December 1st Update Coming Soon

I usually post a new build or YouTube video right when the clock strikes midnight (in my time zone, at least). However, that’s not going to be possible this time.

Several obstacles popped up today that impeded my ability to make progress in a timely fashion. I can’t prepare a new build or edit a video with the time that remains in the night, and I’m too tired to stay awake for much longer. I need to stop for the night and continue tomorrow.

In an attempt to make up for the disappointment, here’s a sneak peek at some of the video clips that will be appearing in the next update video:

I think that the next update video should probably be ready sometime within 24 hours from now.

213 thoughts on “December 1st Update Coming Soon

  1. Once the clock strikes midnight, under the cover of darkness Yandere Dev uploads a new build video to but this time Yandere Dev was too tired so he didn’t upload the video and his victims ran away.
    Just kidding, we’d never leave you! If you’re really tired – go ahead and take a nap or even a full night sleep. At the moments like this – we care more about your well-being than the update. After all, you need to be healthy for Yandere simulator to progress properly.

  2. Dont worry, you are doing a great job with this, take your time; you are progresing fast on yandere simulator or i think that,; thanks for your work on the game

  3. I don’t care when the new update come out or if you collapse in sleepiness because of pressure, at least you let us know youre still there with a new blog update 🙂

  4. Take Your Time Dev! We know you can do it, even if it takes a full night rest, Hey! You’re Human Too! Some people who beg for you to progress faster and don’t care about anything BUT the game, are total idiots, Me, And Your Other Loyal Fans, Belive In You Dev!

  5. I don’t care how long this game takes, I’m just glad that we get a chance to play it during development. Seeing all of the updates fills me with glee every time I come to this site, and I’m so excited. Especially seeing that “Objection” clip. I hope things continue to go well for you Yandere Dev, and I can’t wait to see the new update!

  6. You don’t have to be upset yandere dev I would never be disappointed in you your doing so great in making this game a thing I really I love everything that and will come in the future!

  7. Please, just have a good nights rest! You’ve done a great job so far with making this good game, but it’ll be no good if you’re tired all the time. We can wait.

  8. Hey, YandereDev. i’m not here to complain about you not meeting the deadline. i’m here to ask ya. how are ya doing? did you get enough rest? how about food or drink? If you are doing good i’m glad to hear it. if not, i hope things look up for you in the future. also, if you need more time for yourself so you can relax and hang out with friends. do that. we can just replay the last update you did. so take it easy for a while. rest. dont stress yourself,buddy. just take some time for yourself. whatever us, your fans want. can wait, we arent supposed to be here to bug you and make your life hell. we’re here to cheer you on as your game gets new improvements. so take a few weeks off, i for one am perfectly fine with playing around on the update i have for a while. take it easy.

  9. YandereDev, we understand that you do have times where you can not make an update video or release the update in time. IT IS OKAY! We understand. We can enjoy Yandere Simulator for what it is until the update comes. UNDERSTAND THAT WE FORGIVE YOU YANDEREDEV SENPAI!

  10. Take your time dev! we all love your progress so far your doing your best and your amazing for it because your project has come along quite well and you work really hard keep it up thanks alot for all your hard work !!

  11. Get some rest! It’s fine with us. Also, SO excited from the new pics, but I’d rather you take your time to make it enjoyable. Hell, I don’t care if we have to wait til the 15th! It just means it will be better than we could ever imagine!

  12. I am quite glad that everyone from what I can tell is more than willing to be patient with you as you get some much deserved sleep. As of now Yandere Simulator is the only game that I have followed through development to any extent, and have full intention of purchasing when it is released. To put my thoughts simply, I do not want the quality of the game to suffer because you are stressing about keeping up with deadlines. You have been doing great, and I imagine the others are more than willing to wait if you cannot meet a deadline. ;-P

  13. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but don’t pressure yourself too much. It’s not healthy. We’re happy with whatever you can do.

  14. OK, just a few things:

    1) Brainwashing at this point seems kind of like a lot of effort for not a whole lot. It would be faster to just kill the darn girl and cover it up after school when literally everyone has gone home. There needs to be more TO brainwashing: you need to be able to get your slave to do more than just kill someone. Some suggestions:

    -Mess with the wiring in the school undetected so that you can go about your Yandere activities in the dark. This could also help you pick up special items, like the poison to poison your rival’s food

    -Spread rumors and gossip for you, so your own reputation doesn’t get stained for doing it

    -Learn things about Senpai to help you boost your relationship with him since, as of any build ever, you can’t even go near Senpai. It would be worthwhile to brainwash someone else to get you on a first-name basis with Senpai, and to boost your credibility as a good girlfriend since you’re too shy to talk to him yourself

    -Hunt down and kidnap other people for you. That way, eventually, you could get an entire army of students on your side and turn them all on each other at one time, thus eliminating any potential rivals without you having to get your hands dirty one bit

    -Do mundane tasks for you, like talk to everyone. I’m really annoyed at how you boost reputation in the game right now: “I wanted to tell you that you look lovely today!” Blech! Saying that to 50 bazillion people every day to boost your reputation is tedious and boring, and doesn’t make for good YouTubing content. Instead, with a brainwashed victim, you can get your slave to tell everyone what you think about them, so you can go about your business and gain reputation without having to do anything at all

    -You could literally brainwash someone and get them to frame THEMSELVES. Now, maybe this wouldn’t be a thing you could do to your current rival, BUT if you do a bad job covering up for a crime, and you get caught, you could have the option of forcing your brainwashed victim to testify in your defense. This would also make getting multiple victims more worth your time, as multiple testimonies would make clearing your name a lot easier. As an added bonus, this could be a way to incorporate a Pheonix-Wright-style minigame at the end of a police investigation “Busted” death screen. You could do something like press buttons, or choreograph something or other to get your brainwashed victims to deliver convincing speeches at the right time in your defense, so you could clear your name and avoid going to jail for getting caught for something. It could be a “saving grace”, “deus ex machina” cop-out-type deal

    2) Lunch is weird. I know, not everything is done yet, and you did mention in the previous build that the girls would sit down and talk to each other at a cafeteria table in the near future during lunch. But, I was thinking…

    -What if, right in the middle of a lunch period, you started a food fight? If you did it the right way, you could get all the girls AND the guys in on it WITHOUT drawing attention to yourself. Senpai would never participate, for sake of making the game mechanic make sense. Because, here’s the thing: what if Senpai saw a potential lover acting like a 2-year-old, throwing PBJ sandwiches at his bestie? He would probably not be so interested, right? This could be a way to lower Senpai’s opinion of your rival without you having to… you know… get nasty

    -Also during lunch time, you could put the Tranquilizer fluid you get in the Nurse’s office in someone’s drink. That way, you don’t have to lead them into the back storage room, and you can still kidnap them. It would still require you being friends with them though, cause then you can say “Oh, no! I better get her to the Nurse!” and carry her to the suitcase and dump her. This won’t seem suspicious if you’re her bestie. That’s why having a good reputation to specific students would still be a good idea, but you wouldn’t have to go to all the trouble of stabbing someone with the tranquilizer, which just sounds painful anyway

    3) A final note: the Yandere Facebook. Expand it. I’m not going to go into hugely-specific detail about what you could potentially do with it, but making it so you could reply to, for example, Senpai’s comment about the “whatever-the-fudge-he-called-them” trees and their history and make him think you’re smart, gaining good rep with him. Also, you could post photographs of you doing Yandere actions, but on someone ELSE’S account. That could a) make the pictures of dead people useful, and b) incorporate a whole new hacking mechanic to the game!

    Anyway, just a few suggestions I noticed would be cool in the recent builds. Thanks for your time, and happy head-hunting!

    • Also, come on man, take some care of yourself! You’ve put yourself on waaaay too strict a schedule for a game that, despite having a crap ton of content, is only 13% done. You need to rest. Take a nap. Go out on a date, for crying out loud! You’re making a game about getting someone to fall in love with a psychotic maniac. I’m thinking that’s prime psychological evidence for “You need a love-life”! xD All joking aside, the bottom line is: if you don’t enjoy your work, it’s not a job, it’s work. Make sure that, even if it is stressful, you still enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy making Yandere Simulator much anymore, stop. Take a vacation. You deserve it. I hope you consider my ideas! If someone else has already mentioned one or more of them, sorry for being repetitive, but I hope at least some of them were fresh ideas. Keep up the good work, and above all: stay healthy!

      • Those ideas sound great! The thing is, he doesn’t take many suggestions. He generally does not have the time to look at these. However, should he see this, I think it’s a great idea!

    • Right now, it’s pretty easy to kill students and clean it up, but in the final game, it will be much harder especially killing multiple students at one time. With the mind-slave you kill two students without any blood on your hands whatsoever, while if you kill two students yourself, you can risk being seen by other students, not to mention he’s trying to put at least 100 students in the final game, plus teachers and a counselor. If you were to be caught, that would ruin your reputation, lower the school atmosphere to the point where it’s difficult to Yandere-like things or even result into a game over. In the final game, it may be one of the most helpful mechanics, but I like your idea about the messing with wiring in the school 😀 maybe someday YanDev will implement that as a feature. We can hope 🙂

  15. Late or not, I’m still pretty excited nonetheless and deadlines don’t matter, what matters is a quality game because quality > quantity anyday! Also, really pumped up thanks to those preview clips and their tag lines such as the disguise one and objection clips! Also that kitchen and lunch table with students look fun! Also I better stalk the YouTube channel since I happen to have the same timezone as Devpai in Cailfornia…

  16. Patience is a virtue! We can wait another measly 24 hours :p we’ve waited this long already! Keep up the awesome work!!! I shall make lots of fanart while I wait :3

  17. Eeh I’m paying visits every ten minutes or so to check if it’s posted yet. I love the (Game? I don’t know what to call it ehehe.) and all the other video game references in it. Cirno is the strongest in Gens- Akademi highschool.

  18. I’m super excited for the new update but get some sleep! I can’t imagine doing all this on my own, never mind with no sleep! P.S. thanks for liking my fanart on Tumblr!! It made my day!

  19. You have been working really hard my friend. You need to rest so the game can develop the way you want it to but if you do it half asleep you might make an error. I enjoy the game as much as anyone else and even found something fun within the game that probably not a lot people do already. I hope that certain thing stays in the game for awhile or even you making it possible to do without struggle. I know you dont take ideas so ill just keep this one to myself. Keep up the good work Dev. You are doing a phenomenal job on this game.

  20. Well, there are times when you write this type of entries and I say “Oh, that’s sad…”, but today I’m so angry with you, YandereDev…

    YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY SORRY! We (your followers) trust you’re working hard and we understand that you can’t update in the right date. I just want to say, that there is nothing you have to worry about, if you want to rest or delay an update, just tell us only what happens, because we don’t need a very significant reason to let you do whatever you want…
    We can’t rule over you, but you can rule over your game, and you can decide when you want a little “holidays” like the other time.

    Thanks a lot for doing Yandere Simulator, and I hope you will support the development without an extra effort 😉

  21. We understand that you’re working hard! Take it easy and take it slow! It must be really hard fixing all the bugs and adding new things!

  22. I wonder when they could kill osana the Cherry Tree in order to win the game and to know whether the nurse like Senpai and when teachers can kill with a knife or gun hope please message

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