Senpai Baby

It’s the holiday season! I was planning on making a bunch of cool things for Christmas, like a Santa costume for Yandere-chan and an easter egg that would make it snow at school, but in the end, I decided that it would be a better use of my time to focus on progressing the game’s development, instead. I definitely have SOMETHING festive planned…but it’s not ready yet. Until then, I have something else to share with you!

The talented Princess Rizu has performed a Yandere-inspired parody of a famous Christmas song – it’s called “Senpai Baby”, and I’d love to share it with you!

I got a real kick out of those lyrics! What did you think?

I’m focusing the majority of my time on implementing the game’s next planned features…but I hope to share some more Christmas-themed content with you over the next few days!

77 thoughts on “Senpai Baby

  1. I don’t want to bother Yandere Dev with nonsense messages so I thought of asking you guys.

    Does anyone know which program Yandere Dev uses to make Yandere Simulator? I’d appreciate it if someone tells me.

  2. Sadly, snow at school would be an awesome feature, especially for those who just never get snow (Northern Ireland is basically rain all year). It would be even better if snow built up like actual snow, but I’m sure that’s way too much work. In any case, we’re all waiting for the next update, have a lovely Christmas and please do take a break and not overwork yourself!

  3. Dang it, that Christmas Easter Egg would’ve been nice. But I understand. Developers gotta do what a developers gotta do.

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  5. YandereDev, even though you might not read/reply to these comments, it’s about time I left a little note in your locker.


    There are hundreds of thousands of people who support this game.

    And excluding the few dozen immature pre-teens who are yet to understand…

    Every single one of these people understand the responsibility and sometimes pressure that you are put under.

    Every single one of these people will not think of you, the game, its progress, or its value, any less if you take a break.

    As a human, your health and well-being is important. As a game developer, with all its joys and hardships, your health and well-being is vital. As a single game developer, with all its trials and praises, your health and well-being is critical.

    To the hundreds of thousands of supporters, who’d surely agree, the best Christmas present would be – not an update, although it’s a close contender – for you to rest, refresh and return with a renewed passion for your project.

    Please remember that for every ill-willed comment, you have 10 supportive ones.

    Merry Christmas, YandereDev.


    • I really appreciate your kind words. However, I really, REALLY don’t want to create the impression that I’ve become lazy, or complacent, or that the game’s development has stalled. I can’t afford to take a break. The game’s development has to continue at the pace that I’ve already established for it, or else people will lose faith in my ability to complete the game.

      • Surely it’s a minority that would think of you as lazy for taking a Christmas break or for taking care of your health; you are a human not a robot and your well being is important to most of us. Many of us worry about you overworking yourself and burning out or becoming ill as a result.
        We have faith in your ability to complete this project and complete it well.

      • As a writer I get it. You’re not just trying to program a game but you’re also trying to add in a story without it feeling like it’s mandatory to follow the storyline to enjoy the game. Which I can admire. And I get that you feel like you need to keep going because that’s how it is. If you stop for too long you will not want to ever complete it.

  6. Woah, that was amazing! This should definitely be the new Christmas anthem – screw Mariah Carey and all she wants for Christmas!

  7. you do understand that “Senpai” means my upper class / senior correct? i mean it’s not a name in it’s own, even though the lyrics are nice this type of singing is not my thing sorry

    ( luv me senpi )

  9. You know, I hate to sound negative, but I feel bullshitted by YandereDev a bit. He complains about us wasting his time with nonsense emails, correct? Well this is a game development blog. For development about the game. Not about YandereDev’s personal interests. On the Dec 15th post, we were informed we would have to wait for a new build. We get it, we’ll wait. Yet every time he posts a new blog entry, it’s just another ‘wait some more’ talk, then something he likes. It’s a waste of our time now, and it gets our hopes up for nothing. “OOOHH, a new blog entry! Can’t effing wait to check it out! Maybe he posted the new build?!?…. Oh, wait, just some more bullshit, telling us to wait, yeah yeah yeah, we know we know…” Almost getting tired of checking this blog now.

    • He said he’d have a new build by January 1st and that he had to put it off two weeks because he’s doing bigger features now. The only reason he’s been posting is to try to do something nice for us around Christmas and to let us know that he’s still working on the new build. He works very hard and he’s trying to do right by us. Please be patient.

      • It’s not about being impatient at all, you’re missing the point. I just don’t want to feel like I’m looking at his FaceBook page or Tumblr when I’m looking at his *game development* blog.

    • Here are some facts for you:

      1. I will only make posts that are related to Yandere Simulator.
      2. I won’t always talk about game development. Sometimes I might show you something related to Yandere Simulator because I think that you might enjoy it.
      3. If you don’t like what I have just described, I don’t care at all.
      4. If you don’t like waiting for new updates, leave and don’t come back until the game is finished.
      5. You sound like a self-entitled, spoiled child.

      (Addendum: Once a year in January, I’ll make a post about something unrelated to Yandere Simulator. I won’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to wait until January.)

    • These sort of posts are also a part of game development in a way ya know? These posts show how much love the game is receiving and the lovable dev is making an effort from his busy schedule to conjure up the submits into a blog post to show how much he loved them. It’s just him doing what he originally planned. He wished to make a game which would inspire a lot of fanarts or cosplays and even songs like this. So yeah, what’s the problem if he’s trying to share his happiness with us?

  10. Congratulation on everything you have accomplished in the game development so far, it’s amazing!
    A snow egg would be great! It might be cool to also have rain sometimes, just randomly, during the game! And what about a school trip event, where yandere-chan boycotts the girls attempts to approach senpai?
    However it’ll be, you’re doing a great job!

  11. Yandere Dev, I really appreciate your work. You are a geneous, Yandere simulator is one of my favorite games, even not completed yet! Sometimes I’m afraid if you will stop the game, I really hope not! Please still making the good job you are doing, you are awesome. Sorry if I made mistakes, I don’t speak english, I’m brazilian. Did you know that “Senpai” in Brazil means “without father? ” kkk, but is “Sem pai”. Well, that’s all, thanks for everthing. Merry Christmas Yandere Dev! !!

    • I don’t think he will stop the game πŸ˜€ Really YandereDev is the nicest person in the whole world to me….. he spends ALL his time at a computer coding………………….. And he even maked Christmas songs for us while he could do things with his family….the game is more then 1 year old……… Soo yea πŸ˜€

  12. YandereDev, just keep on trucking. You’re doing such an amazing job, and I (along with many others) are proud of you and pleased with the work you do. No matter how long it takes to get content out, I’m always assured of the fact that it will be of good quality. Even if you need to take a break, of course, the aforementioned statement is still true. Good luck, and have a merry Christmas! πŸ˜€

  13. You go Yandere Dev! To this other guy who feels bullshitted: You are bullshit for not actually considering what its like for Yandere Dev to live up to people expectations. Bigger builds means more time! he’s been implying that for ages. Take a hint. instead of complaining check YouTube, cause that’s where he posts his builds too. If you don’t see it, oh well. Check back January 1st!!!!!

  14. I really feel for you now, YandereDev. People really DON’T listen to what you write, no matter how plainly you write it!

  15. I really think we should find some way to advertise this some more, with any luck we could get some more donations and have this game progress quicker. I for one wish I could help make it but i’m just a basic at making games and still learning, I cant even find a good game engine to use :(.

  16. i just watched the Senpai Baby video and I didn’t have my headphones all the way plugged in so the song came through my laptop’s speaker XD The problem is, I kept turning up the volume because I couldn’t hear it… It’s like 2am and my Mom came into my room, asking if I was okay

  17. I’ve added a β€œcredits” sequence to the game, accessed via the main menu. The current credits sequence does not contain a complete list of all people who have contributed to the game; I just decided to get the credits sequence started.

    If you have created an asset that is currently in the game, and your name is not listed in the credits, please send me an e-mail with β€œCredits” in the subject line and let me know tell me that you’d like to be credited.Β Please include a screenshot of your work so that I know what it is that you’ve contributed.



    Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to smile and post if the player aimed a camera at her while she was nude. (I don’t have β€œreact negatively to someone trying to take pictures of you while you’re nude” animations yet.)Fixed bug that would cause Kokona’s phone call event to get screwed up if Kokona was posing for a picture when the event began, or if the player pointed a camera at her during her event.Fixed size of the club leader armband, which was clipping into characters’ arms in some of their outfits.Fixed bug that would cause Senpai to become a floating pair of eyes during a game over sequence.Fixed clipping issue in the female mohawk hairstyle.Fixed a typo on Kokona’s student info page.


    Gave original hair models to the first 6 female characters so that they don’t have to walk around wearing modified versions of Yandere-chan’s hair.Added the β€œmoon choker” accessory to students in the Occult Club.Enabled more hairstyles for Senpai during Senpai customization.Implemented a new hairstyle for Midori.Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.

    99% of the hairstyles in Yandere Simulator were created by the extremely talentedDruelbozo! If you want Druelbozo to be able to continue contributing to Yandere Simulator,Β please consider supporting him via Patreon!

    What’s next?

    I try to update the game on the 1st and 15th days of every month. There are only 7 days remaining until the 15th. Since there’s almost no time left in the day today and I need to spend 1 day recording a video about the latest update, I really only have 5 days to work. Can I implement dismemberment within the next 5 days?

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