Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future

It’s the start of a new year! In Japan, it’s traditional to visit a Shinto shrine on the first day of a new year. The extremely skilled Namie has created a gorgeous illustration demonstrating what Yandere-chan might look like on Hatsumōde, the first shrine visit of the new year:

Because a new year has just begun, I feel like this is an appropriate time to reflect on the last 20 months of Yandere Simulator’s development, and then talk about the future.

I’ve created a YouTube video about Yandere Simulator’s history, its current state, and what remains to be done before the game is complete. Check it out here:

In the above video, I attempt to accurately estimate Yandere Simulator’s release date using math. The year that I arrived at was 2019. This is likely to be very disappointing to many people; I’m sure that most of you want to get your hands on the finished game as soon as possible, and don’t want to wait three long years to eliminate Yandere-chan’s rivals.

I’m not pleased with this estimate, either. I enjoy working on Yandere Simulator, but I wanted to be done with this game in 2014. This game has already eaten 20 months of my life, and I really don’t want it to eat the next 40 months as well.

I’ve been working as fast as I can – 12 hours a day, not taking the day off on weekends or on holidays – but despite the fact that I’ve poured so many hours into the game, one man simply can’t develop a complex game like Yandere Simulator in less than 5 years. It really hurts to spend so much of my time working. It hurts to not have enough time to play video games, watch anime, or hang out with my friends anymore. I haven’t even played Fallout 4, or watched the latest Star Wars film! It hurts to have tons of game ideas, and actually have the ability to create them, but be unable to create them because one project is sucking up all of my time.

Everyone who tells me “You should work less hours! You shouldn’t work on weekends! You should take vacations!” doesn’t seem to realize that if I were to do any of those things, the 2019 release date would get even farther away. Do you want Yandere Sim to come out in 2022? No? You don’t? Well, that’s exactly why I can’t take days off or go on vacations.

In the above video, I proposed three potential solutions that could reduce the amount of time it would take to release Yandere Simulator, and now I’d like to let you vote for the solution that you prefer the most:


If you hate all of those ideas and have a completely different suggestion, then you’re welcome to let me hear it in the comments below.

In closing…

The matter of Yandere Simulator’s release date isn’t the only issue that has been weighing heavily on my mind. There’s something else that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about, and it’s going to be the focus of my next video. That video should be coming out within the next few days. It will also involve a poll. I hope you’ll vote on it, because it’s going to be a very important issue.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for following the development of Yandere Simulator.

454 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future

  1. I think the game has made enough progress and your fan base is already large enough for a kickstarter to be successful. I say go for it! The sooner you have more staff, the sooner you can stop working crazy hours.

  2. i reccomend you make your best volunteers to help you or fill in for you for about a day or so dont work too hard take some days off watch the new star wars hang out with your friends play fallout read manga watch anime just dont over work yourself

  3. I’m no good with advice so I can’t give any hehehehe but I personally don’t mind waiting until 2019 for the full game to be released :3 Ganbatte YandereDev- sama! 😀

    • That would mean that he had to work non-stop without taking breaks so that the game is ready in 2019. You DID see that he said he doesn’t want that, right? He also said that even with taking breaks (which would cause a delay of up to 3 years) he wouldn’t want to work on this game so incredibly long alone.

  4. Well, if the game comes out in 2022 maybe we get an VR-Version of it 😉
    But I think you should launch the kickstarter sooner. You already have a large fanbase, you already released tons of build, you published new videos every two weeks, I’m sure it would be successful.

    • i agree,yandere dev should do the kickstarter sooner.Sense yandere dev has a HUGE fanbase,and sense basically 5 MILLION PEOPLE PLAYED YANDERE SIMULATOR,AND,SENSE a BUNCH of youtubers PLAY YANDERE SIMULATOR,im sure that atleast one of them would love to donate or support or tell one of there freinds.

  5. Most Kickstarter games have nothing but screenshots and maybe a teaser video. You have a working version of the game people can download and play. Go Kickstarter, get this thing pushed out in 18 months.

  6. To be honest,i thin that you should start the kickstarter sooner,because This project [Yandere Simulator]has eaten ALOT of time out of your life and family,and its EXTREMLY TEDIOUS WORK,and you HAVE only finished about 18% ! and sense you have been working on Yandere Simulator for bsically 18 months,but that DOSENT AT ALL MEAN that you shouldnt add any changes or fixes,you should still add some updates and perks/secrets to the game and voice acting and POSIBLY,edit/change the storyline a little bit.CONCLUSION,start the kickstarter sooner than planed and STILL ADD SOME MORE STUFF LIKE updates and perks/secrets to the game and add voice acting

    From a Loyal follower who has been following the development of Yandere Simulator ever sense august of 2014,

  7. there TONS of games that hit steam and steam greenlight and the WERE BARLEY EVEN MADE YET.2,why would people think that yandere dev is a SCAM ARTIST! altough some people MIGHT think that yandere dev is a scam artist,its inevitable for there not to be ATELEAST 1 person who dosent like something or 1 person who is not satisfied {disatisfied] with something. 3,if the game is TOO finished by the time yandere dev does the kickstarter,barley any people except people WHO COMPLETLEY LOVE YANDERE SIMULATOR OR PLAY YANDERE SIMULATOR will donate.4,if yandere simulator is finished by 2019,[i know this is very harsh but PLEASE LISTEN]Yandere dev will be BURNED OUT SO MUCH HE MAY EVEN NOT MAKE VIDEO GAMES ANYMORE and if yandere simulator is finished by 2019,most to all people WILL FORGET ABOUT YANDERE SIMULATOR OR MABYE GET BORED BY IT sense it would have been 3 to 5 YEARS SENSE THEY HAVE PLAYED IT.5,Yandere dev will get WAY to burned out by 2019 to even TRY TO FINISH[master]IT.6,try to get a team of programers or mabye even 1 PROGRAMMMER,DESIGNERS,VOICE ACTORS,ANY THING THAT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO HELP YOU.7,Yandere dev,you HAVE TO TAKE BREAKS ATLEAST ONCE A WEEK SO THAT YOU DONT HAVE A NERVOUS BRAKEDOWN! 7.NEVER i mean NEVER TAKE THINGS SO HARD ON YOUSELF ALL CAUSE OF RETARDED FUCKS GIVING YOU STUPID EMAILS OR COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE SAYING ”Yandere Dev,ive been waiting 2 years for yandere simulator,hurry up or i will stop watching the development of yandere simulator!”CONCLUSION! NEVER TAKE THINGS SO HARD ON YOURSELF,TAKE BREAKS SOMETIMES LIKE ATLEAST ONCE EVERY 2 WEEKS,TRY TO PROMOTE MORE OF YOU NEEDING PROGRAMMERS,DESIGNERS,VOICE ACTORS,ETC,AND………………rember that there have been A BUNCH OF videogames that were at 5% or even 1 OR 0%.and NEVER GET MAD AT YOURSELF OR THINKING ”Why havent i made this game sooner!” amd ALWAYS THINK GOOD ABOUT YOUR SELF

  8. Working 12 hour days and weekends and holidays is guaranteed to drop your output through the floor. It’s bad enough with an ordinary job, but it’s a terrible idea for mental work like coding and game design. You’ve guesstimated that it will take 3 years at your current rate, by the end of next year you will need an hour to do what you now do in 10 minutes. Take time off, either the weekends or every third day or every time you hit an important milestone with the game. Cut your daily workload or start taking hour-long breaks whenever you finish something. Try it for a month before looking at those other options. You’ll get more done in less time.

  9. Please, by no means hand it over to a company or reduce the scope. Those sound like suicide for the game.

    Personally, I don’t mind waiting three years for this game to come out at this pace….but I would feel kinda bad for YandereDev to sacrifice 3 years of his life for this game. To be perfectly honest, the game sounded pretty…..finished after what you described as your Kickstarter prerequisites. Some of those really sounds like things to put in a Kickstarter campaign to me.

    I don’t know if that would count as “reducing” the scope, but if the game is at that point in one year it sounds pretty good to me. Other than that, starting Kickstarter sooner and leaving part of the work to professionals sounds like the most reasonable choice to me,
    (I don’t quite get your concerns about this choice, but I’m not much into that subject either, so I can’t judge this any better than you.)

  10. I say go for a Kickstarter! As others have already mentioned, you have a large enough fanbase (of very good fans who are willing to support the Kickstarter) and I think it will be a good idea. 🙂

  11. Hey, Yandere-Dev. I don’t feel as though you should be working so much. Working on weekends and holidays?! Twelve hours a day?! It’s seriously not healthy.
    A good solution would be to ask for some help from some of your friends, so you can share the time spent making the game with them and not have to work such long hours. You’re doing so well with these updates and working so hard, and I think we’re all very greatful for what you’re doing. Just don’t overwork yourself, otherwise we’ll probably never get the game released, let alone in three years!
    Just don’t push yourself, mate. Ask for some help from someone you trust, so that the game isn’t mucked up. Good luck with the game developments, and I hope you take my advice! 🙂
    -Lily The Dolphin

  12. Majority of the comments are telling you to start Kickstarter. You deserve a break! You deserve to lay back every week or take a vacation. Your fanbase doesn’t want you to suffer. I think everyone would be happy if you started Kickstarter because it would take so much pressure of yourself and release the game sooner than 2019.

  13. Either keep the development slow and release in years or start a kickstarter sooner than expected. Please don’t reduce the scope of the game.

  14. At the risk of being dumb and suggesting something obvious you already do – perhaps you can filter your emails out by subject and only look at volunteers ( */*/* as that is the format you have them put their progress in the subject) or anything with “bug” in the subject. That way you have more time for programming until you find a solution from the poll.

  15. Yanderev I think you do the best game of all time and you are hard with youself to get more strict with development another proyects are with only CGI about magicals products with lot of Scam but at this moment Yandere Simulator are working! and lot of people can test a game and are very fantastic! for this many peopleo around the world know about your your bigger proyect I belive that your get complete success with campaign. Thanks for do your best all the time.

  16. YandereDev, Im going to give a brutally honest opinon.

    Yandere Simulator as it is now would be the PERFECT (imo) for Kickstarter to start off. I understand your reasons behind wanting to Devolop as far as you could BEFORE doing anything dealing with money.

    Giving away the game to a company……. No….. Just No… Kuroshitsuji Season Two would be a better idea. *remembers and shudders at the Plot of season two*

    Now the above option is just a huge no for me. Seriously. I don’t find a SANE Valid reason to give away your BABY! [Yandere Simulator] to a company that will most likely get rid of all the current features and make a terrible game. So far you by yourself have made HUGE improvements! While I think that you’re killing yourself while working on YS, I appreciate your drive to give us the best game possible.

    Cutting out features.

    Um…… Like the town?…….the Gym? Dude. You have so many EPIC features that (imo) the game itself needs as well as doesnt need. This one would be your choice but honestly I wouldnt like this either.

    another choice that I have seen in the comments so far is bring aboard friends.

    Cons: if they cant write code or do what you need to do to devolop further then um….. oops?

    I think that you should take at least a DAY to yourself. Staring at lines of code and emails for 12 hours isnt healthy. Seriously. Do you even eat?! And when you are in a clear state of mind (and not thinking of lines of code and emails and anything work related) choose for yourself. Its not like we fans of YS are gonna pull out pitch forks and chase you to timbucctoo!

  17. I voted for you to do the kickstarter early, but I also think it would be a good idea to lower the scope of the game in one particular area: the Small Town feature, which seems to take up the most of your time in your projections.

    The game, taking place in the high school, doesn’t seem to really /need/ a small town in its entirety. You could have cases where the character can go to areas in a town that are much smaller, such as the post office or a store, without having to code in and get resources for an entire working map of the town. This would be similar to Yandere-chan’s house, where you do not have the whole house mapped out and yet you can go to different rooms in it by clicking on the door of your current location. You could also represent the small town in cut scenes. It just doesn’t seem necessary to make the entire town for the amount of time that it would take to create. I would argue that it might even distract from the main gameplay.

  18. I voted for reducing the scope. So far the game has been entirely under your control and even though it is not a commercial product I think that’s a very important thing to have. Most gamedevs do not have the luxury of choosing their projects, and even fewer do not really have to answer to peers or the target audience.

    That being said, I know this has been something you’ve put a lot of time into and it is just as frustrating to have many ideas and a vision, but not being able to complete it. So if you decide to go to Kickstarter, that’s understandable. But I would offer words of caution that even for a Kickstarter project, many things will no longer be under your control anymore, and that may be less desirable than reducing the scope.

    If you do decide to do a Kickstarter, choose your team and/or new resources beforehand. Don’t wait to see what kind of funds you get, get an idea what your operation will be like once for your minimum fund level, right down to the people you want to involve. Get everyone, including your potential team on the same page beforehand, even if you’re not sure if the Kickstarter will succeed, and don’t rush into development.

    You’ve probably thought of all this already, given how much time you’ve put in and how much you value personal control over the project. But I feel it is worth reiterating. just in case. A lot of Kickstarter campaigns go wrong or have to change direction after funding, with various negative effects on devs and consumers.

  19. Yandere dev you should start the Kickstarter when you have some really good cut scenes so people who think that yandere sim isn’t real know that you have bin working on it

  20. You need to reduce scope and hire people (kickstarter now). That’s my advice from my own experience releasing my game. 2017 should be realistic if you do both options. Good luck.

  21. Personal story time
    A long time ago I googled what a ‘yandere’ was and I found this. This may sound cheesy but I didn’t know it was the game I’ve been looking for. It had a fan base at the time, and I was just another salmon to the stream. Since then, I’ve kept up with the game. I watch other people do play-throughs, I made sure up until recently to check bi-weekly for the next video or update, I even downloaded it back when it was just a wee 5%. On New Year’s Eve when I should have been drinking and partying before my week-long trip to Japan the following day, I was in bed refreshing the page waiting for the new video and post. There was even a time I didn’t go on the internet for a few months due to personal wellness issues, and when I got back I checked this page immediately. I love yandere simulator as much as everybody else here, not more or less, for everyone loves in their own way.

    I commend you for your hard work. I know there are days when my art doesn’t turn out immediately, or I have writers block really badly and I get frustrated until I’m near tears. All artist have those days, and I’m sure you do too, escecially working so diligently and bending over backwards to please your fans.

    Point being, if you have to work until 2019 and you’re alright with that, then keep going trooper. If you’d rather have support and feel that your work meets your personal caliber standards, then please take on some help. Rome was not built in a day, or in three years, or five years. I would be happy if yandere simulator was built in three years.
    Ultimately, all expectations placed on you are simply choices, even if they are difficult ones.

    Until yandere simulator is ready, I will keep refreshing my page.

  22. You can’t keep yourself busy with this game. Take breaks and vacations when you need them. We can wait if it’s affecting your health.

    • Agreed. I read somewhere that Yandere Dev told someone that he had gained a lot of weight since he works over 12 hours a day and only gets 4 hours sleep sometimes, I know first hand what happens to someone is over weight because I use to be over weight when I was a kid, and My mum is a diabetic. If this does effect his health, I wouldn’t my mind if Yandere Dev took some time off to maybe go outside,socialise and try to eat proper food rather than just snack foods. Please Yandere Dev, if you read this, I don’t care if the game comes out in 2019 or 2022 because I’ll be over 20 by then (I’m turning 17 later this year), You just amaze me already with your builds. You put in so much effort and it truly pays off, the scope of the game is huge, but you’re commited to finishing it. But I Have to say, if you’re health is getting bad, you need to take time off, there might be times when you’re just too unwell to work, We know it, we don’t want you to abandoned YOUR game and hand it over to a company who could ruin it but Most of us wouldn’t care if the game came out late. And I say to those people who force him to work for sometimes 16 hours a day, you can get stuffed, because you don’t understand how much stress he faces and how his health can go down hill because of all you, you annoy him with pointless emails and you want him to delay so he has to work harder and sleep less. Which is very unhealthy not getting proper sleep.
      Don’t work yourself to death Dev.

  23. You would sell the game better to those who don’t know of the game(Hard to believe still..) by having a dev team based locally to you working out of the same building. A lot obviously would depend on how much you can raise from Kickstarter, but it gives a more professional feel to a project.

  24. 5 million people have already downloaded the game, and a lot of popular Youtubers play it. I’m sure Kubz, Azzman, Markiplier, Mattshea, ect would be able to donate or at least tell their fanbase to donate. Pewds also plays it and loves it, if he donates or tells his huge fanbase to donate, he could a lot of damage. YS is already very far along, I think it’d be the perfect time for a kickstarter. Plus you’ve been working so hard and deserve to relax!

  25. I think u should maybe do the kickstarter earlier as a lot of people are already in to the game and been following it including servral different youtubers who have played your game in their own time as well as for videos some who i know have played the game is : Jacksepticeye,Markiplier,Azzman,KubzScouts,Pewdiepie,Mattshea,Entoanthepack and i bet there’s even more youtubers who have played it these are just some i know and watch their YS videos they would proablby be able to support or help in someway and as i said before there is also a lot of people who have played and intrested in this game who would help.

  26. While I would like to be able to get the full game as soon as its possible, I’m okay with waiting until 2019. While sooner would be nicer, i feel like people would like it better if it had all it’s awesome features, even if it means waiting more. Though if I had to pick one of the three options it would be an early kickstarter.

  27. Why,
    a) Create a project plan
    b) Delegate software projects to people in the community who also are skilled in programming and are willing to volunteer their time to help you finish up sooner. (You are just one man, but there are plenty of people, like me who would be willing to work on projects such as implementing certain features).
    c) By getting volunteers you can speed up development by the way of parallel operations, giving yourself more time for planning and direction.

    • I keep seeing suggestions like this, and frankly it’s a bad idea. Volunteer programmers, who aren’t under contract, may have less time to work on the game than YandereDev himself. Meaning he could end up waiting on them to finish something before the rest of the project can move forward. Better to have paid employees working on it full time, who he can direct, and set deadlines for.

      I mean if they aren’t being paid for the work, they can easily say: I don’t feel like working on it today, or this week, or this month. There is nothing he would be able to do about it.

  28. Just launched the game crowded-funding campaign as soon as possible. I’m sure there are a lot of good people who are easily to open their pocket anf gaves out some moneh. And because Yandere-chan is so famous anf cute and beautiful. She will have lots of people supporting her back with the love to Senpai.^

  29. I think part of it will depend on how much money you’d need to complete the project at this point. Kickstarter backers have become somewhat jaded by how many projects have not resulted in finished projects, so they’ve become a bit more leery of what they fund, and they higher the amount that’s asked, the more leery they are. The fact that you’ve already completed about 20% of the game puts you ahead of many projects given that many are pitched with little more than fanart and someone talking, and your communication with fans allows for good transparency, which is also something that is looked for. Part of me wants to draw up comparisons to We Happy Few, given the approximate state of completeness verses how much money might be raised via campaigning (300,000, if you’re curious), but I’m not sure if I can approximate it to anything, given the unique premise

    On one hand, Yandere Simulator has a good fanbase, and at this moment you could likely draw up a fair bit of hype for the pitch that might not be there were you to launch it a year later, as people tend to lose interest in the project. On the other hand, it’d cost more money to launch it now than to launch it later, so its a bit of a tradeoff. I would personally recommend going ahead and launching it, for the following reasons.

    1. The development of the game is clearly taking a toll on your mental well being.
    2. The fanbase of the game is unlikely to grow significantly larger during the remainder of the pre-alpha and will likely shrink.
    3. I am not optimistic regarding the attitude of the public towards crowdfunding in the next couple years.

    I would personally make the suggestion you time it so that you create one major update that can get people excited before you launch the Kickstarter to rev up the hype right before you launch the Kickstarter, such as a club or a unique mechanic LPers would want to cover, as well see if you can time it so that there are very few other major crowdfunding projects happening at the same time (I’ve had a few times where there have been four or five awesome projects that I wanted to back, but only had the money to back one or two, so I had to pick which ones to support), but that is just my recommendation.

  30. I don’t know how others feel, but i honestly don’t care about how long it takes. The debug builds already seem fun enough, and i wouldn’t mind waiting 3 years for development. I would love to volunteer as well, though i got no talent with anything. (i wish)

    In a way, I do feel you should reduce the scope of the game, cause all of that seems too ambitious for one man and some volunteers. I wouldn’t feel disappointed if you did do so. But in the end, you should start the Kickstarter sooner, if you want development to go faster. (i don’t even know what im saying so just don’t listen to me >.<)

  31. This isn’t an advice comment but I was hoping someone could answer this for me: has the idea for customizing Senpai’s gender been scrapped? In the video it says that customization is already 100% complete, but I hadn’t seen any info on female Senpai being dropped. I just wanna be gay!!!

    • Oh no, he didn’t say anything about throwing that possibility aside, it’ll probably be added after the kickstarter. It might be a little too much trouble since the rivals would have to be boys, so I don’t think it’ll be added until he has more help. But it’s still a possibility!

  32. Hey,you should go for the kickstarter, its the most logical choice of all. You have already got a good enough game for kickstarter and you already made yourself some public attention with youtubers. And Im sure people would donate money, you literally have enough fans and game to begin a kick starter. Here are some more reasons:
    1. It can also benefit yourself, you need some time off for you own. You need it
    2.The Fanbase is at its fullest, if you wait, it will shrink rather than grow.

    Reducing the Scope, this may be my second option. Yes, it would disappoint some fans but its all in your personal interest. This game is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. If its taking a strain on you then reduce the scope. Of course I want you to choose this option if the kickstarter doesn’t work.

    Oh and don’t hand it over to a company, its suicide.

  33. Everyone loves yandere simulator, even now that is only one third done! Sooo many Youtubers are making videos (and money) of the game too! I think Yandere dev shouldn’t be scared to lunch the kickstarter much sooner, because so many people already love the game as it is, and I think everyone that has the means will definitely help out. Even GIANT Youtubers like Mark and PewDiePie made videos of Yandere Simulator, which attracted a lot of public that didn’t know of the existence of the game. So why won’t these Youtubers gather all together to make a campaign for the yandere simulator fans to participate and contribute on the kickstarter??? Just imagine how much money could be raised if those famous Youtubers did one single video asking everyone to help! And why not? They’re making money out of someone else’s game without spending a single cent, that’s the LEAST they can do! Yandere Dev is killing himself to make this dream game come true, everyone (that has the means) gotta help him so yandere simulator won’t just be given to some company to destroy it!
    Anyone agrees with me?…

  34. Yandere Deeeeeev, you know I told you we’re all proud of you, no matter what you and the team do. We’re not gonna be mad if the game takes too long to make. Definitely do NOT put it in the hands of a corporation. If you think the Kickstarter is a good idea, then go for it, but right now, I just want you to do what you can in this moment, you know? I’m not in a rush to get the game.

  35. I pre ordered Automation a long time ago, when it barely looked promising. That allowed the devs to quit their jobs and work full time on the game. It’s still not ready after a few years… but you know what? Updates are released faster and it looks fairly close to what it will be in the end! Given how much of a fan base you already have, a crowd founding would probably be a good idea, even if it’s going to take a good deal of time anyway.

  36. Please just take whatever time you need. I love your game but any of those options might damage your hopes for YS so I don’t mind waiting 5 to 10 years…I wish I could help but I’m useless at anything you might need, apart from voice acting. So just folow the path you want to and know that there will always be people who will respect your decision.

  37. For a game like this, guessing people would wait patiently to own it for real till it completion…
    so don’t worry, try to take your time to do it… then again, I would like to help also seeing I’m also learning 3D software such as Maya or 3DMAX, again I doubt that I can even be some use seeing I just started learning the software…

  38. Let’s be straight with this
    What you’re doing is not healthy.
    You are the best dev I have seen in a long time. Updating frequently, showing progress, etc… But you must remember that you are a human being. A human being that needs to socialize, rest, have a little bit of fun once in a while. If you keep this rhythm, there is a high chance of never completing the game. You might end up hating your own work, you might lose your social life in the end, you might have a fanbase that lost interest over time and in the end, by being tired, the game might not end up done. Taking three years finishing one game alone won’t turn you into “one code man”. You need to stop working alone, get some people, and THEN take your time to finish the game.

    We might wait until 2050 for this game.
    But your life is more important.

  39. Yandere dev, I think a good option would be the third. You already have a downloadable link to show the progress of the game every 2-4 weeks, and you have a very large fan-base already. If you do start the Kick-Starter early, me and probably a lot of people could help link and explain what the Kick-Starter is about on various social media websites. Me personally I’m probably going to post something on Imgur and maybe on Reddit to hopefully help with the Kick-Starter.

  40. Tbh, I love the game as it is now. If you just abandoned it I would still play it over and over again, just because it helps me cool down after a long day.
    I chose ‘release it in 2019’ and I’m going to stick with that option. I love how the development is going, with it going slow. It actually excites me, knowing that on the first or on the 15th my favorite independent game developer will release an exciting new thing. If you ask my friends, they’ll all tell you the same thing: “This crazy bitch needs to calm down on those days!”
    Yandere-Dev, keep doing what your doing. Cause I like what your doing. Doing is doing. What? I’m not making sense anymore. Bye!

    • Omg… I just realized something.
      This will make him have to work harder! *gasps*
      NO! Ok, release a kickstarter sooner. That would be fine too.
      *mumbles* I’m so selfish…

  41. Over 50,000 votes say go for Kickstarter early. If all of those votes were to provide $10 for the kickstarter (as an example) you would have half a million dollars to fund a team. Food for thought.

  42. So, a possibility is to add modding to the game, and cut out anything that you don’t want to add, and leave it to some other person who would rather do it. Think like this, adding modding to the game would allow for a much vaster experience, with less work and more community add ins, with your fanbase feeling justas satisfied with the full game, plus some other cool features that you didn’t think of, rather than burning up your time.

  43. I remember your original idea was to restrict the scope of the game to a high school. A lot of people seemed to want to expand the scope to include a town or other locations. But that would take a lot of time, and my personal opinion is that such inclusions are not really necessary. A lot of people will say they want a lot of things. But by and large, people don’t know what they want. Launching the Kickstarter earlier is also completely valid. I understand you want to give people the impression of a really polished final product, but excessive perfectionism really does slow things down.

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