Halloween Update

Happy Halloween, everyone! Just like last year, it’s time for a…

 Yandere Sim Spooktacular!

Let’s start off with some absolutely beautiful fan-art by the incredibly talented Chatgaga Letouffu!

Gorgeous, huh? Next, check out this Halloween comic illustrated by SRealms!

But, I know what you’re really here for…the latest video! Here it is! Go ahead and watch it!

I hope you enjoyed that video – between October 18th and October 31st, I worked on that minigame for about 156 hours! I completely abstained from video games for 13 days straight in order to prepare that minigame in time for for Halloween.

The entire time that I was working on it, I was pretty nervous. After all, it’s really easy to come up with a big reason to dislike the latest addition to the game; it’s a mini-game that has nothing to do with the core gameplay! In other words, although I worked for 156 hours over a course of 13 days, I didn’t make a single bit of progress on Yandere Sim’s core gameplay; instead, I made a mini-game that can be beaten within 5 minutes! I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people react to this video by saying “YandereDev, you idiot! Work on the main game! Don’t work on silly little pet projects!”

However, I believe that this minigame/video is important, because it serves several purposes:

  1. This minigame demonstrates what I want the “Video Games” feature in Yandere-chan’s room to be like. I’d like to have at least 4 other minigames just like this.
  2. This minigame demonstrates what type of game I’d like to make once Yandere Simulator is finished – a fast-paced high-energy action game, with crazy attacks and dramatic boss fights! It could be a side-scroller, a shoot-em-up, or a hack-and-slash; I just want to work on an action game!
  3. This minigame serves as a short vacation from Yandere Simulator, while still contributing to Yandere Simulator. In the past, I made dozens of small game prototypes like this one. I was a much happier person back when I was making several “rapid prototypes” every month. I stopped doing that, and turned Yandere Simulator into my full-time job. However, I never stopped yearning to make more “rapid prototypes” like this two-week project. Working on “Yanvania” helped me get away from Yandere Sim for a couple of weeks, but it’s not a total waste, since the result is something that can be featured within the game.
  4. This minigame serves as a “pitch” for a future game. As you can tell from watching the end of the video, I already have a premise/plot/storyline in mind. After watching the above video, do you think you’d want to play “Yanvania: Senpai of the Night”, or something similar to it? Perhaps a poll is in order.

Of course, working for 156 hours and completely abstaining from video games doesn’t really sound like much of a “vacation”, now, does it? Also, if people react negatively to the “Yanvania” minigame and wish I’d been working on the core game instead, then I guess I wasted the last 13 days of my life pretty badly!

In any case, two things are for certain:

  1. The next update should be coming very soon: in less than a week! And this time, it will be an addition to the core gameplay!
  2. I hope that you all have a wonderful Halloween!


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! If you like the “Yanvania: Senpai of the Night” title screen artwork illustrated by that-bleach-fan, you can download it here!


By the way! There’s an easter egg hidden in the Yanvania title screen. I wonder if anyone will find it?


Wow! My biggest mistake yet – I forgot to mention the talented gentlemen who contributed the music for this minigame!

The “Boss Approach” music and “Boss Battle” music were composed by by Darrell “Dibur” Reconose!

The Title Screen music was composed by Christopher Escalante, who also composed music for Seduce Me 2!

106 thoughts on “Halloween Update

  1. About easter egg on the title artwork:
    1) The girl on the right has head-wings, like Koakuma from Touhou Project.
    2) The roses at the bottom look pretty much like Alice’s lifebar from “Alice: Madness Returns”.

    Is it one of these or something else?

  2. I found an Easter egg in the mimi game. If you press M in the credits Midori chan would appear and she will read out the credits.

  3. I think that cosplaying Yanvania could be someway to carry a katana without being suspect;
    Cosplaying could give yandere-chan a good reputation;
    And only would be able to cosplay after finishing the minigame!

    Thanks for bringing us Yandere Simulator YandereDev!

  4. Someone’s been playing “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”. Yeah, this looks awesome. Also, Beldere-chan’s weapon is a heart whip. Did anyone besides me notice that?

  5. Holy shit. That was way better than I thought it was going to be. Tbh, the story at the end was a little weak, but the game and the areas and even the boss were just fucking cool! And the part where the disc was scratched? That was so perfect. Especially since Yandere-chan reacted to the disc being scratched. I would assume most games would just exit out of the menu. It’s the little things, little reactions, that make this game so great.

    That said, even if I hated the mini-game, you deserve vacations… even i it is a vacation still working on yanderesim haha. Take some time to yourself when you need it. We may be impatient and excited for the game, but we don’t want you to work yourself to death.

  6. Hey, this mini-game strongly reminds me of “Iji”, another indie developer`s (Daniel Remar) creation with just extraordinary plotline and well-developed universe.
    Iji in her “one-woman-army” walkthrough style is just as badass and a little pathetic as Beldere-chan. And controls does look quite similar 🙂
    Yes, I know that Metroidvania-style is somewhat typical, but still, I`ve just got a strong nostalgic feeling toward Iji 🙂

  7. I liked the mini. Castlevania meets Yandere-sim. Good choice! Oddly enough, what I really liked was how Yandere-chan reacted to the scratched disc. It’s a nice bit of detail work and it feels a little like foreshadowing or atmosphere.

    Will there be different reactions to playing minigames based on Yandere-chan’s actions in the core game?

    I really like the idea that Yandere-chan’s room and home would change based on gameplay style. Like, if you’re killing everyone, a violent, blood-soaked element would start to develop, but if you went for the less-lethal options, Yandere-chan’s environment might take on a lighter, softer feeling. Scratched discs popping up because she’s killing more and “oh, I found an Easter egg” type reactions when she’s being nicer might be kinda interesting.

    Whatever Yandev does will probably be great. I really love your sense of humor Yandev! 🙂

  8. In a previous comment I stated that I would be disappointed with a minor update like a swimming pool or the bathroom ghost moving around.
    But somehow, YandereDev managed to do something EVEN WORSE.
    Instead of a real update, he gives us this useless garbage.
    Perhaps he could leave all these pet projects and minigames for after having released the real game? You know, after having completed the main game, he could add them as DLCs?

    • No offence but srsly,
      you are very ungrateful for his hard work.
      He spent 13 days on this update and you say “this is garbage”
      if you don’t like it wait for the next update not complain.
      Thank you for taking your time for reading my opinion.

  9. EDIT 2:

    By the way! There’s an easter egg hidden in the Yanvania title screen. I wonder if anyone will find it?

    Me:0-0 WUT *goes on Yanvania* *presses every button* presses _ 0o0 M-______! 0O0 OMG!!!!

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