Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future

It’s the start of a new year! In Japan, it’s traditional to visit a Shinto shrine on the first day of a new year. The extremely skilled Namie has created a gorgeous illustration demonstrating what Yandere-chan might look like on Hatsumōde, the first shrine visit of the new year:

Because a new year has just begun, I feel like this is an appropriate time to reflect on the last 20 months of Yandere Simulator’s development, and then talk about the future.

I’ve created a YouTube video about Yandere Simulator’s history, its current state, and what remains to be done before the game is complete. Check it out here:

In the above video, I attempt to accurately estimate Yandere Simulator’s release date using math. The year that I arrived at was 2019. This is likely to be very disappointing to many people; I’m sure that most of you want to get your hands on the finished game as soon as possible, and don’t want to wait three long years to eliminate Yandere-chan’s rivals.

I’m not pleased with this estimate, either. I enjoy working on Yandere Simulator, but I wanted to be done with this game in 2014. This game has already eaten 20 months of my life, and I really don’t want it to eat the next 40 months as well.

I’ve been working as fast as I can – 12 hours a day, not taking the day off on weekends or on holidays – but despite the fact that I’ve poured so many hours into the game, one man simply can’t develop a complex game like Yandere Simulator in less than 5 years. It really hurts to spend so much of my time working. It hurts to not have enough time to play video games, watch anime, or hang out with my friends anymore. I haven’t even played Fallout 4, or watched the latest Star Wars film! It hurts to have tons of game ideas, and actually have the ability to create them, but be unable to create them because one project is sucking up all of my time.

Everyone who tells me “You should work less hours! You shouldn’t work on weekends! You should take vacations!” doesn’t seem to realize that if I were to do any of those things, the 2019 release date would get even farther away. Do you want Yandere Sim to come out in 2022? No? You don’t? Well, that’s exactly why I can’t take days off or go on vacations.

In the above video, I proposed three potential solutions that could reduce the amount of time it would take to release Yandere Simulator, and now I’d like to let you vote for the solution that you prefer the most:


If you hate all of those ideas and have a completely different suggestion, then you’re welcome to let me hear it in the comments below.

In closing…

The matter of Yandere Simulator’s release date isn’t the only issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind. There’s something else that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about, and it’s going to be the focus of my next video. That video should be coming out within the next few days. It will also involve a poll. I hope you’ll vote on it, because it’s going to be a very important issue.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

454 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future

  1. I hate to say it, and I know you hate to hear it, and likely already know this and have dismissed it for reasons of creative control; but the only real viable solution is more staff, and assistant programmers/coders, whether paid, voluntary, prison labor, escaped chimps from the local zoo or clones of yourself. The size and complexity of the game have grown to a level beyond the physical limitations of a single programmer, even with a loyal and dedicated fan base of beta testers, there is only so much one man can do.

  2. Sorry if my english is pretty bad, but I really think that if we are waiting the conclusion of the game, speed up the process (because, reduce the scope or give the game to a company is not an option) just not fill our expectatives, also would make stop to interest us in the game.
    I really admire your work, and if I have to wait untl 2019, i’ll be there

    • That’s right! What is the point of speeding up the game process if we may won’t like the final game! and if yandere dev will launch the kickstarter campaign earlier, then it will have less chance to success and that, will slow the game process!
      P.S – sorry for the bad grammar

  3. Releasing the kickstarter sooner seems like the smartest decision to me. I think you’re overestimating how much you need finished before showing it to us you’ve already proven in these last 20 months that you’re willing to give us a finished product so you’re reliability isn’t a question. And the footage in the video here at the very least shows all a bunch of the features and how they’d work. I say go for it. The Kickstarter is to get the game out faster anyway, right?

  4. i know its not very helpful but i love this game and im glad youve spent so much time making it already. I hope you continue to work on it though i wouldnt want you to essentially kill yourself in the process. I’ll happily wait another 20-30 years before release if it comes down to it. Good luck and cant wait to see what else is developed

  5. ganbatte senpai!

    really looking forward to your game! 😀
    i will definitely buy the game as soon as it comes out! 😀

  6. You should limit your scope. I hate to say it, but it’s a fact of life. I have professional experience in the industry and teach classes in game design. What kills projects most is an overbroad scope. How many games have become mediocre because over an overbroad scope? A lot. How many die off early in development? Even more.

    Your only other feasible option for keeping scope and keeping your project vision is hiring a staff, but do you want to be bogged down like that so far into the project? You’d need to update that staff and staffs aren’t cheap.

  7. I voted for the kickstarter. You made an expectative for the game so unique that even having 13% (or more) of the game ready, we’re yearning for knowing more about the story of the game, the possible endings that the game could have. Also, you have stadistics that are a proof of the impact of the game.
    Geez, I’m even considering to get a job (not in the “I’m searching for a job” but “HIRE ME GODDAMIT!”) and donate.

  8. why not just ask more volunteers to help? I’m pretty sure amongst the amount of people waiting for the game, there’ll be a lot of people who are willing to help you get to the way you want the game to be before the kickstarter project

  9. Why not just do some of the shortest(Time-Taking)one or do some of the things before kickstarter and start sooner?

  10. I would have the idea that one school grounds which still play a kitchen with personal ( as the teacher can defend themselves ) and a workroom or workrooms can add and For example, students could hang on the roof as in Assassins Creed Revelations Ezio as well teachers could trick with info chan looking on the roof hanging on the railing for bodies and could push the down among other crafting systems with materials and sowem think of something else that can indeed consult his fantasy

  11. I’ve backed a couple of Kickstarters and so far about 1 out of 10 was disappointing. I also had lots of boyfriends where around 9 out of 10 where rather disappointing, it never stopped me from falling in love again and throwing my trust at someone new tho, if it had, I’d have never met the love of my life nor given birth to my wonderful son. It’s just how life is. Sometimes you expect things that aren’t happening, sometimes you get promised stuff that doesn’t happen, but saying that you’ll never engage in something similar because of a few disappointing experiences is silly.

    So I don’t really think it is the majority of people who are afraid of using Kickstarter (tons of successfully funded project last year prove otherwise) because of a few bad apples that happened to drop, so I am all in for a Kickstarter – but something you should consider: Not everyone has a credit card and you should offer a way outside of CC/Amazon payments for people to pledge (e.g. offer paypal payment outside of KS and set up a pledge account where you pledge all the PP money to the Kickstarter project, so it counts towards the goal etc.)

    It would be nice to see a few more capable people helping out with the game and get the game released by the end of 2017 rather than having to wait for it until 2019 while keeping the scope as large as it is… 🙂

  12. Yandere Simulator is such a good game I would gladly wait years until it was completely finished. Every time a new build comes out it feels like Christmas, Easter, New Year’s and my birthday!

  13. I fail to see why people the kickstarter early i would rather wait that jump early Go for 2019 We Believe In You
    P.S. OUENDAN! (Ryuta’s background)

  14. Most people voted for the Kickstarter to be up earlier than expected, and I completely agree: if YandereDev added all the things he would like to be completed before the planned Kickstarter launch, there would be way too much content already to even bother paying for more.

    You WANT to make people look forward to something.

    With the way things are going so far, it would be pointless for YandereDev to continue to add things that would take more time than if he’d launch a Kickstarter to be able to pay for programmers/animators that will have OBLIGATION to contribute. Right now, any volunteer can drop out, and they very well have the right to do so. So any features that YandereDev had planned would be redundant without the required volunteers making the assets.

    With the way the game is now, there’s barely as much functionality that will be in the final game… but that’s the whole point of it. It’s still playable, but it is VERY clearly listed that it’s merely a bug-fixing trial so far; if you say that some dumbass will ignore this, then it simply proves there’ll always be some dumbass that shouldn’t be bothering with the Internet.

    Why would people vote for the scope to be reduced? Just… why?!

    A simulator game is made so it represents real life, or in this case, the real life of a yandere. There are supposed to be lots of different endings, as there would be in a simulator. Reducing the scope will not only make the game boring very quickly, but would erase the progress on upcoming features. The small town has already been modelled. Some of the most important elimination methods haven’t been implemented yet. So many things are missing that are crucial to the simulator experience, and yet… people fail to see the potential and possibility this game has.

    It’s actually very achievable to complete the game. Believe it or not, it’s of a much smaller scale than other games out there. But guess what the missing thing is?

    That’s right – contributors!

    And how do you gain more contributors?

    You pay them. Do people still not understand what the Kickstarter is there for? YandereDev already has his bare-minimum full-time salary so he can develop the game for as much as he can without starving or looking for other jobs (leaving him very little time for a game like this). Volunteers are amazing people. However, it’s a truth that people will work more for money and it’s not greedy to admit it. Volunteers have their own lives, jobs and commissions. Many volunteers who have been with developers for a long time will eventually want some payment, especially the hours they spend is holding up their own living income.

    The Kickstarter will not only enable all of the above, but make the valuable contributors of this game focus all their attention on Yandere Simulator and have the MOTIVATION as well as the OBLIGATION to continue.

    If valuable contributors were dropped, and new ones replaced them, the new work produced will not match the original. Artists and modellers (two jobs that many people practically live on) are very hard to ”get hold of” for free, and it’ll be more time-consuming to make the new ones replace all the previous work + the new work. Hell, they’d most likely quit before even getting to the new work. In order to keep them, they’ll need pay. Hence the Kickstarter, people.

    There should obviously be a few weeks to spare before it’s launched, but that and many other unlisted reasons are why the Kickstarter is very important.

    TL;DR: the reason so many people voted for the Kickstarter is because they see the logic behind it – there’ll be more content to look forward to, and so far the game has a lot of content for a mere debugging trial. Also, it’ll keep suit of work made by contributors rather than a dozen, say, art styles in what’s supposed to be in a professional game.

  15. Okay, Why the people can just WAIT? They ain’t gonna die or anything! I meant… Is that hard just WAIT? I know we’re talking about 2019, but is it hard? It’s really hard!? Just wait until everything is done, and we’re here to play the new features, new update = new version of Yandere Sim to play!

    Just look it like that…

  16. I think that reducing the scope might be a good idea if it is only about reducing the features related to the town. Now, don’t get me wrong, town looks really good but being restricted to school environment is going to make things easier to program. The bike mini-game can stay but people wanted more mechanics like stalking Senpai home or going to various places in town or even Yandere-chan having a part-time job or interacting with people in town. This is not Persona! The main focus is a crazy girl eliminating her rivals (which are nearly all in the same school, except for little sister). By focusing on it (elimination methods, rival mechanic, school atmosphere, weapons, snap) we can have a very complete game without the need of a super detailed town with many stuff to do.

    I also believe that KS should be released sooner. I’ve been a backer of several game KS, from “famous” ones like MN9 and Shantae to lesser-known ones. And I think what you are already doing is good enough for a KS. I remember one of my favorite KS was about a game called “Neverending Nightmares” and the creator always did cool updates and told us how the game was progressing. He also had a demo for people to try out the game, just like you are already doing here! I know that you think that you think the game should be more finished but there have been many super successful KS campaigns with just concept videos. And there are many youtubers already playing Yandere Simulator so they can advertise the campaign to their followers.

    And finally please do get some rest. You sound way too tired. Go and watch the Star Wars movie or do whatever you find relaxing. Working non-stop is not healthy to you, you become saturated of dealing with Yandere Simulator all day and you even might resent it. There will be people that will tell you to work all day or “why isn’t the game released sooner11!!11” but those are assholes, don’t listen to them. Greetings from Peru and excuse any grammar mistakes since English isn’t my first language.

  17. no estoy seguro si interese pero quiero dar una idea esta es la siguiente: que en la cámara del celular pueda grabar videos y guardarlos en una carpeta de el juego con la cual al creador le puedan mandar el video para que se le facilite el saber cuales son los bugs para que el los pueda solucionar mas rapido

  18. I’m not sure if interested but want to give an idea this is: that the camera phone can record videos and save them in a folder of the game with which the creator can send you the video so that you can provide the knowledge which are bugs that

  19. I prefer you dont push yourself too hard take the time it will takes focus on the more important in the game and take the details at the end…i would help you but im not programmer or ood at computer stuff :p

  20. Hey YandereDev, I’ve noticed that your Patreon pledges, after taking a huge dive, is finally increasing to the point that you can compensate a volunteer now! Will you finally be able to or is that another one of those “I actually don’t receive as much money as portrayed” things?

  21. You won’t let us down~! You’re awesome and doing the best you can~! Don’t let it stress you out though. If it takes till 2019 I’ll gladly wait~! It’ll be worth it! By the time it’s 2019 I’ll be 18-19 years old~! So I’ll be free from school and spend my time playing your amazing game~! Seeya next update~!

  22. No worries we can wait. Just remember, don’t rush it. Developing takes time and a lot of great effort. It’s like making a picture, if you rush the process just to finish it, it’ll look really sloppy and you’ll feel like you wasted all that time for nothing. Take your time on the picture and it’ll become the next Mona Lisa in history.

  23. Totally hate the idea. This game calls “Yandere Simulator” and it should be left so. If some assholes don’t play games with “simulator” in name, it is their problem.

  24. As a game dev myself I understand your problem really well. I personally think you should aim for a small demo and launch the kickstarter campaign right away with it. I am really looking forward to this game!

  25. YandereDev Sama don’t rush and don’t give it to a company either, it’s YOUR game after all u_u ! Don’t do something that you might regret in the future ^^
    Thank you for everything and sorry for my bad english, I’m french

  26. I know it wasn’t the point of the video (which BTW I’m fine with waiting on, but I think it would be successful on Kickstarter with only a few of the things you still plan to add), but when watching this, I had one thought that just couldn’t be shaken: I WANT TO SEE THE RIVALS’ CONCEPT ART SO FRIGGIN’ BADLY!!! I thought that they looked great just from seeing the silhouettes, and I can’t wait to see how amazing they look as fully-drawn art! Besides… what hit-list is complete without pictures? :3

  27. In my opinion you have more than enough content to launch a successful kickstarter.
    What ever you do I just hope you don’t stress out to much. If you are having fun developing the game then that’s all that really matters.

    Take your time, have fun, and do things because you want to and not just because of what the fans want.

  28. I know none of these options are particularly appealing, but I’d say reduce the scope of the game, even if it’s just a few features. For instance, features like the town. I think it would be nice to add more environments to the game, but adding at small functional town seems like it would require a lot of unnecessary extra time and programming. I think it would be better to focus on the stealth aspect of the game. Or, possibly, the female senpai. A female senpai feature also seems like it would take unnecessary programming and voice acting etc. I wouldn’t want you to compromise your creative vision, but my two cents is scrap everything that could be considered unnecessary. Good luck YandereDev. I know you will pick what is best.

  29. Yanderedev, no great game can be done in a short amount of time, so if it’s going to take 3 years to develop Yandere Simulator, it’s because you want it to be a great game. And don’t we already wait for games, or movies that are being produced? I’ve been waiting for Kindom hearts 3 for more than 5 years, FFVII remake… I already forgot how long it’s been, the new star wars took 10 years to come out, the second trilogy 16 years after the first one, we already wait a lot! The only difference is that you keep us updated on the development and that allow us to annoy you about how anxious and curious we are about the game. So keep going, we’ll keep waiting.

    And give yourself some rest and vacation, and don’t feel guilt about it! You deserve it. Don’t we all do? (:

  30. Have you considered finding people who can work with your volunteers so you have more time to write code? Also, a great game like Yandere Simulator (Lovesick?) takes a lot of effort, and if it takes three years to create a project you’re happy with, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Games can’t be created overnight, and those who complain about it have, in all likeliness, never programmed a game before, especially by themselves with just a team of volunteers.

  31. I think that the creation of the town is innecesary because you can´t do so much things in it, I think that you could leave the town like it is now or at least modify it a little (and spend 2 to 4 weeks on it), but wasting 6 months working on it is excesive

  32. I Just Noticed that the Drama Queen Bitch/Kokona Haruka Is not with the Rivals Anymory, Instead i See many cool Characters that i really Want to see, Like the Sexy teacher and the Mary Sue Bitch, But, Does this means that She is not going to exist?

    Aside From that, I believe that the Sooner Kickstarter might be a Great Idea, I will Donate for sure, I am really wishing to have the game the sooner as Possible, but i dont want the Programmer to die because of the extreme stress.

  33. well, i can wait. But by 2019 ill be out of high school!!!! Crazy!!!!
    I believe that the game will be worth the wait, so I will wait 20 years if it means that the game is going to have everything that you have wanted to implement.
    Don’t hand it over! They’ll ruin it!
    You could start the kickstarter up now, I don’t really see a problem with it. Maybe ask for less money now and more later…? But the thing is, if you ask for money currently, the amount you’ll have to ask for will be significantly higher when you think about the things that will need to be done that you could potentially do by yourself. With a higher amount of money comes a lower chance of being able to raise that amount in a fair amount of time, which may only add to the amount of time people would have to wait for the game, especially if the goal never really gets reached. So there’s that.
    I have a small idea and i know it wont be a popular one. But I’m not emailing!!!! I swear! It has to do with emails…. Maybe…. if you do a kickstarter now… maybe one of the things that you could pay a person to do is sort though the mail? Like… send you the important ones and discard the dumb ones…? Just a thought…
    i know that idea isn’t gonna be great, but idk. pls dont yell at meh xD
    good luck, Yandere-Dev!

  34. to be honest id rather it take like 3 or 4 years and be amazing than to get it like 6 months from now and have it suck total ass

  35. Honestly, the concern that people might think you’re running a scam Kickstarter seems pretty silly to me! The amount of content you’ve already created would be totally insane for someone who just wanted to take the money. You’ve built up a lot of goodwill with people- simply making the early builds publicly available has shown that without the slightest bit of doubt, even if all the Kickstarter money just like, exploded into a cloud of dust, you’d get a lot of really solid content released.

    And as for a longer development time, I’ve heard it said that “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is flawed forever,” and I think that’s completely true.

    You’re a good dude, Yandere Dev, and you should give yourself more credit.

  36. +Yandere Dev but the anime School Days did also inspired on Yandere Simulator? Beacuse you have to ask the producer that was just an inspiration or that you didn’t know about the anime!

  37. Yandere Dev, what if you used GoFundMe instead of Kickstarter? There’s no deadline on GoFundMe. I’m actually currently looking for better employment with the express purpose of donating to Yandere Simulator’s production, so please don’t lose heart. If it helps at all, I haven’t seen Star Wars, either, though my husband has. Definitely don’t sell the game idea to a company, though; you might lose some of your creative power.

  38. For me it doesn’t matter how long it will take. I can perfectly wait for the final game. Please just don’t give up of doing this and don’t give this game to anyone. I know its hoverwork and all but please don’t give up of this gorgeos game. It is amazing how you can hangle STUPID E-MAILS, VOLUTERS, FAN-ART, BUG-FIXING, ETC. But please, reduzing scoup is never a opcion, give it to a diferent person will problably change the game’s future and just keep the KickStarter to another time.
    The game is going JUST FINE. Going sowly it will make the game JUST PERFECT. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON THE GAME.

  39. I know I’m coming late to the party with this comment, but I’ve gotta say, the Kickstarter campaign seems like a pretty good idea. I mean, I’m not worried about how long it will take – 2019 sounds reasonable for what is an incredibly ambitious project undertaken by a few volunteers. That having been said, your criteria for beginning the Kickstarter may be a bit high. The game may have a ways to go, but there’s already so much done – more than a lot of successfully funded Kickstarter games, and more than enough to make sure that people know you take it seriously.

    I’m not saying you should launch it now… maybe complete all the 90% done stuff you can, plus a bit more… but you don’t need all the kill methods in place, for instance, and some other stuff can certainly wait as well.

    Regardless of what you decide, you can count on me buying the game when it’s done.

  40. There’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a while about this game, but wasn’t sure if I should. But seeing the Kickstarter video just makes it more clear.

    Every patch recently, as well as almost all checkpoints on the pre-Kickstarter checklist are asset-oriented. This is precisely the sort of stuff you do AFTER you have a Kickstarter, because assets are easier to license. What you really need to work is more on the core. Not the features, but rather, the underlying center that connects everything together.

    The various parts of the game feel like disjoint scripted events and cutscenes. Just go on YouTube, and look up some of the mythbusting or challenges videos. They look at stuff like whether you can frame Kokona by having her seen with blood soaked clothes near a corpse, whether Saki can be electrocuted by having her stab Kokona while she’s being electrocuted, or whether Oka can be alarmed with the presence of Saku and Basu in the occult club, or appeased with their corpses. Of course, none of this works, since the NPCs are only designed to be aware of you, not of each other.

    This fact is more visible with the introduction of Saku, Basu, and Oka. Kill the two prior, and watch the latter continue to stalk thin air. In fact, right from the start, the students would tend to scriptedly arrange themselves into “formations” (standing in circles), and they will leave empty spots for any eliminated student.
    This is just a spit-distance away from GTA’s infamous hot-dog stand seller. Sure, the students won’t talk to you if they think you’re a killer, but they’ll ignore any other change in their group dynamics.

    Now, I realize that creating an AI that models social interactions is incredibly difficult. It’s probably a bigger undertaking than most of Scribblenauts’ glossary. And it’s not as immediately rewarding: It’s harder to make a video of improved NPC interaction than it is to make a video of a new elimination method.
    At the same time, it adds a more vivid layer to the game, which creates a lot more emergent gameplay. And it should probably be done early anyway, before bloat from scripted events makes it harder to change the core.

    At a basic level, NPCs should at least have more flock-based movement rather than just scripted ones. And maybe Sim-like intermediate goals.
    At the highest level, their individual relations should matter. For example, if Kokona kills herself, her best friend Saki should be distraught, and perhaps easier to befriend (by consoling), or easier to fake the suicide thereof.

    I think, as a pre-Kickstarter goal, a stronger core should be a much higher priority than having X elimination methods, animations, and sounds. The latter fit much better as something to aim for with the Kickstarter.
    You can compare it to how Meatboy first needed to have very tight controls, and only then could consider how many levels and different type of traps it needs.

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