Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

Yesterday, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch.tv. That’s a real shame, because Twitch.tv is, by far, the most dominant game streaming website on the Internet. Twitch almost has a monopoly on game streaming. There are some noteworthy competitors, but Twitch’s reach and visibility is beyond anything else available. As a result, when Twitch refuses to allow a certain game to be broadcasted, it deprives that game of a lot of visibility.

You can find out more information by watching this video:

In this video, I mentioned that I’d be willing to modify some of the game’s content in order to make it acceptable for broadcast – the key word there is “some“. I would only be willing to change minor and insignificant things that aren’t part of my vision for the game, such as the skin texture during Titan Mode or the size of steam clouds on a nude character’s body. I would not be willing to remove gameplay mechanics or change parts of the game that are essential to my vision, such as torture, bullying, panty shots, erotic manga, the ability to kill students in a school setting, etc.

I hope that Twitch re-examines their criteria for banning a game from their service. I hope that Twitch realizes that Yandere Simulator isn’t anywhere near as bad as many of the other games that they’ve banned. I hope that Twitch realizes that they presently allow people to stream games that are far worse than Yandere Simulator. I hope that Twitch revokes their ban on Yandere Simulator.

However, I’m not going to hold my breath.

324 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Is Banned From Twitch

  1. Just for the record, Senran Kagura: Estival Versus was banned, and then later unbanned from twitch, so there is at least 1 precedent for that.

    • no, just… no this game is not being designed as child friendly, if it was submitted to the ESRB it would get at least M for mature. to add a “child mode” would require removing multiple primary features, including pantie shots, bullying, suicide, kidnapping, torture, and murder. you could not make this game child friendly and still have it be considered “Yandere simulator”.

      • Actually, I believe the game will be rated T. Why? Read this:
        M rating:
        -Explicit scenes of sex
        -Extreme violence
        -Blood and gores
        -Strong language
        You can easily understand that Yandere Simulator isn’t for that type of rating, because the most violent thing that it could show is a hanging scene, but it doesn’t show scenes of depression, cutting, bullies beating up the victim etc.

        Yandere Simulator is for the T rating:
        -May contain violence (the killing animations)
        -Suggestive themes (depression, bullying, killing etc)
        -Black humor (the types of death and how Yan-chan sees them)
        -A little of blood (the blood pools)
        -And moderate sexual contents (well… not really but maybe panty shots)

  2. I think the panty shots are pretty likely contenders- I’ve heard that YouTube removes videos that showcase the panty shots uncensored, though I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe add some sort of toggle that reduces the amount of ‘sexual content’? Similar to the one that disables some of the easter egg music.

    • I don’t think the YouTube taking down videos that show uncensored panty shots is entirely true, as I have seen many Yandere Simulator videos with uncensored panty shots stay up.

      • Yandere Dev had the video introducing panty shots removed by youtube, and then ranted about how stupid it was. They’ve lessened the rules since, but it was originally ‘video removal’ + ‘strike’

  3. Machinima made a Video about Yandere Simulator being banned from twitch because it breakes 2 rules :
    1. Gore and Other Obscene Conduct
    Content that exclusively focuses on extreme or gratutous and violence is prohibited.
    2. Broadcasting Sexually Explict, Adults-only, or other Prohibted Games
    Nudity can’t be a core Focus or Feature of the game in Question, and modded nudity is disallowed in its entirety.
    Occurrences of in-game nudity are permitted, so long as you donot make them a Primary Focus of your broadcast and only spend as much time as needed in the area to Progress the game’s Story.

    • But some other games really show violence. YanSim doesnt show mature violence. Only hitting somebody and blood cames out. It doesnt show organs or internal/external damages. And about Nudity: Yeah. i know. When Kokona takes a shower, when its Titan Mode…but it doesnt show genitalia or nipples. maybe bigger clouds and modifying the titan texture is great.

    • If Yandere Simulator was banned because of Gore and Other Obscene Conduct, then why are people allowed to stream Motral Kombat X? Yandere Simulator doesn’t show anything like Mortal Kombat at all, yet it got banned, which frankly makes no sense.

    • Yeah! Yandere simulator isn’t that bad! Why did they ban it and not to respond to yanderedev anyway? I mean they could tell yanderedev to improve on the things they don’t like and it’s done! 🙂

  4. I find the whole issue really hypocritical. To not ban Hitman or grand theft auto, but to ban yandere simulator?! They didn’t ban YS because of its content! They banned YS because it has an anime artstyle on top of the content! And the fact than twitch tefuses to talk just so immature! (And how the hell is humanity still not over nudity? It’s way more natural to want to watch nude people than want to kill people!)

    • The other banned anime games are probably because they let an underage you pursue sex with other underage girls. I don’t know, I do not play them.
      YS was probably banned for murder in a school environment, in anticipation of “school violence is caused by violent video games” hysteria. Twitch just does not want that kind of publicity or backlash.

  5. The reason games like Grand Theft Auto don’t get banned from these sources, yet indie games or projects by small companies are is part of marketing, public bias and lack of respect for the “little guys”. GTA makes them more money due to being mainstream, and anime fans are ridiculed as weirdos, borderline paedophiles and pillow molesters nowadays just for liking something that’s not recognized as “normal” by our society.

    If GTA or Call o’ Doody were banned, there would be an uproar and it’d heavily damage their reputation with only a few angry soccermoms on their side, whereas anime fans aren’t respected and they won’t

  6. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! Why don’t you just make an extra version of the game that doesn’t have anything that twitch would ban you for?

  7. Further, BY USING THE TWITCH SERVICE, INCLUDING THE INTERACTIVE AREAS YOU AGREE NOT TO post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the Twitch Service any of the following:

    3. Content that is unlawful, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable;

    This is probably it, but it’s hard to say exactly what it is they object to, the panties, easter eggs, shower, etc.

    • No, they can’t take seriously the panty shots -.- c’mon, it’s not like you’re showing the intimate parts, that’s why panties exist for, for covering them. The shower it’s censored and it still doesn’t explain why GTA V is ok, y’know, having sex with the prostitutes is okay for Twitch, seemingly…
      Easter eggs, maybe the Titan one, but it still doesn’t show EXPLICITLY any part. For the others, they’re not of course violent, and if you consider them as such, you should consider the fact that Mortal Combat X is allowed… Gores and blood everywhere and the maximum of the violence in YanSim is pools of blood (not even realistic but in anime style) hanging (but it doesn’t show scenes of depression, cutting, bullies beating up the victim etc.) and the killing animations (they’re self explainatory…)

    • i was actually thinking the same thing! like, what if the game was renamed and only “Yandere Simulator” is the subtitle? (Btw i prefer Sick Love vs Love Sick) but yeah! will they still ban it anyway? o3o

  8. Even if you changed the game so that it would be streamble on twitch… what about the oldest beta of the game? There’s no way you can know if someone is streaming the new update or an old one unless you check it youself. Maybe twitch won’t change idea because of this and will leave Yandere Simulator banned.

  9. Guys could you please stop comparing to GTA? GTA is rated by ESRB. I don’t even think if Yandere Simulator is rated Mature. I do like this game, I do want to be a side with YanDev but I don’t think it is going to be easy to stop that Twitch…. especially when they wrote this…

    ‘Please note: Mature rated versions of Adults Only titles are permitted for broadcasting, including Mature versions of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.’

    But its kind if dumb though Twitch banned Y.S :cccc

    • I find it being funny that it’s on the same list as Rapeplay (A adult game where The dude rapes the mother and her 2 daughters and has a bad ending if one the them becomes pregnant :P)

      • I know right???
        If that game is banned I wouldn’t get shocked.
        But YS??? PLEase Twitch, do you EVEN know what is Yandere????

  10. You can just stream on youtube. Honestly, I never even heard of twitch before your livestream, but who doesn’t know youtube?

    • It’s because people don’t respect Japanese or Anime type games. Nobody respects people who play these type of games and usually they don’t have lots of money behind the game, so what exactly will the developer/developers of the game be able to do?

  11. I think I know why it was banned. I’m not from Twitch or anything, but, I have a theory.
    Things like GTA, a game that’s kind of already racy with sex scenes, murder, and actual playable torture scenes, I was wondering why THAT would be allowed, and then, it hit me. This torture, sex, and murder is happening to ADULTS.
    Yandere Simulator, a game with torture, murder, suicide, occasional lewd-ness, etc. is a game that has all of this happening to CHILDREN, or at least, people the age of 18 and below.
    I could be wrong, but people get a little cagey when children are doing or shown things…Like that.

    Or I could be absolutely and utterly wrong and it could just be indecency.

    • If your theory is correct, and that it’s banned because it’s happening to minors under the age off 18 Yandere Dev was willing to change that. Yandere Dev said that, He’s willing to make the characters’ ages ambiguous or turn the setting into an “academy” rather than a high school.

      • To be honest an academy would still be bad (Virginia Tech was a university and still known as a school shooting), although it might be the push that gets YS unbanned.

    • Actually, YandereDev already was once asked for Yandere-Chan’s age in an interview I read once. He replied something to the effect of: To keep things from getting too controversial….let just say 18.

  12. The only plausible reason Twitch would ban Yandere Simulator for is because of the pantyshots.

    The problem isn’t the pantyshots themselves – it’s because of ‘sexualising minors’. And by minors, I mean under 18’s.

    Obviously in Japan the legal age is 16, and this is the age for the characters in the game. However, in our ‘Western’ world, this does not comply. It is obvious in the game that the majority of characters, especially the ones you take pantyshots of, are not 18+. Because of this I can see some sense in why they’d ban the game (and by ‘some’ I mean very little – it’s dumb and hypoctritical what Twitch have done, let alone banning an unfinished game), HOWEVER….

    The solution is actually fairly simple. You don’t have to remove the pantyshot mechanic. Not revealing the characters’ ages, or making it explicit that the characters are 18 or over, would solve this problem.

    That would mean that the setting wouldn’t be as realistic… obviously in a high school, not everyone will be 18. By not revealing the characters’ ages though, this would make it unclear and impossible to prove whether the characters are really underage. The age of the characters has nothing to do with the game or gameplay. It shouldn’t be a problem to make the characters 18 anyway – unless the game’s background is really THAT much of a concern.

    And also… they’re pixels. They aren’t based upon anyone and they are certainly not human. I know this is an argument pedophiles tend to use, however unlike in pedos’ cases, in this context it’s common sense. This game has no intentional nudity that is outside of gameplay purposes like stated in the rules, and any of it is either censored or there is no ‘nudity’ (genitalia) shown. If Twitch think skin is a problem, they’re total fucknuts.

    IF ANYTHING, the streams should be required to have a maturity setting on them. And that’s if Twitch are still being cunts.

    It is a great shame to see Twitch ban Yandere Simulator on a dumb problem that actually has many sides to it. I hope they reconsider their ban, or at least provide us with a good reason for doing so.

    • The over 18 thing isn’t really a concern actually. Believe it or not all characters in the game are over the age of 18 is a hold over from quite a while ago with localization of h-games. Its not done anymore since the introduction of the patriot act. The patriot act clarified that drawn pictures that do not involve a real life model (such as anime or manga) does not fall under child pornography.

      • Since when is the USA the only country in the world?

        The Patriot Act only governs US citizens. Yandere Simulator has a huge amount of players in other countries, such as the UK, Russia and Brazil. The statement on child pornography doesn’t apply to laws overseas. And the majority of publicity for the game is outside the US. Also, Twitch caters to countries all around the globe, so this act is irrelevant when it comes to them banning games regardless of them having their HQ is the US. They might as well simply ban the rest of the world from streaming Yandere Simulator on their service if that was the case.

      • japans age of consent is 13 according to one part of the law but you are not allowed to do certain things until they are 18. unless they have parental consent or are married which is possible from 16 for girls and 18 for boys if you have parental consent else it is 20 :p

  13. Make the game PG18
    Step 1 – to download the game, people will need to create an account. Anyone below 18 years can’t play (even though a lot of people make fake accounts)

    Step 2 – in the game, say what it contains (violence, bullying, nudity, etc) and that it is not recommended to anyone below 16 or 18.

    I don’t believe that this will solve the whole problem, but it will reduce it and they will see that you want to change the game 🙂 good luck YandereDev you have a great game. Continue! ^^

  14. everyone seems to miss the fact that yandere simulator is a game based yes on torture, pornography and such…but in a child way. we play as a girl who’d kill, torture and bully her classmates just to make a boy fall in love with her. such rough topics as torture, bullying, suicide etcetera are considered as Tabu somewhere, especially if the game takes its place in a ordinary school where stuff like that could easily happen. so I guess that pantyshoots, partial nudity and Titans bodies are the minor problem tbh.

  15. That’s a real shame, because Twitch.tv is, by far, the most dominant game streaming website on the Internet.

    Steam and Origin might care to argue that point

  16. This sucks… I guess it kinda makes sense, but YS is certainly not worse than other non-banned games.
    On a more positive note, this made it to the top news when googling “Twitch”, here in Italy!

  17. I think the main problem they have is violence to minors. Never in any of those other games are minors killed and even in games like fallout the children are unkillable. I don’t know how much this helps because its still a school setting but maybe having a one of those disclaimers about how all depicted characters are above the age of 18 and what not might help.

  18. Come ON, Twitch. Why are you banning Yandere Simulator? At least give us a DAMN GOOD REASON FOR IT!! I mean, as YandereDev said, there are games with way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY grotesque, gruesome, violent and lewd themes and visuals than Yandere Simulator.

  19. Dont bother changing anything, somehow they will say it has inspired some sort of stupid real life event or try to say “This is why people wanna ban video games” Its “Bassackwards head up but thinking” or as I like to say “Stinkin’ Thinkin'”

  20. por que? ¿Por qué la prohibición de Yandere simulator? denos una razón, hay juegos bien violentos, como gta 5, ¿por qué no lo prohiben? YANDERE SIMULTATOR ES PARA ENTRETENER

  21. To be fair, most of this game’s popularity came from YouTube. Do we really need Twitch, then..? He got 5 million downloads with an unfinished game without even TOUCHING Twitch.

    If you ask me, we do not need them and their racist/ciassist policies against asian-looking indie games (almost every game on their banned list has that profile). In the long run, THEY will be losing more than YandereDev by banning the game, and serves them right.

  22. I can’t see it getting unbanned. Even if other games have “worse” stuff, Yandere Simulator has it’s fair share of “stuff” on it’s own…

  23. It’s probably less because of the violence and nudity and more about violence in a school (whether a university or a high school). Despite the fact that Yandere-chan is stated to be a monster by YandereDev, I doubt Twitch would dig that deep. They probably think the game justifies it as Yandere-chan doing it for love, so it must be okay (it is not). Even if the characters have a vague age, the Virginia Tech shootings happened in a university and are still school shootings. If Twitch DOES dig deep, with the final game there might be a create-your-own-level thing, including creating your own school. So it could potentially be used as a mass-murder practice customized to your own school. And they want to avoid that and bad publicity from what the public can find as a “school murder simulator.”
    TL;DR the issue is they think it is a school murder sim, not the violence or nudity

    • In addition, even if Twitch knows it’s not like that, they still do not want to be connected to it. If the next mass murderer is said to be inspired by (or started to play) violent video games they saw on Twitch, including Yandere Sim, Twitch looks bad and loses business or gets a bad rep.

    • My sentiments exactly, plus the fact that these the game is based on multiple controversial topics. A game with a torture scene and/or a sex scene is different than a game where torture, bullying, and pantyshots are key to gameplay. Also, because a lot of the stealth mechanics haven’t been added, Yandere Sim currently has the feel of a “High School Mass Killing” Sim.

      Along those lines, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is not banned, so it’s clearly not violence against minors in a school setting alone. In fact, I think pointing to any one cause is an oversimplification. I think that the game will have a chance at being unbanned when stealth mechanics and other elimination methods are added.

  24. Sorry yandere simulator got banned for no reason but it’s fair to stream gta 5 really? Totally unfair also I’m glad there at least one faulty member who is going to be a male and I would be so awesome if you did voice him but what if you made him look like you, you are the developer of yandere simulator so why not be the headmaster of akademi high school?

  25. If this is cuz of panty shots then the 1s who do it on stream ( keep in mind u cant edit a stream while streaming unless its another one ) then they have screwed us over. But like the dev said there are other websites😁

  26. Considering all games exempt from Twitch’s content rules are from big companies, I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. For the sake of your reputation and your wallet, you should sever all contact with Twitch.

  27. This is probably why I’m never going onto twitch again.
    I kinda hated it anyways, and now Yandere Sim is banned, I’m definitely not going on there!

  28. Don’t worry about it. Make the game as mature as you want it to be. Even if the game gets an AO rating. It’s still on the PC. People will find it and buy it anyways.

    Consider this a victory! Games still have not reached the maturity level of movies. You game should be pushing the extremes.

  29. Everyone we need to get the word out about this. We can actually use this to our advantage. We all should talk about it on other wevsites/post YouTube videos about how u don’t like it/posting articles online etc. If what happened seems to be everywhere, then more people might become a fan of the game. Just a thought. It could get even more people angry and annoyed at twitch.

    I’m annoyed at twitch. I think maybe they really enforce the terms of use on what you cannot upload on smaller games like YanSim. It seems like some of the games that are talked about in the video but aren’t banned on twitch have lewd content. They seem much worse than YanSim.

  30. ATTENTION!!! So I don’t know if you actually read the comments but please read this. If you check this url http://www.twitch.tv/p/rules-of-conduct you will find this little snipit. “Nudity can’t be a core focus or feature of the game in question, and modded nudity is disallowed in its entirety. Occurrences of in-game nudity are permitted, so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your broadcast and only spend as much time as needed in the area to progress the game’s story. ” Unfortunately there are quite a few aspects that fall under the category PRIMARY FOCUS and it’s never going to change so yes this will be banned from twitch unfortunately.

    • Thing is though, you can progress the game without taking panty shots. And this isn’t really a game yet, just a bunch of assets dancing around.

      • You can, but YandereDev has said many times that pantyshots are “essential” to the game – making them one of the primary focuses of the game. While you can avoid them, the main purpose of the pantyshots are to gain advantages by sending them to Info-chan. Coupled with the fact that the game takes place in a high school (which makes one assume not all the girls you’re taking pics of are of legal age…) it’s pretty clear to see why Twitch would ban it. I don’t really think they’d unban it unless the pantyshots were removed entirely.






  33. Smells like a social justice warrior didn’t like SOMETHING about the game and flagged it? It really doesn’t make sense why you would ban yandere sim and keep other games that have more “mature” content. Not to mention twitch has an option to age restrict channels, if someone is watching content they shouldn’t based on age, well it’s not the developer or the streamer’s problem imo.

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