Update Coming Soon

Seriously, Premiere? You pick TONIGHT to encode at a snail’s pace?

Well, I guess you can expect the Halloween update to arrive about 15 minutes after midnight…

(PST Time Zone)

155 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

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  1. It’s unrdeady day 31 16:15 here, and we don’t play halloween costume and trick or some thing.
    house are usually disigned to populated many people as possible in one building, like an apart things. we are Totally not an rich country. and kind people is, hard 2 find around…

  2. Anyone realized that is says 44 minutes and 44 seconds? (44:44) i think he meant to post it like that, because 4 in japanese can be pronounced as Shi or Yon, and Shi means Death in japanese, ooh, added scaryness effects!

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