Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator

3/16 Edit: Please read this.

I’m sorry that it took so long for this build to become available! I discovered a critical bug, and had to postpone the build until it could be fixed. But now it’s ready!

In a previous video, I introduced the concept of clubs, and described the process of joining clubs and quitting clubs. In the latest build, all club benefits are now functional. In this video, I describe all of the different benefits that are granted to the player by the game’s various clubs.

Scroll down for a formal list of all club benefits and also a list of bug-fixes and additions in the latest build.

Club Benefits

  • If the player joins the Cooking Club, they gain the ability to make snacks and feed them to students in order to gain a reputation boost.
  • If the player joins the Drama Club, they gain access to silk gloves that will keep their fingerprints off of murder weapons and masks that will hide their identity.
  • If the player joins the Occult Club, it will take longer for students to become alarmed when Yandere-chan is armed, bloody, or insane, and her Sanity will drop far less when committing murder, enabling longer kill streaks. (Killing animations are currently not sanity-specific, but one day, they will be).
  • If the player joins the Art Club, they gain access to a painter’s smock that will prevent the player from looking suspicious when splattered with blood.
  • If the player joins the Light Music Club, they gain access to a cello case that will allow them to transport 6 dismembered body parts and a large weapon discretely.
  • If the player joins the Martial Arts Club, they will automatically win all physical confrontations against students.
  • If the player joins the Photography Club, they will gain extra functionality for their camera and will not be considered suspicious when photographing students’ faces.
  • If the player joins the Science Club, they will gain access to a tiny robot that will clean up pools of blood and bloody footprints.
  • If the player joins the Sports Club, they will run faster and will not be considered suspicious when carrying sports equipment.
  • If the player joins the Gardening Club, they will not be considered suspicious when carrying gardening tools.

On that note:

  • Joining any club will now cause a club-related accessory to appear on Yandere-chan’s head or neck.
  • Club members now stop wearing club-related accessories (choker, bandana) when the club closes.

Bug Fixes and Additions

  • Replaced two copyrighted tracks with music by The Kira Justice!
  • If a real-life band lets me use their tracks in Yandere Simulator, a little “Now Playing” box will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen when their track starts playing.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause Kokona to speak after being killed if she was killed during an event.
  • Modified the appearance of the delinquent girls to make them less derivative of previously-existing characters.
  • Changed the color of the shadow that falls over Yandere-chan’s face as she loses sanity.
  • It is now impossible for blood pools or bloody footprints to appear on staircases.
  • Students will now react to the sight of Yandere-chan carrying the Ritual Knife.
  • Added two new weapons to the game: the baseball bat and the shovel.
  • Added seven new hairstyles for Yandere-chan! These hairstyles were created by the extremely talented Druelbozo!
  • The “painter’s smock” character model was added to the game thanks to help from Saracen!

What’s next?

Now that clubs are fully functional (barring any future additions or adjustments) I’m ready to return to my previous task: implementing all rival elimination methods. I’ll aim to implement at least two new ways to eliminate your rivals in the next build!

Thanks for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

371 thoughts on “Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator

  1. I was so happy that the squawking green-haired thing that doesn’t know how humans talk wasn’t in this video.

      • It’s a secret! It is probably Info-chan’s “club.” YandereDev has already said that the headmaster protects her by granting her the status of a “club” (even though she’s the only one in it) that’s allowed to break school rules

      • Yandere Dev Why will Senpai’s sister be a rival it wouldn’t make sense also you are the BEST Love your videos keep up the good work. ★

  2. I believe the Gaming Club.. or it REALLY should be known as the Computer Club, should give the benefits of being able to hack or jam cellphones to stop a certain teacher from calling the police. But if she leaves to go get the police that’ll leave a body ripe for disposal and add extra time.. Just a thought from a Cyberdoll.

  3. hello yandere dev, about joining the delinquents .. if im not wrong , you said that other rival of yandere chan is the head of delinquents , so is that possible to make yanderechan joining them? it would ruining the story 😦

  4. I thought about what you said about the fanning club and it’s no use. Weelllll I thoughtabout the gaming club and it hit me. It can be where They tech you how to make Photoshopping or “hack sites”Well that can help you hack on a site to mess with somes reputation with somebody or photoshop photos of students to ruin their reputation.

    Who knows maybe thier is a evil photography member who teams with yandere and helps her find photos.
    //idk it hit me

  5. Que hay de un sitio donde se pueda colocar el cuerpo para que no lo encuentren hasta el día siguiente? Incluso el club de videojuegos podría tener una función así

  6. Not relevant to Yandere Simulator, but everything I know about murder and such comes from playing games. I know how to construct alibis, deflect suspicion, dispose of bodies, create a cause of death, etc. But I would never use any of that information. Ahuhuhuhu!

  7. Brilliant stuff. Yandere Dev sure comes up with lots of neat ideas. I’m looking forward to the new elimination methods, and I hope the next one is matchmaking. However, I’ll be pleased with any new update.

    Thanks for all the fun stuff Yandere Dev!

  8. if you are going to ask where i saw it? i saw it at the part when he said that somebody emailed him that the game is to hard at the end you are going to see the glasses at a split second

  9. Omg, joining the delinquents sounds interesting. Going with my previous idea of having different reputation requirements for delinquents to speak with you, I think it should go like this:
    First, the one with ‘Shit’ on her mask starts talking with you. She could be sort of shy, or something. Oh, oh oh oh, every delinquent should have a reason to be one! Like, it shouldn’t play a major part, or anything, like, it would have a passing mention: for instance, Spiky-teethed mask could be a delinquent because she comes from a troubled family, and Shit-masked one could be a delinquent because she has some sort of relation with the delinquent leader, like her childhood friend or something. (Osananajimi, maybe. As in, Osana Najimi, get my gist? *her potentional suitor, i mean*) Oh, better yet! The one that has a red Venus mask could run the delinquents while Su Keban (I will call delinquent rival that, because typing ‘delinquent rival’ takes shitload of time) is away, and, naturally she is a stuck-up bitch at first, but she gets nicer when Su Keban returns. Point is, once Shitmask starts talking to you – you can run errands for delinquents, they give you small tasks for you to rise in ranks. Once Su returns, when you stalk her, you may find out that she’s in fact a sheep in bitch’s clothing. You can talk about her mis-misdeeds on the internet and as a result she is deposed as a nice girl all along. Subsequently, she loses her place with the delinquents, and you’re the new leader. I think that from there on you should also be able to reform them and make them kinda Robin Hood-ish good. Like, they would still beat people up, except only those who deserved it. That, of course, should only be mentioned as well, or something. You can also sick them on someone you don’t like. The better the delinquents are – the higher reputation you can afford to have without being kicked out. Anyway, once Su Keban is no longer a leader, she would stop caring about Senpai and focus on you instead. On Friday, when the school ends, she would confont you and present you with several multiple choice questions. Answering VERY wrong will result in her attacking and defeating you after the very first question. Other answers will result in a)her attacking you, but the delinquent you helped the most interfering and defeating her instead, effectively killing her, but lore-wise putting her in a coma. It might or might not result in delinquent being expelled. B)Her leaving you alone, but promise to become the leader again. She becomes a normal student, but (PLOT TWIST) keeping posting good things about her will result in her commiting suicide and c)Her moving on and stopping being a douche. If rivals are mentioned in endings, she would graduate as the best student.

    • :0 i really like this idea! altho yanderedev may have something already planned out for the story of su keban, i’d like it if this were to be considered

  10. A few new club benefits, a recap of the already implemented clubs, some pie-in-the-sky ideas & a promise of more content. Not bad, definitely worth the wait. I guess, with this amount of progress, he really IS working ’round the clock like he claims to. He sure deserves that $5,000 per month.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *ahem* oh, sorry – couldn’t keep a straight face.
    Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of this scam first.

    • Alright, you go make a game with less than 4 hours of sleep a night. You go fix critical bugs and errors. You go animate shit and deal with 2K+ emails a day. HAVE FUN!

      • You ever tried to code something? Well, what am I saying you know zero programming languages, you DON’T KNOW SHIT. Even simply writing in Pascal ABC the program to make simple calculations is relatively hard. Not like such a bitch as you would know something about being hard – you never had to work for anything, your parents provide you with everything. Writing all the fucking code for this – harder than diamonds. So before you judge anything – why don’t you fucking do at least one thing Yandev did in this two weeks and THEN you complain that there’s not enough content for your whiny ass

    • “Honest Wage Earner”?

      More like “Whiny Ass Bitch”.

      But in all seriousness… making a game is way more difficult than your simple mind can make out. The very fact that he’s STILL giving the game away for free, despite the fact that many developers would’ve started charging for the beta version ages ago, quite disproves your ‘scam’ claims.

      …just to point out the obvious, how is the game such a scam if there are updates every month and if you can play it? It’d be a ‘scam’ if he was charging for an unfinished game, or if he was raising money for a game nobody is able to download.

      But he is doing those things.

      Go troll somewhere else.

      • ‘For free’? I’m sorry, what part of $5,000 per month does your ‘simple mind’ not understand? He IS charging for an unfinished game.

    • wow, do you have nothing better to do than post rude tryhard comments on the posts of people who
      *aren’t* total attention-seeking scumbags?

      • XD What an idiot. 5K a month is for people who really want to fucking help. You didn’t have to pay, but you did because you trust precious Devpai. He wouldn’t lie to us. Definitely not.

    • (Sorry to everyone if this upsets you. Unless you’re this hitch, ’cause it was MEANT to upset you)Ok, I heard you were talking shit here. Basically it’s like you drew a target on your face and, bitch, tell you what: I’m an Olympic champion at throwing shade. Here goes:
      Let’s start with your nickname:’Honest Wage Earner’
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      ‘A few new club benefits, a recap of already existing club benefits, some pie-in-the-sky ideas & promises of new content’
      Okay, everything here seems okay, except the ‘pie-in-the-sky ideas’ part. Straight up, none of what he said was PITSI (I’m using a tablet and I’m tired of switching back and forth from symbols to letters, sorry). All of that is possible to be made by someone who doesn’t have shit for brains and dicks-as-tiny-as-the-one-in-a-proper-place, i.e. by NOT YOU. Also, apparently you jerk off to Bailey Jay so much you went blind, like in urban legends, ’cause apparently you’re too blind to notice Devpai also showing some new weapons. Okay, not as much stupidity here, moving on.
      ‘Not bad, definitely worth the wait’. One thing I agree with you upon. Moving on.
      ‘*insert asshole’s laugh here**ahem* oh, sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face here’
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      TL;DR you should’ve done like your brain and never appeared in the first place. I didn’t even have to insult your looks

      • Mm, I don’t really feel like it’s my place to correct your behavior in response to the obviously stupid troll, but… I was kind of hoping we were all a little better than that here… y’know…? ^^;;; I don’t think we should ever have to stoop to that level or lower to chase off someone who just wants to stir up trouble to begin with. But… that’s just me. As you were, good sir/madam.

      • Linkette, I’m the shady asshole bitch up in this joint. I’ll bring you filth from the very depth of my soul and read you to it, no problem. The only thing you have to do is disrespect Devpai. If someone is a troll – he might come for me. I don’t mind in a slightest. I’m not butthurting. I’m just channeling my pent-up anger and frustration in the only one way I know and try to aim at those who deserve. If that is a throll – welp, then we are both happy.

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        Still too long; didn’t read: You’re a bitch. Also, my balls wilo never drop. I don’t have them. I’m a girl

    • If you don’t like it, you can always leave. It’s not like you’re the one footing the bill for the game, after all, if you’re making a fuss over donations. You obviously don’t understand how difficult game development can be, especially while trying to coordinate a bunch of different people to help with that. Also, what business is it of yours what people put their money toward? If people want it, they’ll spend money on it. If people like what you’re doing, they’ll pay you to keep doing it. It’s called an INVESTMENT. It’s where people put money toward something they’re interested in IN ADVANCE because they want the product (or a return of some sort, whether getting their name out there [musicians like Only Wednesday, amateur voice actors, programmers/graphic designers looking to get a foothold in the game development world] or cheap advertisement in exchange for the donations [such as the ads displayed at the start-up screen for everyone who donates over a certain amount]), and want to help get it out there in any way possible. If people didn’t take a chance on things and put money toward them, we wouldn’t have half of the stuff we take for granted on a daily basis.

      With your logic, all video games are scams and a complete waste of time and money. Yet… you probably buy your fair share of those, too, if you even know about Yandere Simulator. How long do you think it took them to make those? How much money was poured into those? And how many people were working on those? Do you even know? I can’t think of another developer that so heavily involves the fan base in the step-by-step creation of a video game. On top of that, it gives a whole community a chance to grow and expand, NOT just one lone developer. It really makes ME appreciate how much ACTUALLY goes into game creation, from concepts to bug testing to the eventual finished product. I can see several “honest paying jobs” coming out of this single game in the future for many amateurs who were simply given a chance by a guy who had a dream. Imagine being able to put Yandere Simulator on your resume after how big this thing has gotten! Scam? My ass. I think you’re just ignorant of what building something from the ground up takes. It’s much easier to sit on someone else’s creation AFTER they’ve gone through all this mess, and get paid to do what someone else tells you to do.

      • Love you both. New friends c: #Devpai4Prez #SupportDevpai (Anyone in March 12ths stream will understand the first one)

    • Uh, I’m not sure if you know that, but developing a game actually costs.

      Also, the money he gets is from donators that want to pay for the game and support him. Remember that he could always be like the ‘Beast’s Fury” or “Bear Simulator” devs, get the money and then cancel the project.

  11. Every update just keeps getting better and better. Thank you YandereDev and volunteers for taking the time to make such a complex and intruiging game!

  12. Maybe the Student council should work opposite of Delinquents…giving you a boost of reputation every day and automatic trust from students with the negative of your daily duties getting in the way of your free time as a Trainee murderer all of which would culminate in an easier social scene and a harder kill scene.
    The delinquents should maybe also allow you to avoid the ‘game over by reputation loss’ as being a delinquent in general would probably be a problem for Senpai but joining the delinquents would mean you dont care about that, maybe also people dont freak out if you are carrying a weapon because its expected of you…teachers would still be a problem though. Of course, all of that could come with the added penalty of less study points per class visit along with what you described; which is almost a complete removal of the social side of things maybe also forcing you into 4-second kill animations even at max sanity. MAYBE if you are a delinquent and the leader comes back, falling for Senpai, an elimination method would be to take leadership off her hands by shaming her in front of her peers to completely strip her of the confidence and will to do anything….

    One giving you a helping hand with social sabotage while the other helps with the brutality…
    Seems fair to me 🙂

    Though… leaving the Council or the delinquents would have to be permanent…
    Which would mean that voluntarily leaving a club should probably change to being on a several day long cool down, or untill you befriended every member of the club. Being kicked out would be permanent still though

    ..Being able to steal a mask from the drama club would be cool too. Create a serial killer persona to scare everyone.. if the masked killer gets enough eyewitnesses and kills to their name then just walking down the hall with the mask on would make people flee the area… Maybe you could even give the mask to your mindbroken slave so they can end the legend of the masked killer..

    Just some odd thoughts that were in my mind today..

    Also I have a question.. what happens if a hero sees a mindbroken slave kill someone? would they get tackled and be unable to end themselves? would the trail lead back to you…?

    *pantpant* Glad to have that off my chest..

    Also, sorry for so much. Hopefully something is fine here for you though.

    (All ideas officially copyrighted to Yanderedev and I voluntarily forfeit all rights)

  13. I think the gaming club can’t be useful but if it is renamed computer club, it can be useful in improving reputation via social media ,hacking a system (like you can have a false fire alarm or having info about info chan) or black mail another student. If Computer club won’t be as balance as the other clubs,at least please make it part of the science club

  14. What if the Gaming Club’s benefit was to unlock a new video game for Yandere-Chan’s house every week, or to unlock more cheats or something. I can only see the gaming club as somewhat of a collector’s club.

  15. That robot in the Science Club room is too adorable! It’s like a robotic pet, leading it around with blood. 😀

    Also, you guys know better than to leave suggestions.

    love, emily

  17. What if the benefit of the Gaming club is the unlocking of the ability to play video games or cyber-bully someone using a computer?
    Is the Info Club joinable?

    • You can already play video games (in Yandere-chan’s room, although she currently only has the “Yanvania” game) and cyber-bully (by gossiping about a rival on the school website.) You can’t send anonymous messages or anything like that but that might be implemented when YandereDev upgrades your phone’s capabilities – he’s said that Yandere-chan will be able to send incriminating pictures to the guidance counsellor or cops and possibly also Senpai.

  18. Great build as always!

    As for the Gaming club. I agree with those that suggested that it could be renamed “Computer club”. For the benefit, Cyber-bullying sounds like a good option, since it could spare you from having to gossip in person to lower someone’s reputation

  19. I like these… Specially the “Bury bodies in the Garden” idea, maybe balance it by only having like 2 or 3 plots to hide the bodies in?

    Alternatively, i DID suggest a organic Mulch Bin and a Mulching Machine(Like a Woodchipper, but for generally softer Organic matter), to destroy and hide evidence, some time ago… just put a Body through(likely will take a while, and if the club shows up while its happening, theres going to be some deep shit) and once thats done, Sow the resulting “Bag of Mulch” Into the Mulching Bin/plot, which always smells like a horse died there a week ago, where it will become Fertilizer… OR Take the bag to the Incinerator past the Delinquents, since it’d just look like a Bag of trash or what not!

    ….I am beginning to sincerely question my sanity ;-;


    The gaming club actually can be very usefull.
    Use the internet to hacking/spread rumor about someone.
    Could make a teacher being fired, things like this.

    • You can already gossip about rivals online, and you will eventually be able to send incriminating photos to the guidance counsellor so a rival is expelled. Both of these methods will likely work on the teacher rival.

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