January 15th Progress Report

I’m not sure whether to call this a “Progress Report” or a “Lack-Of-Progress Report”, because the only information I can report is the fact that I didn’t have enough time to make any significant progress on the game over the past two weeks.

Here’s a video that explains the situation in detail:

Although the last “bug-fixing update” was uploaded on January 3rd, I continued to fix bugs after that date. I logged all of the bugs that I fixed into a text file on my desktop, but unfortunately, when my hard drive died last week, I lost that text file. I know that I fixed somewhere around 10 bugs, but I can’t recall exactly what they were.

So, here’s what this week’s changelog looks like:

  • Fixed bug that would cause students to face the wrong direction and not sit down in their seats if the player arrived at school late.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student’s “detection marker” to remain onscreen after that student had died.
  • Fixed about 10 miscellaneous bugs.
  • Added a new Easter Egg.

Yikes! What an embarrassing changelog…hopefully, I’ll have a much more impressive one on February 1st.

151 thoughts on “January 15th Progress Report

  1. Oh and I was watching the Druels stream earlier, he said that it would not be difficult at all to create a new base model it would just take a bit to get it done and that if you only stuck with one uniform, cardigans and blazers and vests would be easier to add and that one uniform would be easier and have more options for customization. I think it could work nicely this way. I’m just letting you know sorry for squawking away. Goodnight ^-^ we appreciate you very much 🙂

  2. You took care of 10 bugs?! I can’t even look at a spider without feeling intense dislike and slight panic! My hero!
    Keep up the good work! And if your fans don’t want to see the live stream they don’t have to, but if it makes you happy then take those live streams and run!

  3. Por el juego, lo bueno es que va en proceso y en su vida personal
    Todos somos humanos, por lo cual tenemos derecho a darnos unos días libres, te entiendo y apoyo al 1000
    Así que descanses en estos días y haz party de más por las personas como yo, que no te podemos acompañar ❤

  4. YandereDev, it’s nice that you want to keep us posted on what changes you make and how the development of the game is coming along, but you don’t have to constantly apologize for delays or not being able to implement, those of us who have followed you and the game for a year or more understand. You mentioned before updating twice a month was soon becoming unrealistic, so perhaps it’s time to stop that schedule and update only once a month (let’s say the week of the 15th for example, so you don’t have to stress about posting exactly on the 15th). Also, I think most fans and followers would be happy with just an update video of how everything’s coming along, even if it doesn’t include a brand new build. We want you to be happy and enjoy YandereSim too 🙂

  5. oh my gosh, I had no idea Yanderedev used to stream! the 17th is my dad’s birthday, but I’m going to try my best to make it to the resident evil 4 stream for a while, cause that sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to be able to show my support for him in some way, but I don’t draw that much and I never cosplay either, so the only emails I ever send him are bug reports. I’m super excited to see what Yanderedev is like when he plays games. 😀

  6. I will join ^^ but you know what would be great YandereDev. The 18th is my birthday. I will be turning 20. Maybe a shout out please. It would make my day. Just to Tia-Chan x3

  7. Any oldfag that was on /v/ around 2009 will know what your “obnoxious behavior” is, Eva… But don’t worry, I’m not here to bash you for your errors in the past. I’m here to see great game being developed!
    I assume that you are gonna stream on those days, and I’m watching footage from one of your older steams, and it was fun. M
    I may watch it.

  8. That pastebin post almost made me sad… keep up the good work! The past isn’t the present, and you have many fans admiring you and your game. You deserve what you have accomplished. thank you for developing a super duper awsome swasome game for all your fans ❤

  9. Man, looks like you had a hard Time till know… but it also shows how determined you are 🙂

    And before anyone says that I made a Reference to Undertale… I CAN’T STAND THIS GAME, IT’S SOOO OVERRATED AND SAYING DETERMINATION OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT DOESN’T AUTOMATICALLY MEAN UNDERTALE… I guess this pretty much tells what I think of the new Easter Egg.

    Also when I hear “Gonna have a bad Time” I think of this Guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zypvv8ig_7s

  10. Thank you so much YandereDev that after your hard drive died and you were busy making videos you still provided us with a new build!
    Now this is a developer that cares about his fans!

  11. omg this is the best easter egg ever, you combined my two favourite games ;____; and i’m obviously going to watch the stream. thank you, YandereDev, you’re the best ♥

  12. Can somebody tell me how to use the new easter egg? I know how to make those bones to appear and shoot with the skulls, but i don’t know how to throw students around…

  13. Oh hell yes, more Undertale… Kokona-chan is gonna have a bad time…. A-anyway, don’t worry about trivial things and keep up the good work Devpai!

  14. That’s just beautiful, YandereDev! My two favourites games combined!…. And the best of all: it’s not just a Sans costume, it have the SANS’S DIDDLY DARNY SKILLS!
    Keep going with your amazing work, senpai, we all love you to death ❤

  15. Yandere dev awesome job…. Even so People here would really liked you took more days like until January 28th …. Also Start working on the occult club buffs please… And add that rival girl you talked in a video before this one came

      • We’ll I won’t try I’ll do,tomorrow I don’t go to school so… Yeah and if you ask and 11 years old and Yandere simulator is for me THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED!!!! And I don’t really use (as you said) the “silly Easter eggs” sometimes I do use them… Even I can’t win Yandere simulator … I kill every rival at the school…

      • You can’t win Yandere Simulator… (either you’re saying that there’s a way to win or you have bad grammer, please check) :/

  16. I always hear this sort of story in almost every great thing, and it fills me with determination that you people manage to overcome these stuff. Keep up the good work. I’ll try to catch your stream before going to school

  17. Eh…you didn’t just add an “easter egg”(that’s not what they are, but its what you call them). You fixed bugs. As for your live stream…I might pop in for a look.

  18. “Fixed bug that would cause students to face the wrong direction and not sit down in their seats if the player arrived at school late.”

    I didn’t think of it as a bug, but that’s more realistic.

  19. The moment I saw “Bad time Mode” I was like: Wait a holy fucking second. I see where this is going.
    Then I heard determined.
    I like died from excitement where I sat.

  20. yandere dev you are awsome. There is nothing else to say you are awsome.
    I will definately be watching your livestream

  21. I am gonna watch the 17 January’s! But i can’t watch the 19 because I am at school then….. And it’s your blog! Do what you please^^
    This will be excellent you I’ll have over a million views! I hope so😏
    Best of luck and best of happiness!

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