe to not be needed. If he wanted a break from it, he could just say, “imma take a quick break, ‘kayyy?” And get on. I’ll admit, im a person that will tell people if I’m gonna do something and then not give two shits. I personally believe the video is a shitty excuse for not finishing work. If you did agree, well. As I said, I really don’t care. Just figured I’d explain a bit better. As for the person with the “shut up meg” video. Real original. Totally haven’t heard that one before. Y’all need some good material. i only accept high caliber insults, del Rio baby

    • I don’t mean to be fussy or a “know-it-all,” but she won’t be moving because that’s not Osana-Chan. It’s Rival-Chan. She’s there so we can test out the rival outline that rivals will have once they’re fully implemented. I wouldn’t go completely off of what I say, since I am not Yanderedev, but I hope this helped, even a little. But please, don’t email him about it.

    • When he needs to test stuff with the rivals like maybe talking to Senpai also i think Senpai needs a rig first and btw Kokona and Osana are different people so he wont use Kokona forever will will just have to wait

      • He said he may leave Koko-chan in the game as the president of the drama club or the cooking club (I don’t remember which one, most likely drama club). The odds are 50/50. I really hope she stays 🙂

    • True, That is Not Osana. He completely redesigned the character. and That is so the game isnt beatable because he hasnt got to the rest of the game yet. This is a DEBUG build. it is for testing out features to make sure thy arent buggy…this is no where near the real game. So, when he added the expel feature, he can test it to make sure it works properly. When he adds a new killing way, he can test out that it works. You’re not supposed to be playing the real game, its just for testing purposes.

  6. I wish people would listen to you and stop asking stupid questions. Don’t they realize that they are the ones delaying the game they want me to play. Wow

  7. There’s really a 50/50 on this fanbase. it’s either support or crap. So i’ll include myself in the hype train. Good luck with implementing your features, optimizing, and video making, etc. Mr. Dev-pai~. I look forward to your next build. I stay up twice a month for these videos and builds so i’m hyped!

    • It really is….i kinda hate it. He really deserves more respect and less of the crap honestly… ;v; it makes me sad…

  8. Yandere Dev you have pushed the date for a new elimination method to be implemented for weeks! I’m sure it will be amazing but maybe you should make videos like the hitman one when you have a bit more free time? Everyone is getting a bit impatient! Nevertheless keep up the good stuff!!

  9. So excited for the new build Dev-kun! Keep up the good work. And also, I love seeing all the videos you post and always look forward to them. Thank you so much for this amazing game:)

  10. if you update the game before the clock strikes midnight (well, at least here, in Brazil), this will be THE BEST BDAY GIFT EVER.
    if not… maybe a “late” bday gift? bah, who cares? it will still be the best bday gift ever

  11. He still has until midnight in his timezone to post it. Here, in Brazil, it should be around 5 AM on day 16.

  12. Lol, that gif. But seriously, you don’t dissappoint anyone by saying that the next build won’t have awesome big features. Who cares about those? Personally, I’m more interested in the little features than the big ones.

    • I felt like the only one…
      Even the message board on the walls with the clubs and the fire extinguishers in certain places felt like major improvements to me…

  13. Is it weird that I actually like to watch the Hitman video that Yandere Dev posted? It’s so interesting to me and idk why lol

  14. well the new build is still on process since after those 4 videos that yandere dev created was very interesting and we just have to be patience for its release and yandere dev said already it won’t be ready so just wait for now.

  15. I hope the next Elimination method will include jumping around so cutely the Person in front of you gets a heart attack.

    Noone would be able to Arrest Yandere-chan. It would be the perfect murder.

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