February 15th Progress Update

The next “big” feature isn’t 100% ready yet, but it’s mostly functional, so I’m going to provide a new build and upload a video showing off the progress that I made over the past 7 days.

As of now, dismemberment is only 50% implemented; it doesn’t work on males, it only works on the default uniform, it doesn’t get reactions from NPCs, it doesn’t provide any type of advantage…so, if you’re looking for interesting new gameplay objectives and challenges, you should probably wait until the next build.

Here’s a list of all of the changes in this build:


  • Added a new weapon – the circular saw – to the game.
  • It is now possible to dismember a student using a circular saw.
  • All body parts (head, torso, arms, legs) can be picked up, carried, dropped, and incinerated.
  • NPCs and police do not react to body parts yet.
  • As of now, dismemberment only works on females.
  • As of now, the body parts that appear after dismembering an NPC will always be clad in the default uniform.

Additions and Changes

  • It is now impossible to struggle against an NPC if you’re holding a weapon that is too large to conceal, such as the katana or the circular saw. If a weapon is too large to conceal, then it’s too unwieldy to use in close quarters and would only make Yandere-chan more vulnerable during a struggle.
  • At the request of an important person, all Undertale audio assets are now removed from the game, and the appearance of the “Gaster Blasters” has now been altered so that they are completely unique.
  • It is now possible to pick up a corpse and carry it while walking or running, if the player has leveled up their Physical Education stat at least one time.
  • Implemented a real “dump corpse into incinerator” animation, rather than re-purposing a “throw” animation in order to place a corpse into the incinerator.
  • Added “APPREHENDED” text instead of “HEARTBROKEN” text when Yandere-chan is apprehended by a teacher or a Heroic student.
  • It is now possible to dump corpses off the rooftop at locations where the railing is low enough.
  • Run speed now becomes faster each time the player levels up their Physical Education stat.
  • Provided new hairstyles to most members of the Martial Arts Club.
  • Added a work-in-progress exterior to the school gymnasium.
  • Gave a new name to the student formerly named Shi Ta.
  • Added two new hairstyles for Senpai.


  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to become unable to enter their clubrooms, and cause them to access a different clubroom instead.
  • Fixed one of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles, which was appearing at her feet instead of at her head.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Yandere-chan’s hair from having color in “Ice Fairy Mode”.
  • Fixed a typo when leaving a note in Kokona’s locker.
  • Restored Mai Waifu’s long hair and huge breasts.
  • Restored Titan Mode functionality.

Secret Message

This message isn’t related to Yandere Simulator, so I’m hiding it behind a cipher:

Ajah druikr dra mycd desa E cdnaysat y vekrdehk kysa fyc y rika aspynnyccehk tecycdan, E’s bnupypmo kuehk du cdnays Cdnaad Vekrdan J yd dfedlr.dj/oyhtanataj frah ed lusac uid uh dra 15dr yd 9 BS BCD.

In Closing…

Just to save you some time, I should mention that there is no way to summon a demon in the Occult Club…yet. But, now that dismemberment has been added to the game, I can finally begin to make some progress in that area…something fun and very very interesting might be added to the next build.

One last note: remember this to keep me sane! Well, actually, I lost my sanity years ago, but I would still strongly advise reading that post anyway.

229 thoughts on “February 15th Progress Update

  1. now or in the future, it is possible to use body parts for Threatening or bullying people? in plan put his head on the table some of you are going to kill plan saying “you will be the next” or something

  2. Of course Toby Fox requested that his Undertale stuff were to be removed (Despite the fact that the only money the Dev gets is from patreon specifically)

    Toby Fox, new President of the ‘No Fun League’ 2K16.

  3. If you try to dismember a teacher you freeze when you stand up and infinite heads just start spawning in around you which is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen, like, ever.

  4. Oops, super embarrassing. I hadn’t noticed cipher was a link so I pulled up a notepad and translated your cipher myself. Oh well, it was more fun that way.

  5. “Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use” This game is currently non-profit which tips the balance in favor of fair use, the Undertale stuff in the game were perfectly fine and could be left in game, so was everything else that is copyrighted

  6. I wonder if Yanderedev fixed the bug that had the pink haired “vampire” student merge with one of the male students and then started walking in a circle. I would send him a screenshot of it but I worry he already knows about it so I don’t want to bother him.

  7. hey, I need help (sorry by the well if something tan I write isn´t ok, I don speak enlgish) when I download it it only open the note block and dont the game, please help

  8. I definitly like the new animation for dumping the body. That is always been how I imagined it and I wouuld ask myself “why doesnt Yandere Dev just have Yandere carry the bodies”.

  9. Most awesome glitch EVER.

    1. Put the circular saw in the sedation room.
    2. Get the tranquilizer and get a girl to follow you into the sedation room.
    3. Close the door and tranquilize the girl. Make sure the saw is near her body.
    4. Point the camera at the body and saw and put the camera in cinematic mode. Pick up the saw and start dismembering her.

    The result is pure gold. I really hope Kubz Scouts or Azzman will do this on YouTube so others can see too.

  10. Gotta admit, I’m kinda hoping for an opportunity to someday be able to drop a corpse (or even a body part) off of the roof onto Kokona-chan while she’s making her phone call, perhaps for some lasting effect on her…

  11. Wouldn’t it be nice if putting more blood splatters on Yandere and the NPC’s uniform if she uses the circular saw and katana, and blood spatter out if she dismembering the NPC, just some suggestion. Thank you.

  12. That coded message. Lmao its sad that i could read it without the translator link. Im too much of a final fantasy fan.

  13. It’s really cool to now be able to carry bodies and run. However, using “fireman’s carry,” such as what the military uses, which allows a person to carry someone their own size or even larger and still remain pretty mobile, would be a lot more believable, although that probably isn’t worth the trouble to animate.

  14. If anyone wants to know the translated message, here it is. ‘Even though the last time I streamed a fighting game was a huge embarrassing disaster, I’m probably going to stream Street Fighter V at twitch.tv/yanderedev when it comes out on the 15th at 9 PM PST’ You’re welcome. 🙂

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