Torture, Mind-Breaking, and Murder-Suicide

A long-awaited feature has been added to the game! All of the animations are super rough placeholders, but I’m happy that I got everything to function properly!

Here’s a list of everything that is new in this build:

Kidnapped Victims

  • Kidnapped victims are now tied to a chair instead of a pole.
  • Kidnapped victims now look at you as you walk around the basement.
  • Kidnapped victims now have an attribute called “Sanity”.
  • Kidnapped victims now speak. Their speech depends on their current level of sanity.
  • You can now interact with kidnapped victims.
  • You can torture a kidnapped victim for 1, 8, 12, or 16 hours.
  • You can now be “late” for school if you spend an hour torturing a kidnapped victim before school.
  • After a kidnapped victim has 0 Sanity, you can bring them to school.
  • If you hand a kidnapped victim a weapon, they will murder the purple-haired girl and then commit suicide.

Other Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause some NPCs to be unable to die during the “Cirno Mode” Easter Egg.
  • Changed the “disable copyrighted music” button from “C” to “D”.
  • Added a new cassette tape to the game.

I’m glad that I was able to get this feature out of the way! Now I can focus on the Halloween update. I have something very special planned. I hope that everyone will enjoy it!

149 thoughts on “Torture, Mind-Breaking, and Murder-Suicide

  1. Even though the animations are working progress, its nice to see Yandere Dev getting something like this done so fast. I know this is not done but, I think that it would be a nice touch if the sanity meter would deplete differently for each of the students personality type. I would like to see what interesting things you’ll add next.

  2. I feel like this could be a really useful tactic when nearing the end of the game in the final build.
    Think about it; everyone would be quite scared as so many students have died over the last several weeks. And with no clues leading to the killer, students would more than likely start suspecting each other, including Yandere-chan, regardless of how good her rep is.
    So, you kidnap someone, torture them, make them your slave etc. Students would easily wise up to this one person missing for so long, which would seem very suspicious with all the dead students recently. Then, suddenly, they show up at school again and murder your final rival whilst also committing suicide, in front of everyone.
    This could lead students to believe that they were the one behind it all along, clearing any suspicions of Yan-chan.
    A flawless victory.

    Buuut the game still has a long way to go. So while this looks like a good strategy now, it could be impossible to do it in the future/final build.

  3. Sorry for making a message but will Yandree Simulator ever work with Intel.

    On 17 October 2015 at 08:00, Game Development Blog wrote:

    > yanderedev posted: “A long-awaited feature has been added to the game! All > of the animations are super rough placeholders, but I’m happy that I got > everything to function properly! > Here’s a list of everything > that is new in t”

  4. “Now I can focus on the Halloween update. I have something very special planned.”
    “Halloween update” “special”

  5. I’m having major issues with the new update
    All the students have Kokono’s hair and are naked and covered in blood and they’re all repeatedly saying “I’m useless. I’m worthless. Nothing matters. I should die.”
    The whole game is pink except the students

  6. Whenever I hear the word torture, I think of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. *Shivers* Anyways, the animations aren’t too bad. Just a bit stiff, that’s all. I wonder how the spoopy Halloween update will go?

    • You can give her some sanity back, thanks to that, I managed to spend the whole week with my new friend it the basement. Didn’t even leave home…Lots of fun, it was just like playing doctor together, I was the doctor and guess who was the patient.

  7. Every time i try to kidnap saki miyu it glitches out… I get the points to be able to use the syringe and the poison stuff that goes inside of it but when i use it on miyu it kills her everytime….

  8. I used to be able to make people follow me into the gym storage room and then kidnap them but for this update I cant do that. Sooo this update is totally useless to me unless someone helps me figure out how to make people follow me again. If someone has ideas please let me know.

  9. Whenever i try to tranquilize the blue haired girl it always kills her and my biology and other skills are all the way up. Umm Why?

    • I noticed that it killed her too, until I tried something out, You have to close the storage room door for it to be effective, and you cannot open the Storage room door until you place her body in the bin. I attempted Teleportation while her body was still on the ground and I couldn’t get back inside the room to put her body back x’D…. I think it’s just a feature of the game to remind you that Closed doors are necessary to do sneaky things.

  10. Dont want to submit a bug report unless Im sure its a bug
    In the torture menu everytime (at night so far) I press “s” (down option) sanity will go down 10% automatically and if I land on 0% while on a valid option I will be automatically teleported to the beggining of that day with a brainwashed servant

    Can anyone else replicate this glitch to confirm its a bug and not just my individual issue

  11. OMFG!!! I found a mysterious tape behind the cherry blossom tree behind the school! Don’t get this confused with the tape in the basement. There are two tapes that can be found.

    • Just discovered the “Mysterious Tape #7”. It is in the corner against the outside of the front of the school building. It is under the window of the nurses office. Hopefully I explained that well enough for you to find it.

      • There’s actually a tape in every corner surrounding the school building; one in each of the four furthest corners of the school grounds (on the grass), one on both sides of the schools front entrance, two at the rear end of the school building (where the building “indents”), and one behind the cherry tree.
        The final tape is in Yan-chans basement.

  12. I wonder of what’s gonna happen if I just let the broken person go. I mean bringing her (Is it possible to kidnap a boy?) to school with no telling anything about a target and no weapons involved. Will the poor soul just wander around? Will she act semi-normal, trying to get together those shards of a person left in her mind? Will it attract some attention? And, the most important, can I build my own army of broken torture victims suffering Stockholm syndrome?

    Oh, Mr. Developer – if you read this – there’s still that camera glitch. If I move my mouse to look up fast enough – the camera will “break through” the border angle and I’m ending up looking straight in the sky (through the ground and floor and whatever it is in the way). Also, nice view on Yan-chan underwear.
    This thing is present since one of the first builds.

  13. You should hear the guy crying or screaming when he have low sanity.

    Maybe their reaction could be different if they have different personnalities?

    Like.. Masochist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “Oh hello YEAH TORTURE ME”

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  15. Can anybody tell me what psychological torture is like? Plus,the animations don’t suck Yandere Dev!

    I’ll be sending you fan art in a few days because it’s not finished yet and I have to study for the finals T_T

    • Oh it really depends on the type of torture.
      There’s one where you’re strapped down and drops of water are slowly and continuously dripped on your forehead. (it may not sound very damaging but really it can be torturing..)

      And then there’s sensory overload: where you are exposed to things that over-stimulate all of your sensory organs (taste, touch, smell, and sight) at once.
      And then there’s the “Five techniques” which include prolonged wall-standing, hooding, subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, and deprivation of food and drink.

      Incase you try to question how I am, I found this all on wikipedia.

  16. I thought this would be about the twin-tailed girl getting so upset over Kohona being bullied to suicide that she takes a knife and mass-kills everyone who bullied her friend or kills Yandere-chan but eh.. too much work for only 5 days.

    First we have low atmosphere then we have bullying our victims to suicide, now we have torturing prisoners until they kill your rival for you?

    I can already imagine how scary the Halloween update will be..

    (P.S. The animation is actually pretty good.)

  17. I hope the kidnapping and Mindbreaking gets more functions to it later. Like maybe they start out blindfolded allowed you to simply get them out of the way for a while and let them go without getting caught. or after mindbreaking them have them as a constant pawn to perform various actions instead of just having them to a murder suicide.

    While it’s true you can get rid of your rival safely this way it seems a waste to have a mind break feature and only use it for that. I’d like to be able to use them to automatically spread rumors allowing you to hurt a targets reputation faster without even losing reputation. or maybe even just murder them to suicide in a flashy way and have the school atmosphere instantly drop must faster than a normal murder.

    These are just ideas I’m making up but my point is I hope to see more options in my mind broken slave. Also if I get more than one can I just take over the school?

  18. To psychologically torture. I don’t think that it’s physical, but she goes really close to her. Can someone explain the term to me without totally creeping/freaking me out?

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