Personalities and Photography in Yandere Simulator

It’s time for a new build and a new video!

This video explains my reasoning for adding certain things to the game, tells you what’s new this week, and describes some things that I’d like to add to the game in the future:

Here’s a list of everything that is new in the latest build:

Personas and Photography

  • There are now 7 Personality types, or “Personas” in total.
  • The 3 new ones are Coward, Evil, and Social Butterfly.
  • (Female) Students will now react when the player aims a camera at them. Their reaction depends on their personality.
  • For now, all male students will have the Loner personality or Teacher’s Pet personality, and will not react to the camera. I can’t give them other personalities or reactions because, at this point in time, I don’t have an animation rig for male characters, and I can’t transfer female animations to male skeletons.
  • If the player joins the Photography Club, students will not react to the camera, and will allow the player to Photograph them without any problems.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempted to fix a bug that would get cause two students walking in a straight line towards one another to get “stuck” on one another, and unable to proceed along their paths.
  • The player is no longer allowed to use the “Torture for 12 hours” or “Torture for 18 hours” option to skip the day on a Friday, since this would break the Calendar screen.
  • Attempted to fix a bug where a student dying from poison could have their “dying from poison” animation be interrupted.
  • Removed shadows from the custom face template image in the Streaming Assets folder.
  • If Senpai dies because of an easter egg, he will come back to life the next day.
  • Did a better job of hiding the hidden girl.
  • Fixed bug that would allow students to walk around during the post-game screen or after a game over, which was causing several other bugs to be possible.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s phone event to malfunction if the player was speaking to Kokona while her event was beginning.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kuu Dere’s Student Info page to display Mai Waifu’s portrait.
  • Fixed an incorrect classroom sign.


  • Added a humorous “WARNING” message to the beginning of the game. I might remove it, if people complain that it gives the game the wrong vibe.
  • Added a bunch of “Fake” students who exist so that the player can join clubs that don’t have official club leaders yet.
  • An accessory will now appear on Yandere-chan’s body when she joins certain clubs (Cooking, Occult, Martial Arts, Photography).
  • Attempted to improve the framerate of the game by making optimizations to certain scripts.
  • Added hair physics to some long hairstyles that were lacking physics.
  • Gave each teacher in the game a unique appearance.
  • Added a greenhouse to the gardening club zone.
  • Added 6 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle for Senpai-kun.

Sanity Effects

  • Ever since the first week of the game’s development, Yandere-chan’s eyes would shrink when she lost her sanity. Previously, her eyes would shrink into very small dots. This reflects an “angry” character, not a “hollow” character, so I have changed the minimum size of her eyes. Her eyes can still shrink, but not as much as before. Her eyes are meant to say “I am empty and dead inside”, and not “I am violent and crazy.”
  • Previously, Yandere-chan’s eyes would become blank and lifeless when “Yandere Vision” was activated. Now, they become blank when she loses sanity.
  • Now, when Yandere Vision is activated, Yandere-chan’s eyes become red.
  • A shadow now gradually falls over Yandere-chan’s face as she loses sanity.

By the way, I foolishly forgot to mention it last time, but the “Bad Time” easter egg was only made possible through help from Saracen! Thank you, Saracen!

What’s Next?

My current objective is to make all clubs functional. The reason that I implemented personalities this week was so that I could get the Photography club’s benefit to function. So, the next features that I’ll add to the game will be “whatever features must be implemented in order to make all clubs become functional.” The Light Music club’s benefit is that Yandere-chan gains access to a cello case that allows her to carry a corpse without appearing suspicious…but only if that corpse has been chopped up into pieces first. So, the Light Music Club can’t become functional until dismemberment returns to the game. I definitely want to re-implement it…let’s just hope that I can pull it off within 2 weeks!

182 thoughts on “Personalities and Photography in Yandere Simulator

  1. I think there should be two coward personality the second one if a type 2coward witnesses murder they should beg to be spared by helping yandere chan or something along those lines also if u kidnap a basu sister it would be cool if u could blackmail the other one

  2. first off: adore the Photography club idea… give the story a “Hero” to this Backwards Murder Mystery!

    Second:(Ignore if you dont care, i rant about stuff from Murder Documentaries!)
    A note of the evil students… as a slightly unhinged person myself(and watching assloads of thoseCrime shows), i feel that repeatedly committing Murders in-front of one SHOULD have a effect, possibly get them to eventually BECOME a accomplice, and, at the very least, be willing to distract people or mop up the blood while Yan-chan ditches the body…

    Or at the very least, smuggle a knife or something in for you, hoping to see you use it, so they know they vicariously has a hand in it.

    People that are.. deranged enough to like murder may be content to see death for a while, but eventually they would want to be more directly involved…

    Third: Husk-chan seems to be going Hogger tiers of “…why!?”. Mayhaps add a similar character into the final game as a Homage to this stage of development, just as an easter egg, like Kuu Dere and Mai Waifu?

  3. I have a personality idea:
    Squeamish. If a Squeamish student witnesses murder they will immidiatly faint.
    however they can be woken up by another student’s scream if it has happened after they were unconscious. The student will remain asleep until after lunch or if lunch has already passed then they will wake up after school. In iether of these situations you can drag the student to there desk and put them in it. Then they will think that they fell asleep in class and had a wierd dream. so she will not refuse to talk to you and will not give you a reputation penalty. But If she ever see’s yandere chan bloody,holding a knife etc: after the incident she will realize what she saw was not a dream and will run and hide then call the cops.

    • Aw man. I had the same idea! Great minds think alike. I also came up with an idea for a blackmailer student. If you let this student witness murder they will demand that you do a task(s) for them. These tasks could provide you with benefits that you can’t get any other way. Like the blackmailer faking illness to get out of class and ordering you to escort you to the nurses office to vouch for them. The nurse will see you as a caring person and will lower her guard making it easier to steal things. You wouldn’t be able to kill this student once they’ve come back to school or at least not easily. Since they’ve seen what you’ve done they’d always surround themselves with witnesses or ask you to meet them in a room with a teacher before asking you for something.

    • I like the idea but then the dev will need to add more animations and maybe voice acting for a unconscious student waking up or being woken up;
      which is why tranquilizing is limited to a closed room.

    • I have an dea: Social Diva. They can react to murder by running to a hero student and ask them to cover for them while they run out of the school and call the cops.

  4. I have a personality idea.
    Bully. If you gossip about a student to a bully it will be much more effective. A bully’s info screen Should say in the additional info box who they are bullying. If you gossip about a student they are bullying it is extremely effective. If you kill a student with a reputation of -30 or below they will act exactly the same as an Evil student. If you kill a student with over -30 reputation then they will run away and hide and will give you a minor reputation penalty each day but will only call the police if the student has 15 reputation or higher and they will give you a reputation penalty.

  5. I think that if you Befrend a Student and they then see you kill they will not give you as harsh of a reputation penalty (evil students will not give you any penalty) Wether they will still talk to you should depend on there personality.

    Evil: if you befrend an evil student and they see you kill somebody they will offer to help you dispose of evidence (like disposing the uniform or burning the knife) you can choose one thing to get them to help you with. If you choose Drag body you will be able to move much faster with 2 people carrying the body. The student will then Calmly walk home

    Social Buterfly: if a social butterfly (who is your friend) witnesses murder they will walk away calmly confident you won’t hurt them they will walk all the way home. But will not call the police. They will give you a minor reputation penalty after that and refuse to talk to you. If they See you commit murder again or find evidence of a murder they will call the police and tell them the truth then they will give you normal reputation penalty

    Loner: if they witness murder they will take the same course of action as a regular loner but if you press the threaten option (when it’s operational) they will give you a reputation bonus. (this should work with regular loners as well but should be more effective if it is a friend)

    Coward: no change should be made to a coward.

    Heroic: they will fight you weaker than normal.

  6. I like how the photography club/sleuth personality feels like a bunch of protagonists of some mystery VN. They have all of their slice-of-life adventures, having tons of fun… until people begin to die.

    • It would a pretty fun adaptation of the When They Cry formula of making you enjoy the characters for half the game, then scaring your pants off.

      In many VNs and anime, the photography club / newspaper club is more of an antagonist or plot device, which is honestly kind of surprising, it would be a perfect setting for the classical 5 person group spanning the spectrum of photographer/journalist archetypes.

  7. Dunno if the Dev reads those comments, but just in case: Some students have close friends/siblings (Basu sisters, Kokona and Saki). I imagine such people would feel very afflicted if witnessing someone special to them get the hook (slight detail, I’ll give you that).

  8. “These empty,hollow,vacant husks will allow you to join clubs and test out there abilities befere the true club leaders are present. These Nameless,Faceless,Souless beings will not react to murder or show any signs of emotion. they exist purely so you can test a gameplay feature. There is no more meaning to there existance.”


  9. What is the warning message? I’m afraid of it jumpscaring me if I try and find it myself. The voice that says that ‘Yandere Simulator is supported by the following sponsers’ jumpscares me every time.

  10. It would be cool to add a function on the “coward” personality: If a coward NPC spotted Yandere-Chan, the NPC would react in a scared way, changing the patch.
    Ex. Midori is walking in a corridor, she spots Yandere-Chan, then turns around run away from her, selecting another way to get in the NPC destination. (I hope i explained/wrote it right, i’m brazilian :3)

    • I always wondered why anyone would possibly like this average Senpai fellow;
      Then I learned that he has the secret to immortality and that changed everything.

      I bet it was written on the anime protagonist desk.

  11. I agree with the ideas for the evil personality, it would be great if there was some way to befriend them and get them to actively help you. It should be kind of difficult though.

  12. There is a glitch where if you get a mind slave in the de-bug menu (i haven’t tried the original way of getting a mind slave) and go into bad time mode and kill saki she will still say i am worthless and the other stuff that she says

  13. Maybe a distinction between evil students behaviour and coward students behaviour could be that cowards will try to avoid you/ run away from you or act in the way most students act during low atmosphere at all times if they’ve seen you commit murder.

    An evil student might cause more reputation damage when gossiping about others with you as long as they haven’t seen you commit murder. Maybe the evil one will follow yandere chan more closely to see more murder but not so closely that it would raise any suspicions of them being an accomplice.

  14. Amazing work with the Photography Club/Sleuth students. This is exactly something that the game needs. A constant threat that needs to be monitored/dealt with AND a gameplay incentive to prevent school atmosphere from degrading, all while keeping perfectly in theme with the Japanese Highschool setting. Love love LOVE it.

  15. Hey Yandere Dez! I think that there should be another Yandere in school! Because I realized that we can kill almost anyone we want in the game, but no one can kill us, which is pretty… “upsetting” I should say.

  16. It a good game
    actually i have an idea for evil personality: if evil student witness yandere chan kill somebody, he/she will threaten or blackmail yandere chan. (maybe ask yandere chan to do some inconvenient thing, otherwise he/she will tell the police
    (sorry for my poor English~~

  17. Some punny name ideas for the photography club members could be:

    Saya Chizu (Say cheese)
    Suna Sho (In a really bad Japanese accent it sounds like snapshot)
    Kanon _____ (Last name doesn’t matter because Canon is a camera brand)
    Rin Yumeda (In the Japanese way of putting the family name before the first name it becomes Yumeda Rin (You Meddling) Unfortunately, there’s not really a good way of fitting in a middle name to make it sound like ‘you meddling kids’ like the catchphrase of every scooby doo villain ever)

    General punny names
    Akira Yuu (I kill you)

    Welp that’s all I got for now

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