Personalities and Photography in Yandere Simulator

It’s time for a new build and a new video!

This video explains my reasoning for adding certain things to the game, tells you what’s new this week, and describes some things that I’d like to add to the game in the future:

Here’s a list of everything that is new in the latest build:

Personas and Photography

  • There are now 7 Personality types, or “Personas” in total.
  • The 3 new ones are Coward, Evil, and Social Butterfly.
  • (Female) Students will now react when the player aims a camera at them. Their reaction depends on their personality.
  • For now, all male students will have the Loner personality or Teacher’s Pet personality, and will not react to the camera. I can’t give them other personalities or reactions because, at this point in time, I don’t have an animation rig for male characters, and I can’t transfer female animations to male skeletons.
  • If the player joins the Photography Club, students will not react to the camera, and will allow the player to Photograph them without any problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix a bug that would get cause two students walking in a straight line towards one another to get “stuck” on one another, and unable to proceed along their paths.
  • The player is no longer allowed to use the “Torture for 12 hours” or “Torture for 18 hours” option to skip the day on a Friday, since this would break the Calendar screen.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where a student dying from poison could have their “dying from poison” animation be interrupted.
  • Removed shadows from the custom face template image in the Streaming Assets folder.
  • If Senpai dies because of an easter egg, he will come back to life the next day.
  • Did a better job of hiding the hidden girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow students to walk around during the post-game screen or after a game over, which was causing several other bugs to be possible.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s phone event to malfunction if the player was speaking to Kokona while her event was beginning.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kuu Dere’s Student Info page to display Mai Waifu’s portrait.
  • Fixed an incorrect classroom sign.


  • Added a humorous “WARNING” message to the beginning of the game. I might remove it, if people complain that it gives the game the wrong vibe.
  • Added a bunch of “Fake” students who exist so that the player can join clubs that don’t have official club leaders yet.
  • An accessory will now appear on Yandere-chan’s body when she joins certain clubs (Cooking, Occult, Martial Arts, Photography).
  • Attempted to improve the framerate of the game by making optimizations to certain scripts.
  • Added hair physics to some long hairstyles that were lacking physics.
  • Gave each teacher in the game a unique appearance.
  • Added a greenhouse to the gardening club zone.
  • Added 6 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle for Senpai-kun.

Sanity Effects

  • Ever since the first week of the game’s development, Yandere-chan’s eyes would shrink when she lost her sanity. Previously, her eyes would shrink into very small dots. This reflects an “angry” character, not a “hollow” character, so I have changed the minimum size of her eyes. Her eyes can still shrink, but not as much as before. Her eyes are meant to say “I am empty and dead inside”, and not “I am violent and crazy.”
  • Previously, Yandere-chan’s eyes would become blank and lifeless when “Yandere Vision” was activated. Now, they become blank when she loses sanity.
  • Now, when Yandere Vision is activated, Yandere-chan’s eyes become red.
  • A shadow now gradually falls over Yandere-chan’s face as she loses sanity.

By the way, I foolishly forgot to mention it last time, but the “Bad Time” easter egg was only made possible through help from Saracen! Thank you, Saracen!

What’s Next?

My current objective is to make all clubs functional. The reason that I implemented personalities this week was so that I could get the Photography club’s benefit to function. So, the next features that I’ll add to the game will be “whatever features must be implemented in order to make all clubs become functional.” The Light Music club’s benefit is that Yandere-chan gains access to a cello case that allows her to carry a corpse without appearing suspicious…but only if that corpse has been chopped up into pieces first. So, the Light Music Club can’t become functional until dismemberment returns to the game. I definitely want to re-implement it…let’s just hope that I can pull it off within 2 weeks!