Erotic Manga and Seduction

I hope you had a fun Halloween!

I added some more features to the game. Here’s a video that tells you everything you need to know:

Here’s a bullet-point list of all the new changes to the game:

Manga and Seduction:

  • Added collectible manga books to the school.
  • Added the ability to read manga in Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Added a “Seduction” stat for Yandere-chan that can be increased by reading erotic manga at night.
  • If Seduction is at Level 1 or higher, you receive a reputation bonus when complimenting boys.
  • If Seduction is at Level 2 or higher, you receive less reputation penalty from boys.
  • If Seduction is at Level 3 or higher, you deal extra reputation damage with gossiping with boys.
  • If Seduction is at Level 4 or higher, boys will do favors for you even if you haven’t befriended them yet.
  • If Seduction is at Level 5, you receive all of the above benefits from girls as well as boys.

Reputation Changes

  • If you are friends with a student who has witnessed you misbehaving, you will receive less reputation loss.
  • If your reputation is “Good”, you receive a higher reputation penalty for “Yandere behavior”.
  • If your reputation is “Bad”, you receive less reputation penalty for “Yandere behavior”.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to leave behind shoe-shaped footprints when she stepped in a puddle while barefoot in her swimsuit.
  • All panty buffs are now functional (except for the “convince two students to fall in love” panties).
  • As of now, you can no longer ask multiple students to follow you around at the same time.
  • As of now, you can no longer kidnap males, and can only kidnap females.
  • It is now possible to kidnap any girl, not just Saki (if your Seduction reaches Level 5).

If there are severe bugs in this build that make the game unplayable, I’ll update it as soon as possible. However, if the game is stable, then the next build will probably show up on November 15th.

EDIT: By the way, the erotic manga artwork was illustrated by the incredibly talented MulberryArt!

170 thoughts on “Erotic Manga and Seduction

  1. I’m not saying that YandereDev is not working on the game or anything, but can people please stop telling him ‘take your time’, ‘don’t rush’, ‘have a break’ and so on?
    This game’s scale is so large that its going to take years to finish as is.
    *takes cover*

    • His only source of money right now is the patreon and he doesn’t exactly have a large team that normal ‘large scale’ games do. that’s why people are trying to help him out so he doesn’t have a breakdown. Making a video game is not easy and with all the components in this game it’s not going to make it any easier. Sure FNAF came out fast but one the games are far more simplistic and everyone who plays (minus those that torrent it) has to pay for it. There are only 779 people paying on patreon and I’m sure some may have only made a one time contribution. It isn’t that easy and people need to lay off of him. When he has a big company helping him out then you can go ahead and tap your foot and snap your fingers.

    • YandereDev is on his computer ALL day so who sometimes deserves a break. And he should not rush because that would make more bugs. If he takes his time it will result if he takes his time he will be able to solve more bugs.

    • 1. Why can’t people support him? We just don’t want him to stress himself. Is that a problem with you?
      2. It should’t take *years* to finish. I’m not saying it won’t, but it’s pretty unlikely at this point, becasue it’s still in debug/testing state.
      3. Sorry, can’t hide on the inter webs. I tried.

    • It doesn’t matter he won’t take a break, but you do realize that
      a) his only pay is from donations through Patreon and he won’t be getting payed or charging for downloads until the game is much closer to completion
      b) he’s not doing this with like a company or anything this is an indie game and he’s working with volunteers only

      Its also not going to take that long it will take a while (because its much less easy than YanDev makes it seem) but not forever

  2. Am I the only one would love to see a character who wears/loves fairy kei or lolita?? Or maybe Yandere-chan in either of those things? (。•ˇ₃ˇ•。) Sorry I’m just a total dork for Japanese fashion, especially lolita and fairy kei! I like seeing it in media, just as long as it’s not made out to be all sexual or as a fetish… >~>

    • Maybe Senpai’s sister or a town person?
      Maybe a sewing club student perhaps?
      There isn’t much opportunity for Japanese fashion in the school setting because of the uniforms but I agree with you Japanese lolita fashion is delightful!

  3. Gotta say I’m impressed with this latest build. Nice to just mess with the students now that they can follow me again… And then proceed to freak them out. I had a guy talking to a MOP. And it was glorious.

  4. I don’t like ability to turn every single person bi. That’s too realistic for me. I know, it’s an anime world, but seriously, I wouldn’t even in anime believe it unless it’s a school without boys.
    Additionally, I don’t think seduction fits personality of Yandere-chan. Sure, she’s manipulative, but she’s also SHY. That’s the reason why she doesn’t just seduce Senpai.

    • Yandere-chan is YandereDev’s character so he can actually develop her however the heck he pleases.

      She’s a sociopath. She pretends to be whatever she needs to be to get what she wants.

    • If it’s that way then not every boy should fall for Yandere-chan’s seduction ploy.

      To me the seduction skill is just her personality, how much of a positive effect she has on people.

      Some people may have a crush, others may just think of her as an amazing person. Everyone would have their own reasons for liking you. Yandere-chan wouldn’t care if they have a crush or not. The point is to act charming enough or friendly enough for people to let their guard down, not suspect her, and be willing to do as she asks.

  5. Random thought (this is not a suggestion for the game, just an entertaining idea) – remember how the bathroom ghost haunts there because that is where she died? Well, wouldn’t it be funny if yor rivals’ ghosts also haunted the areas that you kill them in? I would laugh to see Kokona haunting the dumpter that she lands in when you push her off the roof!
    Or instead, if you manage to kill ALL the girls in the bathroom, then it gets crowded with ghosts and any pictures you take in there show them glaring at you angrily or shoving eachother since there isn’t much space! It may even get dangerous to go in there, what with the combined power of 10 to 11 ghosts in the same room.

  6. So far you can’t capture any girls except for Saki, because in order to do that you need to read all five manga (one a night). Doing that leads to you reading the fifth manga about female seduction on Friday night after the deadline, which resets all your progress. Maybe this will be edited in the next update? I’m hoping so, but you do what you need to do, Dev. Coding’s a pain in the ass.

  7. how come I cant have any other students follow me after I killed the last student that was following me? other than that I love how this game is developing

  8. I can’t play the game. When I enter the school, the camera just looks down. In other words it is unplayable. I dont get it

  9. I have a few ideas maybe that would be cool in the game!

    •when the students go to school they could carry a bag or satchel and you could steal items from them as they go to school and bribe them with it in the future?

    •maybe you can disrupt something at the school that a student needs a teacher for causing them to leave the classroom

    •stealing a students clothes when they go to wash off after you pour water or blood on them. So that the student is unable to go to class therefore creating a bad repuatation.

    But yeah idk c;

  10. There was a bug. I don’t know if anyone else experienced it but… When I kidnap the girl who looks like Hatsune Miku (can’t remember her name at the moment xD), and torture her. When she goes crazy and kills Kokona, when people hear Kokona scream, they turn to me…. Then I have to apologize to them. Then if someone sees the body, I have to apologize again. Is this a bug? Shouldn’t Miku-lookalike get in trouble for killing boobs Mackenzie and not me?

      • I know. Then another time I sent a girl to “distract” Kokona before she died. Then Kokona got stabbed by Hatsune Miku (I’ll just call her that) and the dark blue haired girl was running in the same spot, on top of Kokona until the police came xD.

  11. You should place a yaoi mode, if Sempai can be a woman… Yandere-chan should have to be a woman… I hope you do not mind…

    • I love the fact that you got yaoi and yuri mixed up, or you really didn’t know, either way. a yaoi mode would be fun. seeing a male yandere and male senpain, I think i would die happily.

  12. Hey there Devpai, could i write some dialogues forma the game, ? I will buy a computer, but right nos i can’t, but just yo confirm.

  13. Hey, YandereDev-san! I’m wondering if it would be possible to invite girls to sleepovers at your house- or even boys, at the cost of your reputation- and feeding them sleeping pills to kidnap and torture them?
    Also, I know you want to add a town to the game so what about inviting 1-3 people to hang out after school and on the weekends? I know these features would be a long ways off from being added to the game, but it’s some food for thought. 😀

  14. Those who drew this picture for manga are such amateurs.If you need the right manga image. Call me, I’ll draw whatever you need for ayano or a game.Really ..

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