January 2nd Bug-Fixing Update

Oops! There were some weird bugs in the previous build. I’ve prepared a new build with some important fixes. You can download it here.

Scroll down below this gorgeous illustration to see a bullet-point list of everything that I fixed in this new build! (I only wish I knew the name of the artist!)

  • In previous versions of the game, when the schoolday ended, Yandere-chan would drop all weapons that she was holding. If the player had committed murder, but had not been witnessed, had cleaned all blood, had disposed of the body, and had disposed of their bloody clothing, but had a bloody weapon in her possession, the police would still be called at the end of the day. This makes no logical sense, because there is no reason for Yandere-chan to drop a piece of incriminating evidence on the ground if she had successfully gotten away with murder earlier in the day. I have adjusted Yandere-chan’s behavior so that she will no longer drop weapons on the ground at the end of the day; she will simply bring the weapon home with her, which will count as disposing of the weapon. If the police are called to school and Yandere-chan has a bloody weapon in her possession, Yandere-chan will not drop it, but the police will still find it on her person. As a result, you can now kidnap a girl without having to dispose of the syringe that you stabbed her with…as long as you didn’t commit any OTHER crimes, and as long as there isn’t any OTHER incriminating evidence around school.
  • Removed circular saws. You weren’t supposed to be able to pick them up yet. They will be re-implemented once they have functionality, and/or proper animations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause an unconscious girl to teleport to the classroom beneath her usual classroom when Yandere-chan attended class.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to apologize to a student, even if that student had not witnessed Yandere-chan doing anything wrong.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two students to become unable to sit down at their chairs in the computer room.
  • Attempted to fix the “students get stuck and spin in circles when walking up or down stairs” bug.
  • Removed images of unfinished future content that you weren’t supposed to find out about yet.
  • Attempted to fix the “students get stuck when entering and exiting the changing booth” bug.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to compliment NPCs more than once per day.
  • Did a better job of hiding the hidden girl.


PLEASE read the Known Bugs List before sending me a bug report! It’s a pretty big deal!

The Club Update

Happy New Year, everyone!

This gorgeous illustration from Noxina gives me an idea. I bet the sound of exploding fireworks could be used to mask a dying schoolgirl’s screams!

But enough about that; watch this YouTube video about the latest feature in Yandere Simulator: Clubs!

Clubs aren’t the only thing that’s new in this update. Here’s a full list of everything in this new build:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some incorrect text that would display during the End-Of-Day / Police Investigation text while the police were investigating a murder-suicide.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a mind-broken slave from killing her victim unless the victim had stopped moving.
  • Fixed bug that would cause dead students to emit hearts from their heads while dead.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some “Student Info” portraits to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed skirt clipping and eyebrow deformation in the Cirno easter egg.
  • Fixed some more typos in the End-Of-Day / Police Investigation text.


  • Added 6 new hairstyles and 3 new accessories for Yandere-chan, and also two new hairstyles for Senpai-kun. These hairstyles and accessories were commissioned by fans of the game, and modeled by Druelbozo!
  • Added a special sequence somewhere inside of the school building.
  • Added a tool shed with a new weapon inside of it.
  • Added a hedge maze to the school grounds.
  • Added more props to the Occult Club room.
  • Added props in the Student Council room.
  • Added a garden for the Gardening Club.
  • Added 10 new collectible manga books.
  • Added two new easter egg modes.
  • Added props to the Art Room.
  • Added 5 new students.


  • A student who witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder will now refuse to speak to Yandere-chan in the future, and will damage Yandere-chan’s reputation on all subsequent days…until they die.
  • Replaced the copyrighted song that played during the “Sukeban” easter egg with original music.
  • Replaced the old small town test environment with a new small town test environment.
  • Examining the cheese now causes something to happen somewhere else in the school.
  • Changed the year that the game takes place in.


  • Club Leaders now wear a “Red Armband of Leadership” on their left arms.
  • Some clubmembers will now enter a changing booth and change their clothing before engaging in a club activity. This was only possible because of help from Saracen!
  • If the player speaks to a Club Leader who is in their clubroom, club-specific dialogue options will appear.
  • The player can ask a Club Leader for information about their club, ask to join the club, ask to quit the club, or ask to participate in club activities.
  • If the player asks to participate in club activities between 5:00 and 5:30, they will be shown a scene that features Yandere-chan participating in the club’s activity, and the day will end.
  • If the player reduces the number of students in a club to less than 5, that club will disband. The club members’ daily schedules will change, their appearances may change, and the doors to the clubroom will be locked.
  • If a clubmember witnesses Yandere-chan commit murder, but Yandere-chan is not arrested for murder, that student will warn the club’s leader about Yandere-chan, and Yandere-chan will be kicked out of that club, or disallowed from joining that job in the future.
  • If the player murders the leader of a club, that club will disband.
  • If the player quits a club, they won’t be allowed to re-join.
  • If the player takes an action that would result in a club disbanding (such as reducing the number of students to less than 5, getting kicked out of the club when the club only had 4 other members besides the player, or murdering the club leader) then the player will be shown a message at the end of the day in which Yandere-chan is informed that she has been kicked out of the club.

The Future of Yandere Simulator

I didn’t expect Yandere Simulator’s development to last this long. I think that this is a good time to make a video announcing how many features remain, how long it will take to implement those features, how I plan to carry out the rest of the game’s development, how I plan to secure funding, and how people can help me out.