It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder

It’s Christmas Eve! Long-time fans of Yandere Simulator might remember last year’s blog post, in which I expressed a desire to create a yandere-themed Christmas carol. Well, it’s been a full year, but my dream has finally come true!

I hope that everyone out there is enjoying the holiday season. Here’s some artwork from Noxina depicting Yandere-chan in a particularly festive mood!

I still have one more surprise planned for Christmas. If everything goes according to schedule, then I’ll have something else to share with you tomorrow. I hope that it works out!

Until then…Happy Holidays!

49 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Murder

  1. yandere chan gives senpai a gift (senpai) “thanks” (yandere chan) “you’re welcome senpai” opens box looks inside nothings there (senpai) “whats that smell urrr…” (yandere chan) “awww my little senpai fell asleep time to go home with me” (senpai) “were am i” look’s down sees that’s he’s tied up “wha-what!” (yandere chan) “Mary Christmas my dear senpai” (yandere chan) “oh look there’s a mistletoe” (senpai) “nooo don’t kiss me leave me alone nooooo!” mary christmas ~~~~ ❤

    • From a very young age, Yandere-chan knew that she was different from other people. She understood that other people could feel excitement, get emotional, and have fun…but she could not. Around this point in time, she probably killed an animal to find out if it would stimulate her or cause her to feel an emotion. When killing the animal didn’t affect her in the slightest, she concluded that killing humans would not bring her any satisfaction, either. She has never killed for fun, and never would…

      …unless you direct the character that way when you play the game, I suppose.

      • Yandere dev,

        Is Yandere- chan a psychopath?
        (does she have a series of genetic alleles, “warrior genes,” that had to do with serotonin and are thought to be at risk for aggression, violence, and low emotional and interpersonal empathy)

        Or is her character more strictly a focus on Yandere anime tropes

        Or perhaps a combination of the two?

  2. This is epic! 😀 And the art complements the singing too! Great work from the singer, artist, and of course our YanDev!! 🙂 Merry Christmas to everyone ^_^

  3. a deliciously dark take on an old carol, i can picture her singing it while committing all those acts too. very well done, merry christmas yandev and to all who visited this site today.

  4. I really like these songs and comics because they show how horrible Yandere-Chan is, because in the game you sometimes seem to forget how bad it would be in real.

  5. Merry Christmas Dev! And everyone else…. 😛 Loving the songs and comics they make me love Yan-chan just that little bit more. ANNND A SUUURRPPPRRRIIIISSSEEE?????????? fh.dzngbjdrzbngjxfnjg It’s okay. I can wait. Have fun everyone and remember to point the knife away from you when stabbing schoolgirls. 😀

  6. Yandere-chan…will you kill my crush’s childhood friend…and be my friend pweaseeeee*gives the most cutest kitten eyes ever*

  7. Loved it! But I have to ask, does this mean Rival-chan will be in the final game? I do think the new Osana design fits her tsundere persona more, but I adore Rival-chan’s model and think it would be a waste to not use it 😛

    Anyways, I have been following this game for a while. It looks amazing and it’s inspiring to see you following your dream. I’m sorry to hear about your email situation, and understand your irritation. Anyways, hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Cheers!

  8. Loved it! And Yan-chan finally will win her Senpai! (there’s no more rivals, as I see in the vid) XD XD XD XD ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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