Yandere-chan Is Coming To Town

It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day! Yandere-chan certainly seems to be experiencing some Christmas cheer in this beautiful illustration by Valeria S-Martin:

I hope you’re not tired of Christmas-themed videos yet, because I’ve got one more to share with you!

And with that, I think I’m officially out of Christmas-themed content to share with you all. I hope that these videos and illustrations have brought a little extra happiness into your life!

44 thoughts on “Yandere-chan Is Coming To Town

  1. Was this the surprise you had been talking about because I was hoping for a sneak peak of the new build, oh well, this content over the last few days has been great! Merry Christmas YD

  2. is it ok to ask what exactly is Yandere chan’s cup size? i mean many fan art pictures show her either with flat or with busty cups exactly how big are her cups? is she an average C or a B? “personally i’d rather keep it that the player can adjust her bust size as it suits them because i myself am a busty chicks fans not much into flat ones” i am mere curious anyway i mean in the video her bust looks quite nice and big, in the xmass art she looks kinda average, the official xmass picture you posted much earlier she was quite flat! so exactly how big are her cups?

    • Well, technically, it’s defined by the player…

      When the player starts a new game, they will be prompted to design their Yandere-chan. You can make your Yandere-chan dark-skinned with pink hair and golden eyes, if you want. You could give her DD-cup breasts, make her flat-chested, or anywhere in-between.

      However, the “default” or “official” Yandere-chan will probably have “average” breasts (and average height, average weight, etc). So, the halfway-point between flat and DD-cup, I suppose?

      • thanks for taking your time to answer my question Yandere Dev merry xmass and keep it going! by the way so far 1590 Yandere girls lost their senpais thanks to Midori chan’s legion of needless comments. i believe you told us before not to annoy a Yandere girl however until now i saw no consequences at all would you mind to let Yandere chan show us what happens to whoever makes her lose her senpai? and thanks

      • YandereDev You are the only guy that i ‘know’ who isn’t weirded out by a question about cup sizes *highfives* Good Job!

  3. Poor YandereDev and his waifu. Already five girls want to marry him. Maybe YandereDev should hide in his house, till his waifu rescues him of his fangirls…

    • What ever do you mean? She’s just a normal, sweet, devoted girl who loves her Senpai very… very… very much…♪ (Don’t notice her, Senpai! Your life depends on it!)

    • “smiles nervously” say buddy do you REALLY have allergy towards .. AHEM [CATS]? because sure as hell
      “resisting to jump for the kill” i UTTERLY hope that ms. Yandere Chan DID NOT! kill the little kitty for no…REAL …GOOD …REASON!
      even though i’m a fan of your joiner class Yandere Chan i’m truly a PROUD FULL cats fan! so let’s stay friends shall we? because if you don’t have any allergy towards cats my friend…. “hiding my face beneath my hood” not even Yandere Chan will hold me from having your soul for diner! i hope i’m clear here!

      • It is very likely that Yan-chan killed the cat.
        She’s a yandere, and she doesn’t want anybody or anything to get in the way of their (Yan-chan and Senpai’s) ‘love’.

    • I don’t intend to sound rude, but Yandere Dev has stated that debug commands won’t be in the final game, so fixing glitches caused by debug commands would waste his time.

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