Clarifying Yesterday’s Blog Post

Yesterday’s blog post received a much higher number of comments than the average blog post. Several people voiced some concerns, and I’d like to address them.

“YandereDev literally just threatened to publicly humiliate and slander any volunteer who asks for compensation!”

I re-read the relevant paragraph in yesterday’s blog post, and I think I can understand how someone would interpret it that way. Allow me to clarify.

Since the exact moment I accepted help from the very first volunteer, I acknowledged that every volunteer owns every asset they create, and that any volunteer, at any point in time, can say “You no longer have permission to use my work in your game.” Unless we’ve both signed a copyright transfer agreement or a contract that gives me the legal right to use their work in a commercial product, any volunteer can say “Remove my work from Yandere Simulator immediately” and I’d be obligated to obey them.

Because of this situation, it would be extremely easy for an unscrupulous volunteer to try and take advantage of me by saying, “Pay me $1000 right now, or else you must remove all of my assets from your game” one hour before I plan to post a new build of the game. I’d face the choice of making a “delay apology” video, removing their assets from the game, and scrambling to replace those assets…or just paying them $1,000.

In this situation, of course, I would not give in to their ransom demands. I would delete their assets, post a “Delay Apology” video, and explain that the new build is delayed because of someone’s greed. If a volunteer holds the game hostage, they are not just screwing me over, they are also delaying the game for the literally hundreds of thousands of people who play this game. If someone screws over the entire Yandere Simulator fanbase, I’m going to let you know that they did it.

All volunteers have the right to tell me I can’t use their work anymore. All volunteers have the right to charge money for their work. If a volunteer says “Hey YandereDev, I’ve been doing a lot of work for you, can we discuss compensation?” I’d happily discuss it with them.

If a volunteer asks for an absurd amount of money at an inconvenient time because they are attempting to extort money out of me, they won’t be able to do so without 300,000 people hearing about it.

Greed can make people do horrible things. If I don’t publicly state that I’m not going to let people push me around, then people are definitely going to try to push me around. Volunteers shouldn’t be scared to discuss money with me, but anyone who tries to double-cross me or extort me should not believe they can do so without consequences.

If you’re curious, every volunteer who I’ve spoken to since I wrote yesterday’s blog post has reacted positively to the news. Nobody has told me that they find it to be unfair.

“It’s rude to post someone’s artwork as an example of bad artwork!”

I understand why you would feel that way. Instead of linking to someone’s artwork and using it as an example of artwork that doesn’t meet my standards, I probably should have personally drawn an illustration to demonstrate what bad artwork looks like, since my own artwork looks even worse than the example I posted yesterday. Nobody appreciates their work being held up as an example of “bad” work.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it just in case it’s not apparent: I really appreciate the fact that people generously offer to help me develop Yandere Simulator. I’m very grateful for that. I’m super thankful for that. The entire project relies on that.

However, far too much of my time is wasted reading e-mails from amateur artists who want to volunteer for the game despite the fact that their artwork is obviously not high-quality enough to appear in a commercial product. It really needs to stop. If your artwork is at this level of quality, please do not volunteer for the game; you’re wasting my time, and your time, as well.

If you feel sad that your artwork is considered “low-quality”, don’t get bitter; get better. Turn that sadness into a burning passion for self-improvement that drives you to grow as an artist and become the type of person who can eventually contribute meaningfully to a video game.

“YandereDev is rude to fans of the game.”

I can promise to make you a video game. I can’t promise to have an infinite amount of patience and friendliness at all times. Being a fan of Yandere Simulator does not give you a free pass to waste my time. Being a fan of Yandere Simulator does not mean that you are entitled to special treatment. If you send me a stupid question, a stupid suggestion, or waste my time, I will strongly discourage you from ever doing it again. I am YandereDev, not SoftFluffyGentleDev. I’m here to make a video game, not to handle every person who speaks to me with kid gloves.

With that said, 99% of the interactions that I have with fans over e-mail and Twitter are actually very pleasant and fun. 1% of the time, I do have to tell someone that they are being obnoxious and tell them to stop bothering me, but it’s honestly not a frequent occurrence.

If you really think I’m rude, you should research other indie game developers and find out what a rude developer REALLY sounds like.

“The game has been in development for 2 years, and it’s still so far from completion!”

I’m not Bethesda. I’m not CD Projekt Red. I’m not From Software. I’m not Kojima Productions. I’m not Nintendo. I’m one programmer with the support of some volunteers. I’m programming one feature at a time. If you want to see a game come out faster, I recommend following a game that is being developed by a company, instead.

“This game uses store-bought assets!”

I believe that the number of original assets far outnumbers the number of store-bought assets. Hopefully, the final game will contain 100% original assets.

“Yandere Simulator is just a bunch of code making some assets dance around, it’s not a real game.”

Correct. That’s what a game is like before it’s finished. If you want a finished game, please check back in the future.

“It’s foolish to not hire a secretary!”

No, it’s really not. It’s honestly a bad idea to hire a secretary. I’ve covered this topic before. It’s frustrating to see this subject get brought up so frequently. Anyone who suggests this is not thinking it through.

In Closing

If I started making defensive blog posts every day, this blog would quickly become a very lame place. I won’t make posts like this very often, but I feel like I had to speak up after reading the comments on yesterday’s blog post.

If someone has a problem with me, I really wish that I could have a dialogue with them and assuage their concerns. They might learn that they have misunderstood me or have misjudged me. However, I simply don’t have enough spare time to have a conversation with every single person who has formed a negative opinion of me. As a result, the comment section of every blog post might be absolutely full of misunderstandings and misinterpretations that lead to arguments and insults. This is extremely unfortunate.

All I can ask is that, before you write a giant scathing post about how I’m literally worse than Hitler and Satan combined, just consider the possibility that a couple of brief statements from me would actually clear everything up.

157 thoughts on “Clarifying Yesterday’s Blog Post

  1. To be honest, you’re one of the nicest game developers ever, the rest of them are corrupt with fame, I hope that doesn’t happen to you

      • To be fair, he’s still human. I think anyone’s patience would have run out by now. I know if it had been me, I would have probably closed my email completely, handed out a private one to the current volunteers only and stopped communicating with the fans altogether back in October. Personally, I think that it taking this long for him to finally snap is kind of impressive.

      • I said nicest game Developer…not person…*sigh* most game developers are major assholes who don’t care about fans, he tries to listen to us fans and hopes we understand that he’s human and can get stressed

      • I said nicest game Developer…not person…*sigh* most game developers are major assholes who don’t care about fans, he tries to listen to us fans and hopes we understand that he’s human and can get stressed I know this is a repeat comment but I think people misunderstood me

      • I think it was a bit much to lash out like that. Fair enough, he is just one person, who would most likely get stressed out by all the work he’s doing. But if he sees a annoying comment and knows he’s just gonna snap at it, he might as well just leave it alone. I’m not saying he has to be nice all the time, no one is. But it’s just, that person was just a normal fan asking a question. Might have not been the best, but there wasn’t really any reason for him to lash out like that. :L

      • Oh gosh, I could see WHY he would be annoyed. That guy is like constantly posting stuff to him on twitter. Kind of non-important stuff….with bad grammar.
        Besides that, Yanderedev is a sweetheart. He doesn’t want to disappoint his fans and works VERY VERY hard and feels terrible for missing deadlines even if it really isn’t a big deal! And I admire that! I hope one day I can make a fan art for him that he will be proud of after I emailed him twice knowing that I was bothering him about references. TwT
        And doing this on his own, it’s understandable he will get frustrated. I only wish him well and hope that things will get better for him.
        I just hope that the stress doesn’t get to him too much. I worry about him poor guy!!

    • You all super fans kiss his ass, while you don’t even know what he does on a daily basis. I know I seem really rude but really, search it up. Also Naku-Chan, I bet he doesn’t even work 2 hours a day, like he streams all the time.

  2. YandereDev, you’re doing a splendid job on the production of this game, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having these kinds of issues. All I can say is, no matter what, don’t let this kind of nonsensical thing bring you down. I enjoy playing every update you’ve added, and reading about the developments. I know it must be stressful to have to deal with kind of thing whilst working on making this an enjoyable game for all who play. Stay strong.

  3. YandereDev, thank you for your commitment on creating the will-be GOTY game known as Yandere Simulator, and I think that you are amazing that you would stop your favorite hobbies (Video Gaming, Watching Anime, etc.), so thank you, and thank you for clarifying about the post, I read it all. But seriously, you really should take some breaks to do some hobbies, you deserve it.

      • I’m not complaining imbécil. I just want a lesbian senpai and i think it’s an easy thing to work with, so shut up……………

    • You can’t demand him to do this, he doesn’t have the assets and a female VA would have to do male Senpai’s lines. It’s not that easy…

    • I’m hoping you mean a lesbian and not a male pervert who likes watching lesbian content. The phrase “lesbian lover” is a misleading one.

      • Oh and also, I would volunteer to VA the female senpai but one it would make gameplay weird af for me and anyone who knows me (I’m a lesbian so I would be crushing on myself/my voice) and two I think thr issue is that male rivals would have to be implemented.

  4. YandereDev, I just want to say that you are doing an amazing job and honestly I am in awe of your composure when dealing with the people who prompted this response post. Producing work like this, for so long, takes dedication and support, and it’s disheartening when people who create things simply for the sake of their own and others’ happiness is put down. You are awesome YandereDev, please keep doing what you’re doing. I know I can’t speak for everyone, but whenever there is an update to this blog and/or the game, my day is made. It’s something to look forward to, and honestly that in and of itself is extremely powerful. Thank you!!

  5. I totally get that you are probably super stressed and such (since this game is now your full-time job) and I just wanted to let you know that you are doing such a great job! 90% of kickstarter games don’t even cover half as much development details, and almost none of them offer up witty and fun videos every two weeks! You’re amazing and I think you’re really cool!

  6. I am very excited for this game, and i’m very grateful for the time and effort that the creator and volunteers are putting into it. That said, you should not have used the “bad example” art work in either of these posts. You obviously turned their volunteer service down, and yet you take one of their examples anyways and post it here. No matter your reasoning (excuse) it’s clearly wrong of you to do. Now, if you had received permission from them to use their art as a bad example, there would be no issue. You did not do that. Instead you ridicule their efforts and make up some lame excuse about turning your insults into their passion. I expect someone with a position of power to use it respectfully.

    • For one thing I had not even emailed it or wanted it to at all ever be seen by the creator, By comments on the original post Im assuming some idiot took it claimed it as their own crappy art and sent it to him with an extremely douchey message with it or spammed it, in order to annoy yandere dev and crush the self esteem of the original crappy young not even artist(myself) which wasn’t extremely effective

      • You’re the artist?
        Damn that must be annoying. I kind of liked the picture though, even if it isn’t up to professional standards. But you’re still quite good. Just keep at it, because everyone has to start somewhere and then they get better and better and eventually you could get to that level when eventually you’d be good enough to submit art to things like this. So just keep going. ^^

      • Dude. I like the picture, but your comments on this were scattered all over the last page.
        Please, STOP.
        We know.

    • I agree, no one is expecting YandereDev to be perfect, but if hes going to go out his way to embarrass you for trying to help him then why does he even bother. He needs to hire someone to be his public relations if hes going to be rude whenever he feels like it. You don’t get to decide when you will be nice or an ass to someone at your job, because they pay your bills (in this case send you support, donations, and assets/artwork). Its not unreasonable to be kind to such people that go out their way to promote your game, because word of mouth is some of the best advertisement. If its so hard for him to contain his lashing out on terrible art / assets, then he should either not reply at all or do so in a kind manner. And stop posting these terrible artwork examples, why dont you post good artwork examples that you would accept?? It is just as effective.

      I think regarding actual work on the game he is doing great, but he is proving to be a terrible person behind the screen. Most dev’s dont have the chance to act like a douche in your face because someone else is handling relations. I think he should have someone do it for him as well, besides he would have more time to work and less time to destroy his own support group before the games release in a few years(because when its so far off from the official release the hype for this game will go down greatly over time, so keep as many fans as you can).

      • Wish there was a like button so i could like this comment. I mean i love the game he is trying to make and, no doubt it has to be stressful but, this snapping at people is kinda off putting. That’s just my opinion though.

      • A volunteer is someone who offers themselves up for a job full-heartedly, and because of that it’s usually something they’ll do for free but volunteers can be compensated for their time and still be volunteers.

  7. YandereDev will realize the Boss’ vision of Yandere Simulator’s. A Community Without Borders, a Game Without Compromises. Sometimes we will delay, be rude, ask for money… And yes, we may all be damned straight to development hell. But what better place for us? This is our heaven and our hell, our “Indie Game”.

  8. a very understanding and a straight-to-the-point post. I appreciate how honest you are about it and your calm composure in dealing with these problems. Hope you will be able to safely complete the game without much trouble. Fighting!

  9. This post has only further cemented my thinking of you as an extremely capable and intelligent person. Keep up the good work Yandere dev!

  10. Honestly an artist should be able to take criticism. Rude or not, if your artwork isn’t high enough level, then that is that. You might not like the words “your art is really bad”, but if they are the truth, face it and get better. Get off your high horse. Prove to others and yourself that your art can get better. Keep drawing (or whatever type of arting you do), because good art isn’t achieved through dilly dallying around. I’ve been drawing for more than 10 years, and I still need to learn a lot (though I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved).

    If people think your art sucks, then get better, simple as that. It’s hard, but really damn simple. Being honest is better than sugaring it up with white lies. It might seem harsh of YanDev to show an example of “bad art”, but it’s the truth (just don’t bully the artist, they obviously made an effort and I acknowledge that. If the artist sees this comment: please keep it up, you’re gonna go places, trust me.).

    • Far enough if your artwork is bad you should be able to take criticism, but having it posted to 30,000 people is not part of that agreement. People don’t just display your bad artwork when you are an professional artist. Sure tell them it sucks in an email, maybe even to their face, but post it on your website to embarrass them is a terrible thing to do no matter who you are. His only goal was to discourage them as he said in his post, so he is obviously trying to break their confidence.

      That whole “your art sucks, then get better” is nothing but an excuse to ridicule someone. These people are donating money, assets / art, and giving support to the game. They deserve better responses than this, and if he cant deliver he should get someone else to respond to his emails. I dont expect him to have a lot of patience, but at the same time I dont expect him to be an ass without reason. Him showing that bad art was a terrible move on his part, and he could have shown examples of good art that would be just as effective. He is doing great on the game so I try to look past some of the things he does, but he is terrible at relations with his own game. You might not understand the importance of being kind to your fans, but they are very valuable when your game is probably a few years before being complete (considering it took him 2 years to get this far). And I remember a cop game that got a lot of hype but took a long time to finish development, and by that time a lot of the fans had left and the game never took off from lack of support. Now you are probably an extreme fan of YandereDev so you probably don’t understand the importance because you are in self defense mode, fair enough.

  11. I’m sorry you have to put up with this kind stuff yandere dev. But, we’ve all gotta put up with this kind of nonsense all the time, even when it’s continuous. It’s life. And, sometimes we can’t stop it from happening. Sorry if this sounds discouraging, but it’s not intended. My point is that this stuff happens all the time. Although it may become frequent, annoying, and plain stupid, you just got to pull through, and no matter how crazy it gets, just remember that there will always be haters, pests, the over – offensive idiots, and the plain retarded spammers who will come out of the miserable caves they call home and harass you along the way. Just ignore them and eventually they will get bored and leave you alone. Always remember to keep your sanity and just keep doing what your doing. But, whatever you do, don’t SNAP! 😉 (Keep it up!!!)

  12. *Too lazy to sign up*

    I think you have your point, but the others have their’s too.
    Is it your problem? Nope.

    From the little information I get here (And hey, going on the internet just so you can lie? Common, nobody does that kind’a stuff, amirite?) you seem to know what you are doing and how you have to speak with people. So.. Well.. No problem at all, I guess.

    Oh, just so I mentioned it: The ideas in this game so far are real fun. I’ll happily wait for what comes next and what the finished version will be. I’m sure it’ll be fun. :3

  13. If I ever become a full-time game dev, I will hire a secretary for myself, just to prove that you’re an idiot.

    But hey, good luck with your game! I hope it turns out well.

    • Well, your game could get leaked the secretary could be lazy, I can go on forever stop trying to say you’re smarter than him when you know you’re not

  14. We understand you, YandereDev-senpai. It is very hard for you, but you still are very nice to everyone. Thank you, and take your time to create a great game that we all are waiting for.

  15. Woah. Someone actually said you were worse than Satan and Hitler combined? Pfft.
    Some people really need to grow the heck up. He’s just one guy. It’s gotta be so god damn difficult trying to do all that programming and shiz all on your own. I don’t blame him for his patience snapping at times. Mine would too. You can’t expect the game developer to be nice to you all the time if all you’re ever going to do is stress him/her out. So I completely understand what he means. Like he said, there are far worse game developers out there than him, though.

    • Though, when I say I don’t blame him for not being nice all the time, when he does snap, I don’t think it’s okay to just completely lash out. When you’re utterly stressed and you see a annoying comment and you feel like you’re basically gonna piss all over it and maybe upset the fan, I’d say to just step back from your computer for a bit. That’s all I’m saying.

  16. After every angry, tired, and frustrated post by Yanderedev, I tick one down on the mental countdown for how long it takes him to snap altogether. The fact that he hasn’t done so /yet/ is already impressive enough, given what one can see by merely taking a glance through the comments on his Yt videos.
    Keep strong, Yandere Dev, finish the project and you can disappear without ever having to be polite to a single infuriating fan again.

  17. I love the way the game runs and the bugs honestly make the game so much fun to play in my opinion, you are doing an awesome job and I can understand how your patience can run out when there’s thousands of people to try and please so thank you for making the awesome game I over it so much and I’m pretty sure people think I’m insane because of it.

  18. Omg yanderediv make sure people can make sunglasses from sunglasses store and use them to burn yandere chan and kill storm purple girl and yandere chan can flirt with boys in town to get them to do what yandere girl wants. And personality of mean girl who is rich but is a major character but not a rival and can help me trigger events that lead to a elimation meathod I’m going from the blog forever bye bye yandere chan brother

  19. I simply asked the guy, knowing how very busy he is, I respect what he does, he must have a busy schedule! But I asked him “When did Budo (Material Arts Master) Infomation get updated? Since mine was still saying he was a teachers pet. He replied the next day

    “Why would I give him a crush if I wasn’t going to reveal it?

    Stupid fucking retarded e-mail.

    Don’t do this shit.”

    1st of. I never asked for his shitty crush to be revealed! I asked if his INFORMATION WAS UPDATED?! Not knowing my game was slightly buggy – which is now fixed. I then replied “Ouch? Okay I get your not a fan of emails, especially dumb ones that kids send, like myself but I’m not a kid but a very curious person about the game. I asked if he has a crush since it has ????? By his name.

    My bad if it was a shit response but future notice. If you get a bad email. DON’T RESPOND! I appreciate the answer though…

    The guy has a bad attitude…I get he receives dumb ass questions from kids/teenagers/adults. BUT is he forgetting KIDS THEMSELVES play these type of games! It’s 2016, 10-13 year old kids would probably play this game thanks to Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier. He’s twice as popular, but is he forgetting that they also have a audience around that age and they’re bound to ask retarded questions? Just ignore the shit emails and focus on the ones your expecting, don’t give a heart breaking reply like that…

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