February 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve got a bunch of bug fixes for you! Click here to download the next build! If you’d like to read a list of all the things that are fixed / changed in this build, scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous artwork by TheJennyPill!

Fixes and Changes

  • When students play games in the computer lab, they are supposed to shut the game off when they walk away from the computer. I’ve fixed a bug that was preventing the students from properly shutting the game off when walking away from their computers during some circumstances.
  • It is no longer possible to tell a student to “Go Away” if they are currently walking from one place to another. It is now only possible to tell a student to “Go Away” if they have actually reached some destination that they intend to occupy for some time.
  • Previously, telling multiple students to “Go Away” would cause them to all travel to the exact same spot and attempt to occupy one position in space. Now, telling multiple students to “Go Away” causes them all to go to different spots.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the laptop girl to continue talking and animating even if time had stopped (via pausing or taking a picture). Also, the girl’s speech will now slow down when Yandere Vision is active.
  • Previously, it was possible to speak to students in the middle of class. Now, students will tell you to hush and leave them alone if you try to speak to them while class is in session.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to be unable to pathfind towards destinations on the school’s second floor (primarily affected the Martial Arts Club).
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to sit in midair if you told them to “Go Away” during a point in time when their schedule would cause them to sit in a chair.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to put on a school uniform while she was still bloody if she removed a bloody club uniform while at her locker.
  • Telling a student to “Go Away” will no longer make them spend hours standing alone somewhere. They will now only “Go Away” for a maximum of 60 seconds.
  • Spaced out the lines of text in the Police Investigation Sequence so that the lines of text are no longer intersecting.
  • Students are no longer willing to perform favors for you if their next class begins in less than 30 minutes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Occult Club members to die with books in their hands.
  • Removed strength value for a character who doesn’t fight back when attacked.


By the way, you guys, PLEASE keep this information in mind: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/please-stop/ I’ve had to point dozens of people to that blog post over the past 2 days.

172 thoughts on “February 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I have a silly idea for an hypothetic easter egg : Maybe an easter egg Zelda Wii U where Yandere Chan jump of her bike to shout a rival (with, I don’t know, a gun ? Knives ? Bow ? Like you want) like in the trailer of the E3 when Link jump of Epona’s back. Yeah, I have strange ideas.

    And, I have another ideas for gameplay : Yandere-chan can tell at another student that she saw something in the incinerator. The student, will look inside and Yandere-chan can push him/her into.

    Ok, sorry for the errors, I’m not very good at english.

    Then, have a nice day !

    • No need to apologize! Johnnyvance is just on her time of the month. If she would be more polite, then you wouldn’t have to apologize.
      Here, a more.. polite version.

      YandereDev is not open for suggestions. Sorry! You should wait until he asks the fans for suggestions, because he has SOOOO many features planned out already! Thank you for commenting.

      -Captain Obvious.

    • I think its a good idea, but remember. The game is barely finished. Including all the charactors. I think he may think of that because I heard from someone that Ayano Aishi had a crush on Taro Yamada. And Taro Yamada had a crush on Ayano!

  2. I wish we could use gamepads like the xbox one controller to play this game. 🙂 I totally love this game! ❤ Amazing! Thanks dev!

      • Speaking of Oka Ruto she might seem all alone but she has a club! And friends! Kuudere is just A-L-O-N-E. Speell it out see for yourself. The K in that word is all alone in the corner 😦


  3. Yandere Dev. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you make the students react differenty compared to who is murdered. Like if its their friend, club leader, or a person they have just heard of.

  4. Also I am wondering if there is something to learn about Midori Gurin. We all known Kokona has been dating a guy far too old. But what about Midori? I have a feeling Yandere Dev may have put that into the game. Seek that if your interested. Another thing is that Kokona stands on the rails when she is going home. (May be different time I am not sure). But after she goes. Midori stands there too. Is there a reason she would “commit suicide?” please tell me if you know.

  5. My E-mail usually is wrong about a date so that the October 17 download turns out to be coming to me on the 4th of July next year ;D

  6. I had an Idea for the finale game. If you do wind up not cleaning up all of the corpes of a rival and/or witniss or import person to kill the police should arrive at the school and look around for the corpes. They will keep walking around and every time you they leave the corps one cop will stay at the corps. But while they do this you should be able to try to get the corps up before they find all corps. Once the find all corps they screen will tell you what happened. and befor they find them all it will give you a chance to get changed dispose more corpes, and dispose of the wepon. And if a cop see you with a bloody wepon,unifor,or with blood on you they will arrest you. But this is an Iidea I really don’t care if you add it in. I thought it would be pretty darn cool for this to happen ❤

      • speaking of which I spelled character wrong because my father say say Char and actor. I did and it obviously wasn’t right. Don’t take it personally 😉

    • I can understand the basic jist of what you’re saying, I think. I think you want the Yanderedev to add a function that allows you to continue to “Cleanup” the murder scene of anyone you’ve killed after the “Cops” have arrived, and basically make it a tense battle of getting rid of the evidence without being caught or something. By the way, it’s spelled corpse, not corps lol.

  7. Looks like YouTube’s censors have caught on. They’ve been banning Let’s Play videos for the panty-shots, Titan mode, and even the steam-censored nudity.

      • I’m pretty sure he’s had vids hit with the 18+ filter because of “private parts”, which is why he’s censored that stuff on his vids before. I think he’s mentioned having to reupload stuff on his twitter before.

  8. I don’t know about you but my favorite character is actually Kuudere-chan. I don’t know why Yandere Dev added Kuudere to the game but left out Tsundere. Maybe Osana Najimi was Tsundere enough. But whatever. Please tell me what your favorite charactor is

  9. I wish someone would actually take time to look at this build. Because my Freaking stupid Asus won’t let me play it. Tell me if there is a certain way that you start it so I can play it on my Laptop! Plz tell! 😉

  10. Maybe it would be better if he didn’t reveal the new features in new updates, and just lets us figure it out, and will only reveal it before another update. That would make us more engrossed with the game as we find each features implemented in the game.

    • I think that at a certain point it would be good for him to stop doing this, and he might. It won’t be as fun if we’ve already played all the features in the final build. On the other hand, he might not want to risk adding much without feedback.

      • The plan according to the FAQ is to stop releasing public debug builds once the groundwork of the game has reached a point suitable to seek crowdfunding with.

  11. When downloading, it says that the file is damaged. I’m aware YandereDev is uable to help in this situation, but does anyone here in the comments have any ideas? I’ve already tried to reinstall it and yes, I have WinRAR.

  12. What do you need to send message using computer? I mean – I check one time computer and I have option “Send” (Or maybe “Post” I don’t remember), then I can chose student, place and thing (Like “I saw Midori drinking alcohol at back of school”) – Just gossip but with computer. Then other student reply like “Stop posting stupid things” (Probably because not to big popularity of mine), so I start over (‘coz I forget that you can manipulate days using console) and try again with better reputation, but when i check PC again I have only option “Back”. Do I have do something special to unlock this, or I just got luck for first time and I get something what shouldn’t work in this build?

  13. Yandere Simulator on my device is not working. It is taking long periods of time to load and one thing I don’t have is patience. Do you have any certain ways on your guys’s minds to speed up the process?

  14. Hi dev I want you to make one piece easter egg or one piece styles and PLZ DONT IGNORE THIS COMMENT!! because nobody has ever made one piece skin to download and one piece is the most famous anime don’t act like it didn’t exist I really want that you add one piece easter egg and hairstyles if only you don’t ignore this comment I hope that you will not ignore this

    • I don’t think Yandere Dev does suggestions or if he reads comments. So its like talking to a fence. Good luck anyway!

  15. Just my opinion, but I think that in the final game people would take it more seriously if you could only access the Easter egg menu after you have beaten the game. This would allow people to see all aspects of the game, and not just the silly ones. Just an idea. 😉

    • That’s not how Easter eggs in videogames work though.They exist to be found, and if you don’t find them, you don’t see them. The moment you make every “Easter egg” available just like that in a menu, they cease being Easter eggs.

  16. I know you guys are swamped with people offering suggestions but please hear me out. Would if be possible for a Student with certain personality type (Evil? Hero?) come back as vengeful ghosts when you kill them?

    They are only visible when you hold up your camera and follow you around and generally try to photobomb you. The longer they are in frame the more crazy you get, basically you take damage. If you snap them with an old camera you get from the Occult club they disappear.

    Even if this is just something that happens during Halloween I think it would be neat.

    • That would be cool. I think that would be a cool idea but I think maybe there should be- Nevermind this is a reply. Sorry

  17. Is it me but does it feel weird that you kill a student and if no one saw its becomes a problem at the end of the day?
    I think the Teachers should do a look around after each class, just because in real life school they first call off the bat if a student hasn’t shown up to class which then they would have the info that a student is missing rather then wait a whole day then decide to do something about it, just a suggestion, and yes I know your not taking any and yea I did it because I thought it was a good idea, thanks again for a great game

  18. Would it make sense to use a dismembered limb as a weapon to hit other students with or have I been playing too much improbable Island?

  19. It finally works on my computer! But it gets old after a while. I hope I get some new ideas. And by the way do you know which day of the week and time that Kokona goes to the restroom?

  20. And also Yandere Dev, have you thought about fixing the bug (It may not be one it doesn’t really bother the game but I’m just saying) that when you poison or drown Kokona when she goes limp after falling down her leg goes through her skirt. I’m sure tons of people have asked you about this so don’t bother if you don’t want to

  21. Yandere Dev I think I may have found another, lets say your in Cirno mode and you kill someone in front of the teacher, you kill the teacher too but she keeps talking, and still once again you don’t need to fix this this does not affect the game

  22. HELP- I read the blog and understand the creator is making updates all the time, but WHERE and how do you download these updates? Do you just download the game every 1st and 15th? Or is there patches? What do you do?

  23. Yandere-Dev, Why don’t you take a one day break? It’s unhealthy to work on a game day to night. Spend time with your family. Do what ever. Just don’t work on this game for one day.

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