Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?

Depending on your perception of Yandere Simulator, and depending on what you think the game is supposed to be about, you might be surprised to hear this, but I don’t think that “Yandere Simulator” is the most appropriate title for this game.

I’ve put my thoughts into a video:

As usual, I’d like to ask the community what they think about my latest proposal.

Should I re-name Yandere Simulator?

How do you feel about the name “LoveSick”?

Also, just for fun:

Which of these is your favorite name?

The last time I polled the fanbase, I think I got a pretty clear picture of the game’s audience. However, I’d like to run those polls again to find out if Yandere Simulator’s fanbase has changed over the past year.

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What do you want the MOST from Yandere Simulator?

Those are the only polls that I’m prepared to create right now. I might want to poll the community on other matters in the future, but for now, that’s all I’ve got.

What’s next?

I spent the first three days of the month fixing bugs. Making the “Past, Present, and Future” video took several days, I spent several days getting my computer operational after my main hard drive died, and making the “Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?” video took several more days. Now it’s January 13th, which leaves me with about 1 day to try and update Yandere Simulator. (Since it takes at least 1 day to make an update video, I’d have to work on the 13th, record a video on the 14th, and upload it on the 15th).

It’s nearly impossible to accomplish anything significant within 1 day, so I don’t think you should get too excited for a spectacular update on the 15th. I’m going to try my best to implement something special that I think will only take one day to implement, but I don’t want to make any promises.

By the way – if you’ve been following this blog for over a year, you might recall that January 17th and January 19th are special days for me. I’ll be hosting a special event on Jan 17th and 19th. I’ll make a blog post with the details on Jan 16th. However, it’s completely unrelated to Yandere Simulator, so I’ll delete the blog post after the event ends.

By the way…

In my latest video, I prominently featured three indie games: Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, and Shower With Your Dad Simulator. I used these games as an example of why the word “Simulator” is associated with humor. However, I wasn’t trying to imply that these are bad games, I wasn’t trying to imply that these games are poorly designed, and I wasn’t trying to shame the developers of these games. I’ve played all of those games, and I got a laugh out of each one of them! I’m merely trying to communicate the fact that I don’t want Yandere Simulator to be dismissed as a joke simply because it has the word “Simulator” in the title. I intend to spend the next few years of my life trying to make sure that this game has excellent gameplay and solid design, and it would be very sad if all my work goes to waste because of a word in the game’s title.

366 thoughts on “Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?

  1. First, I want to say how awesome it is that you’re doing this. I’ve been following for a year, but haven’t said anything until this point. xD You have my total and utmost respect. Take the time you need.

    I can think of two options, one of which was already mentioned (to use the words “high school” in the title).

    The second one would be a stretch, but perhaps have the finished game with the serious title to only have a few Easter eggs in it, and allow the player to access a “sandbox mode” from the main menu that allows people to still be goofy. Perhaps you could keep the “simulator” part here without risking it taking away from the finished game?…

  2. So I’m reading the comments and they’re all like”Ohh No don’t change the game’s name I love it”.. and then I look at the poles and I’m like wtffff?? So many two-faced people outhere in the world -.-

    • This might just be an issue I’m having but when I click the links on my phone it auto votes for the top option. I wanted to vote for changing the name anyway but would have said definitely not to Lovesick. I agree with the person who said just call it Yandere with the ‘Yan’ in red and ‘dere’ in pink, though I haven’t looked into if that’s available as an option.

  3. The term “simulator” is suffering from horrible abuse these days. The vast majority of games calling themselves “simulators” are clearly not. Most of the time it’s intentionally used ironically because the developers are trying to be funny, I suppose, but effectively the term “simulator” has turned into somewhat of a synonym for “lolrandom game without any actual substancial content”. And that’s not good. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a simulator. Euro Truck Simulator is a simulator. But games like Surgeon Simulator or Goat Simulator are most certainly not. That’s why I think dropping “Simulator” from the title would be the better choice.
    “LoveSick”/”Lovesick” sounds good to me. I think it works better with a lowercase s though. The uppercase once makes it look somewhat childish, like you’re trying a bit too hard to get the point across. Naturally, that’s just my personal opinion though.
    TLDR: voted for “Yandere: Lovesick”.

  4. I think naming it YANDERE would fit perfectly, especially with the subscript LoveSick. I never minded the game being called a simulator but I can see why you would want to rename it.

  5. I have another suggestion: “Lovesick: A Yandere Story”.

    If what you’re trying to explain is true, then you should drop the “simulator” moniker altogether.

    Then again, it’s hard at this point to take this game seriously unless you take action. My suggestion here is one step to help you make that statement a reality.

  6. YandereDev, you don’t have to meet every deadline. You already work hard on this game, and I think you should take the time you need to make updates for the game.
    I also have a suggestion for the new title, how about: “Yandere: Sick Love”?

  7. I love the idea of changing the name. In fact, from the poles, I think that both Yandere: LoveSick and Yandere: HeartBreak are both interesting titles. In fact, if you wanted to make a sequel, you could use one of the unused titles.

    Example: Yandere: LoveSick. You work hard to get Senpai.
    Yandere: HeartBreak. You loose senpai to your rival
    Or something along those lines

    Just an idea xD

  8. I know people think we should change the name, but please no! Yandere Simulator sounds so amazing to me, me and my friends love it. You know how you think how the title might affect the fanbase cause of “simulator”? Well, to be fair, changing the name to a different thing might lose some of the fanbase… (plus, think of all those youtube videos, xD, they say Yandere Simulator! Then those people would have to re-make all of those videos!) I know I am one of maybe thousands of people, and my thought won’t affect it at all, but I really hope you read this, it would mean so much to me! Thank you YandereDev, for inventing one of the best games ever!

  9. Another benefit to using “Yandere Simulator” as a subtitle, is that it’s more specific! If someone just searches “Lovesick,” they’ll probably get a lot of varied results. It might not occur to them to try “Lovesick game.”

  10. I’d prefer Lovesick over Yandere Simulator. It gets kind of… unprofessional… when you just call it “Yandere Simulator”. I mean, it IS a yandere simulator, but they didn’t call Undertale for Heart RPG or something.

    If anything, Lovesick: Till Death Do Us Apart or something else in that direction would work for me. Like, it clicks. I love it. Please, anyone who is reading this. Consider it. It sounds like a game with Yanderes in it without making it overly obvious. Like, “Yandere Simulator” has been bothering me for a long time, I’ve been waiting and waiting for Yandev to change it into something else, like literally anything else.

    Also, I don’t think anyone has to worry about the game not coming up when searching “Yandere Simulator”. This is mostly intuition, but if you can type in “that anime with the scissors” and get Kill la Kill as search results, I’m almost completely sure a game named Lovesick which was previously known as Yandere Simulator would show up if you searched “yandere simulator”.

  11. Why not just “Yandere”? When you had the two colors for “Yan” and “Dere” put together, it kinda just fit (At 6:25ish on the vid). It’s catchy and it would have the familiar name that everyone seems to know. “Yandere” rolls off the tongue more and has that innocent kind of vibe. However. How could anyone else know her truth other than you? (Except that chick on the laptop and Infochan, but you get the point) Lovesick just doesn’t feel like it fits the bill for what you’re going for. It’s an unattractive name (Based on the way it sounds; it’s too aggressive based on the placement of stresses in the syllables). You have somewhat of a point when it comes to the “Absence of a loved one”, but, technically, you’re always around him (or her; in the near future, I’m sure). He’s always there. You’re always watching him. You’re always… protecting him (: Even if he don’t know it.


    If I’m missing something, please correct me. I do not know how you plan on making the protagonist “win” (Such as finally being able to confess, or if you want to lock him up in your basement forever), so I am somewhat ignorant in the current moment. Hope I gave a couple ideas. And Keep up the good work! Very enjoyable.

  12. I hope he changes name so he does not have to pronounce yandere so terribly. As Japanese, it drives me nuts !!

  13. I think Yandere Simulator is a good name
    Because simulator games are so often associated with light hearted humour
    It creates a deceptively cheery first impression
    Kind of like a Yandere would

    Lovesick however… Are you sure you want your game to pop up in the same search as that vomit game?

  14. mr. Dev, if you’re reading this, i actually agree with a let’s player named Azzman who suggested that instead of LoveSick, you make it into Sick Love, which sounds more Yandere than the first one 🙂 (then still put the subtitle Yandere Simulator)

  15. How about “Love Disturbed” or “Love Deranged”? I see the point of changing the name to “Lovesick”, but I think the word lovesick has a strong association with girls moping around crying listening to sad music, as opposed to a girl actively taking action to make her senpai hers, which is why I voted against this name, I’m sorry. And “Heartbreak” doesn’t make sense since it’s a game over scene and not the objective of the game.

  16. How about the name Sadistic Love? Since yanderes tend to torture their own senpai if they reject them. I think it would be perfect for this game.

  17. Should I re-name Yandere Simulator?

    How do you feel about the name “LoveSick”?

    In any case, despite your game being “far from complete” it seems to have a pretty good amount of depth.

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  19. Renaming the game to lovesick is interesting, because when I used to hear the word lovesick, I would think of some school girl who is too in love for her own good. But now after associating the word lovesick with yandere simulator, it has became a word so much more sinister then it was intended to be. Renaming the game in my opinion is sort of a risk, because it could either lead people to think the game is something it’s not, or it could maybe end up redefining the meaning of lovesick into an almost english equivalent of yandere.

  20. Hm, LoveSick sounds nice, but what about HeartBroken? “broken” as in mentally unstable, and its also the game over screen!

  21. I absolutely love this idea of giving it a more serious name. A suggestion: what you could do is make “Yandere” the series name and title the 1st game “Lovesick.” What would be cool about that is every future game you do could have a different heading (i.e. Lovestruck could be 1, Lovesick could be 2, Infatuated could be 3, HeartBREAK could be 4, Schizophrenic, etc) with Yandere underneath. Just some suggestions. I love what your vision is with this game and completely look forward to seeing the final result! Keep up the good work!

  22. i think its name is ok but if it needs to change it should be ”yandere game” or only ”yandere” or ”yandere ……….” because its a yandere game if its lovesick it not means its a japanese or manga or anime game and the other title ideas are just english words i think it has to be something it has meanin in japanese.

  23. Initially when ‘Lovesick’ was mentioned in the video, I thought you were an idiot. The term is casually used to describe people who are infatuated to a fault, but it doesn’t expressly imply an ill will like the original title does. The game is very much about ill will toward others, regardless of the reason, most of the player’s time will be spent thinking about how to destroy everyone else. That being said, ‘lovesick’ almost flamboyantly highlights the game’s underlying plot (♪ I will do anything for love ♪), which may be suited to the player-character’s initial personality. Maybe ‘Yandere Simulator’ would make a good series name (just, for the sake of discussion), and ‘Lovesick’ would be a good name for this particular story, about this particular girl. I like @YukioOnline’s idea ‘HIAI MOUSOU’ in sound, but it almost has the same weak meaning as ‘Lovesick’, still, maybe suitable for the same reasons.

    Ps. The talking-speed in the video is stressing me out. I apologies if this is due to any unchangeable reason, but it seems to me like you deliberately used about twice the amount of time you needed to deliver the message. I almost lost interest, and I wouldn’t assume I’m the only one, I may speak for the people you’ll never hear from in these comments.

  24. Personally I don’t care about the title so I didn’t vote on that, as both the current and the possible new titles are “meh” to me.
    I think people will know this game either way, simply by mentioning “yandere”. If you are worried about reputation or notority, I doubt they will suffer due to the title (unless it is really bad).
    On the other I think it would be kind of a brave goal to try and bring back the true meaning of “Simulator” that has been quite tarnished by many recent games. With the name “Yandere Simulator” and simulator being one of the genre, too, you could say “Now this is what a simulator is. Take notes people, this is how you make such a game, living up to it’s name and genre.”

  25. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about the name change at first. I saw the title and thought “Well that would be a shame, I’ve grown attached!” But as you went into more detail about what you want for the game and described “LoveSick” better, I became all for it. I believe you should save the name change until after the game is fully developed, though. I feel as though Yandere Simulator is a more fitting name for the game right now. And when you do change the name there’s no doubt you’d have to give the main character an actual name too, other than “Yandere-chan”, otherwise it wouldn’t be as fitting. Same goes for Senpai. Maybe you could give players a choice to name the characters? I personally believe that would be the best route, making the game far more immersive. But anyway, that’s my two cents. No matter what you do, you’ll always have my support for this game. :3

  26. If you’re going to poll your fanbase’s gender, could you please add an “other” option? If I have to lie about belonging to a binary gender to fit the poll, it’s making your data inaccurate.

  27. For starters, pardon my poor English. That to the name of the game, it may be, “Yandere simulator” and not the best option, BUT many people already know, love and miss this game it was under this name. In Russia there is a saying: “Horses on a crossing do not change”

  28. YandereDev, I don’t mind you re-naming the game, but don’t let the ”simulator” word in it please. I mean ”Yandere” should be in it, of course, ”Lovesick” may be in it as well, but ”simulator”? I’m glad that you’ve made this video..

  29. Well, I think the name “Yandere” is enough for the video game’s title. However, I think I have a name that might sound interesting.

    Yandere; Teenage Psycho

    How about, High-School Sociopath?

  30. I know you don’t want to Head another bad idea, but some days ago I readed about sociopaths and then I find out ‘Borderline’, it is a kind of psychopath who is extreamely jealous and can do everything for the persons who they love, even murderer or self injuries. What do you think about “Yanderline”? Lololol just kiddin, I just want that you read about Borderline maybe for helping in the game story 🙂 Sorry for anything.

    • 1- In the name of love
      2- MadHead
      3- Queen of Madness
      4- The ill of love
      5- From Love to Sickness
      6- Yandere Queen
      7- The Edge of Love

  31. Instead of “Yandere Simulator,” how about just “Yandere?” Changing the name too much will affect the game’s reputation because people won’t know what to look for. For example, if one types in “Yandere Simulator” into Google search after watching “Yandere Simulator” videos from Youtube, he will get incorrect search results, because the game’s name has changed to “Lovesick.” So, I disagree with changing the name to “Lovesick.” “Yandere” should be fine (doesn’t affect Google search results as much).

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