Clarifying Yesterday’s Blog Post

Yesterday’s blog post received a much higher number of comments than the average blog post. Several people voiced some concerns, and I’d like to address them.

“YandereDev literally just threatened to publicly humiliate and slander any volunteer who asks for compensation!”

I re-read the relevant paragraph in yesterday’s blog post, and I think I can understand how someone would interpret it that way. Allow me to clarify.

Since the exact moment I accepted help from the very first volunteer, I acknowledged that every volunteer owns every asset they create, and that any volunteer, at any point in time, can say “You no longer have permission to use my work in your game.” Unless we’ve both signed a copyright transfer agreement or a contract that gives me the legal right to use their work in a commercial product, any volunteer can say “Remove my work from Yandere Simulator immediately” and I’d be obligated to obey them.

Because of this situation, it would be extremely easy for an unscrupulous volunteer to try and take advantage of me by saying, “Pay me $1000 right now, or else you must remove all of my assets from your game” one hour before I plan to post a new build of the game. I’d face the choice of making a “delay apology” video, removing their assets from the game, and scrambling to replace those assets…or just paying them $1,000.

In this situation, of course, I would not give in to their ransom demands. I would delete their assets, post a “Delay Apology” video, and explain that the new build is delayed because of someone’s greed. If a volunteer holds the game hostage, they are not just screwing me over, they are also delaying the game for the literally hundreds of thousands of people who play this game. If someone screws over the entire Yandere Simulator fanbase, I’m going to let you know that they did it.

All volunteers have the right to tell me I can’t use their work anymore. All volunteers have the right to charge money for their work. If a volunteer says “Hey YandereDev, I’ve been doing a lot of work for you, can we discuss compensation?” I’d happily discuss it with them.

If a volunteer asks for an absurd amount of money at an inconvenient time because they are attempting to extort money out of me, they won’t be able to do so without 300,000 people hearing about it.

Greed can make people do horrible things. If I don’t publicly state that I’m not going to let people push me around, then people are definitely going to try to push me around. Volunteers shouldn’t be scared to discuss money with me, but anyone who tries to double-cross me or extort me should not believe they can do so without consequences.

If you’re curious, every volunteer who I’ve spoken to since I wrote yesterday’s blog post has reacted positively to the news. Nobody has told me that they find it to be unfair.

“It’s rude to post someone’s artwork as an example of bad artwork!”

I understand why you would feel that way. Instead of linking to someone’s artwork and using it as an example of artwork that doesn’t meet my standards, I probably should have personally drawn an illustration to demonstrate what bad artwork looks like, since my own artwork looks even worse than the example I posted yesterday. Nobody appreciates their work being held up as an example of “bad” work.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it just in case it’s not apparent: I really appreciate the fact that people generously offer to help me develop Yandere Simulator. I’m very grateful for that. I’m super thankful for that. The entire project relies on that.

However, far too much of my time is wasted reading e-mails from amateur artists who want to volunteer for the game despite the fact that their artwork is obviously not high-quality enough to appear in a commercial product. It really needs to stop. If your artwork is at this level of quality, please do not volunteer for the game; you’re wasting my time, and your time, as well.

If you feel sad that your artwork is considered “low-quality”, don’t get bitter; get better. Turn that sadness into a burning passion for self-improvement that drives you to grow as an artist and become the type of person who can eventually contribute meaningfully to a video game.

“YandereDev is rude to fans of the game.”

I can promise to make you a video game. I can’t promise to have an infinite amount of patience and friendliness at all times. Being a fan of Yandere Simulator does not give you a free pass to waste my time. Being a fan of Yandere Simulator does not mean that you are entitled to special treatment. If you send me a stupid question, a stupid suggestion, or waste my time, I will strongly discourage you from ever doing it again. I am YandereDev, not SoftFluffyGentleDev. I’m here to make a video game, not to handle every person who speaks to me with kid gloves.

With that said, 99% of the interactions that I have with fans over e-mail and Twitter are actually very pleasant and fun. 1% of the time, I do have to tell someone that they are being obnoxious and tell them to stop bothering me, but it’s honestly not a frequent occurrence.

If you really think I’m rude, you should research other indie game developers and find out what a rude developer REALLY sounds like.

“The game has been in development for 2 years, and it’s still so far from completion!”

I’m not Bethesda. I’m not CD Projekt Red. I’m not From Software. I’m not Kojima Productions. I’m not Nintendo. I’m one programmer with the support of some volunteers. I’m programming one feature at a time. If you want to see a game come out faster, I recommend following a game that is being developed by a company, instead.

“This game uses store-bought assets!”

I believe that the number of original assets far outnumbers the number of store-bought assets. Hopefully, the final game will contain 100% original assets.

“Yandere Simulator is just a bunch of code making some assets dance around, it’s not a real game.”

Correct. That’s what a game is like before it’s finished. If you want a finished game, please check back in the future.

“It’s foolish to not hire a secretary!”

No, it’s really not. It’s honestly a bad idea to hire a secretary. I’ve covered this topic before. It’s frustrating to see this subject get brought up so frequently. Anyone who suggests this is not thinking it through.

In Closing

If I started making defensive blog posts every day, this blog would quickly become a very lame place. I won’t make posts like this very often, but I feel like I had to speak up after reading the comments on yesterday’s blog post.

If someone has a problem with me, I really wish that I could have a dialogue with them and assuage their concerns. They might learn that they have misunderstood me or have misjudged me. However, I simply don’t have enough spare time to have a conversation with every single person who has formed a negative opinion of me. As a result, the comment section of every blog post might be absolutely full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations that lead to arguments and insults. This is extremely unfortunate.

All I can ask is that, before you write a giant scathing post about how I’m literally worse than Hitler and Satan combined, just consider the possibility that a couple of brief statements from me would actually clear everything up.

157 thoughts on “Clarifying Yesterday’s Blog Post

  1. Well said. If a volunteer already agreed to give their work for free, then demands compensation, that is wrong. Any compensation YandereDev gives should be viewed as a bonus to volunteers who have already promised to give their services for free.

    YandereDev, try not to let the negativity get to you. Focus on all the positive support you have. Stay positive and keep up the hard work. We thank you for your efforts.


  2. You’re a miracle YandereDev. Rarely is a thoughtful mind combined with the wicked sense of humor I’ve come to love about your blog posts. I think I speak for a large swath of the fandom when I post this: you are being far more patient and reasonable than I would be. I admire your ability to calmly address your detractors as well as your dedication to this game.

    I most sincerely hope that someday, when you complete the game, you can smile and say “yes, that was crazy fun.”

  3. I can happily say that i was at least partially wrong. I admit i was being harsh in the comments on his last blog post.

    Thankfully he took the time to clarify the problems with the Volunteer work and what not. He did the right thing by rewording it and explaining the situation more in depth rather than making threats.

    Also good that he reworded the artwork situation. But it still comes off rude, and he should have drawn her himself like he said. but it’s at least addressed it.

    Yandere-Dev has shown a bit of humility here and that goes a long way. In the future i hope to see more positive interactions with his fans. He should be reminded that PR (public relations) has a massive impact on success in the entertainment industry. The people who pay for your content can be very fickle and It’s beneficial to always be on their good side. As the co-manager of a small town business I learned that the old catchphrase “The customer is always right” is 100% true.

    Good job with today’s post. and good luck on the development of the game. I’ve been watching each step and If the final game makes it to steam, I do intend to buy a copy.

    • i disagree on the part of the artwork topic being rude…i don’t think there’s a subtler way for him to say it, and drawing something himself exclusivley for this post sound like a waste of time.
      It may be harsh for some people, but this industry it’s even crueler.

      • I said i was partially wrong. I wouldn’t have been wrong if the original post wasn’t worded so ambiguously

        Yandere-Dev still has a bit of learning to do. Sure he doesn’t have to be Gentlefluffydev whatever. But being nice to the people paying your bills goes without saying.

        Being polite to people is not required for a game developer, but honestly There’s no point in being an ass.

    • I understand a little more of the reason why you were bitching your way through the comments page of the last post. The fact that you recognized that you were at least partially wrong shows something about your sense of morality.

      However, your actions on the previous blog post were absolutely unacceptable. I realize you were simply misunderstanding and confused, but calling Devpai and his more supportive fans [names I shall not repeat] is crossing the line. YandereDev is already very strong-willed. He’s actually spending a good amount of time on proving some stupid misunderstanding wrong. If I were him, I would have quit interacting with fans ages ago.

  4. Well, I’m glad YanDev took time to reword himself; I was wondering if he’d explain himself out to the people who had negative reactions and doubts about the last blog post (myself included). Everything makes a lot more sense now.

    Good luck with the rest of the game, YanDev. 🙂

  5. You did the right thing YandereDev.
    It’s foolish to think that a one-man programmer is able to pump out a FULL INDIE GAME in two years, while having an array of volunteers, some of which disappear without a simple email.
    I’m hyped for the next build, and I hope not any of your volunteers decide to hold it back out of greed.
    I’m quite passionate about anime yanderes.

  6. “I am YandereDev, not SoftFluffyGentleDev. I’m here to make a video game, not to handle every person who speaks to me with kid gloves.”

    Imagine if Linus Torvalds was the dev for this game xD

    (Much love and respect Yandere Dev <3)

  7. I’m really glad you decided to clarify and explain further. After reading responses from different people, I was starting to jump to a negative conclusion. The whole ‘bad example’ did rub me the wrong way, but I can understand why you would be so frustrated. Hats off to you for trying your best in trying to be fair to volunteers and fans alike.

  8. I was silently waiting for this post xD Good job, hope you won’t have to spend time on this for a while. But it was really good to see you post something like this ❤

  9. You were crystal clear with your previous post, I didn’t think you did anything wrong. You had a few people taking you out of context, and someone overly persistent with his negativity, but for the most part you were fair.

    Hopefully things go well for you from here on out 🙂

  10. …well I’m still offended. Someone who I don’t even know and who works 24/7 refused to coddle me like a child as a fully-grown adult. As someone who contributes absolutely nothing to this game I think that I am entitled to a little more respect and admiration from the dev. As an individual who has absolutely zero experience in game-making, or managing a creative project that has garnered this much attention on my own, I know with certainty that the game should be completely finished by now. Also, yandere-dev (if that is your real name) my non-existent background in creating game assets tells me that you should have learnt how to create assets to a professional standard with 5 minute wikihow tutorials, so why haven’t you dropped everything to make the assets 100% original on your own yet, huh? How dare you not delay releases that everyone is waiting for to gently, kindly and politely respond to every piece of mail that you receive with a customised email? I deem that the project that you started on your own is clearly too much for you to handle, since is obviously within my authority and I have a right to do so as someone unaffiliated with the production!!

    Sarcasm aside for the moment, I usually don’t leave comments to lick the balls and work the shaft (since I know that no-one cares what I think), but keep up the good work, yandere-dev. You’re making good progress, and I am excited to see this project getting more ambitious!

    Now stop responding to baseless accusations, and get back to work o(^_-)O

    • Your sarcasm represented 99% of the people that were bitching in the previous blog post. It’s even funnier seeing them now act all kind and like “fans”, like they understand even when they were bashing and calling names in the previous post without the slightest drop of understanding/tolerance.

      • …what?

        I don’t want to cause an argument, but you’re comment rubbed me the wrong way completely. Aren’t you bitching about the people who had concerns in the previous post?

        I know there was one individual who was overflowing with negativity, but the majority of us were just voicing our negative opinions on the blog post, so it’s natural that we’d be happy about YanDev clearing up our doubts.

    • @Azusa, the irony of my bitching isn’t completely lost on me, but I didn’t mean to insult everyone who had concerns. However, the irony of someone outright insulting another person because they felt that that other person wasn’t polite enough isn’t lost on me either. Some of the concerns were legitimate and handled with a level head, even if I think that it was a result of misinterpretation. I’ll also admit that most of the comments that I read were by that guy (we both know which one he is).

      I have no problem if you wanted to express a concern that you had (it is no-one’s place to tell you what to think, and certainly not mine), but it was the aggressiveness, unreasonable and/or personal nature of the few that angered me when this post was in my emails this morning. The comments that you posted for example, were tactfully handled and voiced legitimate concerns. I agree that it was distasteful for the dev to post someone’s actual artwork to showcase bad artwork, and if you believed that yanderedev would hold somebody’s intellectual property ransom with the intention to use it for commercial use (which I believe is illegal), then that would be a legitimate concern too.

      If my comment rubbed you the wrong way, then I appreciate the fact that you were reasonable about it. I don’t want a fight either, but I thought I’d at least reply to your concern.

      …unless you were talking about the guy who left a reply to my last comment, in which case, just ignore everything I just said ;-P

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  12. If you really have nothing better to do than to gripe about the game progress or YandereDev himself, you need to get a life.

  13. What are greedy volunteers doing in game development anyway? It’s not like indie game development is a big money-maker. If they wanna get greedy, work at a casino or something.

  14. i don’t think you’re gonna see this, but in case you do.. yandev, are you going to still answer questions on your twitter? i miss hearing from you on there!

  15. Okay, so I just skimmed over the last post since it was about volunteers and stuff and I have no way of helping with that, but this post seems like you’ve gotten into some shit for the last, and I just wanna say that no matter what happens, no matter what shit you get from volunteers and followers, or whatever you say about it all, I will continue to follow this game until it’s full completion, and when I one day get a job with a steady income I will donate to your Patreon and the future Kickstarter. For now, I’m a lazy and unemployed high school student who has no ability to pay a monthly Patreon donation, which is why I am not already donating.

    Thank you Yanderedev for everything you do, this game is awesome and it’s made hundreds of thousands of people’s days brighter/more fun when they see a new build and it’s not even complete yet.

  16. I sometimes make a simple question to YandereDev on Twitter and he frankly gives me the answer. I think it is because my question is simple, clear, and yet-unanswered one. Everyone should read the notice before asking the question, and nobody would get offended.

  17. Well said Dev. But i guess that’s what you get when you deal with kids or really immature 20 something years old.
    Some people don’t care enough to try undestanding this line of work (or any type of work whatsover). They are playing for free and still dare to complain about how you choose to do your work. It disgusts me.

    But you are amazing. I love how you deal with problems so gracefully! Other people would have lost it by now

  18. I visited your blog yesterday and I was excited because you finally posted your “Important Announcement”. But after reading I was surprised because there are so many negative comments (one of them was Jesus, but he’s here apologizing, and I respect him for that.)

    But now that you have posted this, clarifying the blog post you posted yesterday, I realized that they HAVE misunderstood it. You’re such an amazing man, making a game with only you and your volunteers. You’re far more hardworking than me and it’s such an amazing thing to see that you’re not giving up despite the challenges. Keep it up, and you’ll be an inspiration to others too. It’s good to see defending yourself once in a while. I look up to you because of that.

    • That’s not really an apology though. An apology usually starts off with sorry, then explaining what you’re apologizing for. Considering Jesus was one of the ones who said the worst things about the dev.
      I hope he did actually send in an apology because they called him ” stupid, Lazy, aggressive and manipulative” when they had nothing to back it up with and STILL don’t.
      Then when people were calm enough to try and explain to them what the dev might have meant he labeled them as his ‘dick riding’ fans and ‘cucks’. Seriously?
      So nah, if ppl think it’s fine to insult first then try and understand later … well I’m just all outta fucks to give for those people.

      • I’ve been watching this project pretty much from the start, I didn’t develop any negative opinions about the dev until the whole e-mail thing came up a while back.
        I was still pretty annoyed with how badly he mocked his fans in the 2 part youtube video about e-mails, he basically threw everyone’s suggestions / opinions in the trash.

        Yandere-Dev made today’s post clarifying himself. I admit that he proved a majority of my accusations wrong, and that’s good. I misunderstood the paid volunteer premise and i’m glad to see there’s no bad blood coming from it.

        I also respect him in regards to the fan art thing, he reworded it because he realized that it was pretty rude the first time.

        At the end of the day I’m not going to kiss his ass and beg for forgiveness. The main issue was made more clear and I’ve changed my opinion on the matter, i was wrong the first time. But Yander-dev still has work to do.
        Although he isn’t doing anything inherently wrong, i still believe he resents his fan base, and does not respect the people who support him.

        If you watch this, he’s passive aggressively insulting his fans, and people who just want to help. In the end he even suggests killing them. You can pass it off as a bad joke, but deep down he’s annoyed.

        All I’ve been trying to say is that being rude to your fans doesn’t pay off. It’s beneficial to be polite and patient with consumers as they are the ones who pay for your product! I’ve manged a (small) business myself and I can’t stress how important it is to be on someones good side.

      • You haven’t worked on a game. So stop posting negative comments. He could be sitting around, doing nothing, while you guys beg him to come back.

  19. Thank you so much for being so patient with all of us. I must admit I had a lot of doubts due to the previous post but I’m so glad you clarified it. Thank you for being such a dedicated game developer and you’ve been doing a great job so far. I apologise for any rash statements I made in the previous post, it was all a misunderstanding. Nevertheless, I will continue to follow the game development of Yandere Simulator ❤

  20. dear YandereDev you know your own creation better than anyone else, haters will spawn from everywhere trying “too hard” to insult your own creations because they will never have the guts to make their own.
    anyone that reads the home, faqs, volunteers, download pages should already know what you’re talking about easily.
    using these hate comments are mostly trolls seeking none deserved attention, so please dear Yandere Dev no need to reply to their stupidity.
    YandereDev this is your own game that you are working on it with a limited number of volunteers you don’t won a big company nor do you own an official working place “duh it’s called individual development” and anyone that doesn’t understand that should either self educate themselves or simply leave you and your volunteers in peace before they show the world how stupid they truly are.

    in closing if people want to support YandereDev they’re welcome, however trolls and needless commentary Midori chan’s legion of annoying needless commentrs all youranswers will be found if you are ready to READ the pages in the top of this page,

    trolls if you insist wasting your worthless needless lives hating someone you either leave us all in peace and go troll each others, or simply please leave the website, YandereDev is a very busy developer, and he needs time and peace to work on his great creation again in PEACE!

    so if you only came here to troll your last resort would be to quit playing the game altogether because being a troll is even WORSE than being in Midori chan’s legion! being a troll means you aren’t only an enemy to the developer and the game, but you are an enemy for the whole community here so expect sooner or later to be taken down by a Yandere girl because you have no idea who you are missing with here! you expected me to tell you “go kill yourself”? no need! because being killed by a Yandere is what you will deserve! that’s all thanks for reading

    all hail Yandere Dev and Yandere Chan!

  21. I have sooo much sympathy for the dev. It seems like he can’t win no matter what he does or say. i’m still pissed that so many people practically nitpicked and blew his words out of portion in his previous post. It’s good to criticize someone’s work but if you have to make baseless and false accusations about them in the process what makes you think they should listen to you any further? What makes you think ANYONE should pay attention to you? It HURTS and it causes people to spread false rumors and it’s not easy nor fun to undo all of that because people twisted your words to fit their own view of you or what they read. Think before you say things especially online. All it takes is one person to make an untrue statement and have an anonymous mob threatening you.

    He should have been more detailed about what he said in the first place to prevent confusion but at the same time so many people jumped to conclusions and insulted him and anyone that tried to defend him it… actually bothered me and I usually don’t respond to this sort of shit due to people being stubborn and admitting they were wrong to begin with. He’s more fucking reasonable than a lot of devs out here who try to actively scam people out of money from the get-go. ._.

    I mean hell he’s ONE DEV. Not every dev has the connections nor knowledge to do a big project like this. To be honest, I feel like if you’ve never been a volunteer or not an actual volunteer helping with his game you kinda have no right to talk about what he is or isn’t doing with volunteers. We literally don’t know jack shit about any of the volunteers or what he’s saying TO the volunteers and I’m pretty sure if a volunteer was being treated poorly about it, they’d make a post about it and get it circulated around the internet and get people to rally against the dev. Did some people forget what a volunteer is? It’s literally a person who does work without pay. If you volunteer for certain jobs people tell you that upfront. They tell you, YOU WILL NOT GET PAID. Sometimes you even have to sign a contract agreeing with (ALWAYS read any contract people get you to sign. ALWAYS!!!! Even if they butter you up with some sort of promise.) what they’ve told you and what your tasks may be. If you get employed/paid for it that’s practically for your boss or superior to decide. Out of all the places I’ve volunteered at, no one has ever told me what the dev tells his volunteers. I was surprised that the dev said he would pay his volunteers. Not many people are that nice to let their volunteers talk about pay so willingly like that.

    He’s been nice from the very start but now since he starts to defend himself I’ve been seeing more posts attacking him than actually being a lil bit sympathetic towards him. He doesn’t want to be treated like some walking mat and I can’t blame him. If I was in his shoes I would have just said fuck it all and stopped reaching out to the community all together since some people probably don’t even donate. He didn’t start being an asshole until he got emails that became too much for him. He practically BEGGED people to stop and people kept doing it. Some people can only be nice for so long until they’ve had enough and put their foot down. He’s allowing playable betas, communicating to the community, putting out updates…. and what he gets in return is pure vitriol and people twisting his words and reaching to the stars about how he’s some horrible person? Too much of this needs to stop. Too much assumptions about people on the internet need to stop. It does more harm than good and I hope a LOT of people who left those harsh words for him and his “defenders” step forward and actually apologize because that was beyond rude and ignorant.

    He has enough stress and work to deal with can people ease up on the accusations of him being some scumbag when he has been nothing but kind? As big as this game seems to be of COURSE it’s going to take him months to finish. He is basically doing most of the tough stuff on his own. He doesn’t have a full-fledged team yet I honestly don’t see how so many people keep forgetting that? This shit takes time. If you don’t want a half-done shit game (coughlikesomanyonsteamthatprobablyhavebetteraccesstocertainresourcescough) maybe ease off of the ‘dev should stop wasting his time with pointless posts!’. Because I know for sure the same people who do that would probably tear him to pieces about not working on it long enough to be up to their standards. :/

    tl; dr
    Instead of trying to assume things of the dev try and look at things from HIS perspective every once in a while. If you want people to take what you say seriously maybe don’t fucking insult them and demand respect yeah? I also hate how people are treating him like he’s some sort of machine as if he doesn’t have his own responsibilities to take care of and he should churn out updates every 5 minutes. I do hope you read this dev and realize a lot of people truly do feel for you and want you to take care of yourself: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  22. LEAVE YD ALONE so he can work on this god damn game. I’ve been watching this site for the past year and he has made it abundantly clear that he wants to spend more time making the game and less time dealing with asshats. If you are going to send him a pointless email or bitch about his methods, DO US ALL A FAVOR and forcibly insert your mouse into your own anus.

    Stop acting like whiny PC warriors, YD is trying to make his dreams come true.

  23. Hilarious how most of the people who said all those negative things in his previous post didn’t actually post an apology for what they said. 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

    And who’s the one with the big dick-like self-centered mean ego again?

    • Wow there young memer, you’re going to overload your autism with all them emoticons and shit.
      And you’re wrong, a few people did admit to being to harsh in the previous post.

      • This is coming from someone that was super quick to demonize a guy from being blunt about a misunderstanding and obviously cant tell the difference between most and all you shouldn’t be calling anyone autistic lmao.

        And by most, I really mean just you sweetie. :]
        Stop being such an entitled piece of shit. If you dislike the dev and how he treats his “fans” then stop following the game and grow the fuck up.

  24. Well done and said Yanderedev I been a huge fan of these game for a while I will wait happily with patience for the game to be done…but what I really don’t like is how people can jump to the bad and negative so fast always before jumping to the bad and negative think before typing or saying something because when you type and post it doesn’t come down at all Yanderedev you did wonderful you don’t really come off as harsh or mean people just jump a little to fast when it comes to things at times all in all I can’t wait into you get everything you need for the game and please don’t rush to hard you have a life to live don’t forget about 😀

  25. ah, well. i’m glad you realized posting someone’s art as an example of something bad wasn’t the best thing to do, that was really the only thing i had beef with.

    but did people /really/ compare you to satan and hitler? that’s the last thing you are, you’re just a simple indie dev doing his best…

  26. i’m actually fine with everything you do, and people deserve constructive criticism, if they cant take it, its their fault.
    you’re doing a great job, are friendly, hardworking and try to keep it all stable by yourself.
    Don’t worry too much ^^

  27. rub rub rub
    okay how about a negotiation to free volunteers saying something like “the most I can offer you for your assets is a free copy of this game, nothing more, no money, else gtfo.”

  28. Ah, money.
    No wonder a war in the comments started when YandereDev when he posted how he was gonna spend it.
    People have to remember YandereDev is not Superman, he’s one guy giving his best to create a complete game, and not “simply” some weird uncompleted buggy games made by young devs that aim to enter a game company.

    Regarding his situation, I think he made the best choices as a chief dev.

  29. Yandev isn’t rude. He’s direct. Says it like it is.
    Using someone else’s work as an example of “bad artwork” might have been a little rude, sure. But sometimes it’s kinda difficult to explain to people what “bad” work might be. If he just draws a stick figure then some people would just naturally assume their work is up to snuff when it’s really no different from the one in the post.
    One way people could gauge their skill is by looking at the fanart Yandev posts. If you can’t match it then maybe you’re not good enough(although that still won’t stop people under the Dunning-Kruger effect.).

  30. Thank you for this post. I’m glad to be wrong. It’s good that you addressed it, and I’m glad there isn’t much to be concerned about. You’re doing good work on the game!

  31. I fully agree with YandereDev. I’ve seen the negative comments and its just frustrating that people can be an ass and get away with it(and they’ll be proud of it to). I hope those people read this post and know that YandereDev is talking about them so that they can feel like crap.
    (Sorry, I just really hate people like that on the internet, which sucks cause they’re everywhere. I hate the haters.)

  32. Thank you for clarifying! After reading the last post and the comments, I admit that I jumped to negative conclusions. But this really cleared it up (: Keep up the good work, Devpai!

  33. I don’t really get it… Why people take the another post so bad?
    This is work, this is serious, there’s no such a gentle way to talk about the art of a game, because it takes away the professionalism of the game.

    Another person wouldn’t take the care that he takes in this situations, some persons just don’t give a shit about the opinions of the rest, but he take time of his life to explain all the misunderstandings created in the comments.

    He did well, this is a great game, and I completely understand him.

  34. Right now i feel kinda glad that im that one person who never sended you any email (Mostly because im not good at anything.)
    i just follow this game quietly like a creeper from my sidelines…..and i like it that way…..

  35. People honestly said those things!? Even a six year-old would have understood what you meant! God, these people are acting like idiots! I honestly will email every person who said that telling them the truth if I have to!

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