Yandere Simulator’s Biggest Obstacle

Wow! This is the longest video I’ve ever produced! It’s a whopping 20 minutes, 25 seconds long.

In this video, I discuss the biggest obstacle to Yandere Simulator’s development. If you visit this blog frequently, you can probably guess what it is.

What’s next?

Did you know that I planned to release two games on April Fools’ Day? The first game was Kuudere Simulator 2, but the second game was actually going to be a dating sim where the player dates a certain character from Yandere Simulator! I even asked an artist to create illustrations for it!

I decided to scrap the dating sim because I felt guilty using my time for anything other than working on Yandere Simulator’s next big feature. However, tomorrow I plan to release the dating sim’s illustrations and script, in case somebody would like to turn the dating sim into a reality.

When I do this, I will also upload a “Bug-Fixing Build” of Yandere Simulator, because the most recent build has a handful of super-embarrassing bugs in it.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I release tomorrow!

356 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator’s Biggest Obstacle

      • omfg, wth is wrong with you? thats so rude! hes trying to tell people to stop so he can actually work.

      • I agree!!!

        “Autistic children are often fixated on doing certain things in a single, specific way. Deviation from that way can lead to tantrums or other defiant behaviors. When a parent interferes with an autistic child’s ritual, that stubborn part of the autism can easily show its face, emerging as rebellious behavior.”

        Preach brother!

      • He is not no retard he wants the game to look actually good he is vary grateful for all the help but he needs people that are actually skilled he is just trying to make everyone happy with the game he loves the most he wants people to help just not with art like what she showed and not with animation like he show if he allowed that then no one would even bother playing the game most people will give it a thumbs down and worst.He is being realistic this game is vary important to people and him.He did not put anything on himself because he didn’t do anything worth that also he only autistic because what kind of video game have you ever played that didn’t have a point! he is only trying to make the development go faster and people keep sending him stupid e-mails and he has to check it ever day we should feel bad for the poor guy.

  1. Sounds like he needs to set up some kind of automatic email filter, and be very clear with his volunteers and on his FAQ how to get past the filter. I highly doubt this email problem is going to get much better, unfortunately. I think the vast majority of emails are coming from people who haven’t seen his blog or his YouTube channel.

    • I think that’s exactly what he needs if he doesn’t have one by now. Something to automatically delete any emails with the words/phases “question,” “suggestion,” and “debug menu,” would save a lot of time. Though I’m not going to send him an email to suggest that, because some idiot has probably already done so.

    • How do you not see his Youtube channel or blog when the downloads menu is accessed through the blog.

    • The easiest solution is not to reply to the stupid comments. When the pointless message senders see hat nothing happens, they’ll stop. When you actually interact with them, they’ll automatically want to speak to you more since you’re basically like a celebrity for all of us.

  2. Poor Yandere-Dev. I don’t blame him for being upset, he’s only talked about this a hundred times and people keep sending him these e-mails.

  3. If you get a person who can answer the question in base of a “base answers”?
    You complain too much, the last time the client give problems and send me a really rude answer about that…
    Really, im not complaining but you are prostesting too much for a single thing..
    The stupid client says “better send the file to the creator / dev”
    Really…is not much hard to fix….

  4. Dev-pai doesn’t need this crap.
    Why can’t everyone just fork over their hard-earned money & then go the hell away?

  5. The game is fun and all, but the real entertainment here is the rich, self-destructive insanity of the creator.

  6. If this post angers you enough that you insult yanderedev, just please do others and yourself a favor and kill yourself. Not for insulting yanderedev but for being a retarded fuck to get butthurt over something that otherwise shouldnt be a big deal.

  7. YandereDev, will you add a male Yandere character to play as, including a homosexual scenarios for boy and boy and girl and girl

    • YandereDev already told that he doesn’t find the idea of a Yandere-kun really appealing, so the homosexual scenario boy and boy won’t happen. However, he already planned to make a female Senpai, so the girl and girl scenario will happen!

    • I’m sorry but Yandere-dev doesn’t want suggestions here. And he addressed this before: He isn’t interested in adding a male yandere. or boyxboy scenarios. (No offense, I love Yaoi. but that won’t be found here)

      • Suggestions in the comments are fine, he almost never reads his blog/youtube comments anyways so the suggestions are really only here for the fans to think about.
        And Yandere-Kun is going to be a stretch goal when he starts the kickstarter (look through his twitter), as well as a small town and other things I believe. So if people really want to play as a dude, they better get their money ready lol.

  8. Autism and resistance to change:

    “Misunderstanding about the need for change may result in resistance. If the child does not understand the reason why things need to be done differently, you can expect resistance – especially if he or she strongly believes the current way of doing things works just fine”

  9. Am I the only one who feel bad about the way everyone treats Midori? Because she’s so sweet and cute ❤ it's almost my favorite character ❤

  10. people bored and disturb when they don’t know what to do :c, don’t worry keep calm relax and take ur time don’t stress u should go to your rhythm, cheer up yanderev 🙂

    You have more than enough to show for crowdfunding, or you could be a man and seek investors/publishing backing.
    Stop trying to profit off the labor of volunteers, stop wasting your time reading EVERY e-mail (seriously, who fuck reads EVERY SINGLE e-mail they get? 99% of the time you can tell if a piece of mail is trash just by looking at the subject) and just hire the people you need to finish the game.

    • The trouble is that some of his volunteers label their emails with “Hi!” so he can find it hard to distinguish spam and volunteers. As for the team, he has said himself that he wants to be the only programmer as then he doesn’t have to wait on others to finish lines of code and stuff like that. (Please don’t hate lol)

    • Yanderedev has explained ALL of this. You’re just contributing to the problem at this point. Were you just not here when he explained his crowdfunding plans for the game? He already stated he can’t tell from the subject as well. SMH. I feel bad for yanderedev

  12. Yandere-dev, Yandere-dev! Will you continue to make videos documenting progress on Yandere Simulator after Kickstarter, or after the game is funded we will have to wait for the game to come out to see all the new stuff?

  13. this is fucking ridiculous. you can’t do this anymore, and refusing to change your tactics WILL NOT WORK.

    you’re pushing aside ideas that WILL fix your problem just so you can bitch about how hard it is with so many emails. other youtubers use separate emails. other developers do too, and even ones who don’t get nearly the mass following that you have. it’s stupid to continue like this.

    figure something else out.

    • It’s true, though. If the Dev doesn’t actually do something about this instead of pleading with the fanbase, its only going to get uglier and uglier. Even if he thinks its a bad idea, it couldnt possibly be worse than the current hole he’s dug himself into.

      • I agree. He has asked people to stop at least 6 times already. obviously it isn’t working so he should try something else. It’s just making everything worse because either people aren’t listening or people think what they are sending is helpful. So getting angry at people who maybe aren’t being helpful but are trying to be just makes him out to be the villain.

        I just don’t understand why he keeps doing these “Stop Being Stupid Annoying Fans” updates when he gets new people everyday discovering Yandere Sim. If you have an influx of customers, not everyone is going to get the memo and people who have been here since the beginning are going to get tired of it.

  14. I’m sorry, but if a twelve year old sends you a picture like that in he video, they have to be either
    1) Retarded
    2) Extremely overrating their skills.

  15. I can’t believe some of the comment here, like for real. Yandere-vev already stated more than several times not to send emails regarding to questions or suggestions, but people don’t even listen…and there’s the kids who mad about whine about it. Also I agree with dev you better have some talent to be asking to volunteer. honestly Yandere dev you are doing a good job, so are the people who do volunteer. Keep up the good work.

  16. Dear folks!

    When i were janderedev.I would tacking a break from answering e-mail by making a post here that says:

    “The next Two weeks I am not answering any mail i delete them all. All importend parties I beg for your understandig. Please contact me a week later.”

    Then i could work with my co-workers, that i already have, for a whole week.

    I am not suggest anything it frustrated me that the e-mail issue didn`t get solved.
    And I will not start send yanderedev any e-mail in my lifetime. This is as annoying as i will get.I´m clueless what yandreredev should do but I am convinced it has to be some drastic massure.

  17. I LOVE YANDERE SIMULATOR BUT I AM TIRED OF YANDERE DEVS BULL SHIT! All he does now is bitch and moan over the amount of emails he gets. First of all JUST DONT READ ALL OF THE EMAILS. 95 percent of the time you can know if an email is trash or not just by the subject line. Yandere Dev should make separate emails for volunteers, fan art, suggestions etc so he’s not over whelmed. I understand where he’s coming from about 12 year olds crappy artwork but thats really fucked up that he would be that harsh. Honestly Yandere Sim has become very popular recently and there is a fan base now, and to everyone Yandere Dev is like a celebrity! So its real messed up of him to bash his fans like that. ALSO BULL SHIT TO HIM WHERE HE CLAIMS HE HAS NO MONEY OR BUDGET WHEN HE IS MAKING 4,774 DOLLARS MONTHLY FROM HIS PATREON!!! Yandere Dev literally said “I’m pleased to say that the Patreon has been a huge success!”
    Yes people should be more considerate because Yandere Dev has asked NOT to send emails multiple time, but he’s being ridiculous and over reacting. Yandere Dev needs to know that there is a fan base and the fans are the ones who will be paying for the game, when it is finished, SO HE NEEDS TO STOP MAKING IT ALL ABOUT HIMSELF AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE FANS WANT FOR YANDERE SIMULATOR. Yes it is his game but if he doesn’t listen to any suggestions at all and makes the game entirely his own vision, IT WILL NOT BE SUCESSFUL!!!!!


      • Arent you overreacting?

        I think the fanbase is a problem first their should be the product then the fanbase. It is problem of indiedevelopment that the games didn´t finish because the developer is under huge pressure.And is giving up in the end . If you really like yanderesimulator you shuldn´t dicourage its developer because of a whim. Can you even imagine the pressure he is facing and the anger of beeing slowed down so much and constantly ask to bent his principles.I think he should say if something bothers him and don´t be PC.

    • He is listening. He has a majority of the suggestions from fans already planned for the game. He’s been asking our opinions on what to do, he’s been there for years to answer our questions. A majority of that money he makes is used to hire volunteers. He promises a couple hundred a month to a few volunteers to make sure they can stick through to do the animations or artwork for him through the game. He doesnt keep the money all to himself. About $1500 is used for himself most likely, and he probably uses a majority of that to pay his bills and update his software.

      And he’s not bashing his fans. He said he loves that he has people do art and cosplay. That makes him happy. All of the support helps him. But he cant keep going without setting some ground lines with volunteers–He’s not saying he doesnt like kids art or animations, he just says they’re not professional designs. And as explained, separate emails is annoying, since he’d have to keep switching from email to email, and people wouldnt follow the right email anyways since they dont even follow the rules now.

      He NEEDS the emails to talk to his Volunteers. And People who are sending trash emails hide their emails by making their subjects titles the correct Volunteer format, or the Volunteers he works with dont follow the right format, so he has to check to make sure.

      And he’s not being an asshole. After 2 years of dealing with people trying to spam you with pointless things, its pretty frustrating, and even after all of that, he STILL put up a message yesterday thanking the fans for their support.

    • WHY ARE YOU TYPING IN CAPS? Please don’t be irrational towards teh big Dev. Please understand that he needs to read all emails because of volunteers and in case of bug emails. He kinda explains that if you watched the video. Don’t overreact, that would put you in a bad light (besides he’s not that douchey plez calm down friend)

    • Yanderedev has explained ALL of this. You’re just contributing to the problem at this point. Were you just not here when he explained his plans for the game? He already stated he can’t tell from the subject as well. SMH. I feel bad for yanderedev. His unique vision is what made the game so popular in the first place. All he’s doing is putting his foot down and here you are bitching about it and bringing up solutions that he JUST STATED will not work. You aren’t yanderedev and you really DONT know how to fix the issue because you cannot relate AT ALL

    • Have you watched the video? He said explicitly that after two years of developping the game, he heard every possible suggestion. And for your info, the last rival was supposed to be Info-chan. Now, it’s the club president. The game is still in developement, let him time to think.
      Also, he said that it makes him sad to have become more of a jerk towards the fanbase, so calm down.

      … Also, I find it miraculous he didn’t snapped yet. Felicitation for his patience!

    • I was just about to say that. He’s already made 5 trillion complaints about it. People obviously aren’t listening or are oblivious to the issue (or the fact that they might be the issue) so he should just make a private email. It’s honestly getting annoying having these “updates”

      • Yes I may be overacting, but it really is upsetting. I understand he is under pressure and all but I don’t see why he needs to complain all the time. Yeah I really like Yandere Sim and I’ve been following the development since the beginning, but Yandere Dev is really starting to tick me off. Like he doesn’t NEED to respond to EVERY email. I know in that video he said having different emails won’t help but I think it will. Like a volunteer and debug email ONLY. Because they are the most important he will have a smaller amount to deal with, because the rest is irrelevant. I think that Yandere Dev is being stubborn. When Twitch banned Yandere Sim, I think it was right for Yandere Dev to not change his game drastically to fit their standards and all. But now he seems like he is unwilling to listen to anyone else. With the money from his patreon he could afford to hire some real developers that could help drastically.

        Yandere Dev is just trying to outshine Mike Zalmont who Yandere Dev used to consider his “idol” before he criticized some of Yandere Dev’s work. But the thing is Mike Zalmont basically single handedly programmed a game and I think that is what Yandere Dev is doing now. He isnt hiring any other programers because he wants to do it by himself, to sorda get back and prove he can do it better than him. And since that is probably why Yandere Dev wants to do all the work by himself, he is choosing that and I don’t think its fair of him to complain and blame it on his fans because he CHOSE to develop it on his own and he’s overworked.

    • How would making another email solve anything? He already has separate contact with the volunteers, it’s recognizing them for the first time that’s the problem.

  18. I agree with yandere-Dev they just need time to work on the game!! Do you want the game soon? Then stop emailing

  19. I am an 11 year old girl, extremely talented and love to draw anime. I play Yandere Simulator and have been following it since 2014. My dad have watched me play the game. He only asked me what it was about then started talking about Half Life. Which I also played and defeated at age 8.

  20. My poor Dev-Senpai.You are so right. I never send you stupid email and this video encourage me to continue not bothering my favourite game to come earlier

  21. He finally admits that the kiddies piss him off! Man, I haven’t laughed like this in a while. Seriously though, if he had a way to effectively age limit the debug build, I’m sure he would do that. I’m sure all of those who support him on Patreon are adults anyways… I can’t be the only one noticing all the “how do you download” posts either, right? Not to mention all those people who obviously never took the time to read the FAQ.

    If you can’t be a good boy/girl and follow the obvious instructions then you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

  22. Poor Yandere Dev, it’s ridiculous on how people will not let up will sending stupid, ridiculous emails after he has said these things countless times. It’s like a parent constantly reminding a child to stop when they are doing something wrong, but like a child, they won’t listen. But hopefully after all of this the emails will lessen. My best regards onto Yandere Dev, as I hope that the development of his game can all come together in the amount of time he wants. I know that many people, especially somewhere between late 2014-2015, the game grew more and more famous. I understand fans will email the developer/creator. Questions, suggestions, art, random stuff. But it can actually stress and make the developer upset/pissed off. But I’m very happy Dev can tell publically about how he feels about this. But I am also happy that people continue to cheer him on about the game and everything else. I’m very happy that people are kind and not selfish, stupid sounding 12 year-olds on the internet looking for trouble. I dearly hope that people will follow to your wishes, and people who do, good! I’m rooting for you Dev, continue your great work!

  23. You people saying for Yandere Dev to stop complaining, make a separate emails and all that other shit do realize he doesn’t have to listen to any of us or even be making this game. So if you don’t have anything kind to say about Yandere Dev or to Yandere Dev SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

    • why. why should the people who are supporting the game with their own money not be irritated that no progress is being made for stupid reasons??? the mass following who seem to think that people will actual listen are ridiculous. this is the goddamn internet. he needs to change things up or the same shit will happen. he’s a goddamn adult, and if we’re paying for this game, we expect him to act like one.

      • @絶望 Are you dumb? He’s fixing things everyday you unbehaved little Kid. He’s making this alone, and you’re so selfish. You can’t even create a Tree in Unity. And you’re not paying for this game atm, so shut the fuck up.

  24. YandereDev: Little kids should not even be playing Yandere Simulator! Seriously! Where are your parents?!
    Me (15 years old): *dying of laughter* Funny cause thats what everyone has been telling me!

  25. Hi Mr.Yandere Dev I drew something…for you sorry if its a bit sloppy but I was really tired but I dont care how long the game takes your already a prodigy in my eyes with how much you have accomplished so to me there is no reason to kill yourself working too hard take your and I hope to see it when it is complete you mastermind

  26. I feel you Yanderedev :/ i’m glad i’m not ‘one of the ”member” of the stupid email sender”. I hope people understand that this is frustrating and can give stresses. BTW I have read your faq and bug reports.

  27. Ahh… The frustration is real with this video. But, YandereDev had several valid points in this, and those of you so-called “fans” who are saying that YandereDev needs to “stop the bullshit” obviously have NO IDEA what goes into making a video game. You can’t just pull a good-quality game out of your rear, it takes TIME and effort. It takes talents and resources that may not be readily available to the head developer.
    YandereDev is only one person, not a team of people.

  28. And here we are again. I’m honestly beginning to believe it’s more important about to him to be right about thinking hiring a secretary being a bad idea, than it actually being a bad idea. The reasons he lists for not wanting to are rubbish.

    Yeesh. Control freak much? I can’t let any one else do it. I have to be in control of it, or it will be done wrong. Because, clearly nobody else is intelligent enough to filter the relevant e-mails to him. Never mind that this is how it’s been done, and worked well in the past. The last reason he gave was completely pointless. Leaking information about the game, really? Make them sign a nondisclosure agreement. If they break it have them prosecuted. Problem solved.

  29. Stupid.If its freaks you so much,just Delete that email account,take the animators you like before delete it,and work with them.And then search for bugs YOURSELF.that would be easer,i think

  30. if you’re constantly receiving unproductive email, just use a filter for potential interesting ones controlling presence of a certain keyword. Publish that keyword in your faq. Put the rest in another folder and consider those “very very very very low priority”.

    It’s not a 100% efficient solution, but I think it may help.

  31. You know, I already commented on this once but….I think Yandere Dev should hear(or read) this. I had at one point considered donating to your Patreon. This issue is stopping me from doing so. Your unwillingness to use those funds to hire a secretary, or make an official forum(which could be run by people other than yourself) is troubling. It tells me you are control freak to the point that you will allow the games development to suffer because of your unwillingness to let others have control of things….or something FAR worse. The other option is that you are using the e-mails as an excuse for the games slow development in order to intentionally delay the game, and scam more money out of your Patreons.

    Even if it is the first reason is the case, it’s a gross mismanagement of your time, and donations. If you even spend a quarter of the time you claimed to spend on e-mails in that video., it’s too much for one person to handle. Let alone someone who is supposed to be writing all of the code for the game. I’ve said my piece. Good day.

  32. Honestly Yandere Dev…You brought it on yourself when you made the graphics similar to that of an anime. You are attracting the crowd you don’t seem to want.

    It’s a conventional misconception that us weebs (yes I consider myself part of them, not like I was given a choice when I said I watched an anime and was automatically labelled as one) are unreasonable and disgusting and shitty and other shit.

    They aren’t completely wrong. I mean, if I just look up “anime girl”, um…it’s interesting, to say the least. (Yes I know that’s fan art)

    But some of us are truly….odd. Some of us truly love something to the point of fanaticism. I love Sour Patch Kids a lot, so much that I’ve actually sent them money other than the large amount I spend buying SPK, but I don’t think I’m a fanatic. I don’t try to shove SPK down other people’s throats, etc etc.

    The above behavior is something we see, in its anime counterpart. I’ve been condemned for posting my opinion about a certain anime that had a cult (literally a cult, no other word other than “rabbid foaming at the mouth what the hell is wrong with people online ” could describe it) following it.

    5 DDoS threats, 3 rape threats, 6 death threats (although I suppose you could mix the rape and death threats because the rape threats detailed death after the raping), 4 SWAT threats, and the posters of the above all spamming a staff member’s profile page, saying that I was “being rude”.

    This kind of dogma is never good.

    And it’s the kind of dogma some of your “fans” seem to possess.

    They become so close-minded in their admiration of Yandere Simulator that they decide to help it in any way they can. This includes sending shitty suggestions like “add in goku-sama!!11!11” They become so closed-minded that they think that your videos and blog posts detailing that they’re part of the problem doesn’t apply to them.

    It’s a situation I don’t envy you for. I hope to one day be influential, but not among a fanbase such as yours. When you say something, it will be taken less seriously solely because your fanbase is full of “anime freeks”. Regardless of the insight and intelligence in which you say anything.

    Also…you kinda got fucked in the ass when PewDiePie covered your game. On top of the “unreasonable weebs” you have the Pewds…..Good luck with that ^^

  33. What is Yandere Dev’s E-Mail? I was searching for it all day and I want to sent him my fanart.. 😦

  34. storm137.
    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
    If he had the choice, he wouldn’t just “fall for it”
    This is his email. He needs his email to respond to volunteers and gather bug reports. If people are spamming him with bullshit that doesn’t have a subject, he has no choice but to look at it. No one has considered it because they don’t consider themselves to have an IQ less than how many inches their dick is.

  35. I knew this game was going to get an obnoxious fanbase.
    I think a lot of your “twelve year old” fans are interested in the game because they saw famous YouTubers like Markiplier and PewDiePie playing it. It happened to Five Nights At Freddy’s, it happened to Undertale, and it’s happening to Yandere Simulator.
    I get why you don’t want any volunteers\in-game art from kids, but to be honest you shouldn’t act like all minors have shitty art. Sure, they’re not old enough to be involved in the game and have it coming if they see this video and still try to volunteer, but you know doubting an artist’s art quality over their age is wrong. I’m 14 years old myself, and while I’ve never sent you an email a day in my life that was kind of insulting. My art would not get me hired by a video game company (which is why I’m not volunteering), but it’s not absolute garbage. I’ve seen people younger that are much better than me.
    No, I’m not one of the butthurt people you see in these comments. Because I know that wasn’t towards me since I’m not one of the pests in your inbox. And even if I were to do that I’d deserve it anyways. I just wanted to point that out, because I know for a fact that at least some of the art featured on your page is by someone under 18. But that’s probably because they actually listened to you and submitted it as fanart, not art that is meant to go into the final version of Yandere Simulator. And that’s great.

    However, you have an excuse to be annoyed. I understand your anger with so many people at once wasting your time and at the same time crying over the slow process of development. It is very justified. If I had to deal with people doing that, there’d be a lot worse than a rant video. This game is supposed to be professional, after all. If you accepted every volunteer and every suggestion people would be disappointed. So there’s a lot of pressure on you.
    Yandere Developer, you’re probably not going to read this due to the annoying people in the rest of this comments section, but, if you ever need to take a break working on the game, do so for your own health. Your a person, not a slave to your fanbase and the game. You’re in charge, because it’s your game. People shouldn’t be so ungrateful that you’re spending so much time making sure this game is the best it can possibly be and lives up to it’s potential. I’m surprised you put up with the ridiculous emails for this long. Again, if you need to take a break, do it, by all means. Peace be with you.

  36. I have 2 friends that are twins. Their names are Jaqueline and Jasmine. They drew me a pic of anime. They are under 18. AND DAT ANIME…….. WAS DA BEST THING EVAH. I am a girl and I play football. I still did it even tho pple told me I couldn`t bcause of my gender. And I am da best player on da team. Just bcause you are a kid, doesn`t mean you can`t be something an adult could do.

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