Patreon Update: Paid Volunteers

This blog post is about donations and volunteers. If you don’t care about any of that stuff, click here for information on the most recent build.

If this post looks too long for you to read, scroll down to the last paragraph for a summary.

When I first started working on Yandere Simulator, I was a freelance programmer. 90% of my time was spent working on freelance jobs, and I only worked on Yandere Simulator for a few hours every week, in my spare time. Many people wanted me to work on Yandere Simulator as a full-time job, so I started using Patreon, a service which allows you to send monthly donations to someone. I stated that if my Patreon reached a certain threshold, then I would stop taking freelance jobs, and work on Yandere Simulator as a full-time job.


My Patreon hit the “full-time” threshold pretty quickly, so I stopped looking for freelance jobs, and began working on Yandere Simulator full-time. It’s been that way for almost a year now.

I’d like to take this opportunity to make four things really clear:

  • The Patreon is my “payment” for spending 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week working on this game. The Patreon is not the game’s budget.
  • When you donate to someone via Patreon, Patreon takes a cut, a credit card company charges a fee to transfer the money, and the government eventually taxes that money. The number that you see when you look at my Patreon page is not what I actually receive every month.
  • The game’s actual budget will be raised during a crowd-funding campaign (using a service such as Kickstarter). This campaign will be launched once Yandere Simulator meets my own personal criteria for “A game I’d back on Kickstarter.” The crowd-funding campaign won’t happen until April at the soonest.
  • Just because the only two reward tiers are for $1 and $100, this doesn’t mean that you’re required to donate either $1 or $100. You can donate absolutely any amount.

I set the “full-time employee” threshold at $3,500 per month. We’re just barely past that mark, at around $3,600 per month. Because I’ve only been asking for $3,500, I’ve been counting the excess money towards the game’s budget. In other words, if the game needs $100,000, but I obtain a surplus of $10,000 through Patron, then I only need to ask for $90,000 during the Kickstarter. Get it?

However, I’ve decided that the excess money from the Patreon should be used differently…


For almost 20 months, I’ve been accepting volunteer help with Yandere Simulator. These volunteers have been offering their assistance completely for free. Every day, I hear from several new people who’d like to pitch in with the game. Not all of them are skilled enough to contribute meaningfully to Yandere Simulator, but some of them certainly are.

Some volunteers are available to help every day, and other volunteers are only able to spare me a few hours per a month. Sometimes, I won’t need to ask a volunteer for help for weeks at a time…but in other cases, a volunteer is so valuable that I constantly have tasks for them, and would be absolutely lost without them.

At this point in time, several extremely talented volunteers have proven themselves to be absolutely irreplaceable. I want to make them permanent team-members and have them work on Yandere Simulator full-time. I can’t pay a team of people to help me full-time without tens of thousands of dollars, but I’m not ready to ask for that much money yet; that’s what the crowd-funding campaign will be for.

However, there is a middle ground that exists between “free volunteer” and “full-time employee”.

Paid Volunteers

Some volunteers are freelancers whose contributions to a project are directly proportional to how much they’re getting paid to work on that project. By paying one of these volunteers about $500 per month, I can have more of their focus and attention. They don’t become full-time employees, but they would switch from contributing to Yandere Simulator weekly to contributing daily.

So, what does that mean? This means that I’m adding new milestone goals to the Patreon. $3,500 is my personal “full-time” threshold. $4,000 means that I can afford to pay a volunteer $500 per month for extra effort and assistance. $4,500 means that I can afford to pay TWO volunteers $500 per month, or pay one volunteer $1,000 per month. $5,000 means that I could afford to pay three volunteers…etc.

The “I’ll pay you $500 per month to contribute more time and effort to Yandere Simulator” offer will not extend to every volunteer; only the volunteers whose contributions are directly required for upcoming features.

Not every volunteer has “For $500 per month, I would contribute daily.” circumstances. Some volunteers might not be able to contribute to the game daily because of their full-time jobs, meaning I would have to pay them enough to quit their jobs in order to get more of their time. The $500 offer is not for those volunteers; it’s only for the ones who are able to contribute to the game daily if incentivized by $500, or a multiple of 500.

It’s possible that some current volunteers might read this post and say, “Oh, you’re paying volunteers now? Well, I deserve payment for what I’ve done for you, so I’m holding my work hostage unless you make me one of the paid volunteers.” This is the fastest way to make me cut all ties with you, publicly denounce you as greedy, and never work with you again in any capacity, so think carefully before you do that. Again, the “paid volunteer” offer will only be extended to professional-quality volunteers who are currently not contributing daily, but would be able to if they began receiving compensation.

There are many volunteers whose work I am so grateful for that I want to fully compensate them for all of the help that they have given me, once I have enough money to do so. The first crowd-funding “stretch goal” will be “raise enough money to pay back the most noteworthy volunteers for their help”. Additional stretch goals would be “more variety in character models”, “male protagonist”, “open-world small town”, etc.

In short: I added some new milestone goals to the Patreon. If these milestone goals are reached, I can begin paying the most skilled volunteers to spend more time focusing on Yandere Simulator. This will result in better production values, and help the game come out sooner.

If you read this blog post and felt concerned about a few things, please read this blog post, in which I clarify several of my statements.

114 thoughts on “Patreon Update: Paid Volunteers

  1. This is an absolutely wonderful idea, now I’ll definitely not be able to get a full time job for this as I am still attending High School myself.
    I would like to say good work to those who have earned Yandere-Dev’s trust, and not to take it for granted. Let’s make this game the best it can be.

  2. My friends and other peoples ask me “When the game will be translated to Russian??”, oh crap, I said to them- “when the English script of the game will be fully finished!” but they ask again 😀 I want to translate the game, but can’t) I’ve try to find something that I can translate (with UAE – Unity Access Editor) but can not found anything useful… Someone help me? What program is needed? Where I should to search? HowTo?
    I’ve ask YandereDev once in email, but he didn’t answer or have not seen my mail)

    • I’m pretty sure he said that he would not use his time with translation of a unfinished game with a bound to change english script. So i doubt he is going to help you 😛 So, your friends and the other people are gonna have to wait.

    • Devpai said that he will start asking for translating volunteers once the english script is 100% finalized. He probably never or almost never replies to emails as this would take more time during the day. Please don’t pester him with anymore emails like this. I don’t mean to sound rude. I’d just hate for him to get set back again because of emails. Like I said, eventually he will ask for translators and THEN you can probably email. But until then, please don’t ask him in an email.

      I’m sure by then, you’ll find a good translating software, but unfortunately I don’t know any. Best of luck to you. 🙂 ❤

  3. Well buddy, you deserve that…!!!
    Cause you worked so hard in this game….
    Keep the spirit and keep healthy bro!!! 😀

  4. Yandere dev is always such a dick to people.
    He’s a dick to his fans for sending him mail.
    and now he’s threatening volunteers?

    He legit just threatened to publicly humiliate someone and slander them if they dare ask to be compensated. Someone who is volunteering to him for FREE is now under threat to keep working or be publicly humiliated.
    literally fucking blackmailing people into working for him for free. “Hey man I’ve been freely working with you on this game for a bit maybe i could get some cash?” “No” “Alright then I’ll just go spend time working on something else.” “Fuck you! work on my game or i’ll slander you in front of my 300,000+ fans!”

    Nobody else sees this as a problem? k

    • The fans were really getting in the way of game development and were being a nuisance, he kinda HAD to put the big boy pants on and be a dick to get them to STOP so he could spend his time further developing the game on a regular schedule. And I assume the Let’s Play channels probably attracted a lot of tweens emailing and…y’know how they act. I’d be pissed if I had to put up with that all day too, lol.
      But yeah…the other stuff doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sure cutting ties is good enough! Now they won’t get that sweet future kickstarter money and the exposure of being in a semi-popular game.

    • I don’t believe so Jesus. You simply don’t get the gist of how hard he works, it’s reasonable for him to act this way. To get a update in a 2-week deadline is pretty amazing- By far I doubt you’ll be able to do half of what what he does. It’s pretty human to get fed up with the same things again and again, when you already mentioned them previously. Therefore, I believe it’s human to act this way, and shouldn’t be insulted for it. Doing a lot of hard work and staying in contact with fans doesn’t make someone a dick

    • Yandev didn’t say he’d force them to continue working, he said he’d cut ties which pretty much means he won’t force them to work anymore

      You’re saying he’s a dick, but Yandev has to be direct and say that as a precaution, otherwise people WILL expect money from him, after they agreed to just volunteer.

      People have volunteered and made a lot of stuff for Yandev, and if they suddenly refuse to give him the assets the already created and promised, because other people are getting money, then they ARE being greedy. Yandev would pay every volunteer if he could, he just can’t afford it.

      He’s not blackmailing them at all, he’s saying if they refuse to work for him then he’ll cut ties. I doubt he actually meant he’d publicly humiliate them, and is referring more to people that probably have their own followers and then suddenly get booted from the project because of their own greed, that would be humiliating in itself

      • It’s a business decision to not give up your assets. Nobody should have to give him assets under that threat that he’s going to plaster their names and slander them on his blog and youtube.

        If i was making him assets FOR FREE and suddenly he starts giving volunteers money, i would feel left out if he ignored me.
        Either my assets wouldn’t be good enough or they aren’t worth paying for. Regardless as an artist and a VOLUNTEER it should be my decision to freely drop his project and do my own thing with fear of being insulted by Yanderedev and his fans, You people don’t seem to realize how lazy and aggressive this amateur dev is.

        His threat crossed the line plain and simple. They are volunteers, creating things on their own time. But now if they suddenly don’t want to give him the assets THEY CREATED FOR FREE, They are the assholes???

        The developer of this game is stupid, Lazy, aggressive and manipulative.
        He’s already proved that he’s to dumb and lazy to manage 2 e-mail accounts. And that he’s aggressive enough to mock his own fan base when they try to explain to him how to manage his e-mail. He mocks and belittles the very people paying for his shitty indie game, He jumbles up random shit in his debug build to keep everyone sated but the fact of the matter is, he probably doesn’t have a proper build and won’t for a very very long time is ever.

      • I don’t care if he’s a dick or not. This game is fucking awesome and I ain’t letting Devpai dampen my spirits.

    • I think there are a couple of BIG fallacies the public is failed to see in this whole thing going here.
      I am not really in the business of telling people what is right or wrong… But it’s an open world here, so you either take it or leave it as you wish.

      Among the biggest fallacies that I think the world is failed to see is that this whole project was built around just pushing pre-built game assets and making code to kinda making them dance around together…
      …Trust me, making a Unity game is not a feat. There is a humongous amount of documentation, walk-throughs, and even encouragement on how to make a whole Unity game.. Any one out there could make games in Unity… Easily and quickly…

      This is not the early 1990s where you would have to deal with a load of crap just to make a game run. You had to know your stuff in order to do things back then… You needed to use complicated and incomplete 3D modeling tools, debug things very crudely… And the amount of humongous documentation was not there dynamically… It was kinda tough…
      Now one can put games together very easily and quickly….

      The amount of prebuilt game assets pushed onto the game environment is horrendous…

      This game has been in development for almost 2 years now… With little focus… One day he even questions whether he should have an open world game environment… The other day he goes on an Intellectual property craze where he din’t like any body making a game with the same stupid assets…
      Then he goes and pulls up a video on YouTube trying to see what things would fit easily and nicely from a pre-produced commercial PlayStation game…. He does not know what he wants all the sudden then…. Then he thinks it’s wrong to make “clones’ about a game that was not even copyrighted or took the time to do so.

      Two years, and people praised a unity map with prebuilt moving stuff in it… My goodness the publicity worked so well for him and earned him a living… But when it comes to really decompiling and analyzing, sitting it all down… it’s just a map with a whole bunch of simple assets made from other people out there shuffled into his thing…
      He believed that it was so “cool” to make eater eggs on a thing that almost din’t even exist… Either eggs, one after another… It was just so cool… so cool. Forget the FPS problem… forget logical issues in the game… Let’s just make some cool eater eggs and just ya know… make easter eggs… it’s cool. Forget the design and progress… Just build these quirky things in… They will love it… 9% is alright.

      Then people go out there and think it’s so marvelous… Oh let him take the break… He’s so exhausted WOA! Some two months doing who knows what in the summer time and then apologizing to America thinking he is like some Japanese traditionalist in America or something … What a way of soaking things up, perfuming it and just keeping the fan base in some dark corner… Although, It does not really matter to me because… well… It’s people… They can do what da hell they want… They can drown in poop if they wish.

      How can any body think that some debug build with barely anything in is something so amazing? …He just upgraded the map after some 2 years and the game interface/gameplay is still grandiosely incomplete… raw… crude…

      13% …Two years? lol…

      2 years… Two years it has taken him to build a map, kinda wire it together with objects and spray some stuff to it and publicize and bam…

      2 years, in the mid 2010s… Making a game with little in it… In Unity…
      This man din’t even had the heart to even learn some 3D modeling and make his own game assets… nothing. It’s too hard right?…

      …I would be concerned of funding a project that has taken 2 years to even make it into something like this at this stage of time…
      It’s not that hard… It’s not. Everything changed… The way we code… the way we 3D model… all of the documentation…. everything… This DOES NOT, does not, take 2 years… There is still no goal in the game… There is no way to somehow win in here… Until now we saw some random upgrade of the map… but that’s about it… Unity is such a great game creation tool… Why couldn’t he take the development pace up a notch… The nature of the bugs also “bug” me…

      The amount of investment and PR going on here is… just blows my whole entire mind away…

      Man… How this world changed…

      • Wow I’d have to agree with you on that. YandereDev does seem picky too. Too fussy for his own good. He wants public media attention in order to help support the game development. Yet, he gets pissed off when he gets emails, or when fans tell him about how successful and admirable his work is. I really like the game, but I feel like Yandev is becoming too much of a control freak. But what would I know? I’m not the one working so many hours everyday. I see how it’s still stressing for him and such. But yeah, you’re right; two years to finish not even a good fraction of the game isn’t much progress.

      • All i see, honestly… it’s you bitching about this, if you are not giving money, you’re not a volunteer, you’re not supporting this in any finantial or useful way other than typing this… then what you’re doing here it’s bitching about it. I don’t give money or am a volunteer either, so i don’t mind if this game takes longer or what, since what would be valuable at the end it’s the resulting project quality, which will tell if i decide to spend money on buying it, or not.
        Also, i can use the same argument you use with Caty, how do you know he doesnt work 12 hours a day? You’ve seen him work only 2 and watch porn for 10 hours? Besides… seems like you’re pretty new to this project as you didn’t seem to know he had to employed in other stuff to get money and then work on this project, hence why it took so much in the beginning, and then more change was made as soon as the project became more popular in the gaming/youtuber community. Also, you’re acting like he has a big ass company behind him, “yeah YandereDev why cant you do this game? youre like Kojima Productions, youre like Nintendo or FromSoftware, you should have the game already!”
        If you think this is so easy, why not take the game, finish it yourself and then send it to him full, maybe even ask for some payment while youre at it? or even better, work with him and make it come out faster?

        The thing is… i’m not riding his dick, since i have no need, and i dont lose anything if the game takes long to be fully done. But i feel like all your arguments here are just given for the sake of bitching or because youre really new to these and just found out about it, read a couple of previous blogs/saw older videos/saw some numbers and decided to form your rant about it.

      • Clearly, you have never actually taken the time to make a game yourself. And earned a living? I mean, I suppose you could say that. But last time I checked, $3,500 a month is a decent salary for someone who works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with a steady employer. This guy is self-employed, works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and nothing is really certain. The payments are donations anyway, not investments.

      • You dumb fuck, hmmm…. it really is easy for someone like you to be talking about these sorts of things, I didnt even have to read your whole useless and timewasting comment to know that you were being a disgraceful bastard who just wanted attention out of making a longass paragraph based on his “slowpace” timing at creating the game that is up to this point. May I remind you that he is working BY HIMSELF to create this game, btw make sure to look back at the video in which he explains what he wanted to add for the teachers which was a new model, recall back that he wanted for the basement in yan chans house to have all those features he mentioned in “Tour of Yan Chan’s House” he had it all planned out, CONNECT THE DOTS, he already planned it but since his time is being wasted on reading emails and making code for other assests he couldnt. In short what I’m trying to say is think before you speak and vizualise yourself in his daily basis and mindset, not so easy you dick.

      • The “13%” isn’t accurate. Devpai said himself that the percentage is only there to help people understand the game isn’t done, and that’s why it’s not “perfect”. Read the About page.

    • I think you misunderstood. He said that if someone DEMANDED money from him and threatened to withhold work that THEY volunteered to make for him from him because they felt like they deserved that money, THEN he would throw them out on the street. If they did that, then they would deserve public humiliation. Heck if I had less self control I’d do MUCH worse than that.

      As for the fans, how would you feel if you had to sift through the probably hundreds of useless emails just to find the five or ten helpful ones? Because he has to do this every day. Wouldn’t it be easier if he just told people to stop sending the useless ones? Pretty sure it would be.

      And as for the last bit, how dare you? Devpai would NEVER threaten someone to force them to continue working for him. These are VOLUNTEERS. No one can force anyone to stay working if they volunteered. He has made an entire post about how people accuse him of this same stupid thing.

      Stop saying cruel things about this man. I’m not worshipping or putting him on a pedestal. He’s human. He’s made mistakes; even he’s admitted that plenty. But it is horrible of people to accuse him of awful things. He works 12 hours a day, every day and get half as much sleep as he should, working on this game for stupid, lazy ass people like you. If you don’t like him, then go away and stop trash talking about him. Especially with such preposterous remarks around people who know him better than you ever will.

      • Caty you might wanna get yourself checked. you seemed to be riding his dick so hard… y-you might have impaled yourself on it 😮

        1: Post a link to this post where he addresses being accused of threatening volunteers

        2: You are putting him on a pedestal. When you say things like “he’s human” and “everyone makes mistakes” you are trying to put him above himself. Yes he’s human, yes he makes mistakes. but that doesn’t make them OKAY. he has to account for his mistakes an apologize or make them right. Normal people have to. so if you aren’t worshiping him (which you are) then hold him accountable for the mistakes you claim to know he made.

        3: How do you know he works 12 hours a day? because he made a blog post saying he does? because he said it in a youtube video? He could work for 2 hours and watch porn for 10 hours for all you know. What do you know exactly, do you talk to him in person???

        4: You know nothing of me, and i make no false promises. calling me lazy is pointless, I don’t have a game to work on. But you should be more critical of your kawaii bff because he’s been given thousands of dollars to make this game, and he’s not even close to finishing it. Also game developers aren’t gods, They are working people like you and me, and for most of them, creating the games you love… it’s nothing more than a job to them. And it doesn’t particularly take special skill to create a “Simulator” game in a pre-made engine with volunteers literally handing you the assets for it.

        You wanna know the reason the game takes so long to make? Is because Yandere-Dev isn’t making it. He’s relying on amateur, VOLUNTEERS to create assets for him in there free time. He does nothing all day waiting for one of his slaves to create an animation that he can slap into his debug build. Sometimes his volunteers are busy with work and school so he has to delay his 2 week update. Unless you personally know the dev and can prove otherwise…

      • @Caty you might wanna get yourself checked

        Take your own advice instead of attacking people that don’t agree with you.

      • There is so much stupid in your reply that I barely even know what to say. Maybe you should try to create a huge game with only a handful of volunteers to do the stuff that you don’t understand and then come back and tell me about how Yandere-Dev does nothing all day.

        I don’t need to post a link. Don’t be all proud of yourself. It exists. But I don’t need to go hunting for it because I know that the second you see it, you’ll find some other horrible thing to talk about.

        I NEVER said it was okay to make mistakes. That’s whole reason I am try to disprove your horrible accusations about Yandere-Dev. Because you are making a mistake and I would like to try and mend it.

        I would love to talk to Devpai in person, but unfortunately I can’t because he’s too busy working on this game all day long to bother with someone like me. He’s also too busy to worry about someone like you.

        Also, as a closing remark, I hate your username since all you seem to do with it is going around trash talking people that you don’t like. It’s very unfitting.

      • @Jesus
        Well excuse me! No matter how good a game developer you are, to make a game needs TIME. If you don’t appreciate the TIME he spent, for the sake of finishing this game (and probably for the sake of his fans), then YOU go try and make a game.
        I’m no game developer, but I’m a writer. And I also know that writing needs time. You can’t just write a whole book, consisting of 300+ pages within one day, even if you’re a fast typer, or writer.
        Remember, every achievement takes progress, and progress takes time. So back to TIME, maybe you’re wasting your time commenting stupidly on this particular post.
        Don’t you have anything else to do at home, like, as you said, watch porn for 10 hours? That’d be good relief for you.

        P.S. I’m not sorry because I’m offensive, because you’d offended me somehow by offending YandereDev.


    • He really isn’t. For one, he politely asked that people stop with the bug reports that didn’t provide much in the way of description for him to fix the problem, they continued. He also made a valid point that people who volunteered to help for free don’t have much in the way of right to try and extort money from him because of their contributions. When you help for free, that generally means helping for free aka good will towards a project.

    • All volunteer help has been free up to this point and this post is now saying that he’s going to be making steps towards it being paid. I don’t see how “free work” now being paid is a bad thing… he says in the post right there that the game simply isn’t at the stage where he can pay EVERYONE yet–this is just a step towards that until the kickstarter happens around April.

      Will it piss off some volunteers that they weren’t chosen to be one of the part time employees? Undoubtably. But since they were volunteering to begin with they can simply stop volunteering their services. The Dev said he would only “cut ties” with the people making a stink of it and demanding payment for their (previously) free work–he didn’t say anything about FORCING people to still work for free.

      Overall this is a good thing. The most essential volunteers will be paid now, and able to contribute more because of that.

      • @Cloistered

        “they can simply stop volunteering their services. The Dev said he would only “cut ties” with the people making a stink of it and demanding payment for their (previously) free work–he didn’t say anything about FORCING people to still work for free.”

        He is forcing people. If anyone decides to stop volunteering because they didn’t get chosen, then he said he would publicly humiliate them.

        Yandere-Dev used these exact words:
        “This is the fastest way to make me cut all ties with you, publicly denounce you as greedy, and never work with you again in any capacity, so think carefully before you do that.”

        Publicly denounce you as greedy. That’s a fucking threat mate.

      • @If anyone decides to stop volunteering because they didn’t get chosen, then he said he would publicly humiliate them.

        Er where did he say that? Certainly not above. Re read his post, he clearly said if anyone holds him to ransom over working on the game, as in demand money from him for continued services he’d name and shame. He said nothing about naming and shaming people who decide they no longer want to work on the game for whatever reason.

    • I honestly don’t see why you are still here because you clearly despise him. You don’t even know the guy. Nobody TRULY knows him. Don’t tell me about his habits; you don’t really know. Yeah, sure he can be a dick sometimes. I can be a dick. You can be a dick. WE ARE ALLLLL DICKS, ALRIGHT?!?

      The fact of the matter is, he is creating a game. Creating something single handedly causes stress. Stress makes you make decisions; not always great decisions. I don’t really know what he did and did not do; as a matter of fact, I would actually like to see where dev said these things. I don’t keep up with this kind of stuff. I just want the game he is creating, it’s really awesome…

      There is no reason for you to trash talk him. It’s as simple as just never looking at this again. Don’t come back; don’t comment; Don’t mention the name of DevPai again; stop trying to spread hate, because it’s certainly not making the situation better.

      • There is a video on YouTube by collegehumor called everyone is an asshole, and it makes a lot of good points too

    • Asshole. He said if you literally DEMAND to get paid or demand to make them a paid volunteer or hold assets back until they are payed, he will denounce you as greedy because you are holding the game back. Greed makes people terrible.

      Maybe you would understand if you had the talent to work ^^

    • He didn’t threaten anybody. He just says that that’s the way it has to be. You’re twisting his words up and assuming that the people asking for money are being nice about it. They might be, but how would you know?

      Also, they were volunteering. Volunteers shouldn’t expect money for their work. They’re doing it out of the kindness of their heart. YandereDev wants to pay them back, but can’t get everyone. That’s just how it works. Did you really expect anything else? This game takes a lot you know.

  5. Amazing progress I wish I could join your patreon an I would pay you so much you could update so faster and with bigger additions love you keep the good work

  6. I’d hate to be the one asshole he used as the “bad” example omg…. I mean I get that some people aren’t as skilled but it’s rude to outright post someone’s work as an example.

    • RIGHT?!?

      Nobody believes me but Yandere Dev is extremely volatile and rude to the people that admire and adore his work.

      They send him e-mails thanking him for the game? He belittles them and calls them annoying
      They give advice on how to manage e-mail accounts? He belittles them and portrays them as imbeciles in a youtube video
      They draw him fan art (good or bad they took the time to make it for him)? He posts it on his blog basically saying it’s shit

      He’s an asshole

      • hohoho looks like someone is soooo childish. Don’t worry little brat,you will grow out somehow. And if you hate him why so bother to come here?i saw one of your post in old YanDev post….i know you’re actually like him but pretended to hate him huh huh?i see what you did there,huh so tsundereee….hohoho better watch out your back starting now. #if you know what i mean

      • i agree that he might be mean sometimes but hey think about it.. i mean i dont mean to be rude but still… i just have to say that right now he is doing so much work and he might get mad if people say ” I want higher pay or else i wont work for you!” so to me i can kinda understand why he gets mad but it is your opinion and i respect that and i kinda agree he can be rude sometimes but oh well

      • Bon je sais que personne va comprendre ce post parce qu’il est écrit en français et que j’ai pas de vocabulaire assez fleuri pour l’écrire en anglais, mais là je peux plus me retenir, c’est un cri du coeur : Purée Jésus, t’es vraiment un gros con !

        J’imagine que t’as pas le quotient intelectuel nécessaire pour te rendre compte que quand tu dis à Caty qu’il/elle peut pas vérifier combien de temps par jour Devpai travaille sur YandereSimulator, c’est aussi valable pour toi ! Alors lui ressort pas cet “argument” foireux !
        Alors certes, je sais rien de toi, mais tout ce que tes précédents (merveilleux) posts laissent transparaître de toi, c’est que décidément tu dois vraiment avoir une vie bien triste (et une personnalité bien tordue) si jamais tu prends, vidéo Youtube (risible) à l’appui, un plaisir pervers à cracher sur le travail des autres alors que t’y connait rien ! Quand on sait pas on ferme sa gueule !

        T’incarnes vraiment le pire de l’humanité : haine, orgueil, cupidité, méchanceté gratuite, ignorance crasse !

      • I didn’t even Email it I am not sure how it was found off of deviant art even in that sea of amazing art it was trash so It shouldn’t have been found

    • It is unskilled. It was terrible. It wasn’t fan art, which he usually likes and appreciates, it was some sub-par drawing made for Yandere Simulator as official work. Read the paragraph again. He tried to put it as nicely as possible and a few people get at him for it! Leave him alone. It doesn’t matter if they meant well, they were naive idiot. YandereDev means well, words himself nicely, and isn’t an naive idiot.

      He may get angry sometimes, but everyone else has gotten angry with him. He makes this game and works on it for 12 hours a day for all his fans (which may or may not include some of you) and then people get mad at him. That’s like posting artwork for him and YandereDev getting mad, isn’t it?

      • I find it completely terrible, the image itself I personally hate it, i just do that stuff to relieve stress but I hate how it ended up causing comments like this I feel like comments like all of this are unnecessary and should just be forgotten

  7. ~ I have to agree on some aspects of what’s being stated here (on both sides) . . . because I see the validity of all points concerned.

    ~ ~ However, I had thought of monetary support during the progress of the game, but that has now changed . . . for many reasons stated here. . .

    ~ I have sent a ~ “single email” ~ to YanDev, following his guidelines about the topic, subject, and also explaining that I was not some teen,tweeb (because) I am already retired x2 who’s willing to assist in a project that interested me.

    ~ I had requested an review option (before I dropped money) into Patreon, because I wanted to make perfectly clear what my intention was.

    ~ Let me point out, that through past experience, that if it concerns money, I WILL always ask for a pre-acceptance prior to dropping any money, this way it be agreed, cleared, known what the intention is from the get-go and accepted by all parties concerned.

    ~ this is just a common safeguard for all concerned and would denote that I was very serious about investing money into this game.

    ~ My support would have started out as $100 per month, which is a fair and reasonable start amount, which would eventually increase over time, as the game was developing more and more, and while seeing the process and knowing that the game is evolving as it should, it would deserve more added to it. ~ eventually reaching a MAX monthly amount.

    ~ But, because he felt that my email was not important enough – he missed an opportunity – for someone to invest into this game developement on the early stages.

    ~ Because of the no response, I didn’t follow through with the initial investment using Patreon.

    ~ Then the videos came about, the berating of the fans, his complaints, stressing, whining and all that was occurring. ~ I thought . . .

    ~ “OK, YanDev is trying his best, so I can’t fault the guy.” – and I didn’t.

    ~ I also understand his seemingly (odd decisions) like refusing a secretary, possible security leaks about the game, as I (like everyone else) felt that would have made things allot easier for him in the long run.

    ~ again – trust issues . . .

    ~ then I saw his YandreChan already being used on several mobile games on the playstore, as a character for a simple game. ~ and I thought . . .

    ~ “well, there goes the security, he was worried about”

    ~ I mean all one has to do, is download the game, reverse-engineer the already present coding and glean whatever info is already placed and use it – which I am assuming was done because I kept seeing YanChan everywhere as a character on the Playstore and in other various places as well. .

    ~ then Patreon had security issues with credit card information and privacy, as I recieved a email from the CEO of Patreon concerning this matter, this just made me relieved that I did go ahead with the investment.

    ~ I’m still interested in this game, I am still following the details of each build, and am willing to support YanDev and YanSim once Kickstarter takes effect – however – now ONLY within KS.
    ~ this way ~ I can be – “insured” – that my money will be used wisely and effectively on the game (instead of) possibly being used on other things.

    ~ I respect the fact that YanDev is going at it alone, doing all that he can, maybe he’s learning in the process, gleaning the techniques that his volunteers are willing to share with him and by learning, by mistakes made along the way, he’ll get more proficient on his task as hand.

    ~ But, Like I said, when it comes to money being invested, it needs to be agreed on (one-to-one) and not via some middleman who takes a percentage of the funds.

    ~ Its just unfortunate that he thought my proposal wasn’t valid enough to even warrant a response.

    • If you don’t get a response to your e-mail, don’t presume that I chose not to respond. Presume that I accidentally overlooked it, or that you mistyped my e-mail address or something.

      • ~ Greetings Sir. . .

        ~ I didn’t presume and the fault lies with me on one point. . .

        ~ I just looked over the message posted and forgot to add that – “I assumed that it was buried under all the other various emails” – and was probably (over-looked) ~ it happens because of the influx of the mail avalanche that occurred.”

        = = = = =
        ** ~ this was oversight on my part, as I was editing the message repeatedly, to ensure that it was placed correctly, that I forgot to add it back in.
        = = = = =

        ~ I don’t blame you for possible not seeing it or overlooking it (the email) considering what occurred, you have to manage your time and follow a schedule..

        ~ I also made sure that I followed the guidelines, check the email address to ensure that it was sent correctly.

        ~ However (allow me to very clear) . . .

        ~ Bottom line is, things occur, I have seen allot of progress concerning this game. ~ I like it plain and simple.

        ~ I understand – “all the efforts” – being made, the hours spent, the coding, the trust issues, and I have looked at the aspects concerning the secretary and all recommendations placed for you.

        ~ it takes time to work alone, balance the hours for the game and private life’s needs.

        ~ I understand them completely, as I have personally experienced them, as I did my time and earned the right of the moniker – “retired”

        ~ So don’t be too quick to judge either Sir, some of us really want to assist you (even in a small sense) . . . but placing comments/replies with emotion just adds and leads to more misunderstanding.

        ~ My support will commence once KS is initiated (because) I have scheduled other projects to be backed in the interim.

        ~ Thank you for the response and Respects to you and all your efforts.

    • Yandere-Chan as she exists now was s pre made asset purchased from the unity store. She wasn’t “reverese engineered” for these other games, they just bought the asset same as YanDev did. However, that’s part of why YanDev wants to move to custom models for his characters.

  8. Wow, I respect YandereDev and the work he does for his game, but man…publicly linking an image of some fanart that someone made for him and practically saying that its not good is kind of a dickish move. Someone took the time to draw that for him. :\

    • Actually, I think a lot of people are misunderstanding why YandereDev brought up this image. While he is saying that it’s not good enough to be used as official game art, the fact that he linked it means that he liked it enough to show it to us. He just didn’t word it particularly well.

      • I get what you mean, but YanDev should have been really careful on how he worded that imo. The person who drew the fan art has already commented and doesn’t seem to appreciate YanDev using his/her artwork as an example for what he doesn’t consider good enough to be in the game. He could have just showed the art he thought was acceptable for the game so people would know how good their art skills would have to be to contribute. I hope he apologises publicly to that person, or at least re-words what he said.

      • To Azusa I am unaware who that person was but I don’t understand Why they would pose as the person to draw that terrible artwork because that person who drew it was me and I know it sucks it was made by a mouse and deviant art muro I don’t care it was a fair statement I don’t appreciate how it was worded to sound as though I emailed it because I did not

      • No no, that was fanart. The person Who made it came here and said that he/she didn’t even send it to Yanderedev, and that fanart was only posted on his/hers devianart as a hobby.The only thing he/she didn’t like was that Yanderedev said it like The creator of The art had sent it to him, when The creator didn’t even send it as fanart

      • Devpai stated that the person sent it as offical art for the game, but the creator of the art said it was fan art.

        Uh oh.

  9. I saw his Youtube Vids Blogs and etc.
    Yes he is being a dick to people (for some reasons we never knew)

    One thing is that he is working so much for the game, 2 weeks for an update is remarkable fast as fck. (dat speed dou) I never seen an game update that fast in my life (except fix bugs update)

    But YanDev have some issue with the fanarts people send him. Yeah kinda a dick..

    But he aint a bad person overall, if i make a game and people irritate me with stupid emails i will be mad to.Everybody have limits and his limits are at least better than mine. He dint scold the fanbased but only tell everyone not to write stupid emails with a decent voice.

  10. Publicly denouncing? You know, volunteers have a right to decide what to do with their work, even if you don’t like that. Perhaps all these evil greedy volunteers should cut ties with you first, YanDev.

    • I agree, even if it’s greedy on the volunteers’ part to tell YanDev that they won’t give him their work unless he pays them, publicly denouncing them is a bit…much. I know he’s working on a game by himself full-time and letting us play the sandbox builds for free, which I respect him for, but man, his attitude to his fans really is taking a turn for the worse these days.

    • You try working on a game for a long time and then when you mention payment, some dick hole holds the work hostage. He has the right to denounce someone in public. Holding assets back = Holding the game back.

  11. I love Yandere Simulator, I think it’s such a freakin’ cool idea–I love the yandere trope, I love being able to for once be the monster, the bad person, the piece of garbage!! I think that is SO COOL! The progress that’s been made so far is nothing short of exciting to keep up with. I’m excited to see that some people will be working full-time on the sim! That is so cool! The mechanics are so cool, and just playing around in the debug build is really fun, and every time there’s a new update I get so excited! I love it so much I get so excited just thinking about it!!!

    My overflowing enthusiasm aside… I can understand where you are coming from, but no matter how well I understand it, it’s only an excuse for the awful way you’ve been treating your fans, YanDev. You know you wouldn’t be where you are right now without them. Regardless of what you think about the people that engage with you, it’s abhorrent to treat us terribly when they’ve only extended their hand to help you. I was miffed when I saw that you had posted the little artwork that you deemed not good enough, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought you had permission from the artist to do so. Now, I’m not so sure. Coupled with the threat you made towards volunteers who asked for money (and honestly, if they are making assets that you want to use and they would like payment for it…), I’m having a hard time wanting to keep up with the game’s development.

    Maybe you don’t need a secretary. Maybe you just need PR skills. This isn’t about “well you can’t please everybody!”. This is about teetering on a line that shouldn’t be there, where you are openly hostile to your fans on the regular.

    You don’t have to reply to questions that have been asked a hundred times. You don’t need to engage with people on your twitter if they are annoying you. You can say, “Thank you, but this isn’t the level of quality I am looking for.” and move on — re: do not upload their artwork and herald it as a bad example meant to be mocked thereafter. You do say things along those words on Twitter, from what I can tell, so thank you for that, but I have a feeling it’s not always so consistent. You don’t even have to reply to this message, and I don’t expect you to.

    With that said, I really like the game and I really do appreciate the work you put into it. You work hard on the game and it shows, but you know, so do the people that have made assets for the game. So do the fans that reach out to you, asking questions or offering to help. You need to be kinder to them; we’re all just really excited for a weeaboo hitman! Please please in the future reconsider at least some of your wording or the way you interact with your fans online. I know being patient with people is difficult, but you have to be. As an indie developer, they’re all you have.

    Take care and good luck with the Patreon!

  12. Hope everyone atleast learns the whole truth, before listening to what so-and-so says and believes what may or may not be true, like when everyone jumped on the bandwagon to donate to help stop hunger in 3rd world countries but only like 10% of the money donated was actually donated.

    In short the YandereDev he may have appeared as a dick towards some people, but he has a valid reason to get angry about it, if you got constant spam email during your work hours (art/bug reports/random how do you dos/etc) and it got in the way of work you’d get fired for the lack of productivity.

    I know it can come off that he was outing someone for the art, but, seriously, look at it, if a bigname company were to put a piece like that like their Extras, someone would be fried – yet people would still buy that game, but I think it was nice that YandereDev would still show off a piece of fanart of that quality, ’cause when I see it I think, “oh thats nice, I can’t really use it, but thank you still.” (Sorry for the long paragraphs… |||> 3>)

    • Sorry if I come off as rude here, this isn’t my intention at all, but the only person who knows YanDev the best is himself. If he knew he’d get stressed easily and start getting pissed off at his fans, he should never have tried to develop a game independently, especially one as popular as Yandere Simulator. I know that he’d have had no idea that it’d get as much attention as it does now, and he’s stated multiple times that he expected his fanbase to be higher in the age range, but the e-mail problem is his problem, not the fans’. Like someone’s already commented, with younger fans especially, it’s obvious they’d want to talk to him, but why can’t he just ignore their e-mails? He’s already told his volunteers what to put specifically in their e-mails, so I don’t see what the problem is?

      Regarding the art, while it wasn’t professional quality, somebody took time to draw that for him. The artist has already commented, and they don’t seem to appreciate YanDev using their work as a ‘What Not To’ example, so he clearly hasn’t asked them for permission. I understand what YanDev was trying to imply (what standard he wanted the art to be at), but still, using a fan’s artwork without their permission even while saying they’re not skilled enough? Comes off as kind of dickish. At the very least, I hope YanDev apologises to the fan.

      Tl;dr I’m not saying he’s a bad person or developer, but I think that he should respect his fans more, even if some of them come off as immature, considering that they’ve all got him to where he is now.

  13. gosh, using someone’s artwork as a “bad example” is.. uh, well. not very nice, to say in the least. i hope you at least received their consent? i’m sure they tried their best, with genuine intent to lend you a hand in the making of your game.

    i wonder if this was part of your master plan to reduce emails further, by discouraging the amateur artist part of your audience from sending in fanart. cause boy, it’s probably gonna work out real well for ya.

    seeing how hyped yandere simulator has become, (and very alarmingly quickly, too) it’s understandable you might be on your last nerve with the fanbase. but with a move like that, perhaps you’re taking them for granted? maybe i’m just thinking too much on this. but. mleh.

  14. Yeah… I’ve got to say, YanDev if you read this, everything that you’re saying makes it sound like you’re going to scam people on Kickstarter or at least spend the money poorly because you don’t seem to have a good grasp of either PR, Marketing or Budgeting.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to pick on you but I fall similar into the ‘no people skills’ department and even though I’m a hobbyist, I have someone else discuss things with people and only make posts on my Dev blog, never interacting with people.

    First and foremost, you need to have a tier dedicated to buying the game. That can’t be a hundred dollars because this isn’t a hundred dollar game. I’m sorry but, it just isn’t. For hundred dollar rewards, you should offer the game, the soundtrack and something like an alternate skin maybe. But I digress.

    Backing Kickstarter is paying for the game in advance, it’s like pre-ordering basically. So everyone that backs after a certain amount (obviously higher than a dollar because this isn’t a dollar game either, it’s twenty five to forty with completed assets, I think) should get a digital copy of the game. It’s literally only fair. You need a tier for every major increase. One for paying five dollars instead of one, one for paying fifteen, one for the price of the game (I’m gonna say thirty), one for fifty, one for a hundred, one for three hundred, one for five hundred, one for a thousand and then your big “Probably nobody will pay for this” tier where the reward is something like designing a bonus rival.

    Second, you’ve got really bad people skills. While kids and young artists won’t be deterred, anyone who’s artwork you probably want, won’t work for you because you’re being a dick. First off, everyone is entitled to hold their work hostage. It’s not being greedy, it’s being reasonable. If they were willing to work for free because they thought you didn’t have any money and you do, then you not paying them is being greedy. Threatening to publicly shame them and ruin their career is a needlessly sadistic power play to a reasonable desire. If you ever do that then I can promise, you’re going to have some problems because it will spread through the artist community that you blackball people for asking for payment. Good news, you won’t be having so many email problems. Oh, and insulting that art (probably a kid’s) is terrible of you. I doubt many consequences will happen from that but it’s still terrible.

    Third, the email thing. That’s not the fans fault, that’s yours. It’s natural that they want to talk to you and want to help. AND bug reports are only to be expected. If you can’t deal with that then why are you even making a game? It shows you don’t do well under stress and can not manage things. Even if you receive thousands of emails, you don’t have to reply to all of them. It’s as simple as making volunteers putting ‘Volunteer’ and what they’re volunteering to do so you can just search your inbox. Or doing what I would do and just having a secretary do it. Leaks are another thing that happens in every game. You just have to accept the reality of being a game designer.

    Finally, I don’t trust you. The way you portray yourself makes you seem like an extremely untrustworthy person. You might not be and I’m sorry if you aren’t (which you probably aren’t) but insulting people wanting to get paid screams “I’m here to take your money and run.” or at least mismanage it. And you make a big deal of people criticizing you or trying to help in ways you don’t like, shoot down everyone’s suggestions (no matter how reasonable they are) and refuse to have a secretary which seems really suspicious. If you were doing something like lying, a secretary would be the whistleblower most likely. All of that together makes me feel that you’re not a person I can give money to and expect a quality product in return.

      • Why do you keep telling them that? Let me just say something don’t complain because right now this game is free and other people can’t change your life unless you let them. And do you just want to feel better about yourself is that why you tell them? Because i know it is your life but some people on the internet can be rude or worse so just saying…

      • Plus even if it was not what he used or even if he judged it.. failing is everybody’s friend… you learn from your mistakes right? So no need to feel bad about yourself! 🙂

    • You don’t know how hard he works, baka. Have you worked on a game? Have you had to go through over 9000 freakin’ emails? Have you had to waste half of your sleep making a game for fans{50% of them thinking he’s a dick} that look up to him?

      If you haven’t done these, then stop complaining and actually look back to the blog post.
      He only pays the volunteers who contribute daily.The more money from Patreon, the more assets.The more assets, a better game. A better game, many loving fans.These people DESERVED to get payed. The other people who don’t do this yet ask, are indeed greedy.And if they FORCE YandereDev to pay{“Pay me $1000 right now, or else you must remove all of my assets from your game”}, Then, he has the RIGHT to tell the whole fan-base that some greedy volunteer{300,000 people}delayed the game for 3 weeks, and humiliate them. I bet you would go INSANE just from sifting emails.ESPECIALLY 12000. He is working as hard as he can to make a good game.
      Also, think about this. Nintendo released SSB4 in 2014-2015, right? Well, The creator has to deal with so much stress. It took him 7 years to complete the game. Sound similar? Yes, If it takes the biggest game company in the world to make a game for 7 years, then go stuff your mouth with crap for insulting Devpai. HE IS THE ONLY PROGRAMMER. He needs those assets. If he doesn’t get them, then no game updates. BLAME THE GREEDY PEOPLE DEMANDING MONEY WHEN THEY PROBABLY DONATE ONCE A YEAR.{hypothetically}
      If you don’t like the game, then get off this page and stop talking about YandereDev.

  15. Let’s make the differences between contributors explicit, an A team and a B team if you will, paying the A team and threatening the B team with public humiliation if they don’t like doing for free what others on the project get paid for! Hell, why not do it in a highly public manner while mocking someone’s fan art too?

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • This developer has the worst manners. and these people that love the game will eat it up to.

      The problem here, is that these stupid cucks love the game, and want to see it finished. But they feel like they have to adamantly defend the Dev from criticism or he might stop making the game.
      Game developers aren’t gods, anyone can make the game he’s making, There’s thousands of other indie games to play. and thousands of well mannered polite and intelligent developers that are leagues greater than Yandere-Dev.

      He threatens people with public humiliation if they don’t work for free.

      He uses someones are as a bad example essentially calling it shit on his blog that tons of people will see (And i heard the person who drew the picture didn’t give consent, and is not happy about it). He has the right to post w/e he wants on his blog. but he’s still and asshole for it.

      He needs to reword his post and remove that artwork.

      And the fans need to stop sucking his dick. If you love the game, then fucking play it. But you’ll most likely get bored in 20 minutes because of the lack of content.

      • Stop… bitching about it… if this doesn’t affect you or your wallet, then fuck off. Honestly… all you are doing is bitching about it. I accept and don’t say anything against it because it doesn’t affect me and what will matter is the final product which i will buy depending if its worth it or not. Also… are you really that offended over that artwork? He didn’t type “it’s shit” he typed “Not all of them are skilled enough to contribute meaningfully to Yandere Simulator, but some of them certainly are.” Which is the truth, fuck out of here if you can’t handle the truth. Damn, this kids want everything sugarcoated and colorful as possible.
        Also, he’s right, if you started working for free, but after seeing paper you were to witheld content and also threaten with not releasing it if no paper is given to you… then yes, you’re a greedy fuck. The pay immediately gives the name a change from Volunteer to Employee.
        If you say people is sucking his dick, then you’re the one letting it get too far up your ass and getting butthurt.
        By the way, want to say i’m riding his dick? well i’m not, i just don’t care what he does if it’s nothing serious legally speaking and the final product is worth the money. IMO, you can agree or disagree with this blog post, but the world is as harsh or even harsher than this guy (YandereDev) if you’re offended or hurt by this… then you make me wonder how you do in the real world.

      • Oh, but it does affect the final product. YanDev is headed for a clusterfuck of drama, pulling moronic shit like this, and talented volunteers will inevitably be alienated. Considering the poor progress he’s been making, I’d say that he can’t afford to piss too many volunteers off if he wants to get this thing out the door.

        Seriously, quit feeding that guy’s ego if you ever want to see the game released. It probably won’t be anyway, but it definitely won’t be if YanDev doesn’t stop acting like he’s the (ten year old) king of the world.

      • The game isn’t finished yet. So don’t expect it to be finished tomorrow. And people forcing to be payed are indeed greedy, and he has the right to tell the 300,000 people. Games are hard to make. I’m not riding his dick. He is not a god. I am stating what the other fan-girls would say. And Jay-Jay Honey Boo, IT TOOK NINTENDO 7 YEARS TO MAKE SSB4. IF IT COMES OUT BEFORE THAT, THEN GO OFF THIS BLOG AND NEVER RETURN.

  16. I just really hope that’s actually a joke fanart by Yandev, because it’s not nice to make fun of someones work like that.

    • Sorry, but where he made fun of it? He Just said it wasn’t professional quality tô use in the game, wich you should agree, it wasn’t. No where I saw he saying it was bad, or that he didn’t like that. He was only saying that it didn’t have quality tô bê used as an official art for the game. People are distorting the things he is saying…

  17. Let’s take an overview on the comments 😄!

    “He’s a dick!”
    Is that seriously what you came here for? Like damn, get a life.

    “You shouldn’t link someone’s artwork as bad!”

    Did you even look at it? That’s pretty much a 10 year old’s Art! It’s not the quality he needs! Don’t email low quality work!

    “He’s so rude!” – Jesus

    Jesus, you hate YandereDev. Why are you still here bashing him? Get a life.

    “Shaming them is really mean!”

    Have you considered that greediness is going to hold the game back??? They wanted to work with him, they can’t just say, “Paid volunteers? Oh, I’ll just hold my work back until you make me a paid volunteer”. That’s rude, and they deserve the right to be shamed.

    This generation is filled with idiots.

  18. This is the same reason another game develeper said not to send him idea’s for his game, becouse if you send him a idea he could not use it, even if he really loved it, becouse copyright, and a lot of people would have the same idea and you would not be abel to say who send it first.

  19. I don’t think yandere dev is a bad person, in fact i’m a developer yet to come and i think he’s doing a wonderful job. Sure the game is two years in progress but that doesn’t make him a bad developer. You guys need to understand that he’s doing this stuff by himself and he’s not Nintendo nor Sony nor Microsoft or any other gaming company. He’s one person working with a select few volunteers trying to make a game for you guys to have fun. They way you guys talk about him and call him a D*ck and stuff, but really you guys are the haters. All he does is try his best and when he writes a blog post about stupid emails then you guys get very offensive. If i were in his shoes i would understand his role in this development. He actually inspires me to create and develop games and you guys want to trash him like that, how disrespectful. If your reading this Yandere Dev I want you to know that you’re an awesome dude and I respect you as a person and a developer. Keep up the good work with the game and ignore the haters in these comments they’re just jealous of your success.

  20. I hope that you finish updating 12.15.15 seems like a good idea. And in the next update I would ask to add more ways to murder and weapons anymore.

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