Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?

Depending on your perception of Yandere Simulator, and depending on what you think the game is supposed to be about, you might be surprised to hear this, but I don’t think that “Yandere Simulator” is the most appropriate title for this game.

I’ve put my thoughts into a video:

As usual, I’d like to ask the community what they think about my latest proposal.

Should I re-name Yandere Simulator?

How do you feel about the name “LoveSick”?

Also, just for fun:

Which of these is your favorite name?

The last time I polled the fanbase, I think I got a pretty clear picture of the game’s audience. However, I’d like to run those polls again to find out if Yandere Simulator’s fanbase has changed over the past year.

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What do you want the MOST from Yandere Simulator?

Those are the only polls that I’m prepared to create right now. I might want to poll the community on other matters in the future, but for now, that’s all I’ve got.

What’s next?

I spent the first three days of the month fixing bugs. Making the “Past, Present, and Future” video took several days, I spent several days getting my computer operational after my main hard drive died, and making the “Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?” video took several more days. Now it’s January 13th, which leaves me with about 1 day to try and update Yandere Simulator. (Since it takes at least 1 day to make an update video, I’d have to work on the 13th, record a video on the 14th, and upload it on the 15th).

It’s nearly impossible to accomplish anything significant within 1 day, so I don’t think you should get too excited for a spectacular update on the 15th. I’m going to try my best to implement something special that I think will only take one day to implement, but I don’t want to make any promises.

By the way – if you’ve been following this blog for over a year, you might recall that January 17th and January 19th are special days for me. I’ll be hosting a special event on Jan 17th and 19th. I’ll make a blog post with the details on Jan 16th. However, it’s completely unrelated to Yandere Simulator, so I’ll delete the blog post after the event ends.

By the way…

In my latest video, I prominently featured three indie games: Surgeon Simulator, Goat Simulator, and Shower With Your Dad Simulator. I used these games as an example of why the word “Simulator” is associated with humor. However, I wasn’t trying to imply that these are bad games, I wasn’t trying to imply that these games are poorly designed, and I wasn’t trying to shame the developers of these games. I’ve played all of those games, and I got a laugh out of each one of them! I’m merely trying to communicate the fact that I don’t want Yandere Simulator to be dismissed as a joke simply because it has the word “Simulator” in the title. I intend to spend the next few years of my life trying to make sure that this game has excellent gameplay and solid design, and it would be very sad if all my work goes to waste because of a word in the game’s title.

366 thoughts on “Should Yandere Simulator be re-named?

  1. I love the game! I folowed you for over an year now and you really have a bad time sometimes, you have my support! You are an genius^^

  2. se voces acham que vão vender mais com esse nome LoveSick estão enganado , esse nome parece que é refrigerante de pessima qualidade , parem de se bestas e deixa o jogo como esta , se trocar o nome muitos vão para de jogar yandere simulador e ai esses mesmos que pararam de jogar vão criar outro jogo com o nome yandere simulador , que vai ser mais famoso do que esse LoveSick , que nome lixo para um jogo

    • não mais lixo que essa sua argumentação, amiguinho 🙂
      Antes de falar bosta pelo menos pensa um pouco. Ah, e larga de escrever em português. Acha mesmo que algum gringo vai se dar ao trabalho de traduzir o que você disse?

  3. if you guys think will sell more with this LoveSick name are mistaken, this name seems like it’s soda pessima quality stop of beasts and leaves the game like this, if you change the name many will stop playing yandere simulator and there these same who stopped play will create another game with the name yandere simulator, which will be more famous than this LoveSick that rubbish name for a game

  4. Don’t change the title. Sure, it might sound better, but Yandere Simulator is already widely known title. Don’t reset your reputation.
    Also, “Yandere” in title will say exactly what this game is about and “Simulator” says what it is.
    And if someone will copy you with more yandere simulators, googling “yandere simulator” will bring, well, Yandere Simulator.

  5. Dev ,the day you realeased the video , I talked about it to one of my friends and he suggested a title called “Deadly Love:Yandere Simulator” .I found it pretty good and wanted to suggest it.Hope you read it

  6. I was shocked to see 75% of this games audience is practically underage, considering the full game should be pretty much 18+, no?

    Ah, anyway. I love the Name “Lovesick” a lot, though I rather have it associated with Simulator games instead of that…..poop game. But I guess it’s not popular enough to be a Problem. Well now at least everyone following your blog knows about it…

    Between keeping the name or changing it: This is a pretty unconventional idea, so maybe you didn’t think about it yet. How about doing both? Keep this WIP Version under the title Yandere Simulator, with all the memes and funny jokes associated, and if the actual finished product is supposedly so different in gameplay and atmosphere, then handling it as an entirely new/different game doesn’t Sound so wrong. Since both would be yours, you Need not fear any legal issues using the same assets twice AND you would not have to disappoint any Portion of your fanbase.
    But I recommend keeping the fun Version as a Free-to-Play Software, you know, People would get the wrong idea otherwise. I don’t think leisure funny killing would be any more possible once the game is balanced, even when using easter egg modes, which is equal to losing one of the game’s current functions. Having another Version that stays like this would prevent this.

  7. I’ll admit, I was iffy about the name ‘Lovesick’, but the explanation given does make it seem like a neat title! Personally though, I think it would sound better as the subtitle. ‘Yandere: Lovesick’ seems like a good best of both worlds situation, if you ask me.

    Either way, it’s not like the name alone is going to actually change the game, right? The gameplay is what I’m interested in, and I’ll be looking forward to it’s release no matter what you call it!

  8. hello how are you? in my understanding of your game and plot the same .for me ,should be called yandere-LOVESICK although their knowledge may find a suitable name for your video game. from already thank you for creating it.

    I’m twenty-four
    I’m from ARGENTINA.


  9. I don’t mean any disrespect when I say this, but I don’t think people dismiss Yandere Simulator as a “joke” simply because it has the word “Simulator” in the title. Granted the title probably adds another layer of jokey-ness to the game, but there are already a lot of goofy things in the game that many people would never be able to take seriously.

    Every single student in this game has a name that sounds like a gag. I understand that plenty of Japanese fictional characters have names with “meanings” that suit the character, but I think calling an actual student “Mai Waifu” is already kind of eye-roll worthy. (Though I’m hoping all of these goofy names are just placeholders)

  10. Hello, Yandere Dev.
    I think you don’t see my comment, or if you see, you won’t take it seriously.
    But I want to write my opinions.
    I follow you and Yandere Simulator from last year’s June. The first time I saw this game, I smiled and it made me feel good because I love Mirai Nikki and this game would make me feel better about my life. I’m not a crazy person but I just love this game. I downloaded it, my old PC was slow and I couldn’t play the game, but after, I did. And I was really happy.
    Whenever you put something new, I try to download it after and after. I look for Yandere Simulator videos every time. I know I have nothing in this game but I just feel so pro about it when I tell the game to my friends.
    Yandere Simulator is the coolest name. I don’t get it why people love the name LoveSick more, I think it’s ridicilous. “LoveSick” ? I think this is the name what can make a game ridicule. Yandere Simulator is the best name. Don’t change it. When you finish the game, there will be too many things in the internet about “Yandere Simulator”. And it’ll be epic.
    Don’t change it. LoveSick is not a good game. Let the same name be on still.
    I’ll follow you until the game be done. And after that, too.
    So please, don’t change it. It’s just, epic. And cool.

  11. I think the word Yandere should stay in the name. Maybe something simple as “Yandere Love” or with a little subtitle “Yandere Love – With or without you”

  12. While I’m in the camp for a name change (though I’d prefer something gooier with the term “crush”), the fact that the word “yandere” was in the title was the reason I discovered it. The flip side is that the “simulator” part lead to expectations of a semi-serious game poking fun at the trope, and it wasn’t until I really started paying attention to Dev stuff that I found that to be inaccurate.

    It wasn’t mentioned in the video if you’d be keeping the logo/theme, but I think some version that incorporates the heart/broken heart contrast would curb some of the naming issues.

    The age poll was interesting, but I discovered that I’m a minority in this audience (26-30).

  13. I support whichever option YandereDev chooses, but I’ve grown a little attatched to Yandere Simulator. I’ll be a little sad to see it gone. But, alas, this game looks amazing nonetheless. Keep on doing the amazing work.

  14. All these suggestions for a new name, looks like I’ve got another reason to be curious about what the end product is going to look like. Might as well throw in my own idea too while I’m at it. How about “Heartbreak: Crazy in Love”?

  15. I think the name “Lovesick” is really suitable for the game. The Subtitle of “Yandere Simulator” should help those trying to find the game, too.

    An idea I have for an updated title screen is the pink cutesy version of it says, “Yandere Simulator”, but the red, brutal, bloody version of it says, “Lovesick”.

    Also, for the next elimination method, I (personally) want it to be setting up two people in a relationship. You can stalk the two people who you want to set up together to find out information about their interests, and level up to write convincing love letters to put in their lockers, making it look like they came from each other and not Yandere Chan. Since there’ll undoubtedly be fill-in-the-blanks, there can be spots where the player can fill in the correct interest, a place to meet, and even the other person’s name. If Senpai has a crush on either of them, and the two people who you want to set up become a couple, he could become noticeably more sad and upset.

    Just a few thoughts! ^_^

  16. Do you think you could talk to the person who is in charge of YandereMac? They haven’t updated since December 2nd and many people are mad, which I think might be something you don’t want.

  17. A person on tumblr suggested Bleeding hearts since it could represent the love of Ayano for her senpai, the (of course) bleeding hearts of her victims (and all the victims of Aishi family) and the feeling of rejection.

  18. I think that the world simulator is a good fit if and only if the game will have sandbox like feeling, random characters falling in love to senpai and events occuring randomly. If the game will be a game like, as it seems likely to be, then maybe other name would be fitting.

  19. I thought of this:
    Looking at the list of similar English words you provided at about 6:35 in the video, I propose this name:
    Dementionate (demented + affectionate)

  20. I thought that if the actual game is called Lovesick:Yandere Simulator the sequel could be called Heartbreak:Yandere Simulator (I think that is one of the names YandereDev propose:) In any case he thinks in making a sequel game.

    I think in another name: A Yandere Story. The sequel could be called: A Yandere revenge and the last game name could be A Yandere Finale. Like a trillogy 😛 God,,,,,,, i dont know…… Dont take this seriously

    Im just saying just some random ideas, guess i got a little excited and my imagination just flew. xD .

  21. I like the name Yonder Simulator, but I looked through the comments and found some that I liked. One of my favorites is Yandere Simulator: Lovesick, where the pink version of the title screen says, “Yandere Simulator”, but the red version of it says, “Lovesick”. (I didn’t come up with that, just supporting it.) I would also love a short sequel, where Senpai breaks your heart, and you have to kill him. You could call it Yandere Simulator: Heartbreak, but I know you want to do an arcade kind of game next, so just if you do. Also, I am 14 and a girl.

  22. Hi, Yandere Dev.
    Please, think again about game name. Yandere is a important word and any other interpretation does not have full spectrum of meaning and feelings. Also name “LoveSick: Yandere simulator” move Yandere meaning into background. I think that word “yandere” need to be at first priority in name of the game.

    So, may be need to think: if yandere is a Japanese word, need to think about japanese title at first. My first suggestion is: Yanderemonogatari, where monogatary is “history” or “story” or “tale”. So that can be translated (P.S. sorry, if I wrong, because English is not my mother tongue) as: Story of yandere.

  23. hey yanderedev, i know you don’t like suggestions on your blog but i couldn’t find a way to send you what i think yandere simulator’s new name should be.
    what about Chimamire no koi? In English it means bloody love.
    i mean the game is about a girl killing for love right?

  24. I was sceptical about the name change at first, but after thinking it over, I actually like Lovesick a lot. It captures the tone you are going for pretty well.

  25. Koiwazurai: Yandere simulator is my sugestion.. Koiwazurai: suffering from love. Love Sick is a very simple title and Yandere Simulator is a good name too.

  26. Dear Yanderedev,
    I honestly thought that “LoveSick” was a horrible option for a name change. To you, and anyone who has watched the video and supports the name, LoveSick makes perfect sense. But to people who don’t know what a yandere is or doesn’t support the name it doesn’t make as much sense. When people who don’t know what a yandere is and hear “LoveSick” they don’t think of a sick love or a dark game hidden by a light and cheery disguise, but a dating sim or some girl who just hates love and romance because she can’t get boyfriend. If you do decide to change the name to LoveSick I won’t mind, it just doesn’t sound like it’s giving the vibe you’re trying to make it feel like.

  27. I think you should get one of the artist types that is working with you and get them to create an ambigram style of title, so that it reads “devoted” in one direction and “deranged” in the other. There is an website that makes them automatically as well called but original artwork would probably be better. After the title call it “A Yandere Game”

  28. Keep it to Yandere Simulator. LoveSick is just kinda cheesy. I mean, Yandere Simulator is a name widely known. Keep it Yandere Simulator please.

  29. I understand how you feel about all the silly stuff, and how you plan to remove them and the debug menu for the full release, but I personally feel you should keep them in some capacity. Even if it’s DLC or you have to beat a few difficult requirements to unlock it, I still feel it’d be very sad to see all these things just get 100% scrapped

  30. Pingback: goat envy | Yandere Simulator Creator Wants To Change Its Name

    • Initially I liked the name change to LoveSick. It actually gave me chills when you first mentioned it. Then i watched Azzman’s video and his take on it. I think Azzman’s suggestion as SickLove is much better. It seems like most people hate LoveSick as it makes it seem more like a Dating Sim game which it isn’t. I think SickLove creates a better description of the type of love Yandere has. Lovesick is usually a phrase used to describe a teenagers girls crush on someone people will say “They are lovesick.” Yandere isn’t crushing on Senpai she loves him to a deadly degree and the name SickLove describes exactly how evil the love she has is.

  31. I understand Yandere Dev’s reasoning in wanting to change the name, but LoveSick just doesn’t have right feel to it, if anything it sounds too much like an Otome or Bishojo, Eroge visual novel; which is not what he’s trying to convey to his potential audience.
    He made it very clear that Yandere Simulator is going to be a serious and dark game, not a ‘Kawaii’, ‘Lovey Dovey’ dating sim.
    I wish that people would take this more seriously, and not just go along with the first name he suggests; when all is said and done, he still has to produce a game that can be sold to the right audience, and the wrong name can have a disastrous affect.
    As Yandere Dev said, the only problem he has with the name Yandere Simulator, is the word Simulator, because he feels that it will give people the wrong impression, the same can be said about LoveSick, it gives the wrong impression.
    Saying ‘Oh I think It’s Great!’ simply because Yandere Dev suggested it, is not supporting his efforts in developing the game; instead the supporters should put more thought into this before voting, maybe even suggesting an alternative for a name.
    Off hand, the only names I can think of would be either Yandere School or Yandere High; it’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s similar to the original title, so people who have been following the project should know what it is, and it excludes Simulator, but most importantly it doesn’t sound like something it’s not.
    Now regardless of the name Yandere Dev decides to go with, I’ll continue to support his project, and I hope that there are no foolish people that will demonstrate a hissy fit, simply because they don’t like the name he chooses to go with, and posts a stupid comment, like ‘If It’s Called ____ I Wont Buy It!’, that sort of action is redundant and would require a severe lack of intelligence.
    Personally, he could call it ‘Happy Kill Kill A Go!!’, and I would still buy it, but if the name could potentially harm his ability to sell the game, then I can only advise against it, and any supporter should consider to as well.

    • Love your comment bro. Lots of wonderful insights. I personally agree with all that you said/pointed out, and it would be great if YandereDev read this.

  32. As a genderqueer person, I’d really like it if an ‘other’ option were in that gender poll, if that’s at all possible.

    And, since I’ve been on the internet long enough to know what responses this will probably get from others:

    inb4 “SJW trying to ruin our cool game”.

    That’s the last thing I want to do.

  33. I love the name LoveSick especially with the font he used. Side note: Am I the only 30+ person here? *Hangs his head in shame.*

  34. I agree with Devi. I’m 19 years old, I just found out that simulator means funny, silly games, if changing the name will make it appear more serious then let it be, while keeping Yandere or Yandere Simulator besides the new name, I think it’s a good idea. Manipulating students and tricking them and stuff is what I wanna see the most , which is what the game is about.

  35. I gotta say I’m not interested in playing any of the early builds of the game, will wait for the final version to get the full experience you have in mind.

    But in the mean time I am thoroughly enjoying the videos you make to keep us up to date on the dev. Don’t stop! Haha.

  36. doing the polls, I like the idea of keeping Yandere Simulator as a sub title.. and the one of “Yandere:Heartbreak” is not a bad thought.. when I saw the video, the thought in my mind was revolving around the words, “heart attack”as a possible title.. there is something about Lovesick that leaves a bad taste to the mouth.. but I enjoy the game and can not wait to see what come next.. keep up the good work

  37. “LoveSick” is a pretty weird title to be honest with y’all. it could just stay “Yandere Simulator” or “Yandere”. Seriously, i would not be comfortable with this new “LoveSick” thing. It looks like Yandere-Chan was around senpai and randomly caught a flu. (Yes, i know what love sick means :/) To be honest, any suggestion names that dosen’t have atleast the word “Yandere” would extremly confuse me ALOT, im not disrespecting any ones opinion, but..Not ALL simulator games are a “joke”. But either way i’ll follow the development of “LOVESICK NAH NAH NAH”.

  38. As a linguist, I love the name “lovesick” due to the really fitting connotation of both root words, nice overall semantics and the fact that this name seems perfectly marketable. While english is not my first language, I still believe that major portion of native speakers will get the exact impression of the game you wanted them to get. And dont forget to reserve it as early as you can, too.

    btw, keep up with the good work, the game concept is indeed promising. Thanks for your effort and patience.

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