Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator

3/16 Edit: Please read this.

I’m sorry that it took so long for this build to become available! I discovered a critical bug, and had to postpone the build until it could be fixed. But now it’s ready!

In a previous video, I introduced the concept of clubs, and described the process of joining clubs and quitting clubs. In the latest build, all club benefits are now functional. In this video, I describe all of the different benefits that are granted to the player by the game’s various clubs.

Scroll down for a formal list of all club benefits and also a list of bug-fixes and additions in the latest build.

Club Benefits

  • If the player joins the Cooking Club, they gain the ability to make snacks and feed them to students in order to gain a reputation boost.
  • If the player joins the Drama Club, they gain access to silk gloves that will keep their fingerprints off of murder weapons and masks that will hide their identity.
  • If the player joins the Occult Club, it will take longer for students to become alarmed when Yandere-chan is armed, bloody, or insane, and her Sanity will drop far less when committing murder, enabling longer kill streaks. (Killing animations are currently not sanity-specific, but one day, they will be).
  • If the player joins the Art Club, they gain access to a painter’s smock that will prevent the player from looking suspicious when splattered with blood.
  • If the player joins the Light Music Club, they gain access to a cello case that will allow them to transport 6 dismembered body parts and a large weapon discretely.
  • If the player joins the Martial Arts Club, they will automatically win all physical confrontations against students.
  • If the player joins the Photography Club, they will gain extra functionality for their camera and will not be considered suspicious when photographing students’ faces.
  • If the player joins the Science Club, they will gain access to a tiny robot that will clean up pools of blood and bloody footprints.
  • If the player joins the Sports Club, they will run faster and will not be considered suspicious when carrying sports equipment.
  • If the player joins the Gardening Club, they will not be considered suspicious when carrying gardening tools.

On that note:

  • Joining any club will now cause a club-related accessory to appear on Yandere-chan’s head or neck.
  • Club members now stop wearing club-related accessories (choker, bandana) when the club closes.

Bug Fixes and Additions

  • Replaced two copyrighted tracks with music by The Kira Justice!
  • If a real-life band lets me use their tracks in Yandere Simulator, a little “Now Playing” box will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen when their track starts playing.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause Kokona to speak after being killed if she was killed during an event.
  • Modified the appearance of the delinquent girls to make them less derivative of previously-existing characters.
  • Changed the color of the shadow that falls over Yandere-chan’s face as she loses sanity.
  • It is now impossible for blood pools or bloody footprints to appear on staircases.
  • Students will now react to the sight of Yandere-chan carrying the Ritual Knife.
  • Added two new weapons to the game: the baseball bat and the shovel.
  • Added seven new hairstyles for Yandere-chan! These hairstyles were created by the extremely talented Druelbozo!
  • The “painter’s smock” character model was added to the game thanks to help from Saracen!

What’s next?

Now that clubs are fully functional (barring any future additions or adjustments) I’m ready to return to my previous task: implementing all rival elimination methods. I’ll aim to implement at least two new ways to eliminate your rivals in the next build!

Thanks for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

371 thoughts on “Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator

  1. a benefit for gaming club would be for everyone to think your just some weak little kid so that they wouldn’t suspect you

    • Yandere Dev has stated in a video on his Youtube channel (which you should follow for tutorials and helpful information if you haven’t already) that the gaming club will most likely remain “Decorative background”, and that a high school serial killer would gain no benefit from the Gaming/computer club.
      He has also asked that people do not email him suggestions on how to incorporate the Gaming club.
      Source page:

  2. YandereDev please please please add a SFX volume adjuster, Announcer volume adjuster, and a Music volume adjuster.

  3. I would think that the gaming club would allow you to hack into computers and use it to (somehow) lower reputation or you could ‘leave evidence’ that implies that one student had intended to kill another student there for putting the blame on someone else

  4. For gaming club, maybe it’s better for you to get rumors out on the internet, but I don’t know if you planning to do this for the info club.

    There is another option I’d like to see, go-home club, if you don’t join any clubs, you are automatic in this “club”, lots of free time to advance all the skills you learn in your class.

  5. For the Computer Club can you make it possible to hax because that way you can sabotage your current rivals rep AND get on their Facebook page and sabotage them online? You can edit their status, pictures, basically make people think they are a terrible person


    • Yandere Dev has stated in a video on his Youtube channel (which you should follow for tutorials and helpful information if you haven’t already) that the gaming club will most likely remain “Decorative background”, and that a high school serial killer would gain no benefit from the Gaming/computer club.
      He has also asked that people do not email him suggestions on how to incorporate the Gaming club.
      Source page:

  6. Ideas for the Video Game club’s benefits…
    –More effective at manipulating people through social media.
    –Attract less attention when at Neutral/Bad reputation (due to the reclusive gamer stereotype).
    –Gain access to the gaming laptop, which can be used to distract and frighten nearby people with sound effects from Horror (screaming) and Shooter (gunfire) games. The effect of this could increase/change as more murders occur at the school. A scream or gun shots might attract students towards the source when there have been no murders, but may frighten students away and attract attention from teachers and patrolling police officers after multiple murders have occurred.

    • Yandere Dev has stated in a video on his Youtube channel (which you should follow for tutorials and helpful information if you haven’t already) that the gaming club will most likely remain “Decorative background”, and that a high school serial killer would gain no benefit from the Gaming/computer club.
      He has also asked that people do not email him suggestions on how to incorporate the Gaming club.
      Source page:

  7. i was thinking something to make the game EVEN harder! instead of all the delinquents standing all together by the fire thing, it could be much harder if thy were placed around the school! like : one close to midori, one by the fountain, one at were kokona dos her phone call, one close to the showers and so on…

  8. In one of the older builds there used to be a “sewing club”. A sewing club would be a good opportunity to “sew” infinite new school uniforms if your uniform is bloody, instead of having to run to the locker room all the time

  9. Having an Anime/Manga club could give Yandre chan access to manga without having to search the entire school to find them. They aren’t very hard to find now but I can imagine as the game gets more involved and the School campus gets larger, finding them will be much more difficult when the game is finished.

    There could also be a series that you’re only granted access to once you join. Potentially you could read the manga after school during club time so reading manga no longer makes you late for school. This would “trivialize” the manga system but still allow people to receive the buffs. Speaking of manga, since enlightenment currently doesn’t do anything, it would be interesting if there was a demon that would only speak to Yandere Chan once her enlightenment is high enough…

  10. I maybe got an idea for the computer club. Maybe the player could use it to play games with a few people online from school, and scedual a hang out at their house/somewhere in school, where they could kill them. Or maybe something similar! 😀

    • Yandere Dev has stated in a video on his Youtube channel (which you should follow for tutorials and helpful information if you haven’t already) that the gaming club will most likely remain “Decorative background”, and that a high school serial killer would gain no benefit from the Gaming/computer club.


      He has also asked that people do not email him suggestions on how to incorporate the Gaming club.
      Source page:

  11. I can’t wait to be able to kill delinquents. And new characters too. Maybe in the Computer Gaming Club, Yandere-chan could play dating sims to help her match-make her rivals with other people. Or maybe it could be used to help Yandere-chan learn new info on her rivals to use against them and sabotage them socially. I also hope in the final version there’s SOME type of interaction with Senpai. I think I’d be pretty disappointed if the game ended, and Yandere-chan won the heart of the guy she (the player) had to go through lengths to avoid for ten weeks. I think joining the delinquents is a great idea. But I really wanna be able to kill them all now. I at least hope they get fixed soon so they don’t go through walls and floors. I have to admit, I am kinda sad the ideas about one rival being Info-chan and one rival being another yandere got scrapped. Maybe they can be bonus bosses if the kickstart excels or something. I know we’re not really supposed to suggest stuff, but I’ve been following quietly for months and just had to say my thoughts SOMEWHERE.

    • He didn’t say not to ever suggest anything, just don’t ever email him suggestions. I think the point is, if he see’s suggestions in comments, he specifically reading the comments anyway. However, if he’s looking for important emails like glitch reports or responses from volunteers, all those email suggestions and comments are extra junk he doesn’t have time to sort through and it just gets in the way of him working.

  12. What if for the gaming club the title was changed to computer club and they did other things in addition to gaming. So you could basically join and have access to the computers for however long you want after school and do whatever you please. But with joining comes the benifit of learning how to hack a rival or your rivals friend’s social media accounts that have all their secrets and potential material for blackmail. Even though this is info-chan’s job, she might not have the blackmail you need. But if this was considered i think that it should only be used for rivals with squeaky clean reputations but they have underlying scandals no one knows about.(And yes I know yandere dev probably dosen’t look at the comments but wanted other peoples opinions)

    • i think that wil be in a future build (sciense students) 4 normal students and one robot student.. but u never know! yandere dev is full of suprises :3

  13. The thing that bothers me about the new update is the animation for the katana. Yandere-chan hits the student’s head as if it were a bat or a shovel, and it makes a sound like metal hiting metal, which doesn’t make sense. I think the katana should have its own animation, like stabbing the student in the chest for example.

    • It will. Dev works really hard and he will work on a new animation or one of the volunteers will. He’s probably just testing it out. He wants the different sanity animations anyways.

  14. is it just me, or when you dispose of a mask it dosent count as being properly disposed of and you get arrested anyways? i already sent an email to yandev because i tried it 3 times with 3 differnet masks but it still happened, so im pretty sure its not just me, but i want to see if anyone else noticed this.

  15. So we’ve got pretty much all the club benefits…though that still leaves me with a question.

    When you first introduced clubs, leaving a club will not only cause you to lose its perk, but will also cause you to be permanently barred from re-joining. Is the latter still the case in the current build?

    If so, then clubs and benefits could, in the final game, be treated as non-replenishing resources, forcing you choose wisely as to whether or not you need a certain benefit RIGHT NOW, and if so, what would happen in a later week when you’d actually need it again but can’t get it again because you’ve changed to another club for their benefit in a previous week.

  16. I feel as though joining the student council could provide a cool benefit in that teachers might trust you implicitly. It would become much easier to frame a rival and teachers would arguably be far more willing to believe you if caught in a compromising position.

  17. Potential benefits to the gardening club:

    Body disposal (as suggested)

    Access to wheelbarrow (probably too similar to light music club)

    Access to the cherry trees under which rivals confess/wait for senpai

    Access to fertilizers (chemical fertilizers which sure can mess you up if ingested– to that end,kinda disappointed art club doesn’t have more to do with turpentine. bleach for scrubbing weapons, but that might be too minute)

    To that end, access to poisons with the correct level of chemistry.

    Access to objects like flower pots that can be placed in precarious places.

    Ability to talk to the Rose Bride (wrong genre)

    Access to flowers which can be gifted

    Access to bees (this is impractical but i just feel there is a distinct lack of being able to sic bees on people in this game)

    I love watching this game’s progress!

  18. YES! HE MAY PUT THE THREATEN OPTION BACK IN THE GAME. But I am sure he still doesn’t read the comments. I mean I see some pretty awesome suggestions here. Maybe if I ever made a video game I would definetly read the comments.

    • He said there may be a delinquent “club” and by joining them, you could threaten other students and basically run the school (he didn’t say it, but it sounds obvious). So maybe the threatening option would become an exclusive for delinquents only?

  19. also if anyone is looking at this my favorite charactor is Kuu Dere “Kuudere”. Please Reply your favorite charactor if you see this

  20. Changing clubs, being in multiple, or even leaving one, is rather frowned upon in Japan, since it’s meant to be practice for long term association with coworkers in the Japanese professional world of spending the rest of your life working at a single company. I’d at least hope changing clubs would have an associated reputation hit or somesuch in the final game.

    • Maybe there should be an option that when you’re in the same club for a longer period of time (Like two weeks in the means of this game), you wouldn’t lose any reputation? And the longer you are in a club, the members would start trusting you more, meaning they would be more open towards you and tell you their secrets.

  21. I would rather have him implement the rest of the characters first then to do elimination methods first tbh. ://

    • Implementation of the entire student body is something he clearly intends in bite-sized chunks. Mostly because just adding more people isn’t all that interesting if there aren’t more ways to brutally murder said people. Ya dig?

    • He’s going to implement all of the rivals before the game would be released so that we wouldn’t get to play basically the entire game without paying anything. I know this game’s going to be awesome 😀

  22. Say, with approx 100 students in the school, will there be sidequests for each one to befriend them?
    I mean, that would take a LONG time to code, so maybe its a feature we can do without? We could just befriend a select few instead?

  23. YandereDev already stated that some clubs would just be “for show”, I don’t think he’ll give the Gaming Club any benefit, no matter how many people suggest benefits for it.

    I do love the fact that joining the delinquent gang is a sort of glass cannon ability, there’s a lot of disadvantages and it’s hard getting in, but the boost it can give is a perfect reward for all the troubles, I can just imagine all sort of things you could do as a delinquent~ Access to a surgical mask, sending the gang to bully/harass your rival, threatening/intimidate other students, perhaps access to certain areas and/or weapons. There were just too many benefits from having good reputation, so I’m glad that joining the bullies is an option.

  24. So I’ve been wondering for a while (about 10-15 minutes give or take) about a single certain topic.
    Similarly to how we can (or will be able to) change Senpie’s gender and appearance, will the full game have a similar customisation screen for Yandere-chan? And following the stupid question is what I’m actually curious about (yeah dick move, I know), will there be A Yandere-kun? Male Yandere’s may be rare to the point of near non-existance but they are still a thing.

    If yes, how important is this feature in regard to the final game: is it an essential addition, or an ‘if I have time’ sort of thing?

    • Senpai is the only one that will be customized. Ayano will not have this feature. He may add a way to change the hairstyles, but that’s about it at this point.

    • “Male Yandere’kun” are actually called Yangires! I think you should just wait until the final result for the game :^D!

  25. Gaming Club Bonus:
    -Convert the “No Club” Student to the gaming club,thus making them the harmless background character
    -Has a little chance to convert “Club Student” to join your club

    How do I get this Idea?
    In shogun 2,my shogun Religion is Buddhism,but my towns peasant is almost half Christian,many christian rebellion occurs,so I build many temples,now those Christians become Buddhism,and they’re now harmless to me.

  26. I posted this comment on YouTube, but I wasn’t sure if you would see it, so I’m posting it here as well

    I think another benefit of the cooking club (since you can feed other students snacks you have prepared) could be adding in a poison or a toxin of some sort to the snack, then feeding the snacks to your rivals. By putting in a small amount, it would not kill them, but it would be enough to make them sick and miss school for a few days, effectively lowering their reputation (because your reputation decreases if you miss too much school).

  27. Yandere Dev, I believe that in the official game build there will be 10 weeks to eliminate all rivals, and then confess your love to Senpai. An idea I had was that over the weekends, Yandere-Chan should stalk Senpai. Then, when Senpai sits down on a bench, or at an outside table or fountain or something, a mini game starts where the player has to take pictures of Senpai. But, they must take the pictures while neither Senpai, OR a random bystander is watching. Kind of like those weird kissing games on Girls Go Games, only instead of kissing Senpai, you’re taking pictures of him on your phone. What do you think?

    You are doing a fascinating job on this game, and I congratulate you on your success. Keep up the good work! 🤗

  28. Ever thought about being able to make drugs and being able to sell to students or use them for faking suicide or driving addicts to over dose? Like a part of science or a chemist club.

  29. So… When is it when we are allowed to use poison on not only Kokona’s bento, but on the octopus snack that we can serve? That would be a great elimination method for Yandere-Chan to dispose of her rivals, whilst keeping her reputation high! Yandere-Chan can claim she had nothing to do with the happening, because there is no evidence so. We could also poison the octopus snack Kokona serves, so that she’ll become an obvious suspect!

    Notice me!

  30. Sorry YandereDev, but at least it’s not about the gaming club. There should be a limitation on the amount of blood/kills while wearing the painter’s smock, since blood can be smelt in large quantities. Sorry again (probably been suggested already), but I hope you implement a randomised selection pool for the rival for each week, maybe final week = ultimate rivals?

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  32. Is that Hououi Kyouma I see in the science club?

    Even though it is stupid, I kinda hope the giant robot somehow makes it into the game…even if its just as an easter egg…

  33. 😀 muito bom yandere Dev. Estou ansiosa pela próxima atualização, também não vejo a hora de ver o pessoal do clube de fotografia em ação.

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